Sisters of Stone

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Feature Title: Sisters of Stone
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Sisters Of Stone – Chapter 1

It was cold and pitch black, the stone slab hard against Her shoulders, buttocks, heels and head. Her eyes blinked and gradually the room was filled with soft white illumination almost as if the bare rock walls of the tomb were glowing; as indeed they were, revealing, or possibly reflecting Her in all her magnificence.

This was only the 3rd time in the last 800 years that she had returned to her corporeal body. In the time between, her essence, sentient and powerful, was free to roam the world of woman occasionally taking residence in another body to guide them as she knew they must be to fulfill
Her own destiny.

The previous 2 times, the last over 500 years ago had been at her own volition but this time she had been called. Not by name of course, that had passed even from the annals of her story many years ago as She had decreed. Apart from Carol, the current MotherSister, leader of the Sisterhood of the Stones, no one had even heard the name Sara Gwefusau in well over 500 years, and even Carol had only heard it spoken in her head when she ascended to the office, suddenly receiving all the knowledge she had been promised. Sara had not tarried long in Carol’s mind, simply enlightening her and then departing.

Had Sara simply been slumbering in her magical chamber, even protected as she was by the Sisterhood and the Stones, she would have awakened to a strange world indeed and no one, even modern day Gaelic or Welsh speakers, would have understood a word she was speaking. However Her essence, the thing that defined Her, had spent long in the world of woman and knew more than any one living Soul. That is not to say that Sara was bereft of either Life or Soul, for such is an anachronism too strange to comprehend, it is simply that as one of the ‘First’ she did not require to keep body and soul together, either literally or figuratively. However when the need arose she could slip back into Her own flesh at will and needed not even a stretch before she climbed down from her bed of stone and walked towards the source of her call.

The wall in front of her glowed brighter as she approached, as bright as the midday sun that blazed down upon the green meadow whose small flowers were crushed beneath Sara’s bare feet. Sara had almost forgotten the delight of touch and sound, smell and sight and of course taste. In her essential form she was aware of the world but not a part of it, unable, except by the light touch in some ones mind, of affecting it. Even when she was residing within another all sensation was filtered; like seeing through early morning mist. In spite of her mission she allowed herself a moment to simply be Woman again, to feel the soft cloth of her dress and the all covering white cloak with its Celtic ribbon patterned edge still as bright as the day the then MotherSister had finished sewing it with pure gold thread.

She sensed the caller just the other side of the henge, leaning against the southstone, sobbing quietly. Sara considered a glamour to hide her true nature but decided that whoever had called Her wanted Her to be special and so refrained and started to walk, sun wise, around Her protecting stone circle. She greeted each guardian stone by name as she passed, recalling them in their original virgin female form before they had willingly sacrificed, or more accurately allowed themselves to be sacrificed to Her and by Her.

Sara stood between the young girl and the sun, Her shadow falling across the girls face, startling her. The girl looked up at Sara whose form was haloed by the sun, shining through the thin material of Her clothes and setting Her red hair on fire. The gentle summer breeze, heavy with pollen moved Her cloak in soft waves. “What ails you, child?”

“Who are you?” The young girl asked trying to get a look at Sara’s face but with the sun behind Sara, and the salty tears in her eyes she found it impossible.

Sara decided to indulge the girl and said. “I am the one you called for.”

“I didn’t call for anyone.” The girl said sounding a little disturbed and started to get to her feet but stopped as Sara moved her hand palm down in a small sweeping gesture.

“Did you not walk around my circle 3 times sun wise, your heart wishing for me to appear?”

Sara asked already knowing the answer for were it not so she would still be incorporeally across the other side of the globe, Her body motionless, timeless, ageless on its stone bed.

“I suppose so.” The girl admitted tentatively.

“Are you a, a Fairy?” The girl asked blushing as she did so.

“I am many things and have definitely been described as belonging to the Fair Ones. Although our lineages are different we have a lot in common, or I should say did, for the last of the Fair Ones left this world of woman many ages ago now. It is simplest to say that I am Woman. Now tell me child why did you call me from my rest?”

Again the girl blushed but under Sara’s gaze started to relate her tale of woe. It turned out the girl was 18 although to Sara she looked younger and had been out with her boyfriend who had ‘tried to go too far’ and Jenny, for that was the girl’s name, had run off alone and distraught coming to ‘Barrow Hill’ quite by chance and, remembering a story she had read, ‘walked the circle’.

“So child what would you have me do to this pig who attempted to violate you.” Sara asked in a voice that made the hairs on Jenny’s neck prickle.

“I don’t know, nothing I guess I just felt so betrayed, so lonely.” the girl explained.

“Tell me child where are your parents?”

“Oh their at home in Cornwall, I came to stay with some friends but they had to go back early so I’m staying on my own in the cottage down the road a bit.”

“I see.” Sara said and moved her hand so that the palm was facing upwards and raised her fingers so that they were pointing up at right angles to her palm. Jenny rose with them, standing a couple of inches shorter that Sara. Sara quite liked the girls tight vest top, displaying as it did her pierced navel, but the denim cut-off shorts were not to Sara’s taste. “In that case maybe you called me for some other reason. Look into my eyes, child.”

Jenny never had a chance to consider what was happening she looked into Sara’s deep green eyes and the breeze seemed to die and the air became heavy. Jenny managed to catch the odd word that Sara was saying, ‘Mother’, ‘sister’, ‘love’, ‘sleepy’, ‘submit’. It didn’t matter to Jenny what the words were, she knew that she was now where she belonged and even as she stood her eye’s flickered and closed leaving the entranced young woman swaying slightly.

Sara sealed the entrancement with a kiss, tasting for the first time lipstick and liking the taste immensely.

In her journeys she had seen many new developments and on several occasions had considered returning to her body to experience them but had always resisted but now she had been called back she intended to overdose on novelty.

“Come with me child.” Sara said and turned and walked away from the summit of Barrow Hill towards the large house shielded by a dense barrier of trees.

There had been a house on that spot for over a thousand years, not the same house of course, but a succession of mansions that were gradually altered to accommodate the needs of the sisters. It had been one of the earliest MotherSisters who had decided that the sisterhood should be seen as a religious order to prevent the accusations of witchcraft that would otherwise surely have been made. The sisters however had never been subject to the will of the church and in these more enlightened times didn’t even bother to pretend they were.

Independently wealthy the sisterhood could, and in the past had, cut themselves off completely from the outside world. Their income came from investments in companies that had risen rapidly, the knowledge of which company to invest in coming to one of the sisters with a word of confirmation that was only known by the MotherSister. Such knowledge did not arrive often but always when needed, it was one advantage of being a spirit that could slip inside the minds of others finding out their deepest secrets or making them act against their own will.

It had been years since Sara had walked the path through the forest but with unwavering steps she easily followed the track with Jenny following obediently behind. As she neared the edge of the wooded area Sara removed her gold embroidered cloak, rolled it and passed it to Jenny to hold, completing the journey in her long white shift dress.

The woodland path opened onto a gravel driveway that swept up to the large redbrick building and despite Her bare feet Sara walked proudly up to the door and pressed the bell. Almost instantly the door was opened by a young blonde wearing a black maids uniform that would have been totally impractical for any normal duties a maid might be required to perform. Her dress was black satin with white lace trim, the neckline elasticated allowing the dress to be worn off the shoulder. Beneath the short skirt layers of lacy petticoats flared out displaying jet black stocking tops which were held up by suspenders and around her right thigh was a black and white garter.

