Feature Writer: sexgundam666 /
Feature Title: Serpentine Ritual /
Story Codes: Erotic Horror /
Synopsis: Only one is chosen and she’s horny as hell! /

Serpentine Ritual

Haley awoke. She shook in the aftermath of her dream. It was amazing! She dreamt that a young handsome Adonis lookalike with a massive cock had been pounding her pussy harder than a jack hammer. Now her bed sheets were soaked and her orgasm lasted long after she woke. She looked out of her window and saw that the sun was high in the sky already. Turning, she checked her alarm clock; 12:30PM. She quickly showered and got dressed, after all, it was the day she’d been waiting for.

Haley walked out of her house dressed in a snake skin dress that hugged her perfect form so tightly that it seemed like a second skin. As she walked her 36D breasts bounced and her ass cheeks would shake hypnotically with each step. While walking many people stopped and stared at her, but it didn’t matter to her. This was her way. The town soon disappeared and she entered the forest.

The forest had a dark history. Some say that demons live there and devour anyone who wanders in, others day that it was haunted by evil spirits waiting to posses a mortal. Haley, however, knew the truth, she knew that the gods of her people resided there, until the chosen host was ready to contain their great power and take over the earth. She was the chosen host, and that day was her time.

“Welcome, Haley!” greeted the circle of her people as she entered the clearing. The circle was comprised solely of hooded figures, all of which watched her as she made her way to the centre, where a man dressed in the same attire as her, though he wore a loose fitting pair of shorts. This wasn’t because he was ashamed, but because their god was strictly heterosexual, to the point where he killed males who displayed their genitals to him.

“It is your time now Haley.” he said his voice low and deep, though it seemed to echo among the circle.

“Yes, my lord.” She said.

“Are you sure you wish to take our god’s essence?” He asked.

“Yes.” She repeated.

“You know that once you accept him, there is no going back.” He cautioned her, but she was certain.

“I still wish to become our god’s vessel.”

“Then strip yourself of all clothing and lay before the flames.” He commanded.

Once she was in position the circle began chanting in an ancient language long since forgotten by humanity. After five minutes of chanting the fire next to her began to form serpentine shapes, then her skin began to feel hot and her pussy began to moisten. The chanting decreased several octaves but grew louder. Once it reached its peak the circle abruptly stopped. Haley knew she had to remain still, but that was becoming increasingly harder as her cunt begged to be filled. Suddenly a bright light encased her like a cocoon.

“I thank you, dear Haley, for becoming my vessel. Now prepare yourself.” The voice of her god echoed through her mind, as her skin started to turn green-brown, much like a python, and develop scales, her facial features became tighter and her blue irises turned golden yellow, and her pupils became snake like. She also noticed her clit enlarging, and that her spine was growing. Once the change was complete her skin was a pythons scales, a massive twelve inch cock protruded out from her groin, and an enormous snake hung from her hips, it was at least five inches thick and four feet long.

“Thank you, my god.” She sent the thanks up just as the cocoon of light disappeared.

She stood up to gasps of amazement and admiration. She looked around and noted that the men had all left and that the women were all naked. She looked down at herself and couldn’t resist the temptation of her new and improved bosom, which had grown from their already large 36D to 36F, proceeded to fondle the massive breasts. The women all watched with growing lust as their God’s vessel pinched her own nipples bringing forth a large squirt of her milk and a sea of gasps from the women still there. Haley brought the lactating nipple to her lips and bit down on it, drinking her own milk while fondling and pinching her free breast. Many of the women fell to the grass and began to finger their individual pussies, some fisting, others fingered their assholes. Soon the clearing was home to a choir of moans and cries of pleasure as many paired up and 69’d, and some just kissed and fondled each other’s breasts.

Soon everyone was nearing a climax. The writhing mass of bodies began cry out as each girl’s juices sprayed from their burning pussies, some of the juices landed on the grass, while most covered the face or breasts of other women. In the centre of it all was Haley, whose climax had brought forth a literal flood of her juices which coated all as she turned to spread it around. When all had come down from their heaven’s Haley pointed to a single woman. She was the first to fall and masturbate before their God, and so she would be the first to receive her godly seed. Haley ordered the rest to kneel on either side of them and watch as her massive cock grew from her clitoris, it grew bigger, bigger, and thicker until it was even bigger than what she had witnessed during her transformation, now she sported an enormous sixteen inch long and four inch thick cock.

