Feature Writer: StuffItInn


Published: 12.10.2020 / RELIGIOUS FETISH

Story Codes: Erotic Horror


It had been three weeks since I had my induction into Satanic sex with Carla and Alex. My god, what a glorious experience that had been. Getting fucked like that…betraying one of my friends…watching Carla work her magic. It was something I had never dreamed would happen; I was a good Christian woman of God…but not anymore. I had been reborn and had embraced my inner demon that longed to be free.

So what has happened in the last three weeks? Well, let me tell you…

After getting home that night, I found Rick and Tim in the living room watching TV. They both got to their feet to greet me…tension filled the air as they feared my wrath. I almost came right then and there when I felt the rush of power I had over them. I must have had a stern look on my face because neither of them dared say a word. As I stared at them, they both slowly lowered their heads in submission…I was getting wet. They had both at one time or another done this but I never considered the possibility of controlling them so easily. I was a caring and loving wife and mother; not anymore.

“I’ll be in my room. I don’t want to be bothered by either of you. Tim…you will be sleeping in the guest room. Rick…don’t even think about leaving this house until we’ve talked.”

“Yes, dear.” My lackluster husband responded.

“Ok, mom.” My equally pathetic son responded.

I wanted to demand they call me goddess or mistress, but I hadn’t the nerve at this point. Not to worry, they would learn their place soon enough. I spun on my heels and headed to MY room stopping only to grab a bottle of wine and a glass. The second I closed the door behind me, I got out my phone and started texting Carla.

S: That was the most thrilling thing I have ever done in my life.

C: It gets better. You can’t believe the feeling of pure evil in your heart.

S: I’m starting to realize that. Came home to find my soon to be cucked husband and pathetic son doing nothing as usual. They were very submissive when I got home.

C: LOL…the power of your sex will keep them in line while you plan. The ability to control the weak is so satisfying.

S: It is. How do I thank our lord Satan for releasing my from my shackles.

C: Do as thou will. He has granted you a great gift by awakening your desires. Thank him by corrupting and darkening the hearts within your former religion. WE shall do this together…I promise. We are sisters of an evil faith.

C: You are an expert pussy licker by the way!

I blushed a little…

S: Your pussy is too delicious to not do my best.

S: Thank you for guiding me and opening me up. I want to please you and our lord.

C: You will. We will. Go…indulge in your pleasure. I’ll text you in the next day or two.

C: Enjoy the pleasure, sweetie. It will only get better.

I was very wet as I read this. I was about to respond when Carla sent a picture to me of her sucking Alex’s dick. At least I assumed it was Alex’s. I saw it but didn’t study it as all I wanted was to feel it in me…in my mouth…in my pussy…in my ass. I reached down and began to rub my clit as I looked at my goddess’s succulent lips wrapped around that dick…it didn’t take me long to cum.

Deciding it was late, I headed to the bathroom to take a bath and enjoy my bottle of wine. Lighting some candles and drawing a warm sudsy bath, I slinked into the tub and enjoyed my new status in MY house. After my luxurious bath and having shaved everything that wasn’t on my head,I sat down at my vanity…a make over was needed.


My husband wasn’t totally worthless. He had a good job and made a lot of money. I’d never considered the finances I had at my disposal. Never thought of spending freely on myself. But times have changed. I spent the next few days getting a makeover. New hairdo (similar to Carla) spa treatments, and new clothes. I didn’t go all goth, but I did buy nicer clothes and certainly nicer and sexier bras and panties…not that I wanted to wear them a lot.

I had hardly spoken to the two worthless men in my house. I didn’t want to. Both had followed my every command in the couple days. This filled me with energy…I literally fed off their fear. In my new found freedom, I surfed the web quite a bit, not just porn as I had a lot of time to make up for, but also looking for property. How could I fulfill my desires without somewhere to do it. It didn’t take long to find what I was after so I contacted the realtor.

Dressed for success in a classy black pants suit, white blouse, and two-inch heels, I met with the realtor Ashley (who was quite the sex pot) and we headed out to the property. It was an old home that had been foreclosed on and was in quite a state of disrepair…perfect! Located on five acres, it was well isolated from the world and due to its status, cheap so hiding it from Tim would be easier. We entered the home and I started looking around making small talk with Ashley as I did.

