Feature Writer: SatinSlip /
Feature Title:  Sissy Prince: Origin /
Story Codes: mt/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Ma/mt, Consensual, Non Consensual, Slavery, Gay, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Shemale, Fiction, High Fantasy, Furry, Ghost, Incest, Sister, Humiliation, Rough, Spanking, Gang Bang, Harem, Orgy, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, First, Oral Sex, Big Breasts, 2nd POV, Royalty, Transformation /
Synopsis: Young prince learns to embrace his sissy side when he is taken as a slave /


Sissy Prince: Origin


Chapter 1

Prince Oliver skipped through the castle garden. He loved the green and the flowers. He was nineteen and yet to be married. In truth his parents had coddled him as a boy.

He knew his numbers and letters. He knew how to run a castle and a kingdom. On paper anyway. But he would never be a warlord. Never be a brave leader of men on the battlefield.

His golden ringlets framed a soft feminine face. His slight build was covered by a puffy shirt. His round ass under an oversized codpiece. One that covered the whole crotch area.

He certainly didn’t need it. It’s just what was in fashion.

He smiled at the cook’s daughter. She was waiting under the small pavilion near the pond. Well out of eyesight of the guards. She was a few years his senior and wanted a baby. A royal bastard would set her up for life.

“Well met my prince, and right on time.” She laughs delightedly as he skips over to her. Raising her hand to a half open bodice. Drawing his appreciative eye to her ample bosom. Her face may have been plain, but her tits were magnificent. She’d had a few offers for her hand just on her breasts alone.

“Well met, my beauty.” Oliver smiles. He takes her hand and kisses first the back, then her palm. “Alas we haven’t much time.” He tells her. His smile dipping slightly into a frown.

Both his mother and father had woken with sickness this morning. He would need to get back to them before long.

Happily, the maid unbuttons the rest of her blouse. Tits nearly as big as her head spill out. The prince smiles like he has found a pot of gold and grabs them. Much to the girl’s delight.

She moans as he plays with her boobs. Reaching down to untie his codpiece. The prince squeezing and sucking on her bountiful orbs.

His ridiculous codpiece falls and the maid drops to her knees. She grabs his tight breeches and tugs them down. She lets out a little gasp.

Looking down at the girl, Oliver mistakes her look for one if pleasant surprise. When in fact it’s shock and disappointment.

‘There’s nothing. Nothing there except a button.’ The girl thinks. The prince wasn’t just not well endowed. He was laughably tiny. Not quite two inches erect, when soft the tip barely peeked out from his smooth flesh. Looking quite like a button indeed.

It didn’t help that his balls had never descended, or that he couldn’t grow hair anywhere on his body that was lower than his eyes.

“It’s … it’s so cute, m’lord.” She says desperately. Leaning in and licking the little nub. Hoping against hope that the boy can even preform.

Oliver gasps and the girl gains confidence when the bump twitches. She sucks and licks the sad royal penis. It gets bigger in her mouth. Though when it stops growing it’s still tiny.

The maid fights her disappointment as she lays down on her back. Lifting her skirts and spreading her legs. She had taken off her bloomers in the pantry. She knew there wouldn’t be much time. The prince was so rarely allowed to be on his own.

Oliver grins. His eyes sliding up her white stockings, to her pale thighs, and onto her fuzzy muffin. Eagerly he lies between her legs. Trying to seem as if he has done this a hundred times.

In truth this was his first. He had heard the guards talk of their conquests and was quite sure he knew what’s what. At least that’s what he figured.

After missing for the third time the busty woman reaches down and guides the little penis inside her waiting pussy. Maybe an inch of cock.

“Oh! Your highness. You feel amazing.” She assures him. Grabbing his ass and pulling him. Desperately helping him thrust into her.

He lasts nearly no time at all. The maid is both disappointed and relieved. He grunts as he drizzles his little cummies on her twat.

“Oh that was amazing my prince.” She says. She uses two fingers to scoop up his warm jizz and shove it as deep in her cunt as she can.

“You were amazing yourself.” He tells her. Pulling up his breeches and retying his codpiece.

She grins at the little twat as he saunters off.

Finally a man.

Oliver’s parents went quick. Within days the King and Queen were dead. The young man was distraught. Still, he did his best to put on a brave face. For his people.

The funeral was a grand affair. People lined the streets. Eager to see the procession as it passed through the city.

Sitting in a carriage draped in black, the prince raised a perfumed kerchief to help dry his eyes.

“I’m sure your speech will be magnificent.” The older man leans forward from the opposite seat. Taller and muscular, Lord Davos was the kings brother. And Oliver’s closest relative. A tanned, muscular man, Davos was handsome and rugged. His big mustache wax always well trimmed and he only wore the finest clothes in public.

“When things settle down, I would like to offer my aid.” He gives Oliver a friendly smile. “Your father often called on me for my expertise in political matters.”

Oliver nodded thankfully. In truth he didn’t even want to think about ruling. ‘Let me just get through the funeral.’ He thought.

Days later Oliver was just finishing breakfast. He was not yet technically the king. His uncle had convinced him to wait a month. As a suitable mourning period.

Davos was being such a big help. Single handedly taking care of all the business of state.

As the prince left the breakfast hall he found Davos waiting for him.

“Just a few things for you to sign, my boy.” He smiled warmly at the prince. “Then why don’t you join me in the bath. We can start the day as men do, on the trail.”

Oliver wasn’t entirely sure what his uncle meant. He was always worried that people didn’t view him as masculine, though. And he definitely wanted to please Davos.

Soon they were in the marble bathing room. Four white pillars were set at the corners of a shallow pool.

Davos dismisses the servants leaving just him and the young prince. The handsome man disrobes and sits on the edge of the pool.

“We will do many great things for this kingdom, boy. We will make you a great king.” He says patting the stone next to him.

Oliver takes his own cloths off and sits close to his uncle. Eager to hear what the older man has to say.

“One of the first things…” Davos starts. “Oh my. That’s … you are very small.” The older man was staring at Oliver’s crotch. In a way that made the young man nervous.

“You really aren’t much of a man, are you?” Davos says.

“I … I do my best, uncle.” Oliver could feel the tears in his eyes at disappointing the older man.

Davos grabs Oliver by the young man’s hips and lifts him easily onto his lap. The young prince barely even protesting at the treatment.

“You being a wimp will definitely make my plans easier.” The older man gloats. He reaches between Oliver’s legs and pinches the tip of the prince’s dicklette cruelly.

Oliver squeals at the pain. Grabbing at the strong man’s hands, but unable to remove them.

“A little sissy like you shouldn’t be allowed to run a kingdom anyway.” Davos was pinching and tugging on the tip of Oliver’s little bump. The prince was moaning in pain and humiliation as his uncle treated him roughly.

Despite the unwanted abuse, Oliver’s penis got hard. Davos easily pulls the blonde’s hands behind his back and holds them there with one hand. The young prince squirms on his uncle’s lap. Davos starts to flick the tiny cock over and over.

“From now on you will do exactly as I say. Understand, pansy?”

“Unh! Yes! Yes, sir!” The young prince gasps.

He could feel his uncle’s dick getting hard against his bottom. It felt like a log. So much bigger than his own little twig.

“You’re basically a little girl, aren’t you?” The older man pushes the prince into the pool below him. Grabbing the boy by his golden curls and painfully forcing him to turn.

Oliver finds his uncle’s big dick practically touching his face. Easily eight inches of veiny, thick, man meat.

‘How? How can a penis be so large?’ He wonders.

“Touch it.” The older man orders. “I’m giving you the opportunity to play with a real dick. Not your bit of nothing.” When the prince doesn’t move, his uncle slaps him.

Submissively, Oliver reaches up and lightly runs his fingertips along the thick shaft. “That’s it, boy. This cock is your master. Someone like you could never be the lord over it, could you?”

“N … no, sir.” Oliver whispers. Caressing the dick with both hands.

Davos reaches down and guides the boy’s hands around the big shaft. Showing him how to pump it. How to jack off a real man.

Oliver’s body tingles strangely as he pleasures his uncle. He knows he should protest. That he should take command. Or even call for the servants.

But he was too humiliated, too shamed.

Too weak.

The older man’s dick twitches in his hands. Then gob after gob of sticky goo shoots onto the young man’s face. The big dick growing soft in his hands.

Oliver looks up at his sneering uncle. Jizz dripping off his chin. “Kiss it to show proper obedience.” The older man orders.

Oliver leans in and kisses his uncles soft dick. Still much more massive than his own, even when fully erect. Something in the young prince shatters when his lips touch the man’s penis. His masculinity, broken in pieces.

After the bath incident, Oliver was very submissive around his uncle. The older man would trap him alone a few times a day and quickly reach into the young prince’s pants. Giving the boy’s little nub a sharp pinch.

Just to remind him where they stood.

Golds passed from Davos to some rough men. A plan had been set in motion. Soon the kingdom would have a new king.

Two weeks after their bath, Davos sent the young prince on a journey. Oliver was to meet princess Mariposa. She would likely be his bride.

Every king needed a queen. His uncle told him.

Oliver thought it odd that he didn’t recognize any of the six guards that accompanied him. They seemed rough. Not as well kept as the usual men.

Two days out, the party traveled into a dense woods. There was a small camp tended by a scarred fellow.

“What … what are we doing here?” Oliver asked. No one would answer. The men began changing from guard uniforms to hooded cloaks. In fact they began to look like bandits.

Before Oliver could turn his horse the scarred man pulled him to the ground. Grinning, three men tore his fine clothes off.

“Now boy. People will be looking for a prince. Not some scullery maid. Play your cards right and you may live through this yet.” One of the men held up a plain brown skirt, and a white woman’s blouse.

“First, we need to make sure you understand just what your position is.” The scarred man sneers as he pulls off his leather belt.

One of the other men protests, “His Lordship said the boy isn’t to be harmed.”

The scarred man sneers, cowing the dissenter. “His Lordship will never see the boy again.”

Two of the rough men hold Oliver to the ground, and spread his smooth legs. Another forces a stick between his teeth as a gag.

Oliver squeals around the stick when the belt strikes his crotch. Tears fill his eyes as the leather cruelly bites at his tiny nubbin over and over. The harsh men laughing at the young prince’s misery and his humiliating lack of manhood.

Finally the whipping stops. The boys crotch a red mass of fire.

“You will be a good girl?” The scarred man asks. Oliver nods obediently.

He quickly dresses in the girl’s clothes. Feeling awkward in the long wool skirts.

The group strikes camp and is soon on its way. Oliver quickly found the cruel men wouldn’t answer any of his questions. They wanted him alive though, and he felt that was a good sign.

Thy traveled into the wilderness. Well away from the King’s roads, or cities.

Occasionally they would stop at small farming villages. There they would purchase food and supplies. The scarred man would always stick close to Oliver as a warning.

None of the villagers mistook him for a man. Not with his pretty face, long skirt, and golden ringlets.

The group slowly traveled toward some distant mountains. After two weeks they didn’t even see farms anymore.

“This is the worst.” One of the men was grumbling. They were drawing ever closer to the mountains. A few more days Oliver guessed.

“Yeah, no booze, no whores, no fun.” Another agrees.

“We all knew what we were signing on for.” The scarred man says. “Remember the golds.”

“Sure but there ain’t anything to spend them on out here.” The first continues.

“Course we do have a whore with us.” One of the rough men growls. The men all look at Oliver. “What do ya say, whore? Wanna give us a tug an whistle?”

Oliver shakes his head, golden locks bouncing. The men grin and grab him. They drag him to a fallen log bending him over it. And tying his hands behind his back.

“You’re going to suck this here cock. Understand, missy.” One of the men grabs his hair and forces his head up. Pulling out a big sweaty dick.

Oliver kicks his legs as he feels his skirts lifted up. His sweet round ass bare to the world.

“Sure looks like a woman from here.” A man says squeezing the young prince’s derrière.

“Definitely ain’t no man.” The men laugh at the poor boy.

Cruel hands spank his soft rear. The men laughing at his plight. Oliver sobs as they abuse him. The dick in his face rubbing against his cheek.

“Be a good girl now. Suck daddy’s cock.” The man before him says. Lifting his hand, threatening to slap the bound prince.

With the sound of flesh being slapped and his ass starting to turn sore, Oliver opens his mouth.

For the second time in his life his lips touch a man’s penis. The man shoves it deep in the boy’s mouth. Oliver gags and coughs until the dick pulls back a little.

It tastes sweaty and greasy and foul on his tongue. Oliver does his best to please the man anyway. A strange tingle running through his body.

“Ah, yeah. That’s good whore. Your a natural cocksucker.” The man groans appreciatively. Thrusting lightly in and out of Oliver’s sucking mouth.

Finally the spanking has stopped. Leaving the young prince’s ass red. Someone spreads his asscheeks apart. Oliver’s eyes open wide when he feels someone spit on his anal flower. Then something hard yet spongy pressing against his virgin anus.

“Here we go.” The scarred man grunts from behind as he shoves his cock into the boy.

Oliver squeals around the dick in his mouth. His toes curl and he kicks his legs. He clenches his eyes against a pain and shock he had never imagined.

The dick pushes deeper and deeper into his unready bowels. Further than he could have ever imagined. Finally he feels the man’s hairy balls come to rest against his sore ass.

“You’re tight, girly.” The scarred man says pulling back out to his tip, before roughly shoving back in.

Oliver groans and squeals through the next few thrusts. Wishing his torment would end. Willing to do whatever the men asked so it would.

Unfortunately this is what the evil men wanted.

The man before him slaps Oliver’s face a few times. Reminding him of his duties up there. Still grunting from the pain of his anal violation, the young prince continues sucking on the man’s dick. His body rocking with each thrust from behind.

The prince’s shattered masculinity burns away with each suck on the dick in his mouth, and with each thrust of cock in his ass. And yet, part of him feels that he deserves what’s happening. That his uncle was right. He was no man. A small part of him was enjoying the abuse.

The dick in his mouth twitches. Much like his uncle’s had between his fingers. Hot jizz fills his mouth and Oliver grimaces as he swallows a few times. Finally the softening dick pulls out and he can spit the rest of the cum on the ground.

Oliver’s body still lurches with each thrust of the scarred man’s dick up his ass. He looks up to see the other men. Their cocks out, ready to have a go at the young prince. He groans as the next dick presses against his lips. Obediently opening his mouth and accepting his place.