“Get on your hands and knees Rebecca, and turn so that your ass faces me.” Haley knew all the girls names of by heart and had in fact fucked several with her massive strap-on. Rebecca did as she was told showing her swollen, pink, moist cunt. Haley grabbed her large, firm ass cheeks and spread them, showing all her tight rosebud. Haley wrapped her tail once around her waist and everyone drew in a surprised breath as smaller tentacle-like appendages grew from the tail, wrapping around her small 34B breasts, hugging her ass cheeks, and caressing her swollen pussy lips. Others massaged her many erogenous zones.

Each tentacle secreted a slime very similar to a cunt, this slime contained aphrodisiacs and other chemical that increased the sex drive of the recipient and her sensitivity to touch by a hundred fold, meaning that not even a second later Rebecca was cumming harder than ever before, her juices pouring down her thighs. Haley stood behind her, gripping her thick cock and grinning sardonically as she teased her followers begging pussy with the tip of her penis.

“Come on, beg for me. Scream for it.” She said.

“Please fuck me!? I’m just a whore for you to fuck! Please fuck me, cum in me, impregnate me!” Rebecca screamed as her third climax tore through her body.

“Well since you asked so nicely…” Haley trailed off and tried to enter her pussy, however her cock was too thick and couldn’t fit into the small girl’s barely used cunt. Haley forced her cock against the tight pussy this time with more power, after one hard thrust she got the head in. Haley couldn’t believe how tight Rebecca was, it was almost uncomfortable, but she didn’t pause until she met her cervix, then she increased the pressure until she broke past and hilted against the walls of Rebecca’s womb.

Rebecca was a small woman, at only 5ft 2”. Her body was childlike and she was often the butt of many jokes about how she looked to be in middle school rather than high school. Her bust was small like her body, but her ass still turned heads, and her child-like appearance made her hard to resist when she wanted something.

She had once been a devoted Christian, but she had always felt like something was missing in her life. Her family just said she had yet to discover God’s true love for her. Then one day she saw Haley leaving her home and decided to follow her. She had made her decision on a whim, and because she liked Haley, though at that time she wasn’t sure if she liked Haley for Haley, or because of her body. Rebecca had followed her into the dark forest, despite what the priest and her parents had told her about it, it was here that she discovered her true God.

In a clearing filled with beautiful flowers she saw a circle of hooded figures. In the centre stood Haley completely naked and on her knees in front of a dark skinned man with her mouth open as he brought her closer to his crotch. Rebecca was as innocent as a little girl when it came down to matters of sex, so she did not know what the hard blunt spear that extended from him was, or what it was intended for. Haley reached out and grasped the spear, which she smiled at as though it were a good friend. Rebecca was beginning to feel hot and flustered. Particularly around her vagina.

Haley leaned closer as though she were about to kiss it, but no, instead she opened her mouth and swallowed! Rebecca felt herself getting still hotter, uncomfortably so, but she had no idea how to stop it. Rub it. A powerfully deep voice echoed through her mind. She instantly followed the command, believing it to be God’s divine voice. She put her hand down her skirt and was surprised to find her underwear had a damp spot where her vagina was, she didn’t stop though and rubbed it. Instantly she felt pleasure zap through her body, making the nipples which crowned her firm breasts tingle and begin hardening. She couldn’t stop herself now that she had felt the pleasure. Acting on urges she never knew she had, she pulled her underwear down along with her skirt and began to rub her most sacred area.

Meanwhile Haley had sucked the tribe leader off and was currently drinking his seed. Rebecca had also climaxed and was feeling embarrassed about being half naked, but at the same time the slight breeze excited her, and made her want to rub herself again. She resisted so that she could watch Haley, who was now lying naked while surrounded by women who were doing exactly as Rebecca had been doing just moments ago. She moaned. Suddenly she clamped a hand around her mouth. The moan was of utter perversion, lust, greed, everything she’d been told were the devil’s attempt to take control. But it felt so good! At that moment she made up her mind, as she stepped from the trees and into the clearing. Everyone looked at her.