“How long on the market?”

“Going on six months. This place has been impossible.”

“Why?” I asked but figured it was due to its state.

“Lots of folklore about this place. Allegedly it is haunted.”

Ashley’s 5’7” frame seemed a bit spooked by this. I placed my well manicured hand on her arm in a sign of comfort. My dominant demeanor seemed to comfort her and my black nail polish sparkled against her bare succulent skin…I was looking at her with new eyes and was liking what I saw.

“But anyway, this is the main floor. The upstairs and basement needs a lot more work.”

“Basement? I didn’t know. Can we have a look?”

“If you don’t mind, I’d rather stay up here.”

“No problem at all, dear.” She led the way and I took in the sight of her tight looking ass with delight. She opened the door and handed me a flashlight from the shelf just inside the door. As I made my way down the creaking stairs through the cob webs, I was already seeing potential.

Big open space with lots of beams and posts all made of wood. How delightful and easy it would be to build a dungeon or torture chamber. My breathing was getting quicker as my mind raced with ideas. I probably would have fingered my wet pussy if it hadn’t been for a rustling sound from behind some old boxes. My attention drawn, I moved closer.

As I did, a cat jumped from the box and darted out a broken window. It startled the shit out of me as I let out a small scream. I then heard Ashley at the top of the stairs.

“Are you alright, Samantha?”

“Yes. Just a cat that scared the shit out of me.” My heartbeat returning to normal, I then looked a little closer behind the box…kittens. Normally I would have been very kind to them, but I was startled, horny, and feeling a bit pissy at the interruption I just had. They couldn’t have been more than a few days old…helpless…motherless…easy prey.

I had to test my new beliefs…could I do it? As one of the kittens blindly worked it’s way out, I raised a leg, hesitating only for a moment, I let loose. The spike of my heel drove right through the skull…the crushing sound and guttural meow only fueled my lust. I twisted my foot down ensuring death, swinging my leg back and forth wildly as my pussy was wet as fuck. Hearing the sounds I thought would disgust me, it was actually getting me off. Pure power. Panting and placing a hand on the wall, I heard another sound behind me.

“What did you do?!” It was Ashley. She had a confused look on her face.

“Kittens…this one startled me and in the low light I just reacted in self defense!” I lied, but she seemed to buy it. I turned my attention back to the dead kitten as Ashley approached. She got up next to me and grabbed my hand, placing her sexy face on my arm she squeezed tightly.

“Is it dead?”

“I’m pretty sure it is.”

She turned her face away. I turned toward her and grabbed her face with my other hand. Looking deep into those beautiful blue/grey eyes of hers, I couldn’t help but feel her desire.

“Does it disgust you?”

“I don’t know…This place either gives me the creeps or turns me on…I’m not sure which.” We both sort of chuckled at this. I was highly charged right now. I leaned in and kissed her. I didn’t know if she was gay or not, but she didn’t resist. We sparred tongues for a few minutes and then I broke the kiss.

“Do you want to do it?”

“Do what?”

“Kill one of the kittens, dear?”

She almost looked startled, but I could see it…she wanted to try it.

“It’s easy dear…they’re too small to fight. Too small to do anything. You have the power.”

“I don’t know.”

I spun her around and had my body pressed to hers. Looking over her shoulder, feeling her entire succulent body, I simply told her what awaited her.

“Look at them Ashley. You are a sexy, beautiful woman who I’m sure has used that sexuality to get what she wants. Think of this as the next step. You control their fate. You control whether they live or die.”

She was breathing heavily and rocked her head back as I squeezed her tit and pinched her nipple. Kissing her neck she let out a slight moan.

“I don’t know if I can.”

Her statement was labored. She was rubbing herself at this point.

“Do it, dear. Do it and feel what real power is like.” Whispering into her ear was making me wet. I was smiling as I said it…corrupting her was intoxicating.

“I…I…I’m cumming!!!!” As she said it, her foot came down. Squish! Crunch!

I put my hand over the hand she had buried in her pussy. Yes…corruption was delicious!

“That’s it! Yes! Cum for your new mistress!” She tilted her head toward me and I kissed her deeply. She moaned into my mouth. I was wet and needing my pussy tented to. I started moving away from her and toward the stairs. While I was doing evil things, I was still a lady and dropping my panties in a dirty basement was not ladylike. I grabbed her hand and took her upstairs.

