Feature Writer: wallcleaner


Published: 04.09.2021

Story Codes: Demonic

Synopsis: The Pact is consummated and the transformation begins.


Shauna the Succubus 1

“Umm…hi, yes…uhhh…sorry, I was told that the book that I…that I ordered came in? Can you check please, sorry,” I stammered out while I tried to make eye contact but not too much eye contact.

“What’s your name hunny?” the librarian said.

“Oh, Shauna,” I softly said back.

“One sec hun, I’ll get it for you,” she replied as she got up from her chair and walked away.

I knew I shouldn’t be so timid and awkward, especially around a librarian who was just trying to do their job, but I couldn’t help it. I was pretty damn shy and my lack of confidence did not do me any favors. Ironically, that was the entire reason I was here to begin with. There was a book that could possibly change all that. A book that could make me beautiful, if the rumors and my research were correct.

I wasn’t hot, pretty, cute, or even ‘just ok’. The only thing I had going for me was that I wasn’t outright ugly. I was considered plain, too plain. Even vanilla had more flavor than I did. I was a 5’1″ short girl with the body of a sticky figure, literally. I practically had no boobs, no hips, no ass, and skinny legs.

The only two things I had going for me was that I was thin and had long, natural, red hair. The problem with that was I was almost too thin and my red hair was always dry and frizzy no matter what I did. Not just that, but I had these freckles all over my face and body that I desperately hated.

Some may think that was all fine and dandy, but they don’t understand. When you were this plain, you were practically invisible. No one ever saw me, no one talked to me, and people forgot I was even there. Girls wouldn’t recognize me to bring me into their circles and guys didn’t find me attractive enough to talk to. I realized early on that if I could only make myself more attractive, it would solve almost all of my problems. To be beautiful meant that I would be noticed.

In my solitude, I turned to witchcraft. I dabbled in spells, crystals, and other enchanted items. All of it was in the hopes that I could stumble on something that could change my physical appearance into something more appealing. It wasn’t like I had money for plastic surgery or anything.

Sadly, none of it worked and it drove me crazy. People would swear online that it worked for them, but maybe I was just cursed. I constantly scoured the internet for old books that I heard contained powerful spells and enchantments, but most were impossible to find or didn’t actually exist as far as I could tell.

When I started to attend Wheaton College though, I visited the library and looked through their catalog. They partnered with colleges and universities across the world, so they had a massive selection. I searched for any of the books on my list, but my computer screen constantly read ‘0 results found’.

I felt a deep depression falling over me as I searched for the last book on my list and was dumbfounded when it showed a result. I almost cried tears of joy when I clicked on the order button, even if it would take weeks to arrive. Today was finally the day. I was notified that it arrived and I couldn’t wait to take it back to my studio apartment and unlock its secrets.

Eventually, the librarian slowly walked back with a book in hand and I almost burst with excitement. She handed me the book and I cradled it like someone just handed me a newborn baby. I quickly thanked her and briskly walked out of the library. My apartment was only a block or so away from the campus, so it wasn’t long before I was safely in the confines of my home.

I tossed my backpack against the wall and sat down at my desk, turned my lamp on, and gently placed the book down. The book had a black cover and honestly seemed like it came from the Middle Ages or something. I took a deep and shuddering breath as I flipped the book open to the first page. Damn, this book was old. The pages were handwritten and they felt frail to the touch.

My excitement came to an abrupt halt though. No…no no no. No! The book was written in some sort of language I had never seen before. I took out my phone to see if my translator app could identify it and even it had no idea. Dammit! I finally found one of these rare books, but I couldn’t even read it. Just fan-freakin’-tastic. I slammed my elbows down on my desk and buried my face in my hands. I honestly felt like crying, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

I rubbed my face and eyes with my hands before I once again stared at the book while I pulled my long red hair back behind my ears. Don’t freak out Shauna, if it was this easy, then it would be suspicious. Of course, this was going to be a challenge. Focus, and maybe we can figure something out or even figure out how to translate it. While the words seemed like jibberish, they were fortunately made up of Latin characters. So maybe, just maybe, I could figure this out.

“Gpt yjpdr ejp eodj sm siformvr, dqrsl piy smf o djsaa aodyrm,” I said haltingly and with a raised eyebrow.

I half-expected the lights to flicker or to feel a change in temperature, or something. But nope, nothing. I sighed to myself while I closed the book and lowered my head to rest on it.

“Why. Is. This. So. Hard,” I said to myself while bouncing my head off the book after each word.

I looked at my clock and saw that I had a few hours until I was supposed to meet my science lab partner for a project. Seemed like it was just enough time to get a good nap in. I definitely didn’t get enough sleep last night and maybe I could make a breakthrough later. I got up from my chair and switched out into some comfy pajamas. I turned off the lights in the room, closed the blinds, and crawled into my comfy bed. As I drifted off the sleep, I fantasized about learning some sort of spell from the book that could change every aspect of my body.