“Please?” She fell to her knees and remembered the words she’d heard someone say when she passed a closet door at school more then two years ago, “Fuck me!” She cried and grinned with a new light in her eyes. She had renounced her God. That was four years ago, when they were both barely nineteen.

Back in the present Haley had forced all sixteen inches of her rock hard cock into the petite girl’s womb. It was thick and she was so small that the bulge made by the cock was easily recognisable as a penis. Haley stayed there for several seconds letting her adjust to the huge phallus inside her, then she pulled out until a single inch remained and thrust back in, forcing a more prominent bulge to protrude from her womb. Rebecca grunted from the stretching, but since she was already extremely wet the faint pain was greatly overshadowed by the pleasure she was experiencing. Her pleasure was briefly cut off when two new tentacles with what seemed like radio dishes attached at the tip and incredibly sharp needles in the middle entered her breasts via the tit. Strangely the pain didn’t make her wince or grimace it gave her a broad smile.

She cried out in orgasm as hot liquid was sprayed into her breasts. Once she came down from her latest high she looked down at her tentacle covered tits as they quickly grew from her B cup to a C, then a D, DD, E, F, it didn’t seem to stop until they were Gs. The tentacles removed themselves and a new pair wrapped around the massive jugs leaving the tit free. She saw them open up into perverse mouths and latch onto her tits. She came again as they sucked on her new tits.

“Oh GOD!” She screamed as Haley continued pounding throughout her change. She then felt the same tentacles that had changed her breasts attach to her ass cheeks, once again she cried out in bliss as they increased the mass of her already lovely butt, until it was a bubble butt only found on black women. Her ass and breasts, combined with the large bulge in her abdomen looked utterly ridiculous on her tiny form.

“I’m close!” Haley announced as she hilted inside her once again.

“YES! CUM IN ME! HALEY! I LOVE YOU!” Rebecca screamed as she came once again. Haley started cumming deep inside her womb, which immediately expanded to contain her massive orgasm, while her cock head engorged to make sure every drop remained.

“I love you too Rebecca.” Haley said removed one of her mouth tentacles from Rebecca’s tits and moved it to her mouth. She kissed the tentacle with passion, as her womb expanded further to look eight months pregnant, then nine, then it looked like she was carrying twins. The flow finally petered out when her stomach was straining against the ground.

Haley hadn’t thought about it until that very moment, but she really did love Rebecca, and what better way to prove one’s love then by impregnating them? She pulled out her still hard as steel cock and turned to one of the other women; this one was black and somewhat fat. It wasn’t quite unattractive, but teetering on the edge. I’ll have to change that. Haley thought and moved one of her needled tentacles to the woman’s navel, where it turned into a sucker, similar to the ones found on octopuses, and latched onto her. The woman began screaming as the all the unnecessary fat was sucked out of her. She fell to the floor as the rest of the fat was vacuumed out of her.

Once Haley had finished sucking the out of her, the woman was now better looking than a Victoria’s Secret model. Her waist was slim and was at odds with her DD breasts and equally large hips, but her height made it all proportionate.

“Oh I’m gonna enjoy fucking you.” Haley said and her tentacles converged on the new woman, who could only moan weakly in response. The sucking had been pleasurable for her, however it was a shock to her system to lose all that fat at once. The tentacles wrapped around her still fat breasts and squeezed as they covered the entirety with their long slimy bodies.

Haley picked the woman up using her arms, while her rubber like tendrils traced patterns all over the woman’s body, sending delightful shocks of ecstasy through her. The woman was little more than a doll in Haley’s eyes, but a doll that could carry god-human hybrids and eventually deliver them into the world, just like Rebecca would in a matter of months. Haley looked at Rebecca, who was lying on the cool grass, panting and stroking her belly while basking in the glorious aftermath of her multiple orgasms. Her eyes travelled over the rest of the robed women and pictured how they would all look with nine month pregnant waists; at the thought her cock twitched longingly.

Returning her attention to the black woman, she began rubbing several thin tendrils over her cunt and clit, spreading her labia and poking at her piss hole, while lining up her sixteen inch cock with the woman’s pleading pussy. Haley also lined her tail with the black woman’s ass, spreading the cheeks apart revealing her puckered rosebud.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard.” She then realised that she didn’t actually know this woman, despite having thought that she knew everyone.