Soon the fuck rod buried in his rear explodes. Filling his ass with hot jizz. Only to be quickly replaced by another thick intruder.

It is four days before the group ascends into the foothills. In that time Oliver takes so many dicks he loses count. The cruel men seeming insatiable.

The air had gotten cooler as they traveled deeper into the mountains. Some days Oliver wished he had a coat.

This bright, yet cool, afternoon Oliver was on his knees. The scarred man’s dick was in his mouth and he dutifully sucked while his captor sat on a large rock.

The young prince’s skirt had been pulled up and cum was drizzling out of his sore ass.

The fucking his bottom received was still painful, but not as much as those first few days. Sometimes it was almost pleasurable. And he was almost proud. He could now take a dick far enough into his throat that he could tickle a man’s balls with the tip of his tongue when he did. Something the evil men found hilarious.

The penis twitches and Oliver swallows most of the jizz. Something he disliked and found humiliating. But the men ordered him to do it. It was like a little reminder of their violation that they left in his sissy tummy.

As the poor boy sits up there is a strange whistling sound. Then one of his captors falls over groaning.

Suddenly there is much shouting. The evil men draw their weapons.

‘I’m rescued!’ Oliver thinks. But the attackers are not Kingsmen. They are large rough looking men. Covered in animal hide.

A dozen mountain barbarians easily slay the bandits. It was no contest. The last to fall was the scarred man. Grunting with an axe in his chest.

“Ooh!” Oliver gasps when he is thrown across a shoulder and carried away like a sack of flour.

He can see the barbarians raiding the slain men as he is carried off.

When the big man gets Oliver back to his village he is disappointed to find the one thing missing that made the blonde enticing in the first place.

Oliver isn’t actually a woman. The man drops the boy’s skirt and gives him an angry look. He raises his big axe.

Oliver scrambles past the big barbarian and out of the hut. Looking back to see the man bellow and jog after him.

The young prince crashes into another barbarian. Who grabs his shoulder and lifts him before he can even stand.

“Ho ho, looks like this little girl got away from you Hrolthgar!” A woman’s voice, Oliver realizes. Deep and gruff, but a woman. Giving her a good look while he dangled in her grip he realizes she must be as stacked as the cooks daughter he gave his virginity to.

The barbarian woman stood well over six feet. Looked to be husky and muscular under her layers of hide. She had a handsome face and long raven black hair. Tattoos covered the left half of her face and neck. As well as the hand that held her giant hammer. A big iron monstrosity, built to knock a knight from his horse, then crush his skull like an egg.

“Is no woman!” Hrolthgar bellows, to the laughing delight of the villagers standing around.

The big woman lifts his skirt. “Looks like no man, either.” She chuckles. Oliver turns red with embarrassment as people point and laugh at his lack of manhood.

“I will take him. You owe me two sheep anyhow.” She insists. The big man nods thoughtfully.

“Agreed.” He says heading back to his hut.

“I am Jentif, little one. And what are you called?” The big woman takes him to her hut.

“Uh … Oliver. My name is Oliver.” He says. A little relieved to be away from the other barbarians.

“Well met Oliver.” She clasps him heavily on his shoulder.

Over the next week the young prince serves as Jentif’s maid. Doing his best to cook and clean her simple home.

He learns that his new owner is a witch. A healer of men and animals. Along with a few simple spells.

Her tattoos mark her as such. Others in her village have tattoos as well, but they tend to be more evenly spread across their bodies.

The young man can’t help but stare at his mistress when she disrobes for bed. She prefers to sleep in the nude. She always smiles at his attentions. She was husky and muscular. With big breasts. Both nearly as big as Oliver’s head. And a big round ass.

‘Really,’ he thought, ‘quite pleasing.’ His little nub getting hard until she got under her covers.

The whole left side of her body was covered in those fascinating designs.

“You are not frightened of me.” She tells him one night from her bed.

“Well you could break me in half with just one hand. Otherwise, no.” He grins at her.

“My people see me as a necessary evil. A demon that they need to cure their ills.” She pulls her sheet back. “Strip and come.” She orders.

Nervous, Oliver pulls his blouse off and lets his skirt fall to the floor. Then he crawls into bed next to the big woman.

Jentif reaches down. Her fingers tickling at his little bump as she explores his crotch. Gently she pulls on his penis.

“You are so small.” She says, not unkindly.

“S … Sorry.” He apologists with a shiver.

“It is not bad.” She assures him.

His dicklette gets hard in her fingers. “I know I am no real man.” He admits. “I may not be able to please you.”

“We will see.” She continues to squeeze his small cock. Leaning in to kiss. As their tongues dance together Oliver reaches to squeeze one of her mighty breasts. His other hand grabs her hip.

Her body was tough, yet soft. Like supple leather. And warm. And curvy.

Oliver gently pushes her on her back and pushes her legs apart with his knees. He sticks his little prick into her bald pussy. She had tattoos even there he had noticed. Like him no pubic hair though.

Jentif moans as the young man thrusts. Pushing as deep inside her as he can. In his lust he is done in under a minute. Much to the obvious disappointment of his mistress.

“I … I’m sorry.” He says. Laying his head against her pillowy breasts.

“It is ok. We both knew.” She assures him while petting his golden hair.

Oliver felt close to tears. ‘I really am no man.’ He thinks. Then he has an idea. ‘If I could pleasure those nasty men with my mouth. Maybe I can do something similar to a woman?’ Oliver starts kissing the barbarian’s body as he moves closer and closer to her crotch. There he begins licking and kissing around her soft cunny.

He smiles when he hears Jentif gasp. Then she starts to moan. Running her fingers through his hair.

He can taste his own cum. As he sticks his tongue inside her. He had thought he would taste different, but it was quite similar to those men. ‘What does uncle tastes like?’ He can’t help wondering.

The barbarian woman’s body trembles as she orgasms. She pulls his hair painfully as she grinds her crotch into her face. Eagerly he laps up her sweet pussy juice. Happy that he could finally bring her pleasure.

Blissfully he snuggled next to her. Feeling safe for the first time in weeks.

A few days later he marries Jentif in a ceremony before the whole village. They tattoo a ring of symbols around his left wrist. Reminiscent of the ones that cover her body.

Weeks pass. Oliver settles into his new life as the witch’s husband. Wife? He doesn’t really know. Though he always wore a woman’s skirts now.

He longs for home, but the way of these people are so strange. He was a prize from a raid. And even though he was married he doubted they would let him travel past the edge of the village.

It would be like letting a favored lamb wander off.

During the day he cooks and cleans. Occasionally helping his wife with her craft. At night he ineffectively thrusts his worthless penis into her. Then pleasures her with his mouth.

Jentif was delighted that he liked her breasts so much. When they were alone during the day she would often go topless. Letting him stop and play with her big tits whenever he felt like it.

One morning they wake to hear women screaming and men shouting. They could smell smoke. A lot of it.

Quickly Jentif pulls on pants and a simple shirt. Forgoing her furs for time. She grabs her hammer and bursts out the door. Oliver close behind brandishing a dagger. Though he wasn’t sure what to do with it.

There were green, scaly lizard men everywhere. Raiding the village. Killing who they must, taking what they can, and burning everything else.

Jentif swings her mighty hammer at a scaly man running by. With a sickening crunch his chest collapses and he falls, dead before he hits the ground.

Oliver sees Hrolthgar, bloodied with a pile of bodies around him. He sees other men valiantly defending their homes. He points to a large lizard on four legs.

The size of an elephant. The beast of burden had two big cages strapped to its sides. Lizard men were stuffing the women they captured inside.

Jentif nods and the couple head that way. She quickly kills two raiders. Her hammer red with blood. Oliver stabs an injured lizard who had fallen. A few of the captive women are able to flee.

Then a whoosh and clunk. Some metal balls on a string thrown at the big woman’s head. She crashes to the ground unconscious. Oliver tries in vain to drag his wife away.

Half a dozen green men grab them. The young prince struggles as they are unceremoniously shoved into a cage.

With a bellow the big lizard begins tromping away. The raiders leading their prizes away from the village.

Oliver holds his unconscious wife’s head in his lap. Caressing her cheek, while he watches the fading village burn in the distance.

Jentif wakes late in the day. Oliver tells her what happened.

“Perhaps I can overpower the guards.” She says.

But the lizard men never open the cages. The women travel for a week packed together. Quickly moving out of the mountains. The big beast never stops. Day or night they travel. The green men napping in a large basket on the beast’s back.

Any requests from the prisoners fall on deaf ears. In fact the lizard men don’t seem to speak the common tongue. Other than water and little food the women are given nothing.

Finally out of the hills they come to a marshland. The giant beast having little trouble navigating the tricky terrain.

“Look! A city.” One of the captive women gasps.

Set in the middle of this swamp was a large city. Walled with white marble twenty feet high.

When they pass through the gates they find most of the buildings are stone. Set on small islands connected by ornate bridges. Oliver is amazed at the gold that seems to inlay nearly every surface.

The prisoners are brought to a slave auction. The cages are opened and the women pulled out.

Jentif tries to fight but a slender lizard with a crocodile head zaps her with a blue shock from his staff. She falls screaming to the ground.

The prisoners are stripped. The guards taking liberties with the barbarian women’s bodies. Squeezing big tits. Slapping cute rumps. Groping sensitive muffs.

Jentif and Oliver are no exception. The big woman begrudgingly submits. Not wanting to be zapped again. Still on the ground, green men yank off her pants. Tear off her shirt. They are delighted with her giant breasts.

Oliver can see the pain on her face as they cruelly squeeze and slap her tit flesh. She groans when scaly fingers dig between her thighs and shove their way up her soft cunny. Finger fucking her while another slaps her big round ass.

The croc-lizard happily oversees her abuse. The other women were already being led away. Collars around their necks. Taken to a stand to be sold.

Oliver stands passively as a lone lizard strips him. Watching forlornly as his wife is molested.

Her tits and ass turn red from repeated slaps. Her body quivers as lizard fingers thrust inside her pussy. Her eyes clench as one pulls her hair and slaps her face.

Oliver was sure they would fuck her. Maybe him too. That strange tingle running through him again. One he was recognizing as lust.

But they didn’t. They finally collared her and let her stand.

The lizard holding the young prince’s now naked body, calls the croc over. Poking the boy on his little sissy nub.

The croc seems to grin and nod. A collar is placed around Oliver’s neck.

The couple are the last to reach the platform. All the barbarian women having been sold quickly.

They stand together in front of the crowd.

There seems to be a round of bidding. Then there is a low rumble from the back of the crowd. At first Oliver thinks it was thunder. Then he sees the toad.

It had to be a thousand pounds. The size of s horse. He wore an ornate headdress. Made of gold and silver. And he sat on a large marble platform. Half throne half pool. Similar to the bath back in his own castle. The one where Uncle…

It was aroused. Oliver could tell. Everyone could. It’s dick was huge. About the size of Jentif ‘s arm. Sticking nearly straight up. Two beautiful elf women flanked it. Nearly nude they kissed and licked and caresses the toad’s giant manhood.

That same rumbling sound and the toad lifted one of his fat arms waving a gold scepter.

The auctioneer smiled a lizard smile. Obviously pleased. The couple were led from the stage and through the crowd.

Oliver had assumed the marble platform was being carried by something. It wasn’t. The whole thing floated of its own accord.

“Powerful magics.” Jentif whispers.

The toad’s guards, a dozen buff armored lizard men, led the two of them away. Following their new master.

“My name is Thuushk the Great One. Though you will call me master.” The big toad’s voice was a low rumble.

They were in his throne room. The floating platform had come to rest at the end of a great room. There were artfully places pools dotting the room. Many alive with reeds, plants, and fish.

Jentif and Oliver were kneeling before their master. Even as they watched his giant dick burbled a gallon of pale jizz. Erupting like a small volcano. The two women obediently lapped some of it up, before wiping his dick clean with silk cloths.

His dick never seemed to grow soft.

“I am a Pawada Sorcerer. The Pawada are the ruling class here in mighty Galthone. My attendants are Bufonid. A lesser, distantly related race.”

The toad gestures to robed men in the room. Froglike in their appearance. They seem chubby. A pale imitation of the giant Thuushk.

“And my loyal guards made up from the tribes of Kuscar.” He gestures at the armored lizard men. Bigger and tougher looking than the ones who raided their village.

“And what are you called my new pets?” Their master gestures to them.

“I am Jentif and this is my husband Oliver.” The barbarian woman answers with pride.

“Excellent. You will work hard for me. In return I may keep you together. Though I will certainly have fun with a bonded couple. It is rare that the slavers bring men.”

The couple were allowed a tiny room together. They spent the night holding each other.

In the morning they were both dressed in short gauzy gowns. White like so much of the city’s marble.

They were given chores. They did their best to complete. Serving in the dining hall and cleaning various rooms.

Days pass. Jentif was unhappy with their station in life. But unwilling to put Oliver in danger.

Neither could be said to truly love the other. Not like in the fairytales Oliver had been told as a boy. But they were definitely fond of each other.

On the sixth day Oliver was called to the throne room. He knelt before his master.

“You will attend me on my travels today, girl.” Thuushk motions him forward. “Lose your robe.”

Oliver strips his gown off. And steps into the throne pool. One of the beautiful women stepping out. The other continues to caress their master’s giant dick.

Oliver sees that while the Pawada rests in the water, the girls actually sit on little padded pedestals. Raised a few inches above the water’s surface.

His master motions him closer. “I … I’m not actually…” The young prince starts.

“You are what I want you to be, girl.” The toad says grabbing the boy’s ass and hugging him close.

Oliver places his hands against his master. Feeling the clammy toad flesh pressed against his body. Thuushk caresses the pretty boy’s cheek.

“I will enjoy watching you submit to my needs.” A shiver of excitement rushes through Oliver’s body. So close to the big toad he feels delicate. Feminine. Vulnerable in his master’s arms.

The toad reaches down and pinches Oliver’s sissy nub. Not painfully, just inspecting. Similar to his First time with his wife. “Interesting.” His master croaks. “I think I like this on you.”

Oliver can’t help getting hard. Much to his master’s delight.

“Omara, present yourself for Oliver here,” Thuushk orders the pretty brunette, currently kissing the tip of his giant cock.

“Yes, most gracious of masters.” She says. Moving to what must be Oliver’s pedestal.