Although only 5 foot 4 in her stocking feet the maid stood much taller due to the ballet boots that forced her constantly onto tip toes. Her makeup, although expertly done, was far too heavy for her pale complexion giving her the air of a whore, which incidentally she was before finding sanctuary with the sisters.

Sara smiled to Herself, assuming, quite correctly, that the sisterhood was currently constituted as a hierarchy. Sara had not stipulated how the sisterhood should function. Over the years the sisterhood had many forms, from classic Greek democracies through to absolute authoritarianism. Sara’s only requirement was that they remain virgins giving the gift of pleasure only to their own kind, living as near to her place of rest as possible; their sexual energy sustaining her body through the long years. The only other stipulation was that their number must never drop below 15, 3 to continue the sisterhood and 12 available to become guardian stones should the need ever arise.

Sara had only needed to stamp her physical authority on the sisterhood once and that was 500 years ago, the time of her last incorporation. At that time the MotherSister declared herself to be the embodiment of Sara Gwefusau and demanded the sisterhood’s devotion denying them pleasures, keeping them constantly frustrated. Oh how she had quaked when the true Sara appeared before her; all Celtic fire and power, taking her to Barrow Hill and renewing the strength of the Southstone with her life energy. It was after that that Sara decided her name, and the power that went with it would become a secret; and part of the knowledge passed to all new MotherSisters was the fate of that unnamed travesty of a woman.

“Can I help you?” The maid asked Sara glancing at the dreamy look on Jenny’s face.

“Yes.” Sara said bluntly. “I want to see the MotherSister.”

It was not unknown, but very rare for anyone not known to the sisters to ask for the MotherSister, a title that was not bandied about casually. Thrown a little by this the maid forgot her manners and failed to invite the 2 women in, something which breached one of the tenets of the order, for all women were welcome in the house of the sisterhood, although ascension to the sisterhood was always controlled in someway.

“Are you not going to invite us in child?” Sara asked, her voice taking on a hard edge the sistermaid didn’t like but even had she not remembered her manners she would have treated Sara’s request as a command, so powerful was Sara’s presence.

“Of course.” the sistermaid said stepping back a little and gesturing with her arm that they should enter.

As Sara stepped over the threshold she was hit by a wave of sexual energy like the air before a storm. It then occurred to Sara that this was Midsummer’s eve, no wonder Jenny with her obvious Celtic genes was able to summon Sara from Her spiritual sojourn.

“The MotherSister is busy, Miss.” the sistermaid said. “would you like to wait in the library?” Again her arm directed Sara and her shadow, this time to a large room with solid dark oak doors. Sara walked passed the sistermaid without comment and entered Her library. With a simple downward movement of her hand Sara indicated that Jenny was to sit, which she did, oblivious of everything other than Sara.

“What is your name, child?” Sara asked the sistermaid.

Even in the late twentieth century where magic was now dismissed as so many old wives tales the sisters of the stones would be reluctant to reveal their names, especially to a stranger, but the sistermaid found she had no choice but to answer.

“Katherine, Miss. Kitty usually.”

“I assume the MotherSister is inducting a new sister.” Sara said, even after all these years she could sense a first time initiation, could almost taste the young girls sweetness.

“Yes, Miss. I mean I don’t know where she is.” Kitty replied blushing hugely as the lie left her lips. Sara chose to ignore it.

“When she is finished I want you to take her a message. Tell her, ‘The Fire has returned to the hearth, the Love to the heart and the Mother to her children.’ Just that, no embellishments or explanations. Tell her I await her presence here.”

Kitty thought her MotherSister would not like being summoned like that but after repeating the message at Sara’s insistence agreed to do as Sara commanded.

“Is there anything else I can get you while you wait, Miss?” Kitty asked solicitously.

“Bring me a flagon of fresh water straight from the well behind the house and some bread, I feel like I haven’t eaten in centuries.”

“Yes, Miss.”

Kitty curtsied and left the 2 newcomers alone in the library, tottering out on the ridiculously high shoes. Even with all the hints Sara knew that Kitty would not suspect her true nature, they obviously don’t expect me to come back, and half doubted the acolytes even truly believe that a nameless woman lies sleeping under Barrow Hill sustained by their sexual pleasures through uncounted years.

As Kitty left Sara felt the wave of sexual energy reach crescendo and flood the house, enlivening her, even Jenny appeared to feel it so under Sara’s control was she, letting out a soft moan of pleasure. Sara knew that a new sister had just been born into the sisterhood, she could taste her exotic skin, another new delight to savour in Her own body.

In the MotherSister’s room a young perfect specimen of oriental extraction lay spread-eagled face up on the bed. Her cum juices mixed with the MotherSister’s saliva and bright red lipstick staining the white satin sheet, her eyes were closed and her small firm breasts with their dark brown aureole and nipples lifted and fell as her breathing slowly returned to normal. For 3 hours the MotherSister had kept Ami on the verge of climax and entry into the sisterhood; only finally giving her release as Ami pleaded to be allowed to join the select band of sisters, promising to obey the laws of the sisterhood on pain of sacrifice if she ever failed them. Carol looked longingly at her newest sisterdaughter and licked her lips, tasting Ami’s excitement mixed with her own lipstick.

Carol considered another lesson but was a little annoyed to hear a soft knock on the door. She knew it must be important for someone to disturb her whilst she was in the middle of an initiation, and if it wasn’t then the girls life would not be worth living for weeks.

“Come in.” Carol called out and the old oak door squeaked softly on its hinges and Kitty entered.

“I am sorry do disturb you, MotherSister.” Kitty apologised her eyes cast to the ground so as not to look unbidden on her MotherSister’s body; a body she knew well having being inducted herself only 6 months previously. In her minds eye she could see the long firm legs, shaven pussy, slim waist and 34C breasts even before Carol said. “What is it ChildSister? You may look on me.”

Still anxious at how her MotherSister would react Kitty slowly lifted her eyes, never once even glancing at the figure on the bed who still lay semi conscious in the afterglow of her ascension to sisterhood. Kitty took one look at Carol’s face, her lipstick smeared around her full lips and knew exactly how her new sister had been accepted. Carol’s auburn hair was still in a state of some disarray and framed her deep brown almond shaped eyes.

“Two strangers arrived and one asked to see the MotherSister.” Kitty started to explain.

Carol’s heart missed a beat, but assumed it must be one of the released returning with a new candidate, until Kitty continued. “She said to tell you ‘The Fire has returned to the hearth, the Love to the heart and the Mother to her children.'”

The colour drained from Carol’s face as the litany was recited by an acolyte who couldn’t possibly know those words.

“You said 2 strangers. Describe them!” Kitty quickly gave Carol Sara and Jenny’s general description and added “The redhead, that’s the one who gave me the message, the other one seems in a daze, said she awaited your presence in the Library.”

All Carol could think of was the Southstone and how it had increased in size 500 years ago, the knowledge like a memory not a learned fact. She pulled on her floor length black satin robe and quickly cleaned up her face, as Kitty stood waiting to be dismissed or given other work.
In spite of her heart chilling fright Carol was still the MotherSister and her duty lay with her ChildSisters including the newly elected Ami.

“Kitty, I want you to take your new sister Ami to your bed, show her the delights that await her in the sisterhood.”

Kitty almost squealed with delight, she had loved Ami from the moment she had entered the house, sent here by a previous MotherSister who now acted as recruiting sergeant. Knowing how far away Ami’s mind would be after such a long introduction to the sisterhood Kitty sat on the bed stroking Ami’s hand until she had recovered enough to be led to Kitty’s bed.
Carol left her to it and almost ran down the stairs, a most undignified thing for a MotherSister to do, until she reached the door to the library where she stopped and tried to calm her nerves, it could after all simply be one of the released playing a joke although not the kind of joke Carol thought funny.