“What’s your name?” Haley hadn’t noticed before, but beneath her voice was the light hiss of a snake.

“Ah, Ashley. My name is Ashley, Goddess.” She gasped in reply and smiled adoringly at Haley.

“Good to meet you.” She grunted and forced her raging erection deep into her. Ashley’s cries of surprise and pain were matched by Haley’s cry of pure happiness.

Ashley couldn’t believe her day. First she had personally witnessed their God manifest and merge with Haley, and then she had watched as the new goddess fucked and impregnated Rebecca, who now laid to their side smiling and drooling small rivers of cum. And now here she was. On all fours and being fucked by long hard thrusts from over a foot of rock hard cock meat. Ashley looked down to see the cock bulging from her abdomen and watched as a dozen tentacles converged on her, their intent obvious as half began teasing her puckered asshole while two moved to her still large tits, bouncing with every hard thrust into her cunt. They peeled back at the tips to reveal wicked looking needles, which dripped thick milk coloured fluids.

Not another moment was wasted; the needles pierced her nipples, so long and hard as though they were begging for this moment. Instantly they began pumping her already disproportionate breasts full to bursting with the thick cream-like fluid. Haley looked back to Rebecca and smiled at her enormous breasts that leaked small streams of her god given milk and thought about how many god-human hybrids she’d have to feed soon. On that thought she decided to make Ashley into a milk factory so to speak. The remaining four tentacles all peeled just like the previous two and pierced her now EE sized breasts, where they began to pour an entire reservoir of milk into her, causing her already altered breasts to expand further and further, until they rested on the floor. Even then they continued.

Ashley couldn’t think anymore. The liquid expanding her breasts was a pleasure that no human could go through and remain sane, combined with the hard cock fucking against her cervix and tentacles teasing her convulsing asshole, she couldn’t hold the flood of orgasms back. Her screams echoed through the forest, though no animals were disturbed, they knew this wasn’t a scream of pain or terror, but of pure mating pleasure. Haley’s thrusts were faster than human eyes could follow, any onlookers could see each inch of it pressing further through the black woman’s heavily distorted abdomen. Her breasts were now bigger than her entire body.

Their moans echoed amongst the present women, who each stroked their swollen pussies lazily as the scene unfolded before them. Haley felt the woman’s mammaries were big enough, so with one final blast of milk inside she pulled the spiked tentacles out; not a drop of milk escaped, her nipples having sealed themselves shut to keep it in.

“Do you like them?” Haley asked, each syllable in time with her thrusts. Ashley could nothing but moan appreciatively.

“That’s good,” She stopped thrusting, “Because I’m going to impregnate with you, with so many of my spawn, and when they’re born they’ll suck on your teats and drink your milk.” The black woman came at the thought of birthing so many children for her goddess, her juices coating the cock inside her, and spraying all over their thighs.

“Please,” She panted, trying to catch her breath, “Please… fuck me harder.”

“If you wish.”

Haley moved three tentacles thicker than her fist to the already obscenely stretched and swollen cunt. There they teased her labia and clit, bringing more moans of ecstasy, but also pleads for more. One by one they obliged her, stretching her wider than humanly possible. If not for Haley’s power she would have died long ago, and that’s why she wished to swell this woman to the breaking point and beyond with her cum. More and more tentacles the others already coiling up in her womb, causing snake-like bulges in her skin and stretching her uterus further out. Two extremely thin ones made their way through her fallopian tubes and to her ovaries, there they released clear fluid, swelling her ovaries and forcing them to create more and more eggs.

“Oh god…” Ashley moaned and cried out in orgasm. She could feel them in her ovaries, forcing her to make more eggs for impregnation.

There was now over a dozen thick tentacles inside the woman and soon her ovaries would release the millions of eggs they held, and Haley would unleash gallons of sperm and impregnate her with millions of her children. The thought sent her over the edge.

“Gonna cum… straight into your womb.”

“YES!” The black woman suddenly found her voice and began screaming for Haley to cum in her, to impregnate her with her godly seed.

“Cumming!!!” She cried and felt her hot seed speeding through her tentacles and cock, straight into Ashley’s unprotected womb, where millions of eggs waited. Everyone looked on in amazement as their friend’s stomach inflated, soon growing even larger than her breasts.