The beautiful woman pulls off her silk panties and slips into the water. Bending over the stand and wiggling her ass. Looking back over her shoulder at Oliver.

“I want to see you take her, girl.” The Pawada pushes the young prince toward the prone woman. Lightly slapping his ass.

Worried, Oliver steps into the pool. Kneeling behind Omara. His cocklette still hard he presses into her thrusting a few times. Enjoying the way her thighs feel around his small penis.

“I don’t feel anything.” The brunette says confused.

“Ho, ho. See you are just a girl.” The big toad rumbles.

Oliver is embarrassed, but excited. He runs his fingers up the woman’s bare sides. Feeling her shiver with delight.

“Ooh!” Omara wiggles her ass against him. Oliver spreads her legs wide, forcing her face to the stand. He tips her ass up further. After some experimentation with Jentif he had found he could penetrate a woman like this.

“Aah, there it is.” Omara sighs as his dicklette enters her, even if just a little.

“T … tell me how pathetic it is.” Oliver finds himself saying. Lightly caressing her back as he slowly thrusts. Wanting to put on a good show for his chuckling master. Wanting to please both the giant toad, and the beautiful woman.

“Ooh, you’re pathetic. Just a bit of … of sissy nothing.” The beautiful woman berates him. Somehow her words make Oliver even more excited.

Soon he drizzles his cummies inside her. Omara gives a whine of disappointment, then a squeal of excitement as she feels his tongue on her excited cunt.

Oliver leans in and gives her pussy a good licking. Swallowing his own cum and driving the woman into an orgasm. He can’t help wondering what his master’s jizz will taste like.

Afterward, Omara can’t stop smiling at the young prince from the other side of the giant cock.

Oliver was given silk panties to wear, and a matching bra. Though he wasn’t sure why, as he tried to figure out how to put it on. It’s not like he had anything up top.

The women’s lingerie made him feel deliciously humiliated. Excitingly naughty. Especially the bra.

He took up position kneeling on his pedestal. Then he began obediently kissing and caressing his master’s giant dick. The large stone platform slowly rose into the air. And out into the streets. Trying to mirror Omara. Oliver did his best. Out in public. Where everyone could see him. Practically naked, pleasuring a toad monster’s cock. He was instantly aroused. His little nubbin pressing against the silk of his panties.

Omara’s hands kept brushing his. And she would smile at him.

It wasn’t long before Thuushk’s dick spewed cum. Oliver lapped at the slimy goo. It tasted just as bad as any man’s jizz. Still he obediently swallowed a large amount before reaching for a silk cloth to clean his master.

Thuushk spent the afternoon shopping and bartering. At least that’s what Oliver thought was going on. With no understanding of the language he supposed it could have been just about anything.

“Word has gotten around to the other slaves. They say you can make a girl feel quite nice.” Jentif tells him a few days later.

They were laying in bed after having made love. Oliver was sleepily playing with her nipples.

“It’s not anything that couldn’t do themselves.” He sighs blissfully.

“Of course it is.”

He looks at her confused.

“The goddess forbids it.” Jentif tells him.


“Aphrael. The goddess of the elves. Women are to be chaste and pure. It is sin for another to even look upon your body. Much less for a woman to lay with another.” She brushes back his hair. “You don’t follow the goddess’s teachings?”

“We don’t follow inhuman gods where I come from.”

Jentif looks thoughtful for a moment, then shrugs. “We do not either. The mountain tribes turned their backs on the gods long ago.”

She squeezes his little nub. “If a slave wants to lay with you, let her. Lowlanders often have odd ideas of marriage. Besides, we could use all the goodwill we can get.”

She kisses him deeply. “Since you are technically a man the other slaves can sort of have sex with you, while only slightly breaking their vows. Though with all they are forced to do here I know not why they would keep them. Any joy in this place should be welcomed.”

“You are on the throne tomorrow?” He asks.

“Yes, But I am not afraid.” She assures him.

He smiles and snuggles her till sleep comes.

Late in the afternoon, Oliver was called to the throne room.

His master, and Jentif had just returned. The room was filled with the master’s beautiful slaves. More than two dozen, mostly Elvin women lounged naked at the various pools.

“Come forward, girl.” Thuushk ordered the young prince.

Jentif smiles at him from her submissive position next to the toad’s giant dick.

“I have decided to give my slave here a gift.” their master pulls the barbarian woman close. Squeezing one of her giant breasts as he talks.

Thuushk grins at Oliver. “I have decided to make the pair of you even more interesting. Strip and stand before me.” That last was directed at Jentif, who pulls off the tiny bits of silk that barely covered her most precious spots. Then she steps from the platform to stand next to Oliver.

“This will hurt some. For that, I apologize.” The toad tells her. Then he raises his golden scepter and chants.

In moments a deep purple ray of light glows from the gold. Reaching out to envelope Jentif, raising her a few feet in the air.

The big woman groans from the pain. Her whole body shuddering as the Pawada’s magic changes her.

Jentif’s skin begins to turn crimson, red like blood. Her tattoo’s clearly visible, as they began to glow a faint emerald green. A pair of black horns grows from her forehead. Curling up and back, perhaps a foot long. She grows a tail, five feet long and leathery with a little heart shaped tip. Little leathery bat wings grow from her shoulders and her feet turn to black hooves, shaped somewhat like high heels. Adding another couple inches to her already tall height.

Finally, Oliver watches with a mixture of fascination and horror, as a dick replaces her sweet pussy. It was big and thick. Ten inches, maybe more. It’s big tip an even darker red than the rest of her. The new cock came complete with an impressive pair of hairless balls.

Oliver felt something inside shiver with excitement. He couldn’t take his eyes from his wife’s new big dick as she was slowly laid to rest on the stone floor. Moaning with exhaustion.

“What are you waiting for slave. Attend to your wife’s need.” His master orders.

Oliver quickly gets to his knees between Jentif’s muscular thighs. Her skin feels so warm as his fingers lightly caress up and down her hard shaft. The young prince leans in and kisses the dark red tip. As he eagerly takes a few inches into his mouth he tells himself that he just wants to make the barbarian woman feel good.

Jentif moans in pleasure as the blonde sissy sucks her new dick. Thuushk chuckles at them with a low rumble. “True Succubus are difficult to come by. Still I have always wanted to own one. You should fill that role nicely, my dear.” He tells her.

Oliver groans with a strange lust as he takes the big cock into his throat. He can’t quite swallow the whole thing. Not yet anyway. Jentif gasps as she feels an unfamiliar tingle throughout her body. Her new balls pumping their first load of jizz into her husband’s mouth. The young man swallowing much of it. As he pulls away, wiping cum from his chin, her big dick grows soft. Still some six inches though.

The couple stand. “Why?” Was all the woman can think to say.

“Together you will follow an interesting path. Now I have planted my sign on that path. A reminder of our time together.” The big toad seems to gaze off into the distance. A vision of something only he can see.

“I’m … I’m monstrous.” She moans, touching her new flaccid cock.

“No. You are amazing.” Thuushk says.

“It’s true. You are beautiful.” Oliver assures her.

“My lady parts.” Jentif protests.

“You will find your dick serves you well.” The toad grins at her. “I certainly like mine.”

Gently, Oliver puts his hand over hers. His fingers touching her big red dick. “I will do my best to make you feel good.” He tells her.

The slave couple return to their room. Jentif awash in so many new feelings. Walking behind her little husband, still unsteady on her new hooves. She can’t stop staring at his ass. The way it sways, so like a woman.

She wasn’t attracted to women before. Now though. Her gaze is drawn to the other slaves. Their juicy breasts, luscious thighs, sweet asses, especially to their soft wet…

Oliver opens the door to their room. Jentif grabs him and tosses him on the bed. Her dick as hard as stone.

“I need it, Oliver. So much stronger than before. I need to fuck.” She moans.

As she climbs on the bed next to him, he grabs her dick. Licking and slobbering on it to get it lubed. Then he turns around.

On his hands and knees he wiggles his cute ass at her. “Do it. Take me however you want.”

The young prince is excited. Giving in to his strange desires. He wanted her dick. In his ass or in his throat, he didn’t care.

She grabs his hips and presses the tip of her new penis against his tight anal flower.

Oliver groans in pain and lust as she spreads him apart. She is bigger than any of those awful bandits.

Jentif knows what to do. She has been on the receiving end of a cock enough times. She slowly pushes her entire length inside her sissy husband. Then pulls out till her tip is all that’s left.

He whines as she pushes back in. Faster this time. Again and again. Faster and faster she batters his ass. He feels so great, so tight around her red dick.

Oliver’s own little nub has gotten hard, and pathetically slaps against him as his body shakes to his wife’s thrusts. When she grabs his golden hair and forces his head back, his little penis twitches with excitement. Drizzling it’s little cummies beneath him.

Jentif groans loudly when she cums. Filling the little man’s ass with her jizz. She leans forward pushing the sissy to the bed.

She rests on top of him as her dick slowly shoots its last few loads. Leaving it in him as it softens.

Oliver coos in satisfaction. Enjoying the feeling of his ass being full, sore though it now is.

Soon she rolls over, and he snuggles her. Falling contentedly to sleep.

Jentif slowly gets used to her new body over the next few weeks. She barely has time to miss her pussy, as her new penis seems to be aroused all the time.

She finds she needs to fuck at least half a dozen times a day. The other slave girls submitting to her carnal needs after their master orders them to. It helps that Oliver is often willing to use his tongue on the slaves’ pussies. Something they greatly appreciate.

Thuushk is quite pleased with the barbarian’s new look. She often accompanies him when he goes out. Not as a cock slave but as a bodyguard. Standing behind him on the floating throne. A new hammer having been given to her.

Lastly, Oliver is happy as well. His wife’s new form allows him to enjoy cock guilt free. After all, he is just doing what he can for a woman he is fond of. Right?

The couple had been slaves for more than three months when they met the elf siblings.

They were serving their lord in the throne room. Jentif looking imposing with her hammer. Dressed in little more than a silk bikini.

Oliver worshiping their master’s cock. Humiliated in sheer lace panties and bra. Licking toad cum from his fingers.

A merchant, one of the smaller pathetic toad race, brings in a trio of slaves. Three elf women. Dressed in tattered robes. They must have been finery at one time but had not suffered the journey into slavery well.

The merchant haggles with their master. Neither slave was fluent in the lizard man language, but they had been picking up bits and pieces.

The merchant seems pleased with whatever price he gets for the trio. He follows his guards out. Leaving the slaves with their new master.

“Serve me well, Elflings, and life need not be a constant torment for you.” Thuushk grins at his new playthings. He motions to his guards who step forward and happily strip the the three elves.

Obviously siblings. The one in the middle looking older. Perhaps the equivalent of a human in their late twenties.

The other two were much younger. Perhaps the equivalent of nineteen. And twins to boot.

All three were gingers. With long red hair. Straight and fine. Pale skin, covered with freckles.

The older elf was male! Oliver realized as the man was stripped. He had feminine features, similar to the young prince, but he definitely had a penis.

The elf wasn’t well hung, but he was definitely bigger than Oliver. He also lacked body hair. Adding to his feminine allure.

“What are you called.” Thuushk asks.

Mustering what dignity he had left the Elf man answers, “I am called Larallin. These are my sisters, Vaeri and Shyael.” He motions to the girls.

The twins were slight. Also with pale skin and freckles. They had perky B-cup tits, and cute asses. They were beautiful. Almost heart achingly so. Ethereal, with piercing green eyes.

Oliver felt an ache. A lust for them that he hadn’t felt for a woman in months. Except for his wife that is. The sight of her always made him hard.

“They look young. Virgins?” The toad asks, licking his green lips with lust.

“Not after our enslavement, my lord.” Larallin says with shame. He had been unable to protect his sisters’ precious innocence. Or his own.

“Too bad. I would have enjoyed deflowering them. How about a show then. Jentif show Lara here her new place. You two, take the sisters.” Thuushk motions to a pair of guards.

The twins are docily led to the pedestals on their lord’s throne. Oliver and the other slave girl getting down.

The young prince watches eagerly as the girls are bent over. The big lizard man guards quickly stuffing their bodies with green cocks.

The master rarely allows anyone else to play with his things. The two guards were eager to fuck. Oliver couldn’t help thinking that the girls actually enjoyed the violation. Perhaps slavery had brought something out in them. Similar to how it had in Oliver.

Perhaps it would in their brother. Oliver turns to watch his wife easily overpower the pretty man. His little dicklette twitching in sympathy as the redhead was forced to his hands and knees. His feeble struggles no match for the big red woman.

“I’m sorry.” Jentif whispers to the Elf as she positions her big cock at his ass. Her pre-cum lubing the tight little hole.

The Elf whines as the big red dick forces it’s way deep inside. The barbarian isn’t gentle in her lovemaking this time. Her need had been building for a while. She quickly builds up to a strong thrust in the moaning elf.

On the throne Thuushk grabs both the teen Elves’ hair. Lifting their moaning faces so he can gaze into their lustful eyes. Happy with what he sees there. “Enjoy, my beauties. This is your life from now on.”

Both girls gasp as their pussies tremble. Orgasming together as the lizard dicks fuck them. Shyael reaches over and caresses the big toad’s dick. Her hand soon joined by her twin. Vaeri rubs the giant cock as her fingers entwine with her beautiful sister.

Jentif finally cums inside the abused Elf. Pulling her softened dick out of his gaping hole and giving his round ass a slap.

“Take them to get cleaned up.” Their master orders.

A couple days later Oliver’s body shivers as he pulls on pink silk panties and a matching cropped top. As always the woman’s clothing feels both humiliating, and suitable.

The young prince now knew he was no real man. He was his master’s sissy. It would not be proper for him to dress in anything but woman’s clothes.

He meets Larallin as they enter the throne room. The redhead elf man also wearing silk lingerie. His was green. Setting off his lovely red hair. Like Oliver’s, someone had coiffed it into a fancy do atop his pretty head.

“I don’t know if I can do this.” The Elf whispers as they enter. Their master watching them hungrily from his throne at the end of the room.

Oliver tentatively takes the Elf’s hand in his own. Trying to offer some encouragement.

They take up positions on opposite sides of the toad’s dick. Jentif smiling at her husband from behind the green bulk.

Oliver starts right in with kissing and caressing the huge cock. Larallin is reluctant, but soon follows the young man’s lead. Doing his best to please his new master as the platform rises.

