Satan is Lord by Koruptdsoul – Non-Fiction

Writer: Koruptdsoul

Subject: Satan is Lord

Link: Tumblr / 04.05.2021

Satan is Lord

We scream out his infernal name so that it may echo into the halls of Hell and beyond. Let it ring out in defiance and devotion so it can be heard far and wide.

Fuck you Christian scum and fuck your God! No matter how hard you try, you will never break our indomitable will, our unholy spirit, our steely resolve nor our undying love for our Lord and Master. You can try to persecute, crucify and silence us all you want, but we will always stand strong in the face of adversity, fighting you every inch of the way. We will never succumb or fall victim to your false message, perverted faith or bullshit beliefs.

Your days are numbered Christian and your reign will soon come to an end. The dawn of a new age is vast approaching so be prepared to be nailed to the cross with your fucking useless lord as your cries for help fall onto deaf ears.

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