When Haley’s orgasm ended Ashley’s stomach was big enough for a stallion to sit comfortably in. Then they saw her womb inflate further as her eggs were released into the sperm. It took only a few moments, but each and each eggs was fertilised by the sperm, and hybrids soon began to form. Haley looked at everyone and thought about how wonderful it would be to fuck all of them at once. With a small laugh she wrapped a tentacle around the waist of all eleven remaining women, who all cried in joy at the prospect of being so thoroughly fucked by the goddess.

“That’s right Haley. Spread my seed, breed all the women on this planet, and take it over, soon you shall stand as the immortal empress of a new world.”

At least three tentacles fucked each woman. Bringing them to climax again and again, their distorted bodies spasming in orgasmic fury. Haley could feel everything her tentacles felt: she could feel the hot anus of all the women clenching on the welcome intruders, she could feel their sweet cum running down the many tentacles, and each tongue that lapped at her tendrils. Moments before cumming she penetrated each and everyone’s tits, and began spraying her godly milk into them, soon causing them to all have EE to EEE, even H. Then she came, and so did everyone else. They could all feel their ovaries deposit every egg into their wombs as they were filled with their goddess’s seed.

“They will give birth in exactly one months time, on the night of the new moon.” The voice of her god echoed through her mind.

“Yes, my lord.”

Two weeks later… Haley watched from the top of an old oak tree, as the sun rose on yet another day. In the two weeks since accepting her god into her body and becoming something like a goddess, she had impregnated each and every woman in the town she lived in. The men had all been disposed of. Now she looked down at her town, everyone waddled through the streets, smiling and talking happily, they had done this, her and their god. Together they would bring this peace across the nation, and then the world. She felt her cock getting hard at the thought and jumped down to find some unseeded women she could fuck, and fuck hard.

From across another dimension Deus watched the events unfold. Excetra had gone too far. No mortal was ever to have godly powers, even if it was only a fraction. Deus knew she would have to act soon, the mortal world was not a place for gods and goddesses, it was created for the children of weak gods, whose powers were weak enough that their children would only have the smallest amount or none at all. Now they’ve come to be their own race, humans, but Excetra sought to rule them, rather than simply sit idly by.

“I will stop you Excetra, you are a million years too young to rule over anything yet.”

Deus was, as her name implied, a god. But she wasn’t omnipotent as so many thought her to be, nor was Jesus a child of god, rather he was simply a minor god who went to Earth for some amusement. She had greater powers than most gods, but she couldn’t simply make another god or goddess die, that required near impossible power that only a few had possessed. There had not been another with that power for more than six thousand years.

She often took the form of a beautiful woman. Her face out matched the most beautiful of models or actresses, her body was lean and muscular, but not unattractively so, her DD breasts sat upon her chest almost as though held up by an invisible bra with wonderfully succulent nipples, her waist was slim, and flared out into her hips, which tapered out into gorgeous long legs. Her alabaster skin had not a single imperfection to be seen, and her black fell down her back and over her concealed eye. The eye was her last resort, as it was forced upon her by one of the Dark Gods, who had the power to kill another god. That particular Dark God had been her father. It was this that she planned to use should Excetra put up a fight.

“Aperiostium, etvirtutem meamego praecipio tibi.” She chanted the ancient words, using a small portion of her power to open the gate into the mortal world. The spherical doorway appeared before her. She walked through it, into a land she had always observed.

Haley had crossed into a new town and was fucking three college girls, all now sporting EE breasts and bulges of her cock and/or tentacles. Just as she came her god’s voice yelled through her mind:

“SHE’S HERE!” The sudden yell made Haley jump, but she didn’t pull out as cum filled the three girls, expanding their wombs and making them cum hard as their ovaries were forced to relinquish all their eggs into their wombs at once. Once they were done Haley imbued them with a small amount of her strength so that they could walk. Only then did she ask what the god had meant.

“Deus… she is coming. Haley, when she comes here I will be non existent, you will have all my powers, but I will be in hiding. Do whatever you must to impregnate Deus and mould her mind to your own. I have great expectations of you.” With that her god was gone and she was left to think of how to seduce a goddess, one powerful enough to make her god run and hide. A small smile crept over her face as a plan began forming within her mind.


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