Elsewhere his sisters break their holy vows. They had been training to be priestesses of the Goddess. Now their eager lips explored each other’s body. Finally finding each other’s sensitive pussy. Twin tongues drinking deep of each other.

As the throne floats out into the light of day, big lizard man guards flanking it, Oliver caresses the back of Larallin’s hand. The Elf peering at him from around the thick green penis. They share a warm smile.


Chapter 2

“I’m sorry about this.” Jentif whispers in the Elf’s ear.

Larallin gives a slight nod. The big red woman was actually quite nice, and the wife of his new friend Oliver. But, like the rest of the slaves, she would do anything their monstrous master ordered.

The ginger, Elf man had his palms against the cold marble wall. He wore an ornate gown over lace panties and a tight corset. Humiliating and degrading what was left of his manhood.

Not that there was room for masculinity here. Not as a slave anyway. Like Oliver, he was becoming more a sissy with each passing day.

With a velvety rustle, the big barbarian woman lifts his skirts. Holds them up with one red hand. She grabs his panties and tugs them down his cute round derrière. It gets hung up on his already stiff cock.

Larallin gasps as she slides her hand into his panties, her strong fingers wrapping around his dick and giving him a few tugs. Tickling his balls with her pinky.

“No apologies for what’s to come after.” She whispers to him. He knew full well she would penetrate his ass with her big red dick. He shivers, unwelcomely excited at the thought.

She pulls the panties down past his white stockings. His rear exposed to everyone in the throne room. His ass clenches and his cock twitches in anticipation.

With a CRACK! Jentif swings the leather strap across the sissy’s cute bottom.

Larallin squeals and the strike brings painful, humiliating tears to his eyes. He was an expert duelist. A near master with the rapier. His body has been cut and pierced. Made to feel pain a hundred times worse than this.

And yet, the spanking breaks something in him. Makes him act like a little girl getting taken across her daddies knee.

On the fifth strike he begs. “Please, please! I’ll be good.” For what he isn’t even sure. He hadn’t done anything. Once a month or so the big Pawada toad got an itch to see one of his slaves spanked. To see tears in her eyes. To watch her beg.

This morning as they got him ready, the girls revealed to the Elf that their master wasn’t actually interested in them getting hurt. He just wanted a good show.

Larallin told himself that he would stand the worst. He wouldn’t give in. Yet here he was. Begging and sobbing.

Thuushk in his throne chuckling a deep rumble. His dick erupting. Larallin’s own sisters were attending the giant cock. They lapped up their master’s jizz as they caressed the big green shaft.

Finally the dozen strikes were over. The Elf sissy sinks to his hands and knees. His poor rear stinging and red.

Not as red as Jentif’s cock as she lays it between his soft asscheeks. “Ready for this Lara.” The red woman asks. Calling him by his humiliating sissy name. He nods. “Good girl.” She lightly slaps his rear. Drawing a hiss of pain from the sore Elf.

She lubes her big red dick up. Then rubs it teasingly against his sensitive anal bud. Jentif has learned a lot about fucking with a cock since her lady parts were replaced by the big slab of man meat. She still considered herself a woman. But things have been changing.

She was definitely attracted to women now. And she has gotten a lot more sexually aggressive. Dominant too. Thankfully her husband, Oliver … strike that … Olivia, seemed to enjoy the changes.

The cute Elf groans as she penetrates his tight rear. Slowly burying all ten inches up his ass. Quickly she begins thrusting in and out as he moans. Enjoying the feel of her balls slapping against his soft rear.

On the dais the twins grin as they watch their brother get ass fucked by the big woman made to resemble a succubus.

Jentif grunts as she shoots her hot load deep in the sissy’s rear. Her little bat wings stretching wide with pleasure. Wiping her big cock on his ass when she pulls out.

Thuushk sighs, having greatly enjoyed the show.

In the evening, Larallin sought out his friend Oliver. He had a need that had to be fulfilled. This palace seemed to breed lust in its occupants.

Unfortunately though they had betrayed the vows to their goddess in many different ways, the female Elf slave’s wouldn’t willingly lay with him.

In truth he shouldn’t even ask, but he had turned his back on the goddess when he was forced to watch his sisters be violated.

The twins had only recently been given their medallions. Finally graduating as acolyte priestesses. Only to have that stripped away by lizard man dick. Then Larallin himself had been forced to the ground. His own ceremonial robes torn away from his soft ass. Struggling as he felt the first hard…

Oliver smiled when he noticed him. “Good book?” The Elf asks.

“I can’t read much, but the runes are fascinating.”

The young human stands and crosses the tiny room. He wore a sheer white teddy that barely covered his ass, and a pink silk thong. With golden ringlets framing his pretty face a person could be forgiven for mistaking Oliver for a girl.

No one would mistake him for a man.

“I need you.” Larallin admits. Not in the mood for small talk. He still wore his own lace panties and the corset. Looking much like a woman himself.

His manhood long lost in this place.

The Elf’s dick had already started twitching to an erection when he saw Oliver stand up, his golden curls bouncing. It gets fully stiff when the human leans in and caresses it through the lace.

“Let’s see what we can do about that.” Oliver grins. He drops to his knees as the Elf closes the door behind them.

The young prince smiles as he pulls the lace panties down far enough to reveal his friend’s cock. Barely four inches erect, it was still twice as big as Oliver’s own sissy bump.

He kisses the tip of the Elf’s penis. Then licks down the shaft and back up. Larallin moans, closing his eyes in pleasure as the boy takes the dick in his mouth. Sucking so delightfully.

He enjoys the blowjob for some time before motioning for his friend to rise. Larallin steps out of his fallen panties as he reaches for lube on the only table in the room. The human bending over the bed and pulling off his thong.

Larallin pauses when he places his hands on the young man’s soft bottom. ‘Should I really do this?’ He wonders. Men should definitely not lay with men. Then Oliver wiggles his cute ass and the Elf’s dick twitches with its need.

He spreads the sissy’s asscheeks apart and presses the tip against Oliver’s flower. The human relaxes, aiding in the small dick thrusting to the hilt in his ass.

Both sissy men moan as they fuck. There was nearly no masculinity left in Olivia. And it was quickly fading in the Elf as well. Each submission, each humiliation taking just a little more.

Larallin reaches beneath his partner. Underneath the sheer teddy. Olivia gasps with pain and excitement when the Elf pinches his nipples. His pathetic nub hard and yearning.

“Please Lara. I need it too.” The human gasps.

Larallin tenses at the use of his sissy name. Then shoots his load into the boy. They both collapse to the bed. Cock still inside the human’s ass.

“Lara.” The Elf whispers, mostly to himself. He shivers as he reaches beneath their bodies. Finding the young man’s strangely tiny cock.

He tugs on the pathetic nub. It quickly drizzles on his hand.

Larallin wants to wipe it off, but finds himself raising his fingers to the human’s lips. Olivia obediently licks and sucks his own slimy jizz from the delicate fingers.

“Stay?” Olivia asks. “Jentif will be out all night fucking.”

Not sure why, the Elf nods. Standing up, Olivia pulls a two gauzy, negligees from the small wardrobe. He changes into one as he watches the Elf.

Almost despite himself, Lara takes off his corset and puts the other negligee on. Then the two sissies snuggle close on the bed. Drifting to sleep in each other’s arms.

Elsewhere in the small palace, the red headed twins were putting on a show for their master.

Thuushk was not an especially cruel owner. As a Pawada Sorcerer his dick needed near constant attention. This necessitated the need for slaves. Usually female and pretty.

The twins had fully betrayed their vows of chastity, and had no regrets. The pleasures of the flesh far outweighing the pleasure from spirituality.

They were nude. Shyael lay on her back on a padded bench. Vaeri lay inverted on top of her beautiful sister. Their faces were buried in each other’s crotch. Moaning as they tongued sensitive cunnies.

Four of their master’s guards stood nearby. Nude and waiting. Thuushk rarely shared his pets with others, but something about the twins made him want to see them fucked by everyone in the palace.

He suspected it had something to do with his inability to fuck anything. His dick was too big for sex. Yet he lusted after the Elf teens on a level he had never before felt. He would be saddened to see them go.

His powers granted him visions. The twins’ destiny did not end here, he knew. Nor did that of their brother or their friends.

He was not foolish enough to stand in the way. But he would enjoy them while he could.

He motions to the guards. They roughly, but not unkindly pull the teens apart. The girls’ squeals of surprise turn to delight. Big lizard man dicks quickly thrusting into their wet cunts.

The big toad grins. His giant dick twitching as two other Elf slave girls kiss and caress it.

“Ladies.” Jentif grins as she steps into the small room. It was larger than her own. With one big bed that four slave girls had to share. Humiliated every night when they had to strip nude before each other and snuggle their soft bodies together for sleep.

Their master truly loved the slow erosion of the Elves’ vows. Slowly they would all try lesbianism.

When they had fully given in to their lusts he would sell them to a new master. Then purchase a whole new set of innocent slaves.

The red woman’s dick twitched at the sight of the four nubile women. Naked on the bed. In turn they couldn’t take their eyes off the big cock.

Jentif slipped into a strange spot in their vows. Most of the Elf women choosing to submit to the succubus.

“Come to mommy.” The barbarian says as she climbs on the bed. Gathering girls in her strong arms.

“Oh, Great One. I have brought your price as agreed. Jewels and silver and diamonds.”

Olivia watched as the crocodile man knelt. They were in the throne room, but something was different.

He stood in a line next to Jentif, then Lara, and the twins. They each wore silk panties and bras. But were further covered by short, green pleated skirts and loose fitting silk blouses.

Sensual, but not risqué like their normal clothing.

“Mmm, good. Then we have a deal. Two months as we agreed.” Thuushk waves at the five slaves. “These are the slaves we agreed upon.”

The crock nods and grins a toothy smile. “I’m sure they will do well.” Then he stands and motions for Olivia’s group to follow.

They look to the big toad. “You will serve Krozk in any way he needs for two months. If he harms you he will pay me a severe penalty. Do not disappoint me.” The Pawada seems wistful. Almost sad.

They follow the croc to the street. Olivia wonders if his tribe even has a name. All the lizard man tribes were described under one name Kuscar. Though it seemed to be rarely used. The Pawada were an entirely different race. One that the human had seen less than a dozen of in his time as a slave. Then there were the smaller toad people, the Bufonid. They were sleazy. Merchants and criminals. Olivia much preferred his master’s big guards. They seemed so professional, so strong.

Krozk led the group to a large, bustling inn. “Our boat leaves in the morning. We have rooms for the night.” He looks his new slaves over. “You two will sleep with me.” He points at the twins who seem excited at the prospect.

“Master, the package has arrived.” A hissing, whiny voice from the crowd.

Five short ratlings push through the crowd. Leading a horse and carrying some wrapped bundles.

Not a horse! Olivia realizes. A centaur. She stood six feet tall. Smaller and slighter than a real horse, but still big.

Her horse half was a chestnut, blending into a tanned torso. She wore a white linen top. Cut short to show off her flat midriff. So thin that her dark areola were visible. Her breasts were big, maybe E-cups.

Her face was pretty. Marred only by a long scar below her right eye. And her hair was long and brown. Curly, like Olivia’s.

“Good job Ziz. The big one goes in my room. Keep the others with our supplies.” Krozk says beaming.

The croc man leads the slaves inside. “What about her.” Jentif asks.

“Who? Their new master asks confused.

“The … the centaur?”

“The mount? She sleeps in the stable with the other horses.” The lizard man giving her a look like she was mad.

After a small dinner in the common room the group retires. Krozk taking the twins, obvious lust in his eyes.

The other three find they will share a room with the ratlings.

“On your knees.” The leader orders.

“Um Ziz, is it.” Olivia starts.

SLAP! The rat strikes him across the cheek. “That’s Mr. Akzisz to you. Or Sir. You are the slaves here. We are free rats.” The ratling snarls.

The trio is cowed, even Jentif, they drop to their hands and knees.

Olivia shudders at the thought of what would come next. The rats were short and ugly. None topped five feet. Their man like bodies were covered in thick bristly fur, and their heads were that of giant rats.

The young prince feels his skirt lifted up. He sees his big wife tense as hers is too.

“Eh? ‘Tis’ ones got a wormy.” The ratling behind Lara says.

“Mine too.”

“And dis.” Olivia feels a rat hand rubbing at his sissy bump.

“It’s fine.” Akzisz tells them. Stroking his hardening cock in front of the human. “They have other holes don’t they?”

There is a murmur of agreement. Furry hands tugging Olivia’s panties down as the leader taps his lips with his oddly shaped dick. “Sucky sucky.” He tells the young man.

The cock was slimy. Tasting salty and bitter as he opened his mouth. He felt a similar sliminess at his rear as his asscheeks were spread apart. Soon he was taking ratling dick at both ends. As was Lara.

The Elf did his best not to gag. Tears filling his eyes at this new humiliation. Ratlings were among the lowest of the low. Foul, cruel, disgusting creatures. Now he was their whore.

Lara knew now that his masculinity was also gone. If he had any left he would have at least protested. Instead He gagged as rat dick filled his throat. As it thrust deep in his ass.

The ratlings didn’t cum just once either. Each needing to orgasm three or four times before they were done.

Then they took great pleasure in snuggling the stripped slaves as they slept.

In the morning they ate a quick breakfast. Then went to the stables. Gathering the rest of their gear, two donkeys, and the Centaur

“What’s … ah, Sir? What’s her name?” Jentif asks the ratling.

“Mmm, Elly. She’s a good mare. Ain’t ‘ya girl.” The rat says, slapping her on her horse rump. Elly turns away from him with a disgusted look.

“I’m Jentif.” The red barbarian says with a smile.

The pretty centaur tentatively smiles back. “I am Elydanos.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Elydanos. I’ve never met a centaur before. Certainly not one so pretty.” Jentif says. The Centaur woman blushing.

Their croc master hustles everyone to get moving. Their gear is stowed on the donkeys. Akzisz hops up on the saddle on Elydanos’s back.

“Let’s go pretty.” He grins. Reaching his fuzzy rat hands under her shirt and grabbing her big tits.

Jentif frowns at the poor mount’s disgusted look, and the way the rat molests her as they march through the city. Squeezing and mauling the Centaur’s tits. Pinching and tugging on her nipples.