Carol entered the darkened library with its high windows and walls covered in bookshelves holding row upon row of leather bound volumes. With but a glance Carol took in the situation with Jenny, entranced eyes only for the woman dressed in white her red hair flowing down over her neck and shoulders as she perused one of the shelves. Carol took a breath and was about to address the woman when the redhead said without looking round. “You dare to come before me clothed, child?”

The words although spoken towards the wall seemed to whip up a wind that tugged against Carol’s flimsy dressing gown, the knot slipping and the gown cascading down her back, falling in waves around her feet.

“Do you need to hear the words of power before you accept me, child?”

This time Carol needed no supernatural help she lay on the floor feet towards Sara, legs open, her bare pussy on display and said “Welcome home, Mother. This child welcomes you in the name of all the sisterhood, do with us as you will for we exist only to serve you.”

Sara turned her countenance on Carol and her beauty almost took Carol’s breath away.

“You have waited long for my return, you and your sisters.” Sara said softly, Her smile lighting the room. “I bring you a gift to add to your number.” Sara said indicating the enthralled blonde in the large leather chair. “Arrange for one of the sisters to take her and prepare her. It was she that called me back to you, the blood of the Celts runs strong in her veins I will initiate her myself. You may stand and robe yourself.”

Carol gave Sara her thanks and stood and wrapped the robe around her once more, then pulled on a small bell robe. Within seconds a small blonde dressed like Kitty had been arrived, for now Kitty was naked, training her sister Ami the pleasure of sisterhood oblivious that The Mother had returned.

“You rang, MotherSister?” The sistermaid asked.

“From now on this Woman is your Sister, the office of MotherSister exists only whilst I am sleeping and since I have returned her place is no longer required.”

The sistermaid just stood in the doorway mouth agape her eyes jumping between Carol and Sara until with the merest gesture of Her hand Sara forced her to her knees and looking at Carol said. “I see I will have a lot of work to do over the coming times.”

“Now show me to my room and have two of my daughters attend me, I have slept too long without the company of a daughter in my bed.”

Sisters Of Stone – Chapter 2

Sara felt the full moon breach the horizon and in Her minds eye She could see it’s silvery light play across the stone circle that had for so long protected Her sleeping form and She knew that as it reached it’s zenith She would feed.

At first Sara had sated herself with the sisters at the convent, the one’s whose sexual energy had sustained Her through centuries of sleep, but now She was ready for really fresh meat, the virginal meal that would restore Her to Her full potential and She knew just where to find it.
That first night after Her awakening, Carol, who until Sara’s return had been the MotherSister had selected two girls at Sara’s request. She chose two who really were sisters, at least half sisters, Selena and Lucy. They were bathed and anointed with aromatic oils before being dressed in honor of Sara’s mothers, the dryad Ama and the naiad Ilian.

Selena’s auburn hair was woven with flowers and her diaphanous dress was the green and brown of the Ama’s forest whereas Lucy’s long blonde hair was dressed with water lilies and golden thread and her pale blue silk dress flowed over her lithe body like a waterfall fed from Ilian’s spring.

Hand in hand the two nymphs entered Sara’s temple, their legs trembling slightly as they approached their goddess, the marble floor cold to their bare feet.

Sara awaited them, dressed now in a long green silk dressing gown and lounging seductively on pillows piled at the head of the large black silk covered bed that served as Her altar. Her beauty and power were almost too much for the would be nymphs, but even if they had wanted to, once in Her presence, they could not have turned away from Her.

With a sweep of Her hand, music started, soft strings and haunting flutes, a tune passed down from Sara’s earliest days.

Unbidden the two nymphs started a formal dance, their bare feet light on the white marble, telling the story of Sara’s birth. Soon the instruments were joined by the steady beat of a drum, its tempo matching the girls heart beats perfectly. Steadily the rhythm increased and the two girls moved closer together, their fingertips seeking the others eager body.

Sara sat motionless, tasting the sweet nectar of the girl’s arousal, an hors d’oeuvres to whet Her palate.

The sprites embraced, hands exploring, seeking the others secret places, their eyes locked as their mouths approached. From Her altar Sara licked Her full red lips, Her eyes half closed as She scented their desire. Their mouths met and tongues slid softly against lip and tongue.
Sara watched, impressed by the adherence to the ancient story and knew for a certainty that these two had honoured Her in this way at the spring equinox that marked Her birth as Woman, although then the altar would have been occupied by the slightly less compelling MotherSister, Carol.

Ilian lifted her head and whispered, “The music must continue.” Ama smiled and replied “Yes, the song must live to be given back one day.”

Sara felt a touch of deep sadness at those words, translated now in to modern speech, for they were spoken by Her mothers on the final night of their earthly existence, before they gave Her their song and made Her Woman.

Taking Lucy’s hand in hers Selena approached the altar, her head bent as she found it all but impossible to look upon the beautiful face of her goddess. “Come, sister, lover, friend, let us combine our songs and with it give life.”

They climbed on to the bed facing each other with Sara’s legs between them and once more embraced, their kisses warm and eager, though Sara could taste an undercurrent of fear that added spice to their desire for her and each other. The kiss lasted for long lingering minutes and neither girl was aware of Sara reaching out and caressing their thighs, drawing their passion out.

They undressed each other with surprising gentleness given their arousal and the awe inspiring presence of Sara, who continued to sample their emotions, sipping the delicate fruitiness like a fine wine.

Although in Her current form Sara could not enter another’s mind as She could when She was a free spirit, She could affect emotions, banking up the ones She craved and dampening those that would interfere with Her needs, and so the two sisters found their love and desire for the other greater than ever before.

Lucy let out a gasp as she felt Selena’s fingers slide inside her moist pussy and Sara let out a soft moan as the girls sudden pleasure hit Her.

Lucy bent and kissed Selena’s swollen nipple as Sara sat forward, her robe falling from her shoulders and baring her large firm breasts as she placed a hand on the back of each girls head. Sara’s fingertips drew power from them even as they urged them on to greater passion.
With the softest of pressure Sara guided Lucy’s face down over Selena’s firm stomach, stopping only for her to tongue the wood nymph’s navel, something of course the original Ama had not possessed.

Selena’s eyes closed and her lips parted as Lucy’s tongue laved the crest of her shaven mound and Sara could smell the young girls arousal as well as taste her emotions. Lucy lay on her back, her head between Selena’s thighs and started to lick, letting her tongue explore the sweet crevices of her sister lover.

Sara could feel the heat of passion rising in Selena, and if the story were to continue as scripted she would go down on her sister 69 style. But tonight Sara needed more than a homage to Her birth, She needed sustenance and so She whispered softly in Selena’s ear, calming her, letting the simmering need rise without boiling over.

Sara held Selena tightly, the nubile girl’s head resting on Sara’s welcoming bosom as Lucy’s tongue continued to swirl and lap at Selena’s dripping pussy.

Sara was aware of Selena’s imminent climax even before the girl herself was, so lost was she in the warmth of her goddesses breasts. Sara put her hand under the girls chin and lifted her face. Selena was still too awestruck to gaze at her goddess until Sara whispered, “Look at me, child.”

Through fluttering lashes Selena gazed into Sara’s deep green eyes and the look of love and desire spoke deeply to Sara, although She knew that soon that love would be all consuming as She gently moved Selena’s auburn curls from her shoulder, exposing her delicate, milk white throat.

