Feature Writer: Blackbeards14


Published: 09.10.2020

Story Codes: High School

Synopsis: A teacher gets caught up with older teenage boy.

Sinful Teacher

Bless me, for I have sinned …

My relationship with David Patterson, my student, was starting to escalate.

This was right before I found out what he was. I still saw him as this sweet, shy boy, with more intelligence than he gave himself credit for. I had been transferred to St. Patrick High School midyear, so I didn’t really know the kids yet. But David took to me immediately.

Little knowing glances during class. Lingering handshakes. Shoulders brushing past. Sweet text messages. Sexy pictures. Very sexy pictures. I was blushing like a bobbysoxer schoolgirl when I’d see him in the hall. Shame on me, too, since I was in my 30s and he was only nineteen.

I sat in the back of the class while the students watched a movie. We had been reading Moby Dick all month. They wanted to see the movie. David hung back with me. I was pretending to grade papers in the dark room. He kept leaning in to get my attention.

I smiled at his antics and touched his lap. And kept my hand on his lap. I watched the movie, but I was really watching the class, to see if anyone was turning their head. And I rubbed and rubbed his thigh, then his inner thigh.

And that bulge between his legs, packed with something I hungered for.

He was shifting in his seat, and I could hear him breathing. I winked at him with a grin.

He had his jogging pants on, having come from gym last period, made of thin material, so I could really feel his boner. Still, he pulled the elastic waist so I could dip my hand inside and feel the skin, feel the hardness, the hotness. He spread his legs wide, so I reached even deeper into his cave. I massaged his balls. I squeezed them a little hard making him jump.

We held back our laughter. We glanced at each other with sweet, romantic smiles, wishing the other students could disappear. But them being here was half the fun, wasn’t it?

One of my students got excited when he recognized the actor playing Ahab.

I had a firm grip around David’s cock but yanked my hand away.

“I fucking know that guy, from that show!”

“Yes, Chewy,” I said to the student, a chubby boy whose real name was Jesús Sanchez. “Now hush and watch.”

Chewy was nodding to his other classmates, but he looked over to the back where David and I were. I waited for him to look away. Did he suspect? Was I obvious? Was I being stupid again? He looked away.

I reached over again. The poor thing was shriveled up, but not for long as I held it and stroked it and played with it. It gained some more girth. It was plump again. It couldn’t fit in my hand anymore. There was the hardness again. I smiled over to my teenage lover. He had his mouth open and breathing out again. I had to get a firm grip to stroke it now. I could feel he was tightening his butt muscles and squirming in his seat.

Then I felt his hand on my shoulder opposite of him. I shifted in my seat. He was trying to put his arm around me here! I shook my head at him. He was tugging at me, trying to pull me towards him. I knew what he wanted, but I couldn’t do that here. Not with the class here.

I let go of his cock, and he took over stroking it. He tried to take my hand again, but I didn’t let him. I put my hands on the table instead and leaned forward, so that his arm could remain on the headrest. I looked at the papers I was pretending to grade, but I sighed angrily. I looked up at the projector screen.

Chewy was staring right at me again with a sly grin on his face. Someone whispered to him to turn around. He grinned wider before turning back.

David was putting his wonderful, mischievous cock away.

I jumped when I felt his hand touch my lap, right at the hem of my miniskirt. I grunted. Some students turned to look. I bit my lip. Then I was literally saved by the bell.

I got up and announced, “Okay, we watch the rest tomorrow, after the quiz.”

The kids groaned as they collected their things.

“I need help with it,” Chewy said.

“Study, study, study,” I told him and the rest of the class as they stampeded around me to get to the door.

“No, I need like, special tutoring,” Chewy was trying to say.

“See you tomorrow,” I said to everyone, ignoring him.

They shuffled out, a whirlpool of mauve sweaters and khaki pants spiraling out the door until the last person let the door slam shut. I stared at the door, shaking my head at my stupid, horny self.

“You don’t have a class next period, right?” David said, still here, getting up from his seat.

I paused the movie with the remote. I closed my eyes for a moment. I shook my head no. Next period was a half period lunch break. I’ve been spending a lot of these with David.