Soon they reach the docks. A river runs through the marsh. Though it is shallow and dangerous near the city. Plenty of boats still pass through. Bringing goods and golds from far away.

The group boards a large flat bottom boat with a shed like building on each end and room for cargo in the center.

Krozk stores his personal gear in one of the four small cabins that make up the rear shed. The slaves and ratlings would have to make due around the crates in the center.

The boat’s crew were three scarred Bufonid. Who had cots in the forward shed.

Days pass as the group floats south on the lazy river. Their master being cagy as to the their final destination. Even with the boat’s crew.

The crew and the ratlings take great delight in fucking the slaves whenever they feel in the mood. Which is quite often.

The twins always spend the night with Krozk. Tending to his needs. Olivia and Lara take turns sucking Jentif off. Sometimes even taking care of the barbarian together.

Jentif and Elydanos spend a lot of time chatting. Discussing where they came from and who they were now. Both their peoples were tribal in nature. The Centaur were plains people and the barbarians were of the mountains.

In the ninth day of their voyage the boat runs aground with a loud THUD!

The Bufonid crew look surprised as they try to determine what they were stuck on.

“Go see if your boys can help.” Krozk orders the ratling leader.

A strange ululating sound fills the air. Then the twins scream as strange creatures climb onto the boat.

They were blue/grey squid monsters. They had heads that Olivia couldn’t help thinking looked like tips of penises. Underneath which was just a mass of rubbery tentacles. Perhaps a dozen on which the beasts balanced and even walked.

They had big black eyes and a sucker like mouth.

They carried nets and spears. A few even wore helmets made of reeds.

The squid people tried to quickly overwhelm the boat. But found the ratlings vicious in their ability to fight back. The Bufonid grouped together to fight off their attackers. Even the Centaur had kicked one off the boat.

Olivia had been grabbed, and though he struggled, was pinned down. Tentacles gripped his wrists and ankles, holding him helpless.

The wet, slimy tendrils slithered under his shirt. Wiggling beneath his bra. He felt them slide up his smooth legs, below his skirt. Easily slipping into his silk panties.

His sissy nub got hard as they slither against his crotch. The squid’s eyes narrow as it realizes there was no pussy to fuck.

“Red! Red, slave!” Krozk shouts. “Get to the green package.”

Oliver can see Lara forced to his hands and knees. His attacker not quite as put out apparently. The Elf has a tentacle shoved in both ends. One in his cute ass. The other in his mouth. The sissy groans as he is violated.

His sisters on the other hand moan as their bodies betray them. A small group of squid surround the twins. Tentacles thrusting into their young pussies, asses, and mouths. Vaeri bucks and thrashes as an orgasm washes over her. Shyael squeals around the tentacle in her throat as her perky tits are whipped by rubbery appendages.

Olivia yelps in pain as his attacker lifts his legs up and begins whipping his panty clad ass. It sticks one tentacle in the young man’s mouth. Muffling his cries and thrusting into his throat as if it was a cock.

Suddenly his attacker is knocked away. Jentif standing there in her giant red glory. Her iron hammer in her hands. She tosses Olivia a sword and moves toward Lara.

The young prince stands. Gripping the weapon. One of the ratlings have died. The boat crew are still up, but look the worse for wear. Krozk holds off a few raiders. Short sword in one hand, the other covered in little bursts of lightning.

Where the red barbarian strides, squid men flee or die. The rest begin to retreat. Back into the murky water from which they came.

Once the group catches their breath, the ratlings toss their dead member overboard. Jentif, and the twins patch up any wounds with their healing magics.

Jentif hands out weapons to the other slaves. A nice rapier for Lara, and maces for the twins. There was also a small crossbow that she gave to Olivia.

“Where were these?” Olivia asks. His croc master shrugs and checks that nothing important was taken. “I should have passed them out earlier. Your master said I could trust you. I wasn’t so sure. Things will be even more dangerous from here out.”

The Bufonid shift the boat off whatever they had grounded on. Free to continue the journey.

“You seem to have taken a liking to our new Centaur friend” Olivia says. Lightly running his fingers along Jentif’s black horns. They were lying naked together on some tarps between crates late at night. Her green tattoos glowing faintly in the dark. The young man could still taste her cum on his lips.

“At first I thought it was just that new lust I have for anything with tits. After spending some time with her though…” The red woman trails off.

“We may have to come to terms with our hearts being elsewhere.” Olivia says kindly.

The barbarian looks at him. “Yours may lie with a certain cock having redhead?” She teases.

Olivia blushes, but can’t help seeing Lara’s smiling face in his thoughts. “He … He isn’t what I thought I would love. When I was a young man. So much has changed though.” He admits.

She reaches between his legs. Softly caressing his sissy bump to hardness. “You will always be my husband.” She tells him. “But I am happy if you find love elsewhere.”

He kisses her soft wonderful lips. Enjoying the feel of her giant breasts pressing against him. “I want you to find love too.” He whispers.

Jentif rolls onto her belly. Sticking her red ass in the air and wiggling it enticingly. Olivia mounts her, sticking his little penis between her asscheeks. He grunts as he thrusts.

The barbarian grins as her much bigger cock gets hard again. Soon she will grab her husband and take him deep in his ass. First though, she will let him drizzle is own pathetic jizz on her big rear.

They spent twelve days on the boat. Finally unloading at a rundown dock flanked by a pair of stone buildings.

“Orcs.” Elydanos says with surprise.

Sure enough there were eight green men there to tie up the boat. The croc passes some gold to the Orcs to use their dock. Then the group disembarks.

“We will need guidance.” Krozk says looking around. He finds an old grey haired orc. The man was repairing barrels.

“We need to get to Old Town.” The croc says. The old Orc looking up in shock.

“Haruuph. No one goes to Old Town.” The Orc intones ominously. Looking around at the strange group.

“I must go. And I will need a guide. Or a map.” The lizard man says. “I have golds.”

“I lived there when I was a lad. Before the dark cloud. I could lead you. The price would have to be high though.” The old man says.

Krozk grins. “I can pay. Plus I guarantee a pleasant trip. When did you last have Elf flesh?” He grabs Shyael by her shoulder. Pushing her forward and forcing her to kneel.

The redhead teen lowers her head to the old Orc’s lap. Pulling his green dick out and sucking it in her mouth.

The group watches as her head bobs up and down, red hair bouncing. The Orc smiling and groaning with pleasure. He doesn’t last long. His balls quickly shooting a load of Orc jizz into the young Elf’s belly.

The group sat around a campfire. The old Orc told them stories of past Orc glories backed by the glow of the stars.

“We are close now.” He finally says. “Tomorrow probably. You can already see the evil permeating the trees.”

It was true. There was strange black moss growing on much of the foliage. Not killing the plants, but obviously sapping much of the life.

“This is an evil place.” Lara mutters. Snuggling a bit closer to Olivia under the blanket they shared.

As the group began to drift to sleep, Jentif stood up. “I will walk the perimeter once more.” She announced quietly.

Krozk didn’t care. He was already asleep. The twins snuggling either side of him in the nude.

The faintly glowing barbarian stalked off into the dark.

Lara and the young human smile together. Their lips finding each other in the dim firelight. Their fingers gently tugging on small sissy dicks.

Moments later the Centaur wanders into the dark. She easily finds the barbarian. Her tattoos a green glow in the dark.

“I…” Elydanos starts.

“Shh. Me too.” Jentif assures her. Wrapping her arms around the brunette and pulling their bodies close. Their lips and tongues meet in the faint green glow.

“You make me so confused, but so aroused.” The Centaur says, sliding her hands under the other girl’s shirt.

Jentif pulls her shirt off as the other girl’s fingers push under her silk bra squeezing big red breasts.

The barbarian moans with delight for a few minutes as the girl explores her new found lust for another woman’s breasts. Then she strips her skirt off. Her big red dick hard and sticking out of her silk panties.

Elydanos pulls her own thin shirt off. Excited to finally be playing with the strange red woman. She gazes down at the big red cock and shivers with lust. Her hands grabbing greedily at the big dick.

Jentif pulls her panties off as the other woman tugs delightfully on her big dick. “I can’t wait. I need you.” She says. Leaning in to kiss the Centaur again.

The horse woman prances around. Flicking her big tail at her demonic lover. She squeezes her own magnificent orbs in anticipation.

Jentif grabs the girl’s flanks. Leaning in and penetrating Elydanos’s wet pussy.

Both women moan in pleasure as the red barbarian fucks the Centaur with her big dick.

Jentif reaches up and pinches her own nipples. Her large tits bouncing. Relishing the feel of her big balls slapping the Centaur’s rear.

She finally groans as she shoots a big load of cum into the horse girl’s cunt.

When she flops out the big woman moves forward and pulls the shivering girl’s face into another passionate kiss. The women smiling at each other in the green dim light.

“I hear it too.” Shyael assures her sister. A faint singing coming from somewhere in the woods. The twins stand up and slip into the darkness, naked. Unable to resist the beautiful siren song.

Past the campfire their path is lit by tiny motes of floating light. All the colors of a rainbow.

When Vaeri stops to poke one it pops like a bubble. The twins giggling like girls half their age.

The ginger Elves finally reach a clearing. Lit by the light of three full moons. Though neither of their world’s moons had been full when they left the camp.

In the center of the clearing a dark skinned Elf sits on the edge of a stone well. She is dressed in a sheer white gown and sings the enchanting song.

Around her leathery imps frolic and play. A tentacle, similar to the ones that had violated the twins on the boat, rises from the well and caresses the Dark Elf’s thigh.

“Welcome, my pretties. So glad you could join me.” The woman says in a melodious voice.

“You are Dokalfair.” Shyael says.

“Yes, I am a Dark Elf. A betrayer. One of the evil ones. Come, sit.” She gestures to the lush grass at her feet. The twins do as told despite being wary of the mysterious woman.

“Your vows have been broken. Your goddess has turned her back on you.” The dark skinned woman says sympathetically, leaning down to caress Vaeri’s cheek. “You could have been powerful priestesses. But now you are alone.”

Another tentacle has risen and caresses the woman’s arm. The girls can hear a sickening slithering from the well.

“But I can give you a home. Worship me. Be my priestesses. We value lust and the pleasures of the flesh. Loving life in a way our Losalfair cousins never could.” The Daek Elf goddess smiles at the teens.

“Who … who are you?” Vaeri gasps. Her body shivers as imps crowd around. Their little hands caressing her thighs, her sides, and her arms.

“Demetria, the goddess of lust.” The grinning woman says. “Your goddess I would hope.”

“Vaeri.” Shyael says. Her sister nodding. “I want it. I want this.”

The grinning imps become more daring as the chocolate skinned woman looks down approvingly. Another pair of tendrils rising from the well to caress her body.

The little black and red demons grab at the twins’ perky tits. They rub their oddly large dicks against their young bodies. They spread the twin’s legs apart and pluck at soft red pubic hair. Stopping short of touching the Elves’ sweet peaches.

“Yes.” Vaeri says as she lays back and moans. Her body shivering with desire.

“You must both say it. Will you be mine?” The woman demands.

“Yes.” The twins say in unison.

Sitting up, her head suddenly clearer, Shyael asks, “Will we turn dark, like you?”

The woman laughs. The sound like a beautiful wind chime. “You will technically be Dokalfair, but you will remain unchanged from how you look now. Except, that is, for my mark.”

The teen nods, somewhat relieved.

“The next part will be scary. You must be tossed in the well. To emerge reborn as my disciples.” The woman looks at them with concern.

“We are not afraid.” Vaeri says finally sitting back up.

“Good.” The goddess stands. Taking the twins’ hands and helping them up. “I will let you go together. Your precious bond of sisterhood is both part of your strength, and what attracted me to you.”

She helps them to the edge of the well. Tentacles already slithering around the girls’ legs.

“Be brave.” Demetria tells them.

The tentacles pull the girls down into darkness. The girls grab each other. Holding tight and kissing as they are surrounded by the writhing mass.

They moan as thick tentacles are shoved up their young cunts. Thrusting and fucking. Matched by more violating their rears. They are pulled apart so their mouths can be similarly used.

They are fucked for what feels like days. Taken again and again. Through it all their hands never part. Each always knowing the other is there.

Finally the exhausted girls are dumped at the feet of their new goddess. Kneeling they both kiss the beautiful woman’s feet.

“We are your servants mistress.” Shyael says.

“We live to serve you.” Vaeri mirrors.

“Excellent, my beauties. We will do many great works together, I’m sure.”

“Where are they?!” Krozk was angry. It was first light and the twins were nowhere to be found.

“We are here.” Shyael says smiling. The twins walk back into camp nude and holding hands.

“We were communing with our goddess.” Vaeri grins. Kissing her sister on the cheek. They grab their clothes and start dressing.

“Yes … well … good.” Their croc master finishes his rant lamely.

Lara stares at his sisters. They had not prayed to the Goddess since their capture. When he notices the dark red tattoos above their cute asses his heart drops.

A rune flanked by a pair of bat wings. A tail, eerily similar to the one the barbarian now has curled around it.

Some Dark Elf goddess, he was sure.

“Old Town should be just a few more miles ahead.” The old Orc announces. “This is as far as I go.”

“You will wait here for us?” Krozk asks.

“For how long?”

“Three days. You would be well rewarded.” The croc grins.

“Very well. I will make a camp.” The Grey haired Orc waves sullenly as he watches them walk off.

A couple hours later the group starts to see some scattered, ruined stone buildings. The sky was oppressively overcast. Dark clouds hanging low in the sky.

Soon they enter the ruined city proper.

“What are we looking for.” Jentif asks quietly.

“A tower, and what lies beneath it.” Their master says.

They spend some time searching the town. Their weapons at the ready. All the time feeling as if they were being watched from the shadows.

As the day grew further dark they make camp in a ruined inn. The fire in the chimney barely holding back the shadows.

“There may be too much damage to the town. I may have to figure out another way to find my prize.” Krozk laments.

He had drawn a circle of runes around the chair he now sat on. He seemed to be waiting for something. Akzisz squatting at his feet, eyes wide and hackles up.

“What was that?” Lara asks. Something cold had brushed past him.

Shapes lurch out of the dark. Faintly glowing in the fire’s light. They were hideously misshapen Orcs. Yet, Olivia realized with horror, he could see right through them!