Sara bent Her head, Her lips close to Selena’s ear and breathed. “Cum now, my sweet darling, cum and let Mother show you what love for Her is really like.”

The words had not slipped passed Sara’s soft lips before the eruption started, the climax springing from clit to nipple and anus with the speed of light. Sara turned her head slightly and pressed her lips to Ama’s silky smooth throat.

As the climax dulled Selena’s senses even more than Sara’s words had done, Sara dined on her. For the first time in centuries Sara fed, drinking, eating, feasting on the girls sexually charged life force.

It took a great act of will, one that only a goddess could achieve, that allowed Sara to stop Her meal before She completely drained the sister child’s energy. As it was Selena slumped to the silk covered altar, unconscious, her auburn locks framing her face as a bright red weal in the exact shape of Sara’s beautiful lips rose scarlet on the now even paler skin of her neck.

Vitality suffused Sara even as Selena collapsed and everything became sharper, clearer to Her. She could almost read Lucy’s mind, her senses where so finely tuned, and in that mind she sensed fear mixed with desire and awe as the naiad’s stand in gazed upon the almost glowing body of her Mother goddess. Sara did nothing to quell those emotions, instead She let them wash over her like a river in a spring flood.

Despite her fear the girl playing Ilian managed to stammer, “Is sh..she dead, Mother?”

Sara turned on her smile and the whole room seemed brighter as she looked lovingly on her child and assured her. “No, honey. She will be fine.”

“Are going to do that to me?” the almost petrified girl asked, though whether she feared the answer would be ‘no’ rather than ‘yes’ she could not have expressed.

Again Sara smiled as she said simply “Yes, honey.”

With trembling fingers Lucy brushed away her long blonde locks and offered her throat in a way that almost made Sara weep with joy.

“No, sweetheart. Not like that, you must cum for me first. Let me show you how much your Mother loves you, child.” Sara said as she climbed down from her altar, knelt beside the silken bed and drew Lucy’s silky smooth pussy towards Her waiting tongue.

With years of practice Sara knew exactly how to bring a young girl to a passionate release, but She also knew how to keep her just on the edge, mewing softly as the waves threatened to break. For over an hour Sara’s fingers, lips and tongue played the nubile body like a violin, raising both high squeals and low moans to make a symphony of passion.

By now the young woman probably wouldn’t have minded if Sara did take her life, she only knew she had to cum or lose her sanity. Then without warning Sara’s hands were on Lucy’s breasts, Her bright red nails biting into the softly yielding flesh as She pressed her mouth to Lucy’s clit.

The climax alone would probably have left the young girl unconscious even without Sara draining her, mixing the released emotions with the real taste of cum. Sara held the young girl down until she felt her go limp after a final spasm of pleasure.

Sara stood, looked down and watched as her mark, a mirror of the one on Selena’s throat almost pulsed into life at the top of her victim, lover, daughter’s labia. She clapped her hands and at once the music that had continued playing throughout ceased and Carol and two young blonde women emerged from behind a semi translucent screen. They were naked and sweat glistened on their skin and the aroma of arousal hung around them like a mist.

“Take these two and put them to bed, but make sure you tie their hands and feet for when they wake will they will try to play with themselves so violently they might harm themselves, and they would certainly harm any other woman who they could get at.” Sara instructed and, with a bow of her head Carol organized the other two musicians to fulfill their Goddess’s wishes.

When the room was empty Sara picked up Her robe and left Her temple and wandered the house, sensing, though never seeing the other occupants. As She passed the room in which Kitty and Ami were now sleeping in each others arms, Sara once more sensed the different aura the young Asian possessed and looked forward to tasting her very soon.

Over the next few weeks each of the girls, including Carol were honored with an audience with their goddess, and each emerged unconscious and bearing the stigmata of her love. No two girls were marked in the same place and it became quite the fashion once they had recovered to display the badge of acceptance brazenly and proudly.

Some of the girls recovered quicker than others, though poor Selena never really did. She was confined to her room, bound hand and foot for over a week, and even now cannot enter the presence of her beloved goddess without whimpering and playing with her pussy. Her half sister Lucy took pity on her and slept in her bed each night after she was unbound; although truth be told, she didn’t sleep much, no more than half an hour would pass before she felt Selena’s fingers or tongue seeking to bring her lover to climax, craving the energy she had given to her Mother.

Also confined to her room, although not physically restrained, was the young girl Jenny. Her stupor had worn off very shortly after she had been left by Sara and she had demanded to be allowed to go home. This, she had been informed by the young girl dressed as a maid, was impossible as their Mother had specifically said that she was to remain.

Admittedly her prison was comfortable, the large four-poster bed was accompanied by a small table and a sofa and books lined one wall, there was even an en-suite bathroom with the largest tub Jenny had ever seen, but the locked door and barred windows proclaimed it to be a cell nonetheless.

Her only contact was with the ‘sisters’ when they brought her food or a change of nightdress, for that was all she was ever allowed to wear. They were always polite, even deferential saying that their Mother was very pleased with her and that She would initiate her into the sisterhood Herself.

After the first couple of days however she started to notice a change in some of the sisters, they seemed almost predatory and would try and touch her and they displayed what appeared to be a tattoo of a pair of bright red lips, some in very unusual places. All they talked about was how beautiful their Mother was and how much they loved Her, and how much Jenny would love Her very soon.

The only sister who seemed really friendly was a young brunette name Sharon, she didn’t have the now almost ubiquitous tattoo and would sometimes just come and talk to Jenny.

Jenny pleaded with Sharon to help her escape, saying how weird the other girls were. Sharon confided that it happened after the girl had been called to see Mother and that they had to be restrained afterwards and that one girl had not recovered yet and had been bound in her room for days. Sharon sometimes seemed as scared as Jenny was and whispered how she didn’t want to be changed like the others and was dreading being called even though she did love her Mother very much.

After three weeks of captivity Jenny was visited by Carol who was attended by one of the marked sisters who carried over her arm a white silk gown with gold trim.

“You are to be introduced formally to your new Mother at midnight tonight, little one.” Carol said, her face beaming. “It is to be a very special ceremony, first your friend Sharon will be offered, then The Mother will welcome you into Her Love. I will return later and help prepare you myself.”

Carol nodded towards the bed and the sister carrying the ceremonial dress laid it out reverently on top of the satin bedspread, smoothing it longingly with her fingers. She turned and looked at Jenny with pure lust burning in her eyes before she left with Carol and locked Jenny inside.

Jenny was close to panic, she didn’t want a new Mother; she already had a mother! She sat on the sofa and tears rolled down her face.

After a few minutes Jenny heard the key turn in the lock and the door opened to reveal Sharon, her face white with fear. She closed the door behind her and ran to Jenny, sitting beside her and hugging her tightly.

“Y..You’ve heard then.” Sharon stuttered nervously, Jenny’s nod telling her all she needed to know.

“I don’t want to be changed.” Sharon sobbed softly. “I love The Mother but I love you too, and I don’t want us changed.”

“What can we do?” Jenny asked softly, realizing that she too loved this girl, though not in the way the sisters seemed to love each other.

“We could try and escape.” Sharon said so quietly Jenny almost didn’t hear her. “My audience isn’t supposed to start till about eleven thirty and I heard Carol saying that you were to be dressed and prepared at around nine so that they could have a time of communion before you are brought before Her.
“I could come and release you at eleven and we can be long gone before they even know we are missing.” Sharon babbled quickly for fear of them being disturbed making their plans.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Jenny asked. “You seem to belong here.”