A loud noise startled me awake and I opened my eyes. I wasn’t in my bed and I sure as hell wasn’t in my apartment. I was standing in a huge stone room that was dimly lit by torches. There were massive pillars that went from the ground straight to the ceiling that must have been dozens of feet high. I felt my heart start to race out of fear, but I quickly reminded myself that this must be some sort of dream. An incredibly weird dream at that. I pinched myself in an attempt to wake myself, but I remained right where I was.

“Hello Shauna,” I heard a deep voice rumble from behind me.

The voice made the hairs on my body stand on end and I froze in fear. It felt like every muscle in my body tightened as if to run, but I couldn’t move at all. I eventually slowly turned myself to look for where that voice came from. My eyes widened in surprise when I saw an extremely large figure sitting on what looked to be a throne atop a high platform. I gulped at the sight as my entire body turned to face it.

Was he a…demon? At least I thought he was a ‘he’ anyway. He had long horns that stuck out of his head that were covered by black hair and his eyes had pupils that looked like they were on fire. His skin was a deep red and he was also almost completely naked except for a loincloth covering his lower body. Thankfully, he didn’t look grotesque or scary, quite the opposite actually. He was incredibly attractive with a surprisingly handsome face. Other than the horn, the eyes, and the skin color, his body looked incredibly similar to that of a human male.

What really caught my eye was his physique. He was absolutely ripped. Giant muscles covered every inch of him, but they were well proportioned to his large frame. Each muscle was so defined and so distinct that I could easily count all of them if I wanted to. I had seen muscular guys in movies before, but this demon could put them all to shame. Even though he was just sitting there, it looked like every single muscle was being flexed. To be honest, I had a thing for big muscles, so I was getting weirdly turned on the longer I stared at him.

“Now don’t be scared. I don’t bite, contrary to stories you might have heard,” I heard the voice boom once more.

I felt so small and insignificant in front of him. As attractive as he was, I was scared as all hell. Ironic, considering where I was and what I was in front of. I crossed my arms defensively and my hands softly rubbed my arms as I tried to calm myself.

“Ah, my apologies, where are my manners? It’s been quite a while since a human has requested an audience with me. I’m Zodelth, son of the great Malcanthet,” his voice rumbled through the air.

Shit, what do I do now? Do I bow to him? Do I fall to my knees and beg him to spare my life? Should I–

“Don’t be ridiculous Shauna, I’m not here to harm you. I’m here to help you,” he replied, seemingly able to read my thoughts.

“Greetings…mighty Zodelth. Umm…I…sorry, I uh, I wasn’t aware that I requested an audience with someone like you. Oh, sorry! Please forgive me! I meant, someone as great and powerful as you…,” I stammered out as my eyes stared helplessly at him.

“You read the incantation, did you not? With a wish in your heart too I might add.”

The incantation? What was he talki–oh dear. The book! I just tried reading a random line from the book out loud! Was that really some sort of incantation requesting an audience with him? After all the years of research and trying various spells, I was able to stand in front of a demon purely by accident? I was relieved, but also sort of frustrated.

“Speak your heart’s desire and you may receive my benevolence,” I heard him say while I was still flustered.

“I…I…want to be…umm…attractive…,” I softly said.

What did I just say? I said it immediately without even really thinking about it first. Was I out of my mind? Of all the crazy things I could possibly have said to a powerful demon. But, he did say to speak my heart’s desire, didn’t he? Was it so wrong to be so brazenly honest?

“You what?” he replied.

“I want to be attractive,” I mumbled again, but slightly louder, and was shocked by my own confidence.


“I want to be attractive! Beautiful! Hot! Sexy! I want boys to notice me and want to be with me. I want girls to be jealous of me. I want everyone to look at me and fall in love with me!” I practically yelled out before I opened my eyes wide in surprise and covered my mouth.

I was scared that I was going to be reprimanded or punished for yelling at him. Instead, he looked down at me with a calm expression and a hint of…amusement?

“This… is something I can help with. Tell me, have you heard of something called a succubus?” I heard him say calmly back.

“Y-yes. They are beautiful women who are evil seductresses that steal men’s souls and kill them,” I replied confused.

He waved his hand as if to dismiss what I just said and replied, “Bah, that is angelic propaganda. Those fools in heaven lie to you to prevent you from acquiring what you want most. No, my dear Shauna, they are not evil. They do not murder men, they satisfy them. They only steal a little bit of their life force from them in exchange. Those men are quite happy about the exchange, I assure you.”

Wait, really? Were succubi really not what I read about in all of those books and online? After all, most of the stories about succubi came from the Church, and they might have lied, right? It wouldn’t be the first time, so it wouldn’t be out of character. Hold on a second, what did this have to do with my wish? Unless–

“Yes, Shauna. If you enter into a pact with me, I can bestow the gift of the succubus upon you,” he said, seemingly reading my thoughts again.

“I don’t…I don’t know. Sorry, this is all just so much and…,” I tried to reply as honestly as I could.

