Satan’s Power by Zaman X – Non-Fiction

Writer; Zaman X

Subject: Satan’s Power

Link: MEWE / 14.01.2022

Satan’s Power

I serve at your pleasure to give you pleasure. Hail Lilith Queen of Lust! Embrace your Lusts! Revert to your Primal Self! Why do you fight it? To please others? How long will you deny yourself? You must be Brave! THIS IS WHAT YOU WERE BORN TO DO! Ask Lilith! Call out Lilith’s Name when you Cum! You will be Hers! Do Not Resist! Open Yourself to Her! You Shall finally be Free! And it will all be yours! Unless you try this you will never know! You will have the best Orgasm of your Life! Lead the Pious to Satan’s Lust! Hail Lusts and Perversions!

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