Sharon smiled sadly and wiped a tear from Jenny’s cheek with the tip of her finger. “I do, it’s the only place I have ever thought of as home, but I’m frightened and I don’t want to lose you.”

Sharon stood and glanced behind her, making sure they were still alone then bent and kissed
Jenny in the center of her forehead. “Till later. Don’t let on when they come to dress you, unfortunately I can’t get you any other clothes so you’ll have to go in that dress.”

Jenny blushed at the kiss but it seemed more sisterly than sexual and certainly Sharon did not have that look of lust in her eyes like the other sisters. She glanced at the dress, and in other circumstances would not have been able to wait to put it on, but she didn’t think it was the sort of clothing one would normally choose to wear when trying to escape. She shrugged and thought, ‘Oh well if that is all there is.’ But said with a smile. “Thank you, Sharon.”
Sharon returned the smile and left her friend quickly so as not to be discovered and locked the door behind her.

Alone once more Jenny picked up the book she had been trying to read for the last few days, but she couldn’t concentrate and eventually drifted off to sleep, her dreams haunted by images of the sisters and Her lips.

“It’s time for you to be prepared.” Carol said waking the slumbering Jenny who looked up and saw three sisters, naked as the day they were born and unadorned save for the red lipped mark of their ascension to true daughters of The Mother. Carol’s mark was on the top of her left breast, the redhead’s on her upper thigh and the brunette’s kissed her navel.

Carol clapped her hands and said “Bathe her.”

Jenny found her arms grabbed by the younger sisters and pulled to her feet. “Let go!” she cried out, but the girls ignored her and ripped off her thin nightdress leaving her as naked as them before dragging her kicking and screaming into the bathroom.

The redhead stood behind Jenny and held her tightly, pinning her arms to her side whilst the brunette ran the bath, pouring in a liberal quantity of scented oil that filled the room with steam and a heady aroma of spices.

“If you struggle you might hurt yourself, sweetheart.” The redhead breathed into Jenny’s ear before flicking her lobe playfully with her tongue. “And we don’t want to bruise your pretty skin before you are presented to our Mother.”

“I wonder where She will put Her Kiss?” The brunette wondered as her finger slid across Jenny’s stomach, over her hip and down the outside of her thigh whilst licking her lips hungrily.

“Be patient, Kelly.” The redhead warned. “You know sister Carol said we weren’t to play with her until after Mother has shown her how much she is loved.”

Kelly pouted and said sullenly. “But, Penelope, she is so pretty, I only want her to know how pretty she is even before Mother has kissed her and made her our little sister.”

“I know, my angel.” Penelope said soothingly. “Maybe if you are a good little girl, Mother will let you be with her when she wakes up, you know how she will feel then, don’t you my darling.”

Kelly’s lascivious smile and deep throat-ed moan spoke much louder than words.

Throughout this exchange Jenny had remained quiet and had resolved not to put up too much of a fight as she wanted to be as fit as possible when Sharon came to give her her freedom, so to throw them off the scent she asked plaintively, “Will Mother really love me?”

“Oh sweet girl.” Penelope sighed as she released her hold. “We will all love you very soon.

Come now and let me and Kelly bathe you as Mother ordered.”

Jenny allowed herself to be led to the bathtub and climbed in. The water was warm and inviting and she let out a sigh as she lay back. Soon hands were all over her and she felt strangely relaxed for one who planned on escaping these very people in the next couple of hours.

“Wake up sweetheart.” Kelly said, her voice sounding to Jenny as if it came from a long way away.

“The water from Ilian’s spring seems to be very potent today.” Kelly said as an aside as the two sisters helped a slightly dazed Jenny from the bath, wrapping her in a large white towel and drying her thoroughly.

Penelope agreed with smile adding, “It is always a potent mix, the waters of Ilian and scented oil from Ama’s forest.”

Jenny had no idea what they were talking about but it didn’t, at that moment, seem all that important.

Once dry the Kissed sisters led Jenny back to her room and sat her on the edge of the bed on which Carol was sitting cross-legged. Carol picked up a hairbrush and started to pull it through Jenny’s soft blonde hair. As she brushed, Carol hummed a soft tune that reminded

Jenny of something, but she seemed so sleepy she couldn’t remember what.

With her hair smooth and straight Carol finished it off with a woven garland of flowers and announced. “There, if it were possible you look even prettier than normal.”

Jenny smiled at the compliment and allowed her self to be raised and step into the long white dress.

“Pretty as a picture.” Kelly sighed lovingly and asked Carol if she could stay with Jenny until the ceremony. “I won’t touch, sister. I promise.”

Something about Kelly staying worried Jenny but why she wasn’t sure, but Carol saved the situation by saying. “No sweetheart, we also must get ready for tonight’s ceremony, Mother wants all of us together to witness our sweet Jenny’s initiation, and anyway I think she wants to sleep a little.”

Jenny agreed that she was so tired she could hardly keep her eyes open and hardly noticed the three girls leave. ‘I must keep awake for when Sharon comes.’ She said to herself, even as her eyes fluttered and closed.

“Jenny!” Sharon hissed, shaking the slumbering sacrifice gently.

Reluctantly Jenny opened her eyes and smiled at her friend. “Hello, Sharon.” She slurred slightly.

“Come on. We haven’t much time.” Sharon urged, helping Jenny to her feet. “The others are all with Mother in the temple, we must get as far away from here as we can before they notice we’ve gone.”

For the first time Jenny realized that Sharon was dressed almost identically to her but her dress and flowers were cornflower blue. Jenny giggled as she let herself be led from her room for the first time in weeks.

“Shhh.” Sharon hissed as she stepped out into the darkened corridor outside Jenny’s room.

“I was just thinking what people will think when they see us.” Jenny said in a loud whisper.
“We’ll just say our car broke down on the way to a fancy dress party.” Sharon suggested as she took Jenny’s hand and led her through the quiet house.

The front door was unlocked and the two girls stepped out into a warm moonlit night. “Follow me.” Sharon whispered and set off across the well manicured lawn towards the edge of the forest that surrounded the property. “Stay close or we might get lost in the forest.”

The night air seemed to clear some of the cobwebs from Jenny’s mind and she quickly followed the receding figure of her friend. Once inside the encircling trees however Jenny soon lost track of which way they were going and the canopy was far too close for the moon’s light to penetrate.

Both girls were barefoot and had to go slower than they would have liked to avoid stepping on anything sharp. After half an hour Jenny had absolutely no idea where they were until the trees suddenly gave way to a moonlit grassy hill with dark silhouettes of stone on its crown.

Jenny stopped in her tracks as she recognized Barrow Hill and recalled meeting the tall redheaded woman the sisters called Mother. That was the last she remembered until she awoke in the room that became her prison.

Sharon realized that Jenny was not following her as she started to ascend the hill and so stopped and quickly backtracked. “What’s wrong, honey?” she asked.

“That’s where I met Her.” Jenny explained. “Can’t we round?”

“I’m sorry, there’s a deep stream to the left and the wood is all brambles to the right, we’ve got to go over. And anyway we might be able to see a light in a house nearby from the top.”

With great reluctance Jenny allowed herself to be led up Barrow Hill although she was constantly looking behind her for signs of pursuit or anxiously up ahead imagining the stones to be sisters waiting for her at the summit. There was however no sign of anyone in pursuit and the stones remained very stone-like.