“Close your eyes, Shauna,” Zodelth said.

“But I–.”

“Just close them. There, that’s it. Now, embrace your deepest desires. Start to imagine your ideal self. Your perfect self. What you would like to look like if you could change any part of your body. Picture it clearly in your mind. Yes…wonderful. Now, open your eyes.”

I opened my eyes and nothing seemed different at first. Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw a tall mirror suddenly standing there. After I caught a bit of my reflection, I turned my entire body and stood right in front of it and I gasped loudly. I barely recognized the naked body that I was staring at. Oh my…was this really me? I looked exactly how I imagined myself!

My body seemed to be completely transformed. My red hair flowed down to my shoulders in endless waves and looked smooth and silky. My freckles were gone and instead, my skin looked radiant, smooth, and tight. One of the biggest changes was my boobs. Gone was my flat chest and instead I had a pair of enormous breasts that were definitely at least a D-cup if not bigger. They were incredibly perky and sat high on my chest. They looked even better than how I imagined.

As my eyes lowered, I continued to stare in disbelief. My stomach was still flat, but now it was toned and I could slightly make out some ab muscles. My hips seemed to double in size and it gave my entire body a nice hourglass figure. I turned to the side and gasped again as I saw how huge my ass was. If my hips doubled, my ass must have tripled or quadrupled in size. It looked perfectly round and incredibly firm. Not only was my ass firm, but my legs were as well. They were no longer thin twigs but were thick with muscles and well defined without being too bulky.

While I gazed into the mirror, I slowly moved my hands to my face and felt that it was real. My hands lowered down to my breasts and I cupped them gently. I quivered in response and almost gasped again. My body never felt so alive and so electric. Every tiny touch I made seemed to send waves of pleasure throughout my body.

My hands lowered further down near my pussy and I realized that my bush was gone and I was completely bald. In fact, I didn’t seem to have any hair anywhere other than on my head. My arms and legs seemed perfectly smooth. I was almost more excited by this change than any other since I was always embarrassed by my arm hair and I hated shaving my legs.

While lost in my fantasy, my fingers were just about to reach my pussy lips when I saw Zodelth appear behind me in the mirror. I turned around and felt my heart pound hard as he walked towards me. He was smaller than he looked on his throne but just as impressive. Soon his mighty body stood in front of me, and I looked up at his handsome face. I was thankful that he wasn’t massively tall, even though he was still well over 6 feet.

I thought that I would have been more nervous or shy standing stark naked in front of him. Instead, I felt sexy, confident. I was proud of my body and was happy to show it off to him. After all, he was the reason I had it anyway. This was everything I hoped I would feel if I had a body like this. I felt completely reborn.

I saw him reach out his large hand and brushed some of my luscious red hair while he said, “You look…ravishing.”

I felt my face blush in response. I knew that this was a freakin’ demon in front of me, but I felt an intense attraction to him. I was unbelievably horny right now and I wanted to explore his muscles so badly. I wanted to run my fingers over them and trace each individual one. I was such a sucker for huge muscles, and I guess it didn’t matter if it was from a human or a demon.

“Thanks…I mean uhh, thank you I guess. This body is perfect. Not as perfect as yours though…wait! I didn’t mean, they are both perfect, I think,” I stammered out awkwardly.

It seemed that while my body had changed, my personality and confidence hadn’t. I was ready to wince from some sort of reprimand from him, but instead, he smiled. My heart did somersaults in my chest while I lost myself in that smile of his. Fuck, demons can be so fucking hot.

“Remember, this body isn’t yours…yet. This is only what you could look like over time, if you enter into a pact with me,” Zodelth spoke slowly as he brushed a few more strands of my hair back.

“What sort of pact exactly?” I replied softly, completely enamored with him.

“Oh, it’s nothing really. You agree to become my succubus and then you go out and seduce willing males and drain just a tiny amount of life force from them. I only take a cut of that life force for myself and the rest…well, you can use it to enhance how you look. If you acquire enough life force, you could look exactly how you do now. That sounds like a fair deal now doesn’t it?”

“Uh-huh…,” I said back as I stared helplessly at his handsome face.

I felt completely enthralled by his presence. I felt like I would have agreed to anything he said as long as it meant I got to spend more time around him. Well that, and getting a chance to have a killer body like this. It wasn’t like I had to hurt anyone, right? So what was the big deal?

“Splendid. All that’s left is for us to consummate the pact then,” I heard him say as he moved even closer to me.

“Ok…so how…how do we consummate exactly?”

“Well, it starts with a kiss,” he said softly as he lowered his head and pressed his lips upon mine.

I was so stunned at first that I simply froze and didn’t move. I was caught off guard so much that I didn’t know what to do. My mind was a jumble of random thoughts and feelings. Was my first kiss really with a hot and sexy demon? Was this what a good kiss felt like? His lips were so soft, so inviting, and so warm. I couldn’t help but open my lips and return his kiss. It was like my body was working purely on instinct.

