Satanic Fundamentalism by SatanWorshipper – Non-Fiction

Writer: SatanWorshipper

Subject: Satanic Fundamentalism

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Satanic Fundamentalism

To become a Catholic, the church says one has to go through a long, involved process (receiving the Three Sacraments, blah, blah, blah). Christian fundamentalists reject that approach and say that all you have to do to know Christ is to sincerely ask him to come into your heart and soul. Similarly, I frequently read on various Satanic blogs that to become a Satanist, one must go through elaborate rituals (light three black candles, get on your knees, say these three prayers to Him, blah, blah, blah). That’s a crock. Who makes that shit up?

I’m a Satanic fundamentalist. All you have to do to know the Dark Lord is to sincerely ask Him to take possession of your heart, mind and soul for eternity and pledge to serve and worship Him until the end of time. That’s it. Simple. Takes one minute. That’s how I did it and now I am fully possessed by my God Satan for ever-lasting-ness. Forget the elaborate rituals. Like me, become a Satanic Fundamentalist and get right to the point. Ave Satanas!

6 thoughts on “Satanic Fundamentalism by SatanWorshipper – Non-Fiction”

  1. I can not agree with you more. I went through my own ritual that was quite simple, but from the heart. I feel very close to Satan. Those many complex riutuals seem to me too much like Xtian, or other religions made up by man. I worship Satan the same way, in simple ways. It works best for me to be close to Satan

    1. Satan is my best friend and the most important thing in my life. He is with me constantly and anything I pray to Him to please give me, He does. Without fail. I not only love and worship Him, but I am IN love with Him. I love Him more than anything I have loved in my life: parents, family, wife, friends. And in return, He loves me for eternity. For as they say, Satan takes care of His people: His lovers, His disciples, His servants and most importantly, His worshippers. Ave Satanas!

  2. Everyone has his own way but the result is the same: be possessed by Satan, worship Him and be filled by Satanic Lust!

    1. Exactly. It’s up to you to decide the route you want to take to merge with Satan for eternity. I prefer the more direct path. The important thing is the merging of your soul with God, who is Satan Hail!

  3. Finally someone has spoken out reality Of course to those who want the pomp and circumstance, so to speak, then long, complicated rituals are important and should be pursued by them. However, the author of this post has spoken it like it is. Satan wants more followers and worshipers, and those he wants quickly to add to his horde of fucking cock and cunt slaves. There is no need to wait and enjoy the glorious filth offered to us (especially to us Christians). No one should feel insulted by this post–it simply offers an alternate way to live in true evil darkness. Frankly it is a true honor and privilege to adore and worship Satan and his big bold evil name. If you have wondered how to become part of Satan’s work, you now have another effective way.

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