The nearer they got to the summit the less Jenny seemed afraid and started to chat a little to her accomplice. “How long were you at the house, Sharon?”

“Since I was eighteen.” Sharon said simply through strained breathing. “Sorry.” She gasped “I get quite breathless climbing, well have a quick rest at the top.”

The summit of Barrow Hill was the last place on earth, apart from the house they had so recently vacated that Jenny would have chosen to rest, but her friend seemed to be almost on the verge of an asthma attack and so she nodded her agreement.

The moon now was almost directly overhead and Jenny guessed it was probably near to midnight which would mean their disappearance would have been discovered. She knew this should make her anxious but for some strange reason all she felt was calmness. “Probably the bath.” She said out loud without meaning to as they stepped between two of the large standing stones.

“Oh.” Sharon panted. “They bathed you in Ilian and Ama, no wonder you were so drowsy back there.”

Jenny assumed that this meant something, but it certainly made it no clearer to her.
Standing on the crest of the mound the two young girls stood bathed in moonlight and looked all around for signs of human habitation, but the night was still and dark.

Sharon sank to the ground panting heavily trying to get her breath back and Jenny sat beside and let out a laugh as she looked down at her lovely white dress, now showing scuffs and little tears from their dash through the forest. “What a poor sacrifice I’d make now.” She said with a smile.

“You look lovely.” Sharon said softly and Jenny felt her cheeks redden and she dipped her head.

“Sorry.” Sharon said apologetically. “I didn’t mean anything, I just need to catch my breath. I seem to get breathless very easily these days.”

Un-looked for, an image of a breathless Sharon sprang in to Jenny’s mind, although it was not climbing a hill that left her so, and Jenny’s blush returned with a vengeance.

Sharon took Jenny’s hand in hers, half expecting it to be snatched away; but it wasn’t.

Encouraged she said. “I know you aren’t in to other girls, Jenny. But maybe, when we are safe, we could, you know, kiss as friends.”

Jenny’s heart pounded in her chest and she was all too aware of Sharon’s warm hand holding hers and her sweet perfume was a match for any of the small flowers that grew on the hillside. Without looking up she said softly. “I feel safe now.”

Jenny couldn’t believe she had said that, not only because of the come on it gave her friend but because in spite of her predicament she did feel safe, it was irrational she knew, but there it was.

Out of the corner of her eye Jenny saw Sharon’s head move closer to hers. “If we are safe then…” Sharon said as her lips brushed against Jenny’s, so softly it was hardly a kiss at all but it sent a shiver down Jenny’s spine as Sharon said after a short pause. “One more for luck.”

Sharon stayed still and let Jenny close the minuscule gap between them. This time there was pressure and Sharon had to hold every muscle taught to stop her trembling, so vital was her need for Jenny.

Jenny let her eyes close and tilted her head slightly, lips parting as she felt the very tip of Sharon’s tongue slide along her bottom lip.

It was as if a door to her passion had been thrown open, no longer able to confine her desire, a need that had been building over her time held captive in such a sexually charged prison. She moaned loudly, hungrily as Sharon put her hand behind Jenny’s head and pulled her closer, tongues exploring, entwining, tasting.

Jenny was suddenly aware of Sharon’s hands that were sliding over the silky smooth material of Jenny’s dress. Without encouragement Jenny mirrored her friend’s movements imagining how much silkier Sharon’s skin would be.

Without breaking the kiss, Sharon took Jenny’s elbows in her hands and lifted the blonde to her feet. For the merest second Jenny thought how quickly Sharon had recovered from her breathlessness, but the thought was torn to tatters, burnt up by the fire of lust that raged within her.

With practiced skill Sharon pulled down the zip that held Jenny’s dress and let the garment fall, pooling in silky waves around her bare feet, exposing her nakedness to her lover and the ever-watchful moon. Sharon didn’t wait for Jenny to copy her and she too was soon standing naked holding her partners hands, admiring her firm body and shapely breasts, the moonlight glinting on the diamond stud in her navel.

From afar they would have looked as if they were about to start a dance, but dancing was the last thing on either girl’s mind and they were soon once again kissing and fondling, revelling in the love of another woman, Jenny for the first time, Sharon for a time beyond counting.

Jenny thought her body was about to explode as Sharon ‘s tongue licked its way down her throat, over the crest of her breast before circling a hardened crinkled nipple. But the fire did not catch as a sudden wave of calmness flooded through her, pulling her back from the brink, allowing her to luxuriate in the pleasure Sharon was conjuring up.

The young blonde gasped as Sharon took the navel ring between her teeth, pulling it gently, turning Jenny ever so slightly until she was facing due east then she opened her mouth and released it just as her finger slipped inside Jenny’s already dripping pussy, her thumb pressing against her swollen clit.

No longer worrying about going too fast for her recently seduced lover, Sharon finger fucked her for all she was worth, her other hand squeezing Jenny’s deliciously round arse. Looking up she saw Jenny’s head back, eyes closed as she squeezed her breasts roughly trying to break through to the release she craved.

Sharon allowed herself a small smile of self-congratulations, even though she knew why Jenny was not already screaming her orgasm to the moon, she also knew that she herself had played her part well.

With her eyes closed, Jenny did not see the twelve young women step out into the circle, each from behind one of the standing stones, all dressed as she and Sharon had been but in various pastel hues, for only she could wear white that night, she and Sara, Mother and daughter, sacrifice and goddess.

Sharon could not see them either, for now her face was buried in Jenny’s downy cunt, her tongue pushing past lips to lap up her freely flowing juices. But she knew they were there, could feel the energy rise as they pared off, removing dresses as if part of some alfresco ballet before coiling and writhing on the grass.

Neither could she her Mother, but she knew she was there too, walking regally from the west guardian stone towards the two copulating girls.

Jenny felt hands on top of hers, pushing them harder against her aching tits. Panic threatened to overpower her as she knew whose hands they were, and whose breasts pressed softly against her naked back. But the panic could not find a place in Jenny’s desire filled mind and she relaxed, even moved her hands away to allow her Mother full access to the symbol of her womanhood.

“Welcome, sweet daughter.” Sara sighed into Jenny’s ear and removed the barriers she had placed around the young girls emotions, allowing the fear and panic and ecstasy to mix into one violent explosion.

Sara almost reeled as her lips clamped on to the back of her newest daughters neck, the energy flowing up and down her spine like bolts of wild lightening, before being absorbed by her Mother.

The other girls felt the ripples and they came en masse, each crying out Sara’s name as they spilt their juices on the ground and each other.

Lovingly Sara laid Jenny down on the grass with Sharon still kneeling between Jenny’s legs.
Sharon’s doe like eyes stared at Sara; looking for confirmation that she had done well and that her Mother was pleased with her loving daughter.

Sharon almost came as Sara smiled and said “Well done my sweet baby. Come to Mother and let me give you your reward.”

Eagerly Sharon stood and ran to be embraced, to become her Mothers little baby girl once more. Sara knew what her baby needed and pressed her nipple to the mewling girl’s mouth. Sharon felt the warm milk fill her mouth as she suckled contentedly, the blood warm fluid calming her. Then she felt Sara’s hands on her backside, pulling her buttocks apart and letting

Her long red finger nail scrape around the sphincter of her anus.

Sharon’s whole body convulsed as she released all her pent up sexual energy as her Mother pushed Her finger passed the normally hidden bright red lip print that Kissed Sharon’s arsehole.