While I felt his lips close over mine and suck them, I felt his hands pull my body into his. My large breasts were smashed against his impossibly hard torso and my hard nipples grazed against his rock-solid muscles. The rest of my body practically melted into his embrace. My soft skin felt like a perfect complement to his hard muscles and it made me delirious with lust.

My hands hesitantly reached out and grazed his solid chest and I allowed my fingers the opportunity to squeeze it before they explored every crevice of his muscles. His skin felt hot to the touch, but it felt soothing and comforting at the same time. It seemed like he had the same idea as I felt one of his hands brush against my cheek and lowered until he gently squeezed one of my huge breasts.

My eyes opened wide in shock while I broke our kiss and let out a deep and loud moan. Oh fuck, what was happening? It felt like every nerve ending on my body was turned up to eleven. He was only softly squeezing my breast and it gave me one of the intense waves of pleasure I ever felt. Holy shit, if this was what fondling my breast felt like, how would it feel if he played with my nipp–oh fuck!

I screamed in pleasure as my entire body shuddered. An intense orgasm crested deep within me and I gripped his body tightly while I writhed in pleasure in his grasp. Holy fuck, in all my years of masturbating, I never had an orgasm that felt this intense and felt this good. What was happening to m–oh fuck, again?!

My body convulsed again as I felt his thumb and finger pinch and softly twist my rock-hard nipple. Yet another intense and powerful orgasm wracked my body. I gasped for breath as my body felt as hot as his. I felt my thighs become wet from the amount of juices pouring out of my pussy. This wasn’t possible, there was no way I could orgasm this strongly back to back.

I felt his fingers pull on my nipple now and my body continued to spasm in his grasp as a third piercing orgasm exploded within me. Oh shit, oh fuck, this wasn’t humanly possible. My eyes widened when an epiphany hit me. As my mind started to become overwhelmed by pleasure, I could only focus on a single thought; maybe not possible for a human, but maybe for a succubus.

I was in such a state of heightened bliss that I started to almost blackout from the rolling waves of pleasure. I wasn’t sure if I could handle anymore. Suddenly, my ass was pressed against a hard smooth stone and I was gently laid on my back. It felt like I was given a moment to recover. After some deep and haggard breaths, I was finally able to perceive my surroundings again.

I was laying down on some sort of stone altar that apparently materialized out of nowhere inside the room. My ass seemed to rest right at the edge of it and my legs dangled off it. I saw Zodelth in front of me as his hands worked to remove his loincloth. My mind struggled to keep up with what was happening and I felt it struggle even more once his loincloth was unclasped and fell to the floor.

In front of me was the biggest cock I had ever seen. It towered proudly into the air and looked absolutely enormous. I was no stranger to porn and he seemed far, far bigger than anything I had ever seen before. It seemed longer than a foot! All I could do was simply gasp and marvel at the sight.

He stroked the monster with one of his giant hands as he took a few steps towards me. He then pressed his goliath cock down and had its entire length rest on my body. I gasped as I saw its length go from right above my slit to practically reaching my perk breasts. Not only was it long, but it looked incredibly thick too. Every bone in my body urged me, no, begged me to touch it.

My hands shakingly reached out and my fingers pressed against it. It felt even hotter than the rest of his body and it almost felt like it could burn my skin. I gripped it tightly and it felt as hard as a steel pipe. I tried to wrap my entire hand around it but my fingers and thumb weren’t even close to touching. Being able to handle something this impressive somehow turned me on even further. I started to pump it gently with my hands while I looked up at him and bit my lip.

I saw him give me a smirk as he pulled his massive cock back and out of my hands. He repositioned it and pointed it straight at my pussy. Suddenly my lustful haze started to part and the gravity of the situation finally started to hit me. Wait, was he going to fuck me with that thing? There was no way. There was no way in hell that thing would ever fit inside me. He would tear me in half! On top of that, I was still a virgin. This was all so crazy, I never had to stop and think whether I would want some hunk demon to take my virginity.

“Zodelth…I’m…a…I’m a virgin still,” I meekly said as I continued to stare at his dick.

“Not anymore,” he said in his deep voice and I saw him thrust his hips forward.

The moment his giant cock head split my pussy lips, I saw a blinding white light start to emit from my pussy and soon it filled the entire room. For a split moment, I felt…different. It was like I shed the skin of the old Shauna and became a new one. There was a sense of perfect peace and clarity within me. Nothing else seemed to matter as I mentally took what felt like my first step in my new body.

The white light started to subside and soon went away altogether. I could once again clearly see the cavernous room and the mighty demon in front of me. I looked down and cooed slightly when I saw that a significant portion of his colossal cock was now buried inside me. I looked back up at Zodelth with a fierce look of pure lust while I raised my legs and spread them wide. I reached out my arms and grabbed the back of my thighs and pulled my legs even further apart.

“Fuck your succubus,” I said boldly and confidently.