Two of the ratlings hop into the circle around their master. Who promptly kicks one out. “I haven’t the power to protect us all, fool!”

The unlucky rat is dragged into the darkness along with his brethren.

“I offer you these slaves to slake your thirsts. Drink as you like and leave us in peace.” The croc intones.

Jentif swings her hammer at a ghostly form. But it simply passes through. The same with Lara’s rapier.

That doesn’t stop the spirits from grabbing the six slaves.

Olivia is pulled on his back over a heavy wooden table. His arms pulled to the side, his legs lifted and spread. Skirt falling away. Ghostly hands tear his shirt off and slip under his bra. He gasps when his nipples are roughly pinched.

His panties are ripped off, then cold fingers pinch at his sissy bump. He quickly gets hard at the rough treatment. He groans as his asscheeks are spread and feels something like an icicle pressing at his bottom flower.

Olivia squeals as the icy spirit dick grinds its way up his ass. Ghostly fingers slapping at his tiny hard nubbin. Then his mouth is stuffed with a bumpy, misshapen ghost dick.

Lara was in a similar situation. Curled up on a table hands behind his back. He was sucking on an icy cock. While another pounded his ass. His little cock and balls were pulled back between his clenched thighs. A spirit merrily slapping them while he wept.

Jentif had been bent over a bench. Arms held behind her back. Her tail was tugged straight up while her big round ass was fucked. Spirit hands spanking her red flesh.

Her big tits dangled on the other side. Bouncing back and forth as they too were slapped. Her mouth was open and gagging on a big ghost Orc dick.

Elydanos has been forced to the ground laying on her horse legs as she took an icy cock in her cunt. Her arms were held above her head and her shirt had been torn off. She also gagged on spirit dick while her tits were slapped and pinched.

Shyael was held aloft in the air. Spirits in front and behind. Cold dicks double penetrating her young pussy and ass. Fingers pinched her hard nipples. Increasing pressure until she squealed with pain, before loosening. Then pinching harder again.

Her sister was pinned to the wall. Spread eagle a few feet up. Taking cocks in all three holes. Her perky little tits turning red as they were ruthlessly slapped.

Olivia coughs up slimy ghost cum. Disgusting, with the constancy of slimy slush. More gets deposited in his ass. Both holes are quickly filled with new spirit dicks. His torment not at an end.

All six slaves are violated over and over as the croc and remaining two ratlings watch.

For over an hour their bodies are used. Till finally the spirits retreat back to the darkness.

“Now to sleep.” Krozk unrolls his blankets next to the fire. The ratlings doing the same. The slaves pass out where they lay. Too exhausted to move.

It was morning and Olivia was tired and sore. His shirt and panties were gone.

“What was that last night?” He asks.

“Old Town is lousy with restless spirits. In the day they have little power. But at night…” Krozk tells them.

“My research implied they could be appeased with the bodies of women. That they would gain ‘warmth’ through sex. That’s why you are here. To appease the spirits.” He finishes.

“But we aren’t women.” Lara motions to the young human and himself.

The croc grins. “You aren’t men. That’s for sure.”

Their master casts spells all over the town as the day moves on. Looking for his treasure. The slaves following him. All now nearly or completely nude after the rough night. Even outnumbering the croc they don’t seem to have the will to rebel.

“I don’t understand why I don’t just crush his head in.” Jentif tells Olivia. Hefting her hammer.

“Slave spell.” Akzisz chuckles from behind them. “You will do as he says till we return to the city.” He gives both their asses a squeeze, while licking his lips.

With a sigh they both get to their knees. Taking turns sucking his rat dick till he cums.

It was growing late. “Will they come again?” Elydanos asked shivering. She held her arms across her big breasts. The thin shirt that had covered them was gone.

Jentif gives her a loving peck on the cheek. “If they do we will get through it.” She assures the Centaur.

“Ha, ha! I have found it!” The lizard man crows.

It was rubble over a door leading to a cellar. When they clear away some of the debris they find a door in the dark guarding more stairs leading down.

With torches the group journeys deep underground. The ratlings the only ones seeming at home.

“Monsters in the ground.” Akzisz assures Olivia. Reaching up his skirt and pinching his little nubbin as they walk. “Maybe you be sex slave to some beastie forever.” He grins, pinching and pulling before scurrying ahead.

There were rooms and hallways under the ruined tower. All devoid of life. Tables and beds. Alters and pools.

“This was the seat of the sex cult. It was they that brought ruin to the town. That’s why the spirits crave your flesh.” Krozk tells them. He consulted a notebook. “This way.”

They found a large chapel. Broken pews and Orc skeletons dotting the room. Past the alter there was a large iron door. Thick roots mostly covered it.

The group was nearly there when the skeletons sprang up, hissing.

“Oh no!” Olivia cries.

Jentif swings her hammer. Smashing an attacker to bone dust.

Krozk lashes out with the electricity engulfing his hand. Swinging his short sword with the other. Lara struggles with his rapier. The thin sword not designed for such a fight. Oliver doing what he can to help.

Shyael is grabbed during the fight. She is stripped as skeletons drag her to the alter. Pulling her up and on her back. They spread her legs wide. One of the undead mounting her. Thrusting ineffectively as he lacks any flesh.

“Demetria guide my hand.” Vaeri intones. Her fist glowing red. She points it at the skeleton trying to fuck her twin. With a burst of light it is smashed to pieces. Soon the skeletons are reduced to mere bones.

“Good. We are nearly at the prize.” Krozk says with a grin. Approaching the door.

“Those roots look thick.” Lara says.

“They aren’t roots. They guard the door. That’s why I needed your sisters. They require special flesh. Priestess flesh.” He motions to the twins who strip obediently.

They approach the door. What looked to be roots turn out to be rubbery tentacles. Similar to the ones they encountered in the well.

The tendrils reach out and grip the girls. Pulling them up and spreading their legs. The twins gasp and moan as the demon guardian violates their bodies.

The rest of the group feels the monster’s lust.

Krozk bends Olivia over the alter. Lifting his skirt and shoving his lizard dick up the young prince’s ass. He reaches around and slaps and pinches the boy’s sissy bump to hardness before tugging him to completion.

Jentif stands behind the Centaur. Elydanos kneels with her front legs. Wiggling her big horse rear in the air. The red barbarian happily thrusting deep in the chestnut mare.

The two ratlings push Lara to all fours. Making him take dick at each end. His own small cock hard and slapping against his tummy as they thrust into him.

The small orgy goes on until the demon has had its fill of the twins and withdraws from the door to rest.

Krozk pulls his still dripping cock from the sissy’s ass. “Excellent. Time to relieve my prize.” He opens the big doors into a room marked only by six pedestals set in an arc pattern.

Five were empty only one held a prize.

A silver tiara. The light seemingly drawn to it.

The croc grins and mumbles a spell as the group approaches. He delicately picks it up and places it on his scaly head.

With a scream his flesh begins to flake and drift away as if he was burning. He reaches up but is unable to lift the silver treasure.

Soon the tiara sits atop a pile of black ash.

The slaves take a deep breath. They each feel as if some weight had been lifted from their chests.

Akzisz looks around and makes to flee. Elydanos turning and kicking him into the wall. His lifeless body sliding down.

Lara strikes like a snake. His rapier running the other rat through before he could finish drawing his weapon.

“Take anything they have of value.” Jentif orders. “We will need it.” She wraps the tiara in cloth she takes from her former master. Then the group flees back to the surface. Into the night.

“The rest of our gear?” Elydanos asks.

“The spirits will come soon,” The red succubus says with a frown.

The group nods and flees the town.

Late in the night they see the old Orc’s campfire.

“I wondered who would return.” He says with a grin when they slump down.

“You will lead us back to the dock?” Jentif asks.

“With a bit of encouragement, happily.” He answers. The twins crossing over to him. Still nude.

They were camped near the docks. They had traded their few golds for supplies and clothes. Not the fine lingerie they had grown accustomed to, but rough and scratchy Orc wool.

They were waiting for a boat on which they could get passage. One heading away from their lives as slaves.

“But where will we go?” Elydanos asks.

“In truth, I don’t know. My tribe will have been scattered to other villages. So there is no home for me.” The red barbarian says.

“We also cannot go back to my people.” Lara admits. Thinking of the Dark Elf tattoos his sisters now had.

“Um…” Olivia starts. Unsure of himself. The others stare at him. Not helping, until Jentif gives him an encouraging smile.

“I’m a kidnapped prince. Far from my home kingdom. I’m not sure how we would be received, but we could try my home.” Everyone looks at him in shock.

Later in the dark. The twins snuggled each other naked. Satisfied after enjoying each other’s bodies.

Jentif snuggled the Centaur. Her big cock soft for now. Having once again enjoyed Elydanos’s sweet pussy.

Olivia smiled to himself. It would be nice to sleep in his castle once again. He slides his hand down Lara’s smooth Elvin tummy. Fingers finding the sissy’s small limp penis.

The elf wakes with a smile. His dick quickly getting hard. “Again?”

Olivia smiles as he kisses his way downs his lover’s body. Taking the small penis in his mouth.


Chapter 3

Olivia pulled off his scratchy wool tunic. It had covered him to just below his cute girly ass.

It was uncomfortable to wear, made by Orcs. Yet for some reason it turned him on. His tiny sissy bump was now revealed to the world. It was erect, yet not quite two inches long.

He slipped into the cool river water. In a natural pool where the water moved slowly. Lara grinned at him from where he waited. A ginger Elf, who had become a sissy. Much like the young human. His penis was a bit bigger. Thought still small. Only four inches when hard.

They embraced in the water. Soft lips finding one another. Hands reaching down to tug each other’s sissy dicks.

A pair of Orcs had come down to watch them bathe. Probably hoping they were the twins. They sat and watched the two bathe anyway.

Olivia thought about their big green cocks. It would be so humiliating to suck them. To let the Orcs do with him as they wished.

The young prince had found he was beginning to enjoy being abused. Even the thought of it turned him on.

He had spent months as a slave. It was only now that he was free that he realized he enjoyed much of his time serving his former master.

The young men each cum in the water. In each other’s hand. Then they climb out. Dripping they kneel before the grinning Orcs.

Olivia pulls the thick green rod out of the big man’s wool pants. He licks from the hairy balls to the dark green tip. Tasting the pre-cum.

He takes the whole thing in his mouth. Into his throat. Getting lower and lower.

Next to him, Lara bobs up and down. Blowing the other happy Orc.

Olivia was proud that he could fully swallow most cocks. It titillated him to be so naughty. He tickled the Orc’s balls with his tongue. His head starting to pound from lack of air.

With a gasp he pulls back up. His golden curls bouncing around his head.

Stroking the big green dick it doesn’t take long for the thing to shoot Orc jizz all over his face and chest.

The Orc pats him on the head in a friendly way, standing up and heading back to the dock.

There were ten Orcs that ran the small pier. They were actually nice in their way. They needed to be if they were to make any golds from passing ships.

They definitely appreciated the sluttiness of Olivia’s group.

He headed back to the river to clean the cum off while his love finished off the other Orc.

“We can trust them?” Shyael asked. She was naked on the old Orcs lap, her arms around his neck. She moaned occasionally as his green fingers slowly pushed into her tight peach.

The whole group was gathered around him. He had announced he booked them travel on a boat.

“Mmm, yes. As far as that goes they will stick to my deal.” The Grey haired Orc nods. “You haven’t much coin left though, so part of the trip will be paid with your asses.” The young elf wiggles hers on his lap.

“That doesn’t sound so bad.” Olivia says.

“Dwarves have a certain reputation.” The old green man warns. “Their women are frigid. So they enjoy taking their frustrations out on the women of other races. Especially humans.”

They needed to go. Regardless of the method. They couldn’t just stay and be dick whores for dock Orcs. Though part of Olivia wanted just that.

In the morning they packed their scant belongings and met with the boat captain.

“I am captain Bakour. Welcome aboard ladies.” The ruddy dwarf bowed sweeping off his fancy hat with the colorful feathers.

The boat was a shallow bottom skiff. Larger than the last they had been on. This also had a second floor and most of it was enclosed.

The dwarf showed them to their quarters. Small closets with dressers and hammocks instead of beds.

“Will this actually survive at sea?” Jentif asked the short thick man. Growing up in the mountains she was picturing a storm tossed wavy death trap.

“Yes lass. The Kholean Sea is nearly as calm as this river. Just a lot deeper.” He rested his hand on her ass in what he hoped seemed a friendly way.

Captain Bakour was five one. Stout, and had a big red nose above a magnificent mustache. But no beard.

He grinned when the red demon woman let his hand linger.

The girls waved at the Orcs as the boat pushed off. The crew of six eager to see just how far their passengers would let them go.

As far as they would like, it seemed. It took four days to reach the sea. During that time the Dwarven crew committed every degrading, humiliating act they could think of on the girls.

Truth was that the dwarves weren’t all that inventive. They so rarely had an opportunity like this that none of them had ever developed truly devious tasted.

There was a lot of spanking, crawling, dick sucking, and name calling.

Captain Bakour especially enjoyed tying Jentif to a pillar naked. Then he would take a belt across her big red ass till she begged. Which she always did to move things along.

The barbarian wasn’t a true succubus. But she had definitely gained some of the attributes of one. The belt stung, certainly, but not as much as it would had she been fully human.

He didn’t mind that she had a big red dick either. Often stopping to give it a tug or a squeeze.

“Ye’ like that? Red she devil whore?” He’d ask.

“Uunh! Yes master!” She would respond. Eventually dropping to her knees so he could fuck her up the sore ass.

The other truth was that Olivia wasn’t the only one that had found they craved the abuse.

“You actually like their humiliation?” He asked. Sharing a quiet moment with his big red wife.

“Yes. Though it shames me to say it.” Jentif admits. Her fingers squeezing his tiny bit of nothing.

He traced her faintly glowing tattoos in the dim light. Moaning at her touch.

“I think the others do too.” She says. “I know Elydanos was starting to be turned on any time that terrible little rat rode her.”

“What are we going to do when we get home?” The young prince wondered aloud. Squeezing one of her giant red breasts.

“I think that’s obvious. Slaves need a master. You said you think your uncle is evil. That he had you kidnapped. Let’s see how he responds to us returning.”

Olivia nods. Thinking it over. Grinning as he pinches his wife’s nipple hard.

They had been at sea another three days. Drifting along the coast. The captain assured the girls that they would be at their port any time now.

