Feature Writer: DmVirgin

Feature Title: Sister Angela (Prologue)

Published: 21.11.2014 / Religious Fetish

Story Codes: Blasphemous, Sadism, Sacrilege

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Sister Angela (Prologue)

Sister Angela shifted against her restraints. Leather cuffs bit into her wrists and ankles. Looking around she could see the small keepings of her modest apartment. She was tied naked to her twin bed. Directly ahead of her was the small writing desk where she did her daily devotionals and worked on medical assignments.

Above her head was the crucifix she kept over her bed. She imagined Jesus looking down on her predicament and a flush ran over her face.

Angela had no problem with nudity. She had seen tons of naked bodies during her time in med school, before entering the sisterhood. But now tied up under the cross, with Jesus looking down at her, she was feeling a level of modesty and excitement.

But why was she tied up? She could remember getting dressed for bed then kneeling to do her evening prayers. Tomorrow she was leaving for a rural church in Italy to work with the local convent and over medical assistance to the nearby villages. She remembered praying for God to lead her in the work she was going to be doing over there.

How’d she end up in this position?

“You’re awake.”

The voice pulled Angela from her thoughts.

“Hello? Whose There?” Angela craned her neck to look around for the sound of the voice but she couldn’t see anyone.

“Don’t be afraid,” the voice said, “You have been chosen to do great works.”

Angela’s heart thumped in her chest.

“I don’t understand.”

A wave of heat rolled down her body, causing her nipples to stand out hard against her dark areolas. As the wave passed her stomach and crashed between her legs she felt an immediate pang of pleasure between her legs. The sensation hit so strong it bordered on painful. She let out a gasp and arched her back in response.

“You have been chosen. You will be given the gifts necessary to accomplish your tasks.”

As she listened heat continued to built in her body. Sweat soaked the sheets of her bed and she could smell the scent of her own sexual arousal. Thoughts of touching herself, of getting a hand free to rub against her wet snatch filled her mind.

She could see herself pumping two fingers in and out of her wet crevice with abandon. Sliding the fingers of her other one, one at a time, into her waiting asshole. Each finger bringing her closer to the ultimate joy of release.

“Oh God, what’s happening to me?”

Angela’s mind continued to swim with visions. She saw herself inside old wooden Chapel. Sitting in the seats were nuns with their heads bowed. Angela walked up the isle, realizing for the first time that she was completely naked. As she walked chanting arouse from the nuns. Their words weren’t clear but the sound filled the chapel with an almost electric energy.

Reaching the front she looked at the crucifix. Sitting on a small table in front of the altar was a crown of thorns, three large iron nails, and one hammer. Angela understood what she needed to do. Picking up the crown she could feel the dangerous sharpness of its points. Looking at Jesus she realized the figure tied to the cross wasn’t a statue or carving but an actual flesh and blood man. On his face was a pleading look that begged her not to do this.

Reaching up she placed the crown on his head, pushing down hard so that the thorns dug into his flesh. Jesus’s face twisted in agony at the act and he tried to pull away. Angela could feel her cunt getting wetter as he struggled against her grasp.

The chanting from the nuns behind her increased. The words weren’t clear but the energy they gave off was unmistakable. Angela could feel their excitement and encouragement.

Grabbing the first nail and hammer she stepped off to the side by one of his arms. His hands were tied to the wood at the wrist. In between the wrappings of rope was a small gap, just big enough to fit the point of the nail against his skin. Angela lined up the nail and drove it all the way in with a single hit.

Jesus screamed.

The congregation matched his intensity but there’s was a scream of elation.

Angela orgasmed. Juices flooded down her thighs and ran onto the floor. Her knees shook as thunderous pleasure rocked her body. Nearly dropping the hammer she reached out to steadied herself against the very same wrist she had just damaged. This elicited another groan from the figure on the cross and more waves of pleasure from herself.

Catching her breath she walked over and picked up the second nail. Looking out she saw that the nuns had disrobed. Many were masturbating while some were engaged in oral sex with each other. Those whose faces weren’t buried in the assholes or cunts of other nuns were watching her with intensity. Their attention made her feel powerful.

They wanted this as much as she did. They worshiped her and she knew she was responsible for them being this way. She had lead them to this frenzied state and that idea alone was almost enough to push her back over the edge.

Walking over to Jesus’s undamaged arm she began to rub the cold metal of the nail against her hot clit. Feeling the iron pressed up against her own sensitive flesh was erotic. She rubbed the nail until it absorbed both the heat of her own body and her juices. Then she placed the nail against his flesh and hammered it in.

Again her mind exploded in bliss. This time she did drop the hammer and fall to the floor. Her had furiously found it’s way to her soaking wet snatch and she began to pound herself with four fingers. Wet slapping noise filled the chapel. Moans escaped the nuns and Angela.