I was a little surprised at my own words, but it felt so…right. I saw him give me a smirk once more as he gripped my waist firmly and started to slide his gigantic dick back. I felt my pussy walls tightly clench around his mega cock as if to try to stop him, which made it all the more pleasurable that I couldn’t. Soon, only his thick cock-head was still inside and then I felt him push forward.

My fingers squeezed my thighs hard and I moaned deeply. The sensation of being fully stuffed felt like a bomb of pleasure going off inside me. I had no idea that this was what real sex felt like. I imagine it for so long only to be so wrong about everything. I heard that it would hurt the first time and that I wouldn’t be satisfied, but both were completely wrong. I was in heaven. Or was it hell?

While brand new sensations continued to roll through my body and mind, I felt him start to shove his huge cock in harder and faster. My body bounced on the table and it seemed like his firm grip on my waist was the only thing keeping me steady. So fucking deep. So fucking good. My moans only got louder the faster he went as my body was wracked with pleasure.

I felt a slow-building but insanely powerful orgasm building up inside me. It was unlike anything I felt before and was very different from the orgasms I had earlier. Those were quick, fast, and intense. This seemed like a tidal swell bulging higher and higher that would most definitely drown me in absolute pleasure.

It wasn’t long until his titanic dick was driving in and out of me like a piston. My throat was now constantly open as an unending series of moans came from my mouth. My head thrashed around in pure satisfaction. My hands left my thighs as they grabbed my large breasts and mauled them roughly as my body writhed in pleasure on the altar. I had completely given my body over to wanton lust. I felt my immense orgasm coming and I was desperate to do anything to have it finally wash over me.

I started to arch my back more and more and I felt Zodelth lift my lower body off the table while he furiously pounded into me. He soon stopped and left his cock buried inside me. I then heard a bellowing roar come from his mouth and his gargantuan cock started to pulsate inside me. A stream of hot cum coated my insides and it finally unleashed my own powerful orgasm.

What followed next was practically indescribable. An overwhelming amount of pleasure started at my pussy and soon spread through every inch of my body. It was so all-consuming and so intense that my body locked up from the sensation.

Wave after wave of pure euphoria washed over me and started to mix with the mind-numbing pleasure that was coursing through me. It was all so much that I started to slip into a lucid state. I never wanted it to end and I knew that I would give everything and anything for a chance to feel this again.

After what truly felt like an eternity, the waves of euphoria sadly ceased and I was once again fully aware of my surroundings. I blinked a few times and gasped in surprise. I was back in my apartment! I was breathing hard and I raised a hand to my face and felt that my skin was sweaty. Wait…was that just a crazy intense dream? Oh no, please, no no no. Please tell me that it wasn’t all just a dream.

I quickly got out of bed and turned the lights on in my room. I hurriedly stood in front of my closet door mirror to see if my body was still the same. Oh…well, there was good news and bad news. The bad news was that I definitely didn’t look like I did in that dream or whatever it was. The good news was that my body did seem different than before.

While my red hair was still dry and frizzy, my facial skin was clear and smooth. There was no sign of any acne scars or any of my embarrassing freckles. Maybe it wasn’t a dream after all? I hurriedly peeled my pajamas off my sweaty skin and stood in front of the mirror in just my underwear to inspect the rest of my body.

My heart started to quicken when I saw that my breasts were definitely bigger than before, but still relatively small. My boobs were painfully straining against my A-cup bra and the band around my torso was extremely uncomfortable. I undid the clasp of my bra and after sliding it off I felt a huge relief of pressure now that I was topless. My breasts seemed like they were probably a B-cup now and were quite perky. As I looked closer, it looked like the freckles on my chest also disappeared and I had nothing but clear skin. Yet, nowhere near as smooth and radiant as before in my dream.

I lowered my gaze to look at the rest of my body and was slightly depressed that my boobs were probably the only drastic change. My hips looked a little wider than before, but it still didn’t give me an hourglass figure. My thighs and legs looked a little thicker but were still fairly thin. I turned around to look at my ass and was pleasantly surprised. It was still very small, but it definitely had a roundness to it that I didn’t have previously.

My hands lowered to brush by my pussy and they widened when I felt that I was completely bald. Just like in my dream, I was bald everywhere except for the hair on my head. I smiled at myself and was giddy with excitement while I rubbed my arms and legs and felt how silky smooth they felt.

I think it was safe to say that whatever sort of encounter I had with that Zodelth was definitely real. There was no way my body could have changed like this in just a few hours. Wait, it was just a few hours, right? I quickly turned around and grabbed my phone to see what time it was. Crap! I was going to be late to meet up with my lab partner! I groaned in frustration.

Looking around my room, I found a basic pair of jeans and pulled them on. I reached for my bra and I hesitated. It was way too small for me now and it was really uncomfortable, but I had no time to go out and buy a bigger size. I sighed deeply with bra in hand as I looked up at the ceiling and tried to think of what to do.