Slowly the other sisters recovered from their own ecstasies and put Jenny and Sharon on two litters and carried them back reverentially to the house. Sharon was placed on her Mothers altar where she would be granted her wish to sleep in her Mothers arms all night, waking only occasionally to suckle those magnificent breasts that had filled her thoughts day and night since she was first taken as Her daughter.

Jenny was carried to her room which had already been prepared after her ‘escape’. Fur lined leather cuffs were chained to each post of the bed. Just before the girls were about to put Jenny to bed Sara entered the room and addressed Kelly saying. “I understand that you wanted to be here when Our daughter awakens, is that right?”

Kelly blushed and said softly “Yes, Mother.”

“Lie on the bed then, sweetheart.” Sara said in a voice that would brook no objection
Gingerly Kelly climbed on to the soft silk covered bed. “Restrain her.” Sara said imperiously and before Kelly could do anything four girls had securely fastened the cuffs around her wrists and ankles. Kelly knew better than to object even when they laid the unconscious form of Jenny on top of her, mouth to mouth, hand to hand, feet to feet and pussy to pussy.

“I hope you will enjoy yourself when Jenny wakes, I’m certain Jenny will.” Sara said with a smile that would have withered anyone at whom it was directed and She and the remaining sisters left the room, locking it tightly behind them.

Sisters Of Stone – Chapter 3

Text…It was nearly twelve hours before Jenny started the long haul back from the depths of unconsciousness to which her initiation as a true daughter of The Mother had sent her. She felt weak and her head throbbed as she came to and found herself lying on top of a girl who appeared to be tied to the posts of her bed.

Jenny recognized her as one of the two girls who had prepared her the previous evening for her initiation.

At that recognition thoughts of the previous night came flooding back to Jenny, her betrayal by her ‘friend’ and that beautiful acceptance by her beloved Mother. Jenny wished Sharon were here now so she could thank her personally for making her ascension such a wonderful experience.

Jenny moved slightly and her pussy, which had for the last 12 hours been pressed against Kelly’s, sent a wave of pleasure through her body. Her eyes widened in disbelief and she saw the look of abject fear on Kelly’s face and knew instantly the cause.

“Hello, my darling little sister.” Jenny said as she placed her hands either side of Kelly and looked at the delicious body her wonderful, loving Mother had provided for her.

Kelly swallowed and could only manage a weak “Hello.” And even that was cut short as Jenny let her elbows bend pressing her breasts against the brunette’s, their pussy’s grinding against the other as Jenny covered Kelly’s mouth with hers, forcing her tongue deep into Kelly’s mouth.

Kelly could hardly breath but Jenny continued grinding away until her first full orgasm as a true sister flooded her body. She noticed for the first time that the back of her neck burnt as the wave crashed through her and she remembered her gorgeous Mother’s lips, so bright and red and sexy and knew she now bore Her Kiss, just as the other sisters did, and the knowledge brought with it her second climax.

Up till now Jenny had been quite a shy girl, who only played with herself when she really had to, and then only until she came the once, feeling guilty afterwards. She couldn’t remember if she had experienced multiple orgasms the previous evening as once her Mother had Kissed her everything became a little blurred. So as far as she knew this was her first, and guilt was the last thing she was feeling now.

“Do you want your Little sister to make her pretty Kelly cum?” Jenny asked, her voice taking on a mocking timbre as if talking to a child.

Kelly didn’t answer but it made no difference, Jenny craved the taste of sweat and cum mixed and Kelly was already sweating with fear. ‘Would sweat taste different depending on how it was generated?’ Jenny wondered idly and let her tongue slide up the side of Kelly’s face. “We’ll soon see.” She said, even though Kelly had no idea what she meant.

With the grace of a cat Jenny held Kelly’s eyes with hers as she moved down her body, her tongue tasting her lovely sisters flesh. She deliberately left the breasts, holding them back for now and soon she was at the summit of a different mound and she knew that the cave in the side held her desire.

Jenny didn’t know how long her Mother would let her keep her little pet, but she wasn’t going to rush, she wanted to savor this moment, the first time she had tasted another woman’s cum, any woman’s for that matter for she certainly had never had the urge to taste her own.
Inexperienced she might have been but she knew how to make herself cum and judging by the twitching movements and small squeals from Kelly she was obviously a quick study.
Kelly’s breasts ached, from being squashed for so long and now from the building pressure Jenny’s tongue was stoking up. She longed to touch them, to rub them but her arms were held fast and Jenny didn’t seem interested in them.

Time and again Jenny felt Kelly start to buck, pressing her pussy against Jenny’s lips and each time she lifted her head and waited for the tremor to pass before resuming her nectar collection like a busy bee at an orchid.

Restrained as she was Kelly could do nothing to help herself cum as she knew she must to give Jenny what she craved, what she herself had craved the morning after her own initiation, what poor Selena still craved to this day.

Finally even if Jenny had removed her tongue it would have been too late, Kelly had taken that step off the precipice and was about to fall headlong into orgasmic release. As the first tremor started Jenny finally touched Kelly’s yearning breasts although not in a way Kelly would have requested. Her long nails bit into Kelly’s yielding flesh as she dragged them around the side of Kelly’s left tit.

The pain didn’t dull the climax; in fact in a strange way it seemed to heighten it, much to Kelly’s surprise. It was as if the pain augmented the sexual release, allowing Kelly to identify one from the other at first until they blended into an exquisite but unholy alliance of pain and pleasure.

As the mind-bending orgasm ceased, Kelly was left with just the stinging pain in her breast and Jenny’s warm, wet tongue lapping up her juices and Kelly wished she had passed out as she had after her initiation.

Unfortunately for Kelly there was to be no such avenue of escape and soon Jenny lifted her head, licking her lips so as not to lose one drop of Kelly’s precious fluid. She looked at the four parallel red marks on Kelly’s otherwise milky white breast and said with mock concern. “Aw did Jenny hurt her itty-bitty-sister? Let Jenny kiss her darling little sister better.”

Once more on hands and knees, Jenny crawled up Kelly’s restrained body with her index finger she traced the topmost scratch causing some of Kelly’s salty sweat to mingle with the trickle of blood, stinging her even more.

Seductively, Jenny lifted her blood stained finger to her mouth and licked it clean, a deep moan sounding in her throat before she removed it and with a lascivious grin bent her head to Kelly’s left breast and commenced cleaning the wounds thoroughly with her tongue.

As she licked she became suddenly very tired and couldn’t help but lie down, her face next to Kelly’s breast that she continued to lick languidly until her eyes closed and sleep claimed her.
Kelly knew what was happening, it had happened to her after her own awakening and the other sisters she had helped through the difficult transition to true daughterhood. As she expected, the door opened and Penelope entered carrying a pitcher of pure water from Ilian’s spring. She put it down on the table and went to sit beside her favorite sister. “You should be careful what you wish for, my angel.” Penelope said as she mopped Kelly’s brow with a damp cloth.

“Water, please.” Kelly begged but the look of sadness in Penelope’s eyes told her all she needed to know even before Penelope said. “I’m sorry sweetheart, Mother said you will have to get Jenny to give you water.”

Just then Jenny murmured and moved slightly, her tongue flicking out slowly to taste Kelly’s stripes, making the brunette wince.

“I must go now, my sweet princess. Mother said she would only sleep for a few minutes.”

Tears welled up in Kelly’s eyes as Penelope kissed her tenderly on her brow before standing and locking the door behind her as she left.

“Mmmm.” Jenny breathed as she stretched. “I feel so wonderful, I never knew Mother’s Love would feel so nice.”

