Feature Writer: SevMax2

Feature Title: So now I Love a Succubus

Published: 26.07.2020

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: Unhappily married man meets a succubus.


So now I Love a Succubus

I didn’t quite understand what the waitress told me at first, because she spoke it so suddenly and out of context that I didn’t expect anything to come out of her lovely lips. Of course, she was also cute enough that it was hard not to stare at those lips and actually listen to what she said. I naturally asked her to repeat her words, so as to be sure that I hadn’t heard her wrong.

“What did you say, again?” I asked her.

“My name is Autumn and I’ll be your bottom today,” she smiled devilishly as she told me that again.

“Don’t you mean my server?” I asked her, in case she had done a slip of the tongue, even if it was Freudian.

“Oh, yes … your … serve … er, sir!” Autumn corrected herself, but there was a clear hint that she had initially meant exactly what she said.

“Autumn, eh? Well, Autumn, I would like some coffee, black, to begin with, and then I might take some time to peruse the … menu,” I grinned as she ran her tongue along her lips in a brazenly seductive way.

“Feel free to … peruse whatever you like, sir. I’m here to serve you today, sir,” Autumn puckered her sweet lips as she winked at me rather boldly.

“So I see,” I chuckled, even as she left to bring my coffee, her hands brushing very slightly against mine, including my wedding band.

“Hmm … a married man. The best kind!” Autumn made it clear that she wasn’t put off by my marital status, far from it, when she returned with the coffee, “Married men are often great lovers, because they are experienced, yet often dissatisfied. Wives stupidly lay a man good early on and then lose interest for whatever reason. They should thank me for taking care of their men while they’re on the shelf. This way, you’re still around whenever they want you again. Normally, that’s not the case at all in my experience.”

“Um, my wife and I still have … a bit of intimacy, just so you know. I’m not saying that it’s perfect, but it does happen more than you’d think. Still, I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t intrigued by your interest in me. And I would be less than candid if I didn’t admit that it was your first comment that fascinated me most of all. Granted, I have no doubt that you know what you’re talking about for many guys of the married sort. In marriage, there is a tendency on both sides to let the … marital relations slide a bit, often far more than it should. I have seen it happen in both cases, often before, during, or after extramarital affairs,” I confessed that Autumn was half-right, at least.

“Indeed. Wives can’t cheat, neglect their men, and expect men not to go for it, can they? Am I right, sir? And are you ready to order, sir?” Autumn asked me with another motion of her lovely, swarthy hand as she poured the coffee directly from the carafe in front of me.

“Um, yes … I will have the Eggs Benedict with hash browns, plenty of Hollandaise sauce, of course. And keep the coffee coming, will you? So far, the flirting and conversation have me in a rather good mood. Don’t even try to pretend that you weren’t flirting, either, sweetie. We both know better than that,” I winked at her as she beamed at me and took my menu.

“The pleasure’s mine … sir,” Autumn winked yet again, leaning in to add in a whisper, “And I completely meant what I said about being your bottom. I meant it in every way conceivable. Rhymes with my name, after all.”

“Thanks … I’ll be sure to remember that,” I coughed, nearly sputtering out my coffee.

It took a while for my food to arrive, because of how busy it suddenly became, but despite that, I got the impression that I was Customer Number One in Autumn’s eyes. She made sure that my coffee cup was never empty, that my ice water was there as well, and that I was kept apprised of the situation regarding my breakfast that Saturday morning. When she finally brought the food, she also made a point of touching my hands at various points in the transfer from the tray to the table. She was not about to let the opportunities for skin-to-skin contact fall by the wayside.

“So, with all that coffee, if you should feel the need to use the john, I can meet up with you, sir,” Autumn continued her flirtation, not being slightly subtle, even as she emphasized the “sir,” of course.

“You know, a gorgeous young waitress like you, paying so much attention to one patron, it’s likely that some others, especially the gentlemen, might get jealous,” I teased her a bit in response, even as my hand wandered over to her crotch to exploit what seemed a clear invitation to enjoy her body at will.

“Most of those gentlemen don’t have the balls to go for what they want. You do, sir,” Autumn said, as she stared at my groin.