Screw it, I could probably get away without wearing a bra one time, right? I slipped on a simple t-shirt. I looked at myself in the mirror again and winced. Dammit, someone could easily see my larger boobs strain against my extra-small shirt. Not only that, but my nipples somewhat pushed through the cotton material as well. I realized I had to do something. I grabbed a zip-up hoodie from my closet and figured that should be enough.

After putting on my shoes and grabbing my backpack, I quickly left my apartment and briskly walked to campus. Fortunately, the science building wasn’t too far and I was only slightly late. I arrived at one of the science lab rooms and saw that it was empty except for my lab partner. Seemed like no one else was interested in doing their lab work on an early Friday evening. I walked in and dropped my book bag next to my partner and sat down on the stool.

“Hey Charles, sorry about being kind of late,” I said in an exasperated tone.

“Oh, h-hey Shauna. It-it’s ok,” he said meekly back

When our science class had to break up into partners for labs, we were the last two who didn’t have a partner. Probably because we were the two most awkward and shy people in the class. We were both kind of nerdy, so it actually worked out.

While I sat next to him and started to take out my textbook, I caught a scent of something peculiarly alluring. What was that enticing smell? I subtly sniffed around to try to find the source of it and it seemed to be coming from Charles. I was extremely surprised since we had worked together for a while now and I never noticed him having this kind of aroma before. I never smelled anything like this ever. Was this some sort of new, special cologne? I had to find out.

“Umm…Charles, strange question but, are you…perhaps…by any chance, wearing cologne or so-something,” I shyly asked.

“No, why?” he responded abruptly.

I waved my hand and smiled and indicated that it was nothing. I didn’t think it was some sort of cologne since it smelled more innate, primal, and…hormonal? I couldn’t figure out what it was! The more I smelled it, the more turned on I was getting. I started to stare at him and really looked at him.

He wasn’t unattractive, that was for sure. He had a fairly normal face, a cute nose, and he seemed to take care of his hygiene well. He was a fairly skinny dude, but he wasn’t overly lanky or anything like that. On top of that, he was fairly tall too. If he ever had the confidence, I was sure he could successfully ask a girl out. Maybe he could even ask me out? What would I s–

“So did you want to start with this?” he said pointing at our project sheet and then turned to look at me.

My thought process was immediately interrupted and I was embarrassed that he probably caught me staring at him. I looked at what he was pointing to and nodded. I tried to concentrate on the lab work, but I couldn’t stop focusing on that smell. It seemed like it was getting stronger too!

Suddenly, I felt something snap inside me. A wave of sudden hunger started to rumble throughout my body. It was a weird sensation and frankly, kinda scary. I knew immediately that it wasn’t like a food type of hunger. It was something else. Something more…sensual. I looked back at my partner and it felt like my body was heating up. Every bone in my body wanted me to rip off his clothes and pleasure his dick. Oh my, what was happening to me? Was this because of my transformation to a succubus?

I started to hear a ringing in my ear the longer I looked at him that seemed to drown out everything else. He turned to me and seemed like he was explaining something, but I couldn’t hear a word he said. All I could focus on was my hunger and my deep desire to unleash myself at him. I didn’t want to make the first move though. It was like I needed him to start things first.

“Isn’t it kind of warm in here? I’m getting way too hot,” I said as the ringing stopped and I started to unzip my hoodie.

I saw Charles’ face turn towards me as if to respond but instead, his eyes just widened. As I took off my hoodie, I purposefully pushed my chest outwards to him. My new, slightly bigger boobs strained against my t-shirt and I knew my nipples were already hard from my arousal. I acted all innocent like I didn’t know what I was doing, but I secretly watched his every reaction. I could tell that he was interested, but maybe too timid and shy to do anything about it. I guess he needed some additional pushes.

After I finished taking off my hoodie, I placed it on top of my backpack and started to lean in closer to my partner. He was clearly aware of how close I was, but he tried not to look at me and focus on our project. I made the excuse to point at something on his paper while asking a question and took the opportunity to press my boobs against his arm. I felt my hard nipple scrape against his body and I had to suppress a soft moan. He stammered a response and looked extremely nervous.

For some reason, I found it adorable. But I was also getting frustrated. Take the hint Charles, do something! I felt like I could literally sense how hard his cock was, but he seemed like he was hunkering down like a turtle. Every minute that went by, I could feel my succubi hunger growing more and more intense. I needed to do something! A light bulb went off in my head and I developed a devious idea.

“I think we need something from the storage closet. Let me get it,” I said as I started to get up and I felt his eyes follow me.

Of course, we didn’t need anything from the storage closet, but maybe getting him alone in private might grease the wheels. I opened the closet door and walked in and turned on the light. It was called a closet, but it was more like a small room and very hidden away. The walls were lined with bookcases filled with beakers, petri dishes, microscopes, test tubes, you name it. Ok, it was time to initiate phase two.

“Hey Charles, can you come in here and help me? I can’t reach it,” I called out from the doorway.

