Satan reaches out to each of us – Non-Fiction


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Feature Title: Satan reaches out to each of us

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Satan reaches out to each of us

Satan reaches out to each of us, seeking to open our minds to experience all that life has to give… challenging the morals and moralistic inhibitions that have limited our experiences and the true discovering of who we are.

To throw aside these inhibitions and allow our mind to enjoy the fullness of the knowledge that is there… the reality that pleasure is something to be sought and enjoyed and that depravity is not bad but something to be sought comes when we make our commitment to the satanic… a personal commitment… to enjoy the lusts before us and to see our bodies not only as the instrument for whereby we experience personal pleasures. we also give pleasure to others.

All forms of sexual depravity are before us to be examined and experienced. Every woman who follows Satan worships Satan with open arms, thighs and mouth.

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