“They brought us some water.” Kelly said hopefully, her head nodding in the direction of the pitcher that glistened with tantalizing droplets of condensation joining and making little rivulets, speaking of its refreshing coolness.

For the first time Jenny realized just how thirsty she was and all but ran to the table and poured some of the contents into the glass that had been set beside the glass jug on the small silver platter.

The sound of the water being poured made Kelly feel like her lips and throat were cracking like a dried up river bed in the heat of a desert noon. The sensation was doubled as she watched Jenny gulp down the whole glassful, a small droplet escaping and dripping from her chin to run between the twin peaks of her pert breasts.

“Would Jenny’s little baby sister like a drink of water too?” Jenny asked, knowing full well the answer even without Kelly’s croaky “Yes Please.”

Again the sound of water pouring was a mini torture for Kelly but at least she knew she would soon be able to drink, or at least that’s what she thought, Jenny had other, much more wicked plans.

She climbed back on to the bed and straddled her desire’s stomach. She dipped her finger into the glass and held it tantalizingly above Kelly’s mouth until a drip formed and splashed impotently against her chin. “Please.” Kelly whimpered looking imploringly up into Jenny’s eyes that reflected only mischief and lust.

Once more Jenny dipped her finger into the cool water but this time she used it to wet her left nipple, again and again she applied the spring water to her breast noticing that although still when drunk, it seemed to effervesce when it came into contact with her skin.

Enticingly she leaned forward, stopping just out of reach of Kelly’s straining face before continuing. Kelly’s lips rubbed her aching tit, using the meager liquid like a balm. Jenny giggled and sat back up. “Would little baby waby like some more?”

Kelly nodded and from the look on Jenny’s face knew she had done wrong and said quickly “Yes please.”

Jenny smiled, a look of triumph lighting her pretty face. “Good little girly.” She said as she poured water directly from the glass on to her other breast, it fizzed as it cascaded down her body, enlivening her skin as it passed before dripping onto Kelly breasts. Again she leant forward offering her breast to the parched Kelly.

This time as she removed her now crinkled nipple from Kelly’s warm lips she shuffled forward and placed her pussy mere inches from Kelly’s mouth and poured the water between her breasts. It ran down in a torrent over her stomach before swamping her downy sex and finally cascading into Kelly’s eager mouth.

“Don’t waste any, sweetheart.” Jenny said as she stopped pouring and let her pussy lips meet the eager lips of her bound lover who licked and sucked every last drop of moisture, some that hadn’t come from the glass but reviving all the same as Jenny’s fire was lit for the third time that morning.

“Oooh, my slutty little baby.” Jenny groaned as she poured more of the invigorating liquid over her body, loving the way it sparkled against her skin. Once more Kelly eagerly lapped up every drop until she felt her tormentors body shudder once more.

Kelly expected the procedure to be repeated but Jenny obviously had other ideas. She moved back down the bed and poured water over Kelly’s mound and even pulled back her labia so that the fizz could reach the sensitive opening, helping it a little with her finger before lowering her mouth to sample the exotic cocktail.

Just as before Jenny took her bound lover to the very edge several times until Kelly was begging her to let her cum. One more time Jenny lifted her head and said through juice soaked lips as she lifted her hand let the nails of her right hand rest at the top of Kelly’s right breast.

“Shall I let my little baby cum?” Jenny asked even as the nails bit a little deeper into the soft flesh.

“No. Please. Please don’t hurt me again, Jenny. Please.” Kelly sobbed, but she knew it was a futile task and before the words were out of her mouth she felt Jenny’s probing tongue lapping at her pussy and tapping her clit with the fingertips of her left hand.

Kelly knew what was going to happen when she came but even with all her training she could not hold back the floodgates any longer and was soon lifting her clit to meet the fingers as she came with a scream as the nails were dragged down the side of her tit.

“Good little girl.” Jenny said as she lifted her head to examine her latest handiwork.

Kelly sobbed from the pain and the after shocks of orgasm that were still shuddering through her body. And Jenny just smiled as she rubbed Kelly’s own cum into the new stripes.

For the next eight hours the pattern was repeated over and over again, Jenny sitting on Kelly’s face to let her drink the waters of Ilian and the juices of Jenny, then Jenny would finger and lick Kelly’s now red and swollen pussy until she came with Jenny’s nails scraping bright red lines on her sweet soft skin.

By the time Jenny started to feel sleepy again Kelly bore marks down the side of each breast, down her sides, down and across her stomach and the top, inside and outside of her thighs. Without a word Jenny lay beside Kelly, her head resting on the stinging top of Kelly’s left thigh, her nose close to Kelly’s swollen labia and drifted into a restful sleep.

Kelly expected the door to open and someone come in to attend them again but the door remained resolutely closed. She considered crying out but was scared of waking her beautiful tormentor and eventually she too drifted into a sleep, but not for her the restful slumber of Jenny, no, Kelly’s sleep was haunted by lips and tongues and bright red claws.

Kelly was woken by Jenny’s tongue as it sought to bring her to arousal, and it did, despite her tears and pleadings for Jenny to stop. “I can’t stop now, sweetheart.” Jenny explained as she licked the freshly flowing juice from her berry red lips. “You aren’t ready yet, but I don’t think it will be long now.”

Kelly had no idea what Jenny meant and her sobbing combined with gasps as her body responded to Jenny’s ministrations even if her mind tried not to.

Kelly felt Jenny’s nails bite into the soft flesh beneath her right arm and the orgasm hit.

“Good little girl.” Jenny praised as she positioned her pussy over Kelly’s mouth. “I told you that you are nearly ready, just a little longer, sweetheart.”

“And while we are waiting.” Jenny added as she climbed on top of Kelly and lowered her throbbing pussy for Kelly to do what Kelly does so well.

Twice more Jenny merely gently licked Kelly’s pussy before scraping her nails across Kelly’s virgin white skin, the scratch now triggering the orgasm. And then, after she had cum herself, Jenny put her mouth to Kelly’s and kissed her tenderly before taking her station between Kelly’s bound and spread legs.

“I think you are ready now, sweetheart.” Jenny breathed excitedly. Kelly still didn’t know what Jenny meant; at least not until she felt nails digging into the flesh beneath both collarbones.

She bit her lip as the nails started to plough their downward furrow, her body twitching as it responded, as it had been trained to do. Even before Jenny’s talons crested Kelly’s breasts raking over her sensitive nipples Jenny was drinking Kelly’s cum juices, Kelly’s bound body bucking from the pleasure-pain orgasm.

Kelly no longer cared what happened, she was so lost in the sensations pulsing through her body and with one last spasm that all but filled Jenny’s mouth, Kelly was welcomed in to the strong arms of dreamless oblivion.

That final spurt was all that Jenny needed, and, finally replete, she crumpled to the floor as darkness and warmth claimed her from the Kiss’s hunger.

Downstairs Sara stirred on her altar, disturbing the two daughters that were paying homage to her beautiful feet with endless kisses. Sara clapped her hands and the two siblings stood to attention, ready and very willing to obey Her every whim.

“Our daughter Jenny has returned to us.” She said enigmatically. “Go and bring her to her Mother, and have Penelope see to her sister.”

Bowing, the two acolytes left the presence of their goddess and ran to fulfil their tasks. With Penelope untying her beloved sister the other two made sure that Jenny was comfortable before replacing the sweat and cum soaked sheets with fresh silk. They then lifted the sleeping girl and laid her gently on the bed.

One of the girls then helped Penelope carry the torn and abused form of Kelly back to Penelope’s room where she anointed the wounds with oil of Ama and her own loving kisses.


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