When we got there, I spun around and smiled evilly at Ashley. Never breaking eye contact, I dropped my pants and panties and pushed her to her knees.

“Kneel before me, my dear.”

Watching this sexpot drop to her knees in front of me was sexy as fuck. I was starting to drip from my pussy. I grabbed a handful of her blonde mane and shoved her mouth onto my clit.

“Get me off! I need to cum!”

I looked down at her with nothing but my pleasure on my mind. I wondered if she’d eaten pussy before because she was doing a fantastic job.

“Yes! Yes! Suck my clit! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! Fuck! Praise Satan!”

I pulled her face away and bent over to kiss her. Tasting my pussy on her tongue I was shaking from orgasmic bliss. Standing, I started putting myself back together. She knelt there breathless, makeup smeared, a satisfied look on her face.

“Did…did you just say ‘Praise Satan’?”

“I did dear.” She looked slightly confused. “How do you feel about that?”

“I’m confused. My upbringing says run, but the lesbian in me, and submissive, says stay.” She sort of chuckled.

“Oh, dear. You will stay. You know what we just did gave you more pleasure than you’ve ever experience.”


I walked to her, bent over and grabbed her chin.

“Yes, dear. I am your mistress.” The evil smile on my face must have been intense because I’d never felt so alive.

“We need to go. Get yourself presentable and let’s get a move on. We need to go to your place for the evening.”

“Yes, mistress.”

Looks like my night was going to be great.


We arrived at Ashley’s and barely got through the door before we were ripping each other’s clothes off. I was very aggressive…she was very submissive. Within an hour I had finger fucked her, broken her anal virginity with my tongue and fingers, spanked her velvety smooth ass and made it red, and even pissed in her mouth. I loved every depraved second of it; Ashley could stare in awe at me as I violated her every hole. I dozed off for a power nap only to be woken up with her tongue fucking my slit.

“Mmmm…very good my dear. You are truly an artist. Oh!” She just did something to me that made me Yelp.

“Moan once for yes and twice for no. Do you understand?”


“Very good, dear. Do you enjoy pleasing me?”


“Would you do anything for your mistress?”


So close to orgasm…

“Keep licking…almost there! Aaaahhhhh!” Another powerful one…I didn’t let Ashley stop.

“Keep eating, my dear. I want another…that’s delicious isn’t it?”


“Are you religious?”




“Do you believe god will give you what you want?”

“Mm Mm”

“Do you believe I will give you what you want?”


“Does it make you wet knowing I worship Satan?”


Bam! Another orgasm racked my body…this time I let her up.

“Do you have a strap on, my dear?”


“Well go get it, sweetie…you’re so cute when your so unsure.” I grinned at her knowing how this is exactly what she craves. Ashley brought back the nine inch strap on and I put it on. I’d never done this myself, but I was going to give it everything I had. I spun her around and bent her over sticking a finger in her wet twat.

“My my, you are wet aren’t you?”

“Yes, mistress.”

I lined up behind her after wetting the tip of my strap on with my pussy juice covered fingers. I lined up at her pussy hole but didn’t thrust forwards…she was swirling her delicious ass in circles inviting my fake dick in.

“Not yet, sweetie…first you must say it.”

“Please, mistress!”

Whack! I smacked her ass hard. “NO! Not please…you thank the god who gave you this pleasure.”

“Mmm…mmmm…mmm…thank….thank you, Satan!” I drove my dildo in hard. “Aaahhhh!”

“Yes my little slut! Your body is mine but your soul belongs forever in hell with our lord!” She came, but I didn’t stop.

“What will you do to feel this bliss again, my dear?”


“Would you fake my name on the purchase of the property?”


“Would you keep my name clear of all records?”


“Would you help me in doing evil…cruel…deviant things in that house?”

“Anything! Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!” She came again and so did I.

Fuck this was wonderful. This was all working out wonderfully. After our fuck session, Ashley and I talked a little about what she would need from me and how we could hide my name from the purchase. She was proving to be a good little slut. I gathered

my things, cleaned myself up and headed home. When I got there, I was greeted by two very submissive “men” who were waiting on me hand and foot and catering to all my whims and needs. This is truly how it should be…I couldn’t wait to get started on these two losers.