This was what they were made for. This was her purpose. To make this a reality and to be lost in bliss. Angela looked up at the figure on the cross. His anguished face and ruined hands did nothing to elicit any feeling of pity or remorse. Instead she felt justified. This was the right thing to be doing.

“Fuck you,” she shouted with her hand buried in her cunt, “Fuck you and your whore mother and your false church.” As the words tumbled out a feeling of power seeped into her.

“Fuck your rules and your guilt and your book of lies.”

Finding some strength Angela stood and walked on shaky legs back to table by the crucifix. Grabbing the last nail she stared at the figure of Jesus on the cross and an idea came to her.

“Sisters. Rejoice. It’s time for our communion.”

The nuns turned to look at their goddess. Angela reached her hand under the scrap of fabric that covered Jesus’s joins and began to jerk his cock.

Come and received my blessing. Yanking on the fabric she tore it from his body displaying his erect penis. Holding the nail to her lips and blowing, the iron turned from red to white to ultimately black.

Holding his cock with one hand she slide the length of the nail down into the tip of his cock. The head of the nail formed a plug when it reached, but with a push of her finger she shoved it in.

Jesus screamed again and cum erupted from the end of his dick. The nuns cheered and began to rush to the front of the church.

Angela smiled as she watched her sister’s take turns sucking and fucking that ever cumming cock. Several took pleasure in abusing his asshole and balls while drinking deeply from his dick. The ritual went on for what seemed like hours. Every nun enjoying themselves fully.

Jesus’s cock and balls were an abused bright red. His breathing was coming in labored gasps as the sister’s went about their fun. Angela had used the nail to curse him with never ending ejaculation but the energy to keep making semen, well past the point a body should be able to, came essentially from his life force. She knew it was only a matter of time as her sister’s enjoyed themselves before it would be time to end this.

As each nun came to their stopping points, they would kneel before Angela, kiss her pussy with their greasy cum covered faces and give thanks for what they received.

After the last nun had finished, Angela walked back to face the figure on the cross. His eyes were closed and his breathing was almost non-existent. Only dribbles of semen escaped his cock now. Smiling Angela reached up, wrapping both her arms around his neck. With some strength she pulled herself off the ground, causing Jesus’s body to painfully pull forward against his bindings and the nails in his wrists. Angling her ass, she pressed his cock up against her rectum.

His cock was still hard as a rock.

Placing her mouth against his ear, careful of the crown of thorns he wore, she whispered, “I’ll take everything from you. I’m going to hurt all the ones you love and drive them from you.”

Sliding her weight down his dick slide into her asshole. Angela could feel the heat from his battered flesh and semen fill her up. The suffering and abuse he had taken over the last several hours poured into her body. She could feel every exquisite detail her sisters had done to him. She felt their pleasure at doing the acts. She jerked her ass up and down against his stiff rod. Grunting every time she hit bottom.

She could feel both their times approaching. As she pivoted her hips in circles her own climax was getting dangerously close. Pulling herself back up to his ear.

“Now die so that I can cum,” she said, “Die so I can drive those who worship you away and devour those who resist. Your church is mine, this world is mine, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

With a final push, Angela felt an explosion in her asshole. Hot cum flooded into her. Filling her backside to capacity before forcing it’s way out, pass the dick plugging the exist. Angela stayed tightly wrapped around the body of Jesus as her orgasms rocketed through her. She squeezed and shook and squirted all over his stomach.

When she was finally able to move and slide herself off of Jesus’s body, Angela turned to look at out across the chapel. What she saw was the small writing desk where she did her daily devotionals.

“Excellent,” said a voice.

Angela was in her bed, her arms were free of their restraints. Her room smelled strongly of arousal and her pussy and asshole ached. She knew what she had just experienced was more a vision than a dream.

“Do you understand what must be done now?”

Angela nodded.

“What you’ve seen is only the beginning of what I can offer you.”

“I accept,” she said, “I want it all. Give me everything.”



Angela sat up in bed. Light poured in through her bedroom window. Rolling over her bedroom clock read 7:15. Today was the day she left for a small Italian village to do missionary work with a convent. She was in high demand because of her medical background and the higher-ups in the church were ecstatic that she was willing to join the convent. The whole process of getting her out there had been expedited.It didn’t hurt that she was an attractive woman who decided to covert. Even the old codgers realized the public relations value someone like she possessed for the church.

It’s exactly what she is counting on.

Standing and enjoying the feel of the air on her nude body, Angela walked over to her writing desk. Smiling she sees the crucifix she used to keep over her bed. It’s blackened as if it was had been burnt and driven through the crotch of Jesus is one long iron nail.


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