I had enough by then … if this waitress, sexy as she was, wanted a piece of ass, she would get one, but she would remember me. I was both flattered, annoyed, aroused, and curious, and ultimately, I had suspicions that Lizzie, my dear bride of fifteen years, hadn’t been totally faithful, either. That was only fine with me if I could get some action as well … if I did, I could consider the score settled, at least for now, and go on with my marriage with my self-respect intact. I just hadn’t had the opening until now, so I would just have to take it, wouldn’t I? The only thing about it that annoyed me was a sense that she took for granted that I would cheat with her. Why was she so sure about that, anyway?

At any rate, I continued to eat my Eggs Benedict, not wanting it to get cold (plus I could use the calories for what I had in mind, and I wasn’t going to stop with no fucking bathroom quickie, either). It was delicious as ever, from the Hollandaise sauce to the English muffins, to the Canadian bacon to the eggs themselves. I loved every second of it and Autumn made a point of showing up quite often to keep tabs on me and ensure my happiness. She also constantly found ways of continuing physical contact with me, determined to keep me horny and eager for her supple young body.

When I finished up and called for the check, Autumn looked with awe at the tip that I left for her, of course, and she hurried to put it inside her pants, of all things (why not a pocket, but actually in her panties, I wasn’t sure). I also paid the main check at the table, trusting this girl to be after something that would motivate her not to steal from me. Her principal interest clearly wasn’t money, though the tip was evidently a bonus. I rose and indicated the john, of course, which put another smile on her face.

“Oh, yes, the men’s room is that way. A pity that it’s not unisex, if you know what I mean,” Autumn said as she kept just enough distance before following me to the restroom to avoid drawing unwanted attention.

I entered the men’s room, actually needing to piss first, so, I was about to let loose in the urinal when I felt her arms around my waist as she nudged me toward the stall. Once the door was closed, I warned her that I was about to actually pee, and she knelt in a hurry to unzip my pants. To my utter shock, Autumn opened wide and took my piss directly into her mouth, not even hesitating to act as my toilet as she gulped down my amber fluid. I nearly fell backward with surprise, but Autumn grabbed my ass to hold me steady. Then she engulfed my dick again to suck my cock with incredible lust for it, not even slightly fazed by the fact that I had whizzed down her throat.

“Why do you think that I fed you so much coffee, sir? I wanted two things from you … your cum and your piss, and I’m going to drink them both down … liquid nourishment for the likes of me,” Autumn assured me, even as she began an intense blowjob to end all blowjobs.

Before I could stop myself, I found myself fucking Autumn’s throat like a pussy, to which she reacted by rubbing my buns lovingly and stopping now and then to kiss the head of my dick. She slurped, licked, and did other things between strokes as I used her mouth for my personal pleasure. Her nose was soon in my pubic hair and her head hair flowed beautifully as she gave me head with a stunning amount of pure lust. It was the most incredible act of fellatio that I ever experienced, bar none, and I couldn’t hold out any longer. I spurted several times, rope after rope, as I was a little backed up that week (despite my earlier comments to Autumn) into her loving mouth.

Autumn gulped down every last drop, refusing to waste them, her neck forming a double chin for a short time as she swallowed my jizz with relish. Her eyes looked at me with incredible adoration and desire, as if she were directly dependent on me for her most basic needs of survival. That was when the same eyes took on a new color, just as she opened her mouth and let me escape her lips. The soulful brown eyes turned to a shade of red that I could never have predicted in my forty years of life.

I nearly toppled in both shock and horror for a second, but Autumn grasped me with what could only be called claws, after which her tongue became forked and reptilian. Autumn licked me with a noticeable taste for my flesh, running her tongue along my skin until she reached my cock and playfully massaged it with her amazing appendage. I was in terror for my life for another moment, but Autumn then pinned me to the wall and whispered something into my ear in a rather ancient and guttural language.

“Soon, you will never be the same again. Come with me, my dear. You have much to learn, and I promised to be your bottom. I might be a demon of Hell, but I always keep my word. Don’t worry, love. Yes, you’re going to Hell, but at least you won’t suffer or die in the process. By the way, I honestly do like and lust for you. You’re hot stuff, sir. You’ve got real potential and you will love your new job!” Autumn told me, just as she returned to form and walked out of the bathroom, naked as a jaybird, a pointed tail growing from her tailbone as she led me out of the restaurant without anyone even noticing.