“If not today, then tomorrow, lass.” He told Olivia. Refusing to use a male moniker for the boy. The blonde didn’t mind. He was turned on by the lack of respect. Though he still thought of himself as a man. Or a sissy man anyway.

The dwarf grunts as he shoves his dick deep in Olivia’s ass. Slapping the already reddened cheeks.

Nearby Lara lay on his back. Legs spread while a dwarf fucked the elf in the ass. Slapping the redhead’s erect cock painfully back and forth.

Olivia received a couple slaps across his cheeks before taking a different Dwarf’s cock in his mouth. Obediently sucking the dwarf dick.

He could hear Elydanos clopping around on deck. The Dwarfs would take turns riding then fucking the beautiful Centaur. Though they were a very heavy load for the girl. She was not as big or as sturdy as a real horse. Standing only six feet tall.

The twins were tied together standing, and making out. Their asses turning red as they were spanked. Dwarf cum drizzling down their legs.

Jentif was on her back laying on a bench. Her arms tied beneath it. Her head was tipped back and she took a cock in her throat. The grinning dwarf had a grip on her horns as he fucked her face.

Another little man had bound her great tits together, and was dripping hot pork fat on them. Drip by drip. Slowly greasing them up. Soon he would move on to her belly.

Her big red dick was iron hard and held straight up. They had tied a thin hemp rope around it, just under the tip. Then pulled it taut through a hook in the celling. Occasionally the second Dwarf snacked it with a riding crop. The shock and pain would cause the barbarian’s red body to buck. And for her to groan around the dick in her mouth.

In this way, their last afternoon on the boat passed.

“We will tie up soon, lass.” The captain says. He slides a hand under the back of Olivia’s rough tunic. Squeezing his ass and poking a finger into his sissy flower.

“Mmm, that’s … that’s good.” The young prince answers. “It looks to be a decent size town.”

Port Breakwater was the first human town along the coast. It would be the next step in the slaves journey.

“Aye. ‘Tis a bit seedy. But you will find what you need there.” The dwarf answers.

“We need coin and supplies.” Jentif says as she walks up.

“Well I don’t know much about land work. Been a sailor all me life.” The Dwarf starts to walk away then pauses. “Actually I may be able to help. You girls don’t seem to mind selling your asses. I’m friendly with the madam of the largest whore house in town. I could introduce you.”

An hour later the captain leads them to a large three story building. Much nicer the the rundown or ramshackle structures that make up most of the town.

The inside is even nicer. Clean and smelling faintly of roses. They pass a rough looking Orc guard. In the main room they find four women sitting around. Dressed in lingerie and ranging from plain to cute.

A woman walks in. Dressed in a fancy gown. Old enough to be Olivia’s grandmother. She must have been beautiful once, and was still quite handsome.

“Captain Bakour! How lovely to see you!” She gives the captain a big hug. Pressing her ample bosom to his cheek.

“And who are your friends?” The woman gives the slaves a careful look.

“Ha. Miss Diamond Skye, may I present the girls. They are tryin’ to get down the road a ways. They have had some troubles and I thought you might help.”

“I’m not in the business of giving charity.” She smiles at the group.

“Course not. I’m sure we can come to an arrangement.” Bakour says with a grin.

The two haggle for a bit. Coming to an agreement the girls decide they can live with.

The slaves would serve the madam for a month. Getting room and board. Then she would pay them a reasonable amount of coin and give them some clothes.

“Great! Then we are agreed.” The mature woman says. The Dwarf nods. Taking a couple coins as a finder’s fee. Says his goodbyes to the girls and is gone.

“Why don’t you all strip and we can take stock of where to start you off.” The grey haired woman orders. More of the whores had entered the room to see the new girls.

The slaves strip for the small crowd. Standing naked. Judged.

“Hmm, a few more dicks than I would have hoped. Then again, the twins are probably worth our deal alone. Let’s get you dressed. Your whores now ladies. Time to make you look like it.”

They spend the next couple hours cleaning up. Getting taught about makeup and proper sensual dress.

None of the slaves had really had any experience with girly stuff. Even the twins had missed out. Spending a large period of their lives in a convent.

Olivia felt awkward at first applying color to his lips, cheeks, and around his eyes.

“Subtlety is the key.” The girl who was helping him instructed.

He had to admit it made him look even more feminine. It sent a thrill through his body, when he looked in the mirror.

“Is it true that you are a man? That most of you are?” The girl asked him.

He grinned back. “I’m not sure I’d say a man. I do have a penis. It’s pathetic though.” He answers.

“Can I see it?” The girl asks, excited.

Olivia pulls his tunic up and spreads his legs.

“Oh! It’s … it’s so…” She says

“Tiny, I know. It’s ok.” The young prince grins.

“It’s … it’s cute. Does it get any bigger?”

“Not much. You can touch it and find out.” He allows.

The girl leans forward and brushes his crotch with her fingertips. Running them back and forth over his sissy bump. Sending shivers up and down his spine.

“Oh. It does get bigger.” She smiles at him. Tugging on his tiny pud. “How about I kiss it.” She gets to her knees. Giving the tiny cock a kiss. Then expertly sucking him.

Olivia gasps at the thrill. The girl moaning her own happiness at giving him pleasure.

Soon he shoots his little wad in her mouth. The whore happily swallowing his whole load.

“I like it.” She says. Sitting up and wiping her lips.

The slave girls were worked hard. Taking to the life of whores quite easily. The twins mostly worked the front room. Drawing in customers. The other four were by request. Offering a ‘different’ experience to the madam’s clients.

Even so they each saw at least a few clients a day. Elydanos turned out to be quite popular. Men apparently excited to fuck a real Centaur.

Jentif mostly dominated and punished clients. She found she enjoyed dominating almost as much as submitting.

The two sissys mostly got dominated. Either by the rare female client. Or by men who were excited by that sort of thing.

It was late. The girls had been working at the brothel for a week.

Jentif steps into her room. She had just finished spanking, then fucking a prominent money lender. Now she wanted her roommate.

Elydanos smiles at her from near the large pallet they used as a bed. Set on the floor so the big red woman could snuggle the Centaur as they slept.

The Centaur wore a sheer white negligee that hung past her human parts. She crossed to her lover and they embraced. Kissing and caressing.

Elly kneels and pulls down the red woman’s black leather shorts. Big red dick springing out. Elly fondles the woman’s balls as she sucks on the giant meat stick.

Jen pulls the small leather top off. It barely contained her giant red breasts anyway. Her tail slides down the Centaur’s body. The heart shaped tip tickling the chestnut mare’s soft pussy

“Enough!” Jentif says, pulling the other woman off her cock. “You would finish me off, but I have plans for that sweet cunt of yours.”

Elydanos grins at the red woman. Turning to wiggle her horsy ass. Flicking her tail at Jen’s face. “Ride me. Ride me like the whore I am.”

Jentif lifts the horsetail out of her way. Then easily shoves her thick cock into the Centaur’s wet pussy. Elly gives out a loud moan and grabs her own big tits through her negligee.

The red succubus grabs her lover’s horse flanks and thrusts deep over and over. Her own tits bouncing up and down from the motion. Her tail slips around and up the brunette’s back. The heart tip caressing gasping lips.

Elydanos grabs the tail and sucks the end just like she had the big cock earlier. Her body tenses as she has an orgasm. Both women’s hooves clomping as they shuffle side to side in their ecstasy.

Jentif groans her own orgasm. Her dick throbbing as it fills her lover with jizz.

The two woman collapse to their sleeping pallet. Happy and spent. Leaning in to kiss and coo at each other.

They had just a few days left of their time at the brothel. Olivia thought he would miss the place, the girls, even some of the clients.

They had not been mistreated in the month they had there. As a result they had worked hard for madam Skye.

He had just come from a bath and wore only a wet clinging robe. Daydreaming on his way back to the room he shared with Lara.

“We’ve been waiting for you.” Shyael says. Grinning enticingly from her doorway. She was clad in black stockings, a black velvet thong, and a black silk cropped top. He could see past her to her twin on the bed. Dressed the same but in white.

“You’ve been waiting for me?” He asks. She grins and pulls him into their room by his robe.

“We haven’t gotten to play with you in quite some time.” Vaeri pouts from the bed. Running a hand up her stocking clad thigh.

“You are a very naughty sissy.” Shyael chides pulling off his robe. “And we need to punish you.” She smacks his ass as punctuation.

Olivia licks his lips and bends over the bed. Wiggling his ass for the teen. His tiny pud already straining to get hard.

Shyael starts spanking his ass as her sister crawls closer. “My turn is next, you pathetic sissy.” She tells him. Vaeri can see the shivers her words cause him. She grabs his hair and painfully pulls, making him look her in the eyes. “You were made to be everyone’s whipping whore. Weren’t you?”

“Y … yes ma’am.” He answers.

She pulls her silk top up. Past her perky teen breasts. Then presses his lips against her hard nipples. Gasping in delight as he sucks them.

Soon the twins trade spaces. Vaeri spanking the sissy, while Shyael gets her little tits sucked.

Then they make the boy lay on his back. His sissy bump hard from the attention and the humiliation.

Vaeri straddles his hips and grinds his little bit of nothing into her wet cunt. Her twin pinching the young prince’s nipples till he gasps.

Once again trading positions.

Then the redheads lay next to each other. Kissing each other. Their hands on each other’s cheek, their legs spread. Olivia, head down, licking their pussies till they cum.

Finally when the twins are satisfied they make him get to all fours on the floor. Shyael fucks him with a finger up his but while her sister milks his sissy nub. Tugging on his tiny penis with just two fingers. He groans as he drizzles his cummies on the floor.

“Lick it up you worthless, wimp,” Vaeri orders. Delightfully humiliated, the young prince laps his own jizz from the floor. The twins standing above him kissing.

The group bids madam Skye and their friends at the bordello goodbye. They had plenty of supplies, some coin, sets of clothes, and an idea of how to get Olivia home.

The madam had given them each a pair of travel clothes, a nice dress, and a bit of lingerie. All a bit more sensual than most women might wear.

They would have weeks of travel, but were optimistic. Even giddy.

They traveled north for days. At first sticking to a main road. Then they had to take some smaller trails to keep on where they needed to go.

In a small village they purchased a room. They often found that inns required Elydanos to sleep in the stables. Jentif would always sleep with her. Leaving the twins to share a bed with the boys.

This village the people seemed as if they were under a shadow. Eventually Olivia asked why.

“The Ogre of course. She takes our livestock and crops. There’s nothing we can do. We sent for help from the duke, but he doesn’t care about farmers who aren’t even on his fancy maps.” The innkeeper bemoans.

“What if … if we could do something about the Ogre, would that be worth something.” The blonde boy asks.

“We could offer some coin. And I’d let you have the room and meals for free.” The man told him.

Olivia gathered his companions and told them what he heard. “After all, we could still use some coins.”

The next morning they headed out to the Ogre’s cave in the nearby hills. Surprised to find the beast simply sitting on a boulder. Stripping the bark from a thick tree branch.

When the monster noticed them it stood, swinging the branch like a club.

It was female they realized with surprise. Nine feet tall and quite thick. She had dark yellow skin, a big round belly and giant tits. Big as a man’s head. She looked like a potato set on thick legs. With a round jack-’o-lantern head and a bulbous nose.

She wore a skirt made of sheepskin, it hung halfway down her thick thighs. And a loose fitting top made of a bedsheet, that only barely covered her tits.

“Get off!” She tells at the group in a booming voice.

“We come on behalf of the village. You steal their food and scare their children.” Jen hollers back.

The Ogress waves her club menacingly. Then slumps onto her boulder sobbing. Leaving the girls to look at each other in confusion. Surely this isn’t how an encounter with an Ogre is supposed to go.

“H … hey. Hey, there’s no need to cry.” Olivia assures the giant woman. Warily moving closer.

“No one wants me.” The Ogress moans. “Ogres say ‘you too smart. Stop questions. Go away!’ They throw rocks at Borga. Human say, ‘noooo! Ogre!’ And throw rock at Borga.” The yellow woman sniffles.

“I … uh. We aren’t throwing rocks.” The young prince assures her.

“No. You have weapon. Kill Borga.” She insists.

“N … no, no. We just want you to leave the village alone. Move on maybe.” Olivia says.

“Borga, alone. Never feel touch of strong Ogre. Never feel touch of a mate.” The Ogress laments.

“Well I’m a man. And I’m touching you,” He places his hand on her bare yellow forearm. He could feel her bumpy skin and her sparse bristly hair.

She looks at him in disbelief. “You no man.” She insists.

“Well, not a normal one. Me and my friends are pretty different.” He waves at the rest of the group.

“We could make you feel really good.” Shyael says as the others walk over. “Maybe not as good as a strong Ogre, but real nice.”

“Then you would have to agree to move along.” Olivia says. “Deal?”

The ugly woman nods. Wiping away her tears. She pulls off her shirt. Giant tits flopping out. Then her skirt. Her crotch a bush of bristly green hair matching the mop on her head.

She lays on the rocky ground and spreads her legs. Biting her bottom lip nervously.

Jentif begins to strip. Looking at the fat monster lustily. The twins kneel near Borga’s face. Kissing her cheeks, then her lips.

Olivia squats close. Caressing the Ogress’s big belly. She felt greasy and definitely needed a bath. Still the red barbarian thrusts into the big monster with a sigh. The yellow Ogre gasping with pleasure.

Jentif thrusts slowly. Wanting the pleasure to last for the virgin Ogress. The Elf girls having fun teaching her how to kiss.

Soon her big fat body shudders with an orgasm. She grabs at the dirt and bellows loudly. Frightening the birds from the trees.

Jen groans as she finishes in the big girl’s twat. Her red balls pumping load after load into the Ogress.

Afterward Borga has a wide grin and agrees to leave. The party returns to town and tells the innkeeper to send someone to check on the cave.

Soon the village throws a small party in honor of the girls.

In the morning they are on their way again.

They had passed through some foothills. Making camp for the night.

On their blankets the two sissies played around. Tugging on small dicks and kissing each other’s bodies.

Olivia moves down the Elf’s smooth tummy. Stopping at his small cock. Kissing and sucking on the tip. While squeezing the base.

The blonde takes his other hand and wraps it around the Elf’s smooth balls. Lightly squeezing. He can feel them tense and release between his fingers.