I felt his hands on my hips, touching my beige miniskirt, then on my frilly white dress shirt, then on my breasts as I heaved a sigh, then on my brown hair he liked touching and sniffing and pulling. His hands slid down my back, back down to my hips and my ass, playing with the zipper of my skirt.

“David,” I said airily.

“You want me to leave, Ms. Dellucci?”

Ooh, I liked how he said my name so gently. He was rubbing himself against me, making himself harder again on my ass.

We heard voices by the door. He pushed me towards the wall, away from the door. The chatter subsided as the hallway began to clear. I had my hands on the wall. He had his arms around my waist, grinding his boner into me.

“I need it,” he said. “I need it now. Please.”

I was going to hell anyway, I figured. I pushed him back off me with my ass and turned around. He grinned and I grinned as I slid my body down against the wall until I was squatting, my skirt pulled up, revealing the black panties inside my pantyhose. I yanked his jogging pants down, and his cock bounced free. I let it hover over my face for a second before grabbing it.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” he kept saying. He had his hands on the wall now and his feet spread, towering over me.

I scarfed down on his cock with a grunt and gave it to him fast. The door was locked, but I still didn’t want anyone catching us alone in here.

“Oh, God,” he said to the wall.

I pulled it out to lick each side of the cock and nibbled on it. I licked and slurped on his sweaty balls. Then I pushed that sweet, hard cock into my mouth again.

“Fuck!” he said as he started shaking.

I held it in my mouth as he orgasmed.

“G- G- G-,” he was trying to say as he squirted into my mouth.

I pulled it out, but he had some left, which spurted onto my face as I yelped and recoiled in surprise.

He pulled his pants up while I stood up, wiping his cum from my cheek. I let him watch as I dipped that soiled finger into my mouth. He liked watching me swallow his cum. This must’ve been the fourth or fifth blowjob I had given him, and he always waited to see that.

He bent down and pulled the hem of my skirt back into its proper place. I fixed his pants and his shirt and gave his hair a silly pat. We laughed at that before we looked at each for a moment and then kissed.

I always enjoyed that last kiss, because he always seemed so shy about it. He usually gave me some silly compliment, too. “You’re the best,” or “I loved that,” or “Wow.”

I waited for it with a knowing smile.

Today he said, “My friend wants some, too.”

I lost my smile. Did I hear him right? “Friend?”

“My friend,” he said, not looking at me, adjusting his already adjusted shirt. “I told him and—”

“What? You what? Told who what?”

He tried to kiss me again, but I dodged it. “It’s all right,” he said with an annoyingly calm face.

“Like hell,” I said to him.

“You’ll like him.”

“David, it’s—it—it—it—no. Just no.”

He held my face and kissed my cheek. “You’re beautiful, Ms. Dellucci. I’ll text you later.” He saw the anger in my face. “Well, it’s not like I’m your first,” he added. “Right?”

He left me there, stunned. I paused for a moment. Then I asked, “What are you talking about?”

“And we won’t tell anyone,” he said by the door.


“Chewy and me,” he said with a shrug. “You know Chewy. He likes you. He wants next.”

I found my chair and sat in it, still processing what was happening. The sexy moment had just mutated into something else entirely. I should’ve known I couldn’t just enjoy this little romance. Something always happened along to punish me.

“Hey, can you give me a late pass?” he asked.

But I ignored him. I was still deep in thought with my heart breaking.

He left the room. I could hear the security guard asking him where he was going, why he was late, and where his uniform was. I could hear him answer, with a lot of “Yes, sir,” and “No, sir.” The trickster used to call me “ma’am” all the time.

Later that period, I received a text messages from an unknown number. It was a picture. I used to love getting those sweet pics from David showing off his cock to me. I dreaded looking at this one. I held my breath and looked at the message.

It was a picture of another person’s cock. Mr. Chewy Sanchez’s, no doubt.

I buried my head in my hands staring at the picture. Another message popped up beneath it. A thumbs up symbol.

The bell rang, and students began to trickle in. I quickly turned off the phone and went on with the day’s lesson.