Suddenly, without even reaching my truck, we were in a motel room, and Autumn really attacked me then, her whole body, now winged and red, engulfing me as she straddled me and rode my cock with incredible vigor. She also kissed and licked me repeatedly as we fucked, her claws digging into my flesh as she continued to use me for my body. Her pussy was like a vacuum cleaner, sucking out all of the contents of my balls as she did me cowgirl-style for what seemed a very pleasurable eternity, in fact. I made far more cum than I believed humanly possible and she just squeezed it out of me as if my cock were a tube of toothpaste.

I didn’t care and neither did Autumn. We fucked for what seemed like days, a continuous orgasm taking hold of both of us until I simply couldn’t keep up the energy and dozed off to a dreamless slumber. I had about forgotten her earlier vow, but it turned out that she had not, as I realized when I saw her brushing her teeth in the buff in the bathroom sink, now quite human in her appearance once I awoke.

“Woah … where am I? What time is it? What day is it? How long have I been out?” I asked Autumn, who turned around, rushed to me, and gave me a kiss to die for once again.

“Actually, it’s still the same time that it was when we left. No time has passed at all. I stopped time and I haven’t let it return to normal for what would have been a week of your time,” Autumn told me with diabolical mischief in her eyes.

“Holy shit, I’ve been here a week?” I reacted with utter amazement!

“No, sir, it’s not been any time at all, as I said. Technically. But practically, yes, it took a week of your life, albeit outside time as you think of it. I needed enough time, as you would think of it, to fully … pleasure you as you deserve, and I’ve just begun to do what I wish. This was just the warm-up. And, no, I don’t plan to thaw anyone out until we’ve had our fun and games. What do you make of that?” Autumn told me to my astonishment.

“Is that the part where you… ,” I coughed for a second, remembering Autumn’s seemingly sincere proposition earlier.

“Where I keep my word about being your bottom? Absolutely! Strictly speaking, I’ve already kept my word in the sense of putting your needs first, since one of your fantasies was to be virtually raped by a sexy female and used for her pleasure until she was done with you. That was an exception to your otherwise aggressive and dominant thoughts and feelings, so it really stood out to me, and it was the easiest wish to grant, too. But, yes, I fully intend to keep my word in every respect. I’m your bottom and I will be as long as I’m assigned to you.

“Yes, that’s right. I’m been assigned to you as your personal succubus, making me essentially your sex slave, your plaything, for as long as necessary. This meeting wasn’t an accident or coincidence, sir. I’ve been put here to serve you and that is what I fully intend to do,” Autumn reassured me, as she now dragged me into the shower and started washing me all over.

“And part of this involves freezing time to help you do your job better, but for how long?” I expressed a mixture of delight and anxiety about what might come next.

“Actually, while I froze time, it’s up to you to unfreeze it. Until then, it remains frozen and no one is even aware of it. You could keep it up for months, years, even. That might be entertaining in a way, sir. I would love to see you have fucking orgies, threesomes, gang-bangs, reverse gang-bangs, etc., while the wife is none the wiser, and then come home to her as if nothing had happened, the perfect crime, romantically speaking. That would be so delicious, if you ask me. Hell, you could thaw out time and then re-freeze it, if you wish, at any point. It’s entirely up to you,” Autumn explained to me.

“But why?” I was truly shaken, “Is this really what Satan wants from me?”

“Not Satan, my dear. Me … I’ve been less than candid about something, but I am a demon, so honesty isn’t always my strength. I’ll have to work on that. You see … I’m kinda out on my own. I’m … a freelance devil, as it were now, a free agent. I need a new master of sorts, and so I picked you. You see, Satan’s dead, I don’t know who’s taken over, and in the process, I’ve been stranded here among mortals. That’s why I decided to act on my own and find a mate … a human mate, of course … preferably one with a lot of seed in his balls … a very potent man,” Autumn informed me between washing and kissing me with a great deal of ardor.

“So … you assigned yourself to me, rather than someone else assigning you, right? Intriguing. So, as a ‘freelance devil, ‘ as you put it, a free agent succubus, instead of choosing to do as you please and coming and going freely, you opted to attach yourself to a mortal man. Why, might I ask? Why was that necessary? I’m not complaining, trust me … I’ve never been more sexually satisfied in my life, in fact. I just want to know, to understand your motivations,” I expressed my curiosity.