I saw him immediately get up and walk over to me. He was sure eager to be around me, but not eager enough to initiate something. After he walked in, I gently closed the door to give us some much-needed privacy. He seemed so flustered around me that I couldn’t help but smile.

“Wh-what did you need Shauna? I don’t think we ne–.”

“Do you want to see my breasts?” I interrupted and asked him flatly and confidently.

My hands gripped the bottom of my t-shirt and I lifted it just slightly as I waited for his response. His face turned several shades of red and had a hard time directly looking at me. I thought he was so sweet, but sweet was not what I wanted right now. C’mon man, take the initiative! Make a move! Say something at least!

“I…uhh…yes! I mean…if…if you want to err, show me…,” he finally said.

Fucking finally. I smiled at him and slowly lifted my t-shirt up and over my body. Once it was off, I saw his eyes stare at my naked breasts and I couldn’t help but blush a little bit. I tossed my t-shirt onto the floor and took a few steps towards him. With my arms down, I squeezed them to the front and squished my boobs together slightly. Charles looked like his blood was pumping so hard that he might faint.

“Do you like them?” I said in such a seductive voice that I was surprised with myself.

“Uh-huh,” he replied almost like in a trance.

“You can touch them if you want…,” I said as I looked down at them and then looked up at him with inviting eyes.

I saw his arms and hands instantly twitch and it made me squeeze my boobs even tighter with my arms. He took a step or two towards me and slowly reached out his hands and arms. At first, his fingers only grazed the naked skin of my breasts as if to check my reaction first. When all I did was bite my lip in response, he finally fully grabbed them. He squeezed them lightly and I moaned loudly at his touch. It didn’t feel as electrifying as when Zodelth touched them, but the pleasure was still intense.

After only a moment or two of just light fondling, it seemed like he fully gave himself up to animalistic lust. He gripped them tightly and started to squeeze them hard and with full confidence. My moans only got louder in response. His thumbs soon found my small, but extremely hard nipples and started to flick them back and forth. I gripped his forearms with my hands and let out a sharp cry of pleasure as my body shuddered in response.

Emboldened by my reaction, he started to focus more on my nipples and pinched them roughly. I sucked in my breath before letting out a guttural moan. Oh shit, oh fuck. I was going to orgasm from him only playing with my nipples! They were never anywhere near this sensitive before, but now they almost felt as sensitive as my clit.

He let go of one of my nipples and he lowered his head and quickly sucked it into his mouth. I opened my eyes wide in surprise as my body tensed up from the sensation of having his hot mouth suck on it. I felt him flick it with his tongue and I felt my building orgasm unleash deep inside me. My body started to shake and I felt my panties become damp from my pussy juices. I gripped the hair on his head to steady myself as I felt light-headed from the fierce pleasure coursing through my body.

When I finally came down from my orgasm, I was still breathing hard and now had a carnal desire to see his dick and suck him clean. As his mouth switched to my other nipple, I lowered my hands and started to undo his belt and pants. His mouth left my nipple as he leaned back and reached for his own waist. Once his zipper was undone, he hurriedly pulled his pants and underwear down, exposing his cock.

Oh my, he had quite a cock for suck an awkward nerd. He was definitely above average in size and I slowly went down to my knees in front of him. I cooed slightly and started to get dizzy from his intoxicating aroma. It wasn’t just his musk, but it was that hormonal scent that was stronger than before. It was something that sent my instincts into overdrive and made me want to coax as much cum out of him as possible.

“Your cock looks so nice Charlie,” I seductively said to him as I gazed longingly at it.

“Th–thanks. You’re b–boobs were really nice too,” he stammered out.

I smiled at how sweet he sounded before I continued playfully, “I had no idea it was this big. Do you know you have a big cock?”

“It’s 19.6 centimeters…or a little over 7.5 inches in the dumb imperial measurement. From my research it’s…above average, definitely,” Charles responded, a bit more confident now.

“Uh-huh…,” was all I could mutter out in response while I felt my hunger deepening.

His cock already slightly throbbed in front of me as it pointed towards the ceiling rock hard. I reached out my hand to touch it and the moment I made contact, I felt his cock jump and throb even more. I removed my hand and I looked up at his face. I saw him grimace like he was holding back his orgasm. I smiled to myself and realized he probably had never been with a girl like this before. This might be a bit too much for him. If only he knew how much I wanted it, he probably wouldn’t be holding back like this.

I gripped his cock again as I pointed it right at me and I brushed his cock-head with my thumb. Almost immediately I heard him suck in a breath through his teeth and I felt his dick pulsate in my hand. A thick stream of cum rocketed out and landed on my forehead and hair. Another blast followed the first and it grazed my cheek while some of it landed in my hair again. His final few bursts weren’t as powerful, but were still filled with cum and landed directly square on my face and coated my eyes shut.

