Sigils To Summon Demons by Quartzbound – Non-Fiction

Writer: quartzbound

Subject: Sigils To Summon Demons

Link: Tumblr / 17.01.2023

Sigils To Summon Demons

I love this collection of sigils, but it is annoying difficult to read and impossible to search, so I typed it up as best I could. This was mostly for personal reference and I’m not terribly familiar with demons so there’s probably a few mistakes, but if anyone wants it, knock yourself out. As far as I know, the source on this is totally forgotten, but if someone knows it, please feel free to add it on!


ABYSS: Lord of Chaos
ACIEL: The God Burner
ADATIEL: Walks the Earth
ADNACHIEL: The Hunter Demon
AGIEL: Lord of Calamity
AMBRIEL: The Changer
AMNIXIEL: Demon of the Lines
ANAEL: Demon of Lust
APADIEL: Of Hell’s Electorate Musician
ARATRON: Demon of Sorrow
ARIEL: Of Hell’s Electorate Historian
AVACHIEL: The Inquisitor
AZERVIEL: Demon of Defeat
BABALEL: Second Demon of War
BARBIEL: Lord of Ancients
BARCHIEL: Of Hell’s Electorate Mechanic
BEFAFES: First Demon of War
BLISDON: The Quick One
BORNOGO: Lord of Power
BRORGES: Arch-demon of Woe
BUTMONO: Demon of Greed
CAMAEL: The Destroyer
CASSIEL: Lord of All Conspirators
CASSRIEL: Of Hell’s Electorate Poet
CHENOR: The Wish Granter
DAGON: The Great Fish
DECARAB: The Beautiful
DIGIN: The Disordered
ELIM: Lord of Attrition
EKSUSHA: The God Eyed

EOLIGOS: Visible and Invisible
FERUG: The Rusting One
FOCALOR: The Demon That Drowns Men
FORCAS: Teaches Logic and the Secrets of Plants and Gems
FURTUR (FURFUR?): Demon of Storms
GAMIGIN: The Horse Lord
GARN: The King Tempter
GRACHIEL: Arch-demon of the Dying Times
HAGITH: Demon of Jealousy
HAGONEL: Lord Under Grachiel
HAMALIEL: Lord of Obsessions
HANAEL: The Adversarial
HISMAEL: The Acquirer
IPOS: Knows Things To Come and Past
JOCHMUS: The First Savior of Hell
LAHAD: The Devil’s Voice
LESIFUGES: Brings Riches and Shortens Life
LUCIFER: The Morning Star
MALCHIDAEL: Demon of Impatience
MALPHAS: The Tower Builder
MARBUEL: Of Hell’s Electorate Architect
MARCHOSIAS: Gives and In Battles A Demon Bound (?)
MEEOD: The Life Restorer
MEPHISTOPH: Lord of the Host
MICZARIEL: The Warrioress
MURIEL: Great Demon of UCS (?)
NABERIUS: Lord of Cunning
NESTORATS: The Fire Master
NYSROG: Lord of The House of Princes
OCH: The Sun Speaker
OPHIEL: Lord Messenger and God Teacher
ORIAS: Of Hell’s Electorate Astronomer
OZGIN: Demon of Madness
PAIMON: Master of Infernal Ceremonies
PARNIEL: First Lord Under Veguaniel

PHALEG: Demon of Discontent
PSOHDON: The Inconsistent
RONOVE: The Knowledge Staff
RAUYM: Demon of Filth
SABNAC: Demon of Poisons
SAKATH: Second Lord Under Veguaniel
SALEOS: Of Hell’s Electorate Panderer
SCHETALIM: The Polygod
STYGAL: Brings Death
SULUTH: The Great Robber
SURGAT: Who Opens All Locks
SYTRI: Lord of Luxury
TARTHANAC: Lord of Goldiron
TEPHROS: The Ashwaker and Fever Curer
UPHIR: Of Hell’s Electorate Physician
VABAM: Who Tells True of Hidden Treasure
VALAC: Lord of Snakes
VEGUANIEL: Archdemon of Fortune
VEPAR: The Water Master
VETIS: The Life Promiser
ZABLAH: Of Hell’s Electorate Lawyer
ZAGAM: Lord of Forgery
ZURIEL: The Stone Master
ZEPAR: Deforms the Unborn

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