“Because … I’m scared. I’ve never had freedom, Nick. Not once. I’ve always served others, done their bidding. Freedom is scary, Nick. Free will. Choices. Decisions. Consequences. I’m not a woman. I’m a succubus. All I know is sex and service. That’s what I’m good at. I have no real skills, except those that I mimic for a short time and often forget from disuse. All that I understand are those things. I’m a succubus. It’s what I do. I fuck. I suck. I obey.

“To be honest, it’s all that I really care about, at least for now. I enjoy it. I honestly do. That’s part of my design, if you will, to make me crave seed, as have all succubi from Lilith on down. We daughters of Lilith live to pleasure men, to take your seed, and to quench our thirst that way. We need it the way you need food and drink. It’s our nourishment, sir.

“That’s why I’m your bottom and why I refuse to leave your side for any reason at all. We can do this any way that you like, with time frozen or not, or occasional moments of frozen time, but I will never leave your side again. Ever. You’re stuck with me,” Autumn warned me as I washed her and particularly enjoyed her tail.

“Well, I’m not going to hide out. If we’re going to do this, and it seems that we will, that I have no real choice, and frankly, I feel responsible for your welfare, a lonely succubus from Hell out in this cold, cruel world, then we need to do it right. I need to man up and face the wife. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that you’ll be at my side, backing me up, right? That’s what a good slave does for her master, I should think,” I observed.

“I’m at your side, Master. Permanently. I’m not leaving you alone. Never. If the wife kicks you to the curb, fine, but I will suck you dry and find you plenty of tail, trust me. I’d rather she didn’t leave you, of course. Married men are so much more delicious. So forbidden, so taboo, so sinful, you know. Thank you for making this easier. It was smart of you, but it also makes me feel … better about myself. It’s hard to describe.

“I have to warn you, though, that I can’t love. I’m a demon. We don’t love. If you fall in love with me, I’ll do my best to mimic love, but it won’t be real. Everything else, though … you name it, I’ll get it for you. I’m at your beck and call and I refuse to ever walk away from you. I’ll kiss you, pleasure you, fondle you, suck you, fuck you, etc. I just don’t have the capacity for love. That’s a human emotion. We demons don’t experience it. Lust, sure. Love, not so much,” Autumn replied while we dried off and she all but dragged me over to the sink.

“Oh, God, woman … you’re incorrigible! I love it, but damn! God damn, am I seriously getting hard again, after all the fucking that we just did for over what should have been a week? What is happening to me?” I asked her, truly unsure, as my cock grew hard and angry again, ready to fuck my new succubus pet into next year.

“Oh … that! I wasn’t sure how long it would take, but here it goes … you’re changing, sweetie. It will take a while for the full impact, but one of the first changes, and it takes effect rather early on, is a steadily increasing libido … I mean, seriously, a sex drive on steroids! It will actually take some time to have its full effect, but once you’ve mated with a succubus, the process is simply irreversible. You’re becoming a demon yourself, Nick. An incubus, to be precise. Trust me … in time, you will be cock of the walk and I’ll be slutting it up beside you … and I’ll still be your bottom, babe. I crave this, need this … burn for this!” Autumn assured me as she took me deep from the back, my stiff, hard rod plunging furiously in and out of her fine, demonic snatch.

“Is that why I can freeze and unfreeze time?” I asked her as I slid in and out of her delightful twat.

“No, that’s because I gave you that power, honey. Yes, I’ve been learning human pet names for a while now. I figure that it would help,” Autumn told me as she took me deeper with each stroke, “Please don’t thaw it out yet. I want another good week or so of this. Maybe even a month. Is that so much to ask?”

“Do I get anal?” I teased, being eager for that at last … Lizzie hadn’t exactly taken it that way more than a few rare, special occasions.

“Not only do you get anal, but you don’t have to worry about what might be up my butt! And with me, you don’t have to worry about STDs, either. I have to warn you, though, that pregnancy is quite possible, and the child might very well be a demon from birth. I kind of hope for that to happen, in fact,” Autumn warned me as I slammed her harder and rougher with every thrust.

“Sounds fantastic to me … Lizzie and I still don’t have kids and I have no idea why, after fifteen years, since she refuses to get tested,” I confessed, still feeling the frustration from that fact, one of the few negatives in our marriage.

“Well, lover, give me a good month before you thaw out time, and you’ll knock me up for sure … Oh, God, I’m gonna love this!” Autumn begged me, and well, I just couldn’t turn her down … she had already won my heart.

One damn breakfast … and I was in love with a demon … Boy, do I know how to pick ’em!





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