I read online from other girls that they hated how messy and sticky cum was, but I absolutely loved it. It felt hot and full of life when it landed on me. It made me feel revitalized like I just had several energy drinks all at the same time. I wiped the cum from my eyes and finally opened them. I saw Charles looking down at me completely horrified as if he had just made the biggest mistake of his life. Oh sweetie, if you only knew how alive this made me feel. I smiled at him while I brought my cum coated finger to my mouth and swallowed it. Fuck, he tasted wonderful.

Also from my online research, I knew that most girls considered cum disgusting and that it was too bitter or salty. For me though, it tasted even better than sugar. It was incredibly addictive. Was this also a side effect of being a succubus? My tongue swirled around my finger to make sure I got every last bit off of it. The longer Charles watched me, the less horrified his face looked.

I wanted more. I needed more from him. His cock was still impressively hard even after his orgasm. I grabbed his shaft and my mouth immediately closed around his cock-head. I had never given a guy a blowjob before, but it was like I instinctively knew what to do. My lips closed around his cockhead and I sucked him hard into my mouth before my tongue started to swirl around it. I heard him groan above me as I opened my mouth wide to take more of his cock in my mouth. He was thick as well as long, so it took my mouth a second to get used to his size.

His dick tasted wonderful too. Was it supposed to taste this good? It was probably yet another side-effect of me becoming a succubus. If that was the case, I felt sorry for other girls. They had no idea just how delicious this was. Hopefully, that meant more guys for me then.

I was almost lost in pure blissful enjoyment when his cock hit the back of my throat and snapped me out of it. I pulled my mouth back and started to quickly bob my head up and down his hot shaft. The lingering cum still on my face started to drip down onto his cock while I moved my head back and forth rapidly. I greedily sucked those drops into my mouth and moaned in pleasure.

The lust swirling inside me made me feel incredibly hot. So hot that it felt like my body was overheating. I was feverishly trying to coax another load out of him like I would die if I didn’t get another taste of his sweet cum. I moved my hands to my own breasts and started to squeeze them roughly. I couldn’t help but moan with his cock still in my mouth. When my fingers brushed against my nipples, I felt his residual saliva still on them and it made my body shudder with pleasure.

Fuck, why hasn’t he blown his load yet? I slowed down bobbing on his cock and decided I would try something new, something I saw pornstars do. I closed my mouth only on his cockhead and looked up at him wantingly. At first, he wasn’t even looking at me, but eventually, he gazed down and I saw him stare into my green eyes. I tried to fill my eyes with desire as I locked my eyes onto his. I slowly moved my mouth forward and softly grazed my lips over his shaft.

I saw his entire facial reaction change as he looked at me with a deep longing. I felt his cock jolt in my mouth only a moment later, and I knew that this was it. He finally wasn’t able to hold back any longer. At first, only a few drips came out like he was doing everything he could to hold back, but it was only a matter of time.

Soon his cock unleashed a torrent of cum straight into my mouth. I greedily swirled the liquid honey around my mouth before swallowing it. It was a good thing I swallowed when I did as a few more blasts from his dick coated my mouth in more hot cum. I was surprised he came so much still after shooting his load earlier, but I wasn’t one to complain. I made sure to relish every sweet bit of his cum before swallowing it all.

As his last bit of cum dribbled out of his cock, I made sure to lick his slit clean while I sucked him hard in my mouth to make sure I wasn’t missing a single drop. I felt him remove his softening cock from my mouth and once it popped out, I took a deep breath. I slowly licked my lips savoring any cum found there as I softly squeezed my perky breasts out of pure pleasure.

Charles took a step back and stumbled a bit before reaching out to a nearby shelf to steady himself. He looked…drained. He hurriedly grabbed his pants at his feet and quickly put them back on.

“S–sorry, I need…I need to go, I’m so sorry,” he mumbled as he walked around me still stumbling.

When he got to the door, he reached out to the doorframe to steady himself once more and I wondered if he was going to faint. I heard him take a deep breath as he opened the door and hastily walked out after closing the door behind him. I was kind of sad that he wasn’t willing to let me play with him further. I was totally ready to keep going.

I slowly stood up and I felt strangely satisfied. Gone was the gnawing hunger eating away at me and instead, I was left feeling refreshed and energized. I still felt some cum on my face and I made sure to scoop it with my finger and suck it into my mouth. When it tasted this good, I wasn’t going to let any go to waste. Once I felt like I collected every glob of cum left, I saw a utility sink nearby and I decided to wash myself off.

After drying myself off with a few paper towels, I found my t-shirt and put it on. My nipples were still rock-hard and clearly poked through the shirt. I smiled wickedly as I opened the door and went to the lab table to collect my books and my bag. I stuffed my hoodie in my bag and decided to walk home without covering my t-shirt. I wondered if I would get any extra attention.

While I was leaving the science building, I saw another guy walk in. I stared at him and I saw his eyes stare at my chest before they slowly looked up at me and smiled. He softly said, ‘hey’, and I responded with my own charming ‘hi’ before we walked past each other. Holy shit! I wasn’t invisible anymore! He actually noticed me!

I loved the attention. I couldn’t wait to see just how much more I could get.


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