Oh how he loved cock. Olivia pondered. He was still quite attracted to women, but knew he he could never truly please one as a man.

He was a sissy. His place was to please real dicks and women that would allow him to touch them.

But he especially loved making Lara moan. He loved the young Elf. They had come to this place together and he looked forward to spending their lives together.

Olivia gulps down the redhead’s cum as he shoots in the human’s mouth with a moan.

“Well I was right.” Elydanos says from behind the low ridge the group had hidden behind. “We were being followed”

The Ogress, Borga, steps out of the woods back where the trail was. Looking around in confusion.

“Hallo!” Olivia shouts standing up. Waving at the big yellow woman.

Borga smiles and stomps over.

“You are following us?” The young man asks.

“You are the only ones who were nice to me.” She answers.

Olivia looks at his companions. Jentif nods with a small smile.

“Well, I guess you are welcome to come along.” He says patting her arm.

That evening at camp the Ogress tries to gently pet Olivia’s hair. “You are so good.” She says. A nervous look on her ugly face. Trying her best to navigate interracial relationships. Something that growing up with Ogres left her ill equipped to do.

To Ogres, other races were there to eat, fuck, or fear. Occasionally a smart one would negotiate. But that was quite rare.

Olivia smiles back. He could tell she still needed a bath. He leans in and kisses her. She hugs him a little too tight.

Jentif has the twins on their hands and knees next to each other. Stripped and moaning as she fucks one from behind with her big red dick. Fingering the other with her red hand. Frequently swapping which twin is taking her dick.

Lara ineffectively tries to fuck the beautiful Centaur. He isn’t really hitting the best spots, but Elydanos is happy to let him try. Grinning as she watches her barbarian lover fuck the twins. Getting more and more aroused.

Soon Borga is naked on her back. Olivia lays between the giant woman’s thick thighs and licks her musky cunt. Bristly green hairs tickling his nose.

The stars move slowly above the former slaves, and their new friend.

“We are out of money.” Jen announces. Not wanting to blame the Ogress, but she was an extra heavy strain on their already stretched finances.

They were in a small town. Close to the edge of Olivia’s kingdom. Maybe two weeks of travel left.

“Let’s split up. Look around for work. Maybe we do another stint in a bordello.” Olivia suggests. The thought sending excited shivers down his spine.

When they meet at their inn that evening the twins announce they had a great lead.

“There’s a carnival. And it…” Shyael starts.

“ … and it’s going all the way to Olivia’s capitol.” Vaeri finishes. “The ringmaster made it clear he would be happy to have us as whores. And our friends too.”

So it was decided. The girls would spend a couple weeks as carny whores.

Of course the trip wasn’t two weeks. It was twice that. With the carnival stopping at every decent size town on the way. Setting up for a few days. Taking as much of the rubes money as they could get. Then moving on.

Ringmaster Clarson was a cruel fellow to boot. He made it clear right away that he was the girl’s new master, and they would never be free.

Worried that Borga would scare people off the girl’s had given her their weapons and gear. The Ogress assured them that she could live off the land for a while as she shadowed the carnival.

So it was only the six former slaves that were grabbed by the strongmen and workers.

Ringmaster Clarson has them slowly stripped before the appreciative carnies. Up on a small stage. One of the last to be struck down before they moved on. In a tent so any other onlookers wouldn’t see the show.

“What a lovely group of freaks!” The dark skinned Clarson declares. Tapping Jentif’s growing cock with his cane. Two men having to hold the angry barbarian.”You will all be a great addition to my family.” He chuckles. Cruelly pinching and twisting Vaeri’s nipples.

He sticks a pair of fingers up her twin’s peach. Shyael gasping at the assault. Then licks his fingers clean. “Nice.”

He moves on to Olivia. “You’re a bit of nothing.” He reaches down and pinches the boy’s sissy nub. Making him groan.

Then he slaps Lara across his face a few times. Getting no reaction beyond a few tears and a sniffle. “Yup.”

“Kneel beast.” He orders the Centaur. Who gets down with her head lowered. He strikes her across her rump with his cane with a smile. Causing her to shudder.

The cruel man returns to the big red woman. “Looks like you are the only problem here. I’m going to need to break you.”

Her body tingles. Not wanting to tell him that she was broken long ago.

They pull out a large stool and make her kneel over it. Tying her wrists and knees to the legs.

The ringmaster begins whipping her ass with a belt. She dutifully cries out with each strike. Though it merely stings her toughened skin.

“You can’t lie to a liar, girl.” He says. “Pull her tail up.”

A man cruelly yanks her tail straight up. Pulling her ass up a bit more.

The others are pushed to their hands and knees as well. Men lining up behind them.

The other five girls start taking dick from behind as Clarson swings his belt.

“Yes!” He cries as it CRACKS! across Jentif’s exposed scrotum.

The red woman squeals. This pain much stronger than the other.

The ringmaster grunts gleefully as he strikes the helpless girl’s sensitive balls. The barbarian weeping and sobbing.

“Please! PLEASE! I’ll be a good girl. I’ll be good. Please, stop!” She wails as her big red sack is whipped again and again.

Finally the ringmaster relents. “Take her too. She’ll be no trouble now.” He wipes sweat from his brow.

Jentif moans as a big cock ruthlessly shoves its way up her tortured ass. Yet she shudders as the man’s balls slap against her. An orgasm washing over her. A mixture of the pain, the pleasure, and the humiliation.

The girls are fucked for well over an hour. Most of the men in the troupe having a go.

Finally they are released to wash up.

The days pass slowly. The ringmaster and his favored cronies taking every opportunity to humiliate and punish the slaves.

The twins often have to spend time in a glass tank with ‘the grotesque!’ A man who had been transformed into a giant worm monster, by a failed magic spell. He was slimy with tentacles. And loved violating the teen Elfs’ holes.

Elydanos was given to the stunted clowns. Short ugly humans that painted her up and rode her around. They reminded her of her cruel ratling master. She could often be found kneeling so they could fuck her sweet pussy.

Jentif spent her time in a cage. ‘Come see the terrifying demon!’ Her sign proclaimed. Occasionally Clarson would let her out to crawl around and kiss his boots.

She was allowed no relief for her lusty cock. In fact he had a little iron fairy cage converted to cover her cock and balls. There was no way for her to relieve the pressure.

Not unless she begged well enough. She had no pride left as she begged for her dick to be milked.

Even then he only allowed it once a day. Slowly driving her mad with lust.

The sissies were dressed in light dresses. Underneath they were bound in rough, scratchy hemp.

They were surprised at how many of the men enjoyed using their asses. They took a lot of dick during those torturous days.

Eventually, after an eternity. the carnival came to rest against the walls of the capitol.

“Take a good look whore.” Clarson said to Olivia. Tipping the pretty boy’s face up. “I’ll never let you in.” The sissy was naked. His arms tied behind his back. Lara was smearing stinging hot boot wax on his sensitive crotch. Then Olivia would straddle one of his master’s boots. Grinding against it to shine it up. His little pud hard and stinging from the wax.

Suddenly there was crashing and screaming coming from behind some tents. A body flew over a food cart landing with a sickening thud.

Borga comes around a corner. Club in one hand, flailing clown body in her other. An angry look on her ugly face.

Elydanos walked next to her. Wiping clown makeup off. A sword in her hand.

Clarson stood. Fear on his face for the first time that Olivia has seen.

The man turns to run, but stumbles and falls when the little clown is thrown at him.

“Wait, wait, I…” CRUNCH! The big Ogress smashes the ringmaster’s head in.

The Centaur frees both sissies Then heads off to find her love.

“I waited.” The Ogress explains. “Little men hurt Elly.”

“Yeah.” Olivia agrees. “Let’s get the twins.”

The girls were bent over a bench in the dining tent. Two surprised men fucking them from behind. They both bounce when Borga tosses them out.

The group hustles to find Elly and Jen. When they find the cage they see the red woman. Naked and fucking the moaning Centaur.

“She couldn’t wait.” Elydanos says between pleasured moans. Jentif fucking with a crazed look in her eyes.

When she finally cums, the red woman calms down. The group flees the chaos of the carnival.

Borga leads them to her small camp. Hidden in some woods far from the city.

The girls rest for a couple days. They take time to calm down, eat well, clean, and comfort each other.

The group baths in a nearby stream together. Though the Ogress is unsettled by the activity.

“Don’t see why.” She moans as Olivia pulls her toward the water.

“Because being clean is what good people do.” He says. Not sure of a better way to explain it.

She splashes down into the water beside him.

Using some of their soap he and Lara wash the big yellow Ogress. Especially cleaning her hair.

“You take care of this too?” She points to her pubic hair.

“Of course.” The Elf assures her. Holding up the soap.

“No make me smooth. Like twins.” She points at the giggling teens. Meaning their bare crotches.

“Oh. Yeah, we can do that.” The boys get tweezers and spend some time plucking the moaning Ogress’s hairy crotch bush. Leaving her bare, though not as smooth, as the rest of the group.

Finally they enter the city. With Elves, an Ogress, a succubus, and a Centaur there was no real way to hide. So they didn’t.

Olivia did dress in the fine pants and men’s shirt the madam had given him. It felt so strange after so much time in women’s clothes.

He didn’t like it. Underneath he wore a pink silk thong and matching bra.

The guards at the castle were surprised to see him. He had been declared dead by his uncle.

In what felt like a whirlwind they were ushered into the throne room.

His uncle stood up from his throne. A chunky, but cute pouting woman sitting in the queen’s throne.

Lord Davos made some sort of speech. Thanking the gods that his nephew was still alive.

Olivia didn’t really hear it. He was so amazed to actually be back home.

Soon he was alone in a drawing room sitting across from his uncle.

The older man sighs. “I suppose I’ll be hanged.”

Olivia raises one eyebrow. “Yes, well. I thought my men had actually killed you, you see. We made you a martyr. The people love you.”

He sets down his drink. “I don’t suppose you’d give your beloved uncle a running start?”

“Where were those men taking me?” Olivia asks quietly.

The older man sighs again. He had a streak of grey in his hair the young prince notices. That wasn’t there before.

“I was going to kill you. I really was. But I couldn’t do it. You are still my blood. My brother’s son.”

“I knew his death was going to be my opportunity though. So I cast about. There’s a sultan across the mountains and through the dessert. He has too many daughters, apparently. So you would marry and become a duke or some such. Far, far away.”

The older man takes a sip of his wine.

“On second thought, I will face my trial with courage and…” Olivia sinks to his knees before his uncle. Smiling slightly up at the older man as he runs his hands up the insides of his thighs.

“Um…” The older man says.

Olivia quickly unbuckles the man’s pants. He pulls out the mature cock. Soft and warm between his fingers. His uncle gasps as he kisses the tip.

The dick twitches excitedly in his hands. Quickly getting stiff. Olivia pulls his shirt off as it shudders to a full thick erection. He lightly rubs his silk bra. His uncle staring down at him in shock.

Then the older man gives him a confident smile. “I guess I won’t be seeing the hangman after all.” Davos says.

Olivia leans in. He hisses the tip of the beautiful dick. The first he had ever had any interaction with. Then takes it into his mouth. Deeper and deeper. Until his uncle gasps above him. The older man grabbing the arms of the chair in ecstasy.

The young prince takes the whole cock. Reaching his tongue out and tickling his uncle’s hairy balls.

“Gods boy.” The older man gasps.” You are amazing.”

Grinning with pride, Olivia bobs back up. He gasps for air before thrusting back down. Bobbing on his uncle’s dick until the man finally shoots a load in his mouth.

Olivia swallows most of it. Smiling up at the man. Then he wipes a bit from his lips and rests his head on the man’s lap. Petting and occasionally kissing his uncle’s limp dick.

“I’m a sissy now, Uncle. I don’t think I would want to be king. Not even if you happily offered it to me.” He takes a long suck on the soft fuck tool. Tasting a last bit of jizz. “ I want you to be a good king though. Promise me you will take care of my people.”

The older man leans back with a satisfied sigh. Patting the sissy’s head. “I promise, boy.”

The group had been given a nice suite. Usually reserved for visiting dignitaries. The palace didn’t know how to take the strange women. Though everyone was ecstatic to have the prince back.

The twins had pulled Lara into their room. They were sharing it with Borga, who was currently down in the kitchens.

“Our goddess wants a show of obedience.” Shyael says pulling off her shirt.

Vaeri pushes her brother to sit on the bed. “Deviant sexual acts are our new form of worship.” She tells him.

“How could you have accepted…” Lara starts. Concerned for his sisters.

“Ssh.” Shyael whispers in his ear as she moves behind him. Nibbling his earlobe. “You are on this path with us. Just enjoy.”

Vaeri kneels before him. “None of us can go home. Not like this.” She slides her hands under his skirt. Up his smooth thighs. Her fingers wrap around his small hard penis.

“I … I…” He tries to protest. His sister slipping her head beneath his skirt. Taking his little sissy prick in her mouth.

Shyael pushes him on his back. She straddles his face. Obediently he starts to lick her pussy. His seduction complete. With a moan he easily, and fully gives in to the twin’s deviance.

“Therefore, I give you your new … princess … Olivia.”

The large crowd in the courtyard cheered loudly.

Olivia could hear even more people past the castle gates. He stood on the stage next to his uncle. Dressed in a fancy pink dress. His golden hair done up fancy. Not that anyone could see, but underneath he wore his sexiest negligee.

The whole thing was both humiliating and exciting. He would officially be referred to as a princess from now on. Flyers had been drawn and posted around town. They showed him in a dress looking cute and girly.

The ceremony also showed to the kingdom that there was no claim against Davos’s rule as king. Something the new queen was quite pleased about.

Soon they would parade through the town. So all could see their sissy prince as he truly was.

He shivered with the thought. His sissy bump tingling.

That evening Lara crawled onto the bed totally nude. His hard prick bouncing up and down as he got closer to Olivia.

“A real princess, huh.” He grinned.

“I hear you spent some time with your sisters.” The young princess smiled back.

“They are a lovely pair.” Lara says kissing his way up his love’s smooth thighs. Stopping to suck the little sissy bump to hardness. Then on up to the young man’s lips.

The couple embrace. Holding each other close as they kiss passionately.

Then the ginger Elf slowly starts kissing his way back down his lover’s chest.

Olivia grins as his sissy nub is sucked. “A very naughty princess.” He sighs.


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