Feature Writer: StuffItInn

Feature Title: Samantha’s Rebirth 1

Published: 14.06.2020

Story Codes: Religious Fetish


Samantha’s Rebirth 1

I couldn’t believe it. He got his ass kicked again only this time it was at college. What the hell was I going to do with my son who can’t seem to man up. His father is no help; he’s just as big a pushover as his son. Tim, my husband, is a computer programmer for a big company and pretty high up on the food chain, so he has a lot of money but I’m sure he’d probably be dead by now since he can’t protect himself at all. Rick, my son, is just as flimsy. My hope was that this bullying would stop when he got to college; it hadn’t.

I was distraught, pissed, sad, crying, and the end of my rope with the two men in my life. I didn’t know what to do. Tim wanted to pay for protection for Rick; I did not. We had a huge fight and Rick cried and Tim shut down. Tim and I, after 20 years of marriage and not even in our forties yet, had been drifting apart for a little while. Tim was at work a lot and I found solace in my church and some friends. Problem was, I thought Rick would grow up and his weakness wouldn’t be a problem…how wrong I was. So, I left the house and drove to the church hoping to find some peace.

Sitting in a pew near the back of the church, I thought I was alone but then I heard someone behind me.

“Mrs. Koller?” Startled, I turned around and was met with the beaming smile of my friend Heather’s daughter. Carla was definitely a beautiful young woman about fifteen years younger than me.

“Carla! You startled me. I thought I was here alone.” I smiled back. Carla could tell I was upset and she sat down next to me taking my hand and offering friendship.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s…it’s complicated.” I really didn’t want to get into it. “Why are you here?” I was truly puzzled. It was about 5 o’clock on a Sunday and church had been over for a few hours now.

“Doing the work of my Lord.” Carla had a slight smile on her face as she looked up at the cross at the front of the church. I followed her gaze and fought back tears.

“Please, Mrs. Koller. Tell me what’s troubling you.” I looked back at Carla and couldn’t help but confide in those radiant eyes. I’m in no way lesbian, but Carla was truly a beauty.

I forced a simple smile. “Please, call me Samantha. And, I don’t know if I’m ready to talk about it.” I sort of dropped my eyes and looked down.

“Samantha, you seem like you need some relief. I was just about to go home but I didn’t drive today as I rode to church with mom. How about you take me back to my place and have a glass of wine with me…sort of take the edge off a little.” She beamed that smile again at me…i couldn’t really say no.

So, we climbed into my car and headed to her place. We drove in relative silence as Carla called out turns here and there to get to her place. We got there and headed in. Carla got a bottle of wine out and asked me to open it while she went and changed her clothes. So I poured a couple glasses and took a seat in her modest living room. I think I drank half my glass by the time Carla came into the living room. Once again, I’m not a lesbian, but Carla was stunning in a short pair of shorts and tight tank top. Her legs were silky looking, stomach taught, and breasts that seem to defy gravity as well as reality. It was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra but her breasts were still high and firm looking. Oh to be 25 again… She plopped down on her couch next to me, grabbed her glass and smiled at me.

“So what’s up, Samantha? What’s going on?” I couldn’t resist any longer and just blurted out my frustrations with my son and husband. She was very consoling and concerned as I spoke. The more the wine flowed the more I talked. The more I talked, the more I divulged. It felt good to get it out but I wanted to change the subject.

“Anyway, enough about my problems. I don’t want to bother you with such trivial things. What about you? A young sexy woman like yourself…have a boyfriend?”

Carla smiled, “Not a boyfriend, but I have a man in my life as well as a few other prospects.” She said this as she grinned and drank some more wine.

“Why were you at the church so late?”

“I stay after services to help out with the church.” She took a deep breath and stretched her back. Had I been a man, I would have been hurting. As a straight woman, I was taken aback by her jutting chest. It was amazing and drew my attention. What really caught my eye though was her necklace. The cross that was on there was upside down. She continued, “I just feel I have to do my Lord’s work. It’s a calling if you will.”

Gazing at the vast, cavernous cleavage is lazily said “Your cross is upside down.” She looked down at it.

“So it is. Does it bother you?” She had a little smile on her face as she asked. Being a christian I understood the meaning of an upside-down cross. I wasn’t terribly offended but it was confusing as she seemed to really be into the church. She also made no attempt to fix it.

“Not really…but isn’t that a sign of the devil?” I sort of chuckled and took a drink of wine.

“Yes. It is.” She continued to watch me but made no attempt to adjust it. For the first time, I was beginning to feel a little uncomfortable.

“Shouldn’t you fix it?” Again, she made no move to do so.

“Would you like me to? Tell you what! Give me an honest answer to my next question and I’ll fix it.” What was this game. I took another drink and said ok.

“Has your God given you the pleasures you seek in your life?”

As she said it, she grabbed the cross and put the end of it between her lips…absent-mindedly sucking on it, still grinning at me. I looked down at the floor and could only give my honest answer.

“No.” Carla sat up and moved a little closer to me. Then she lowered her voice a little.

“So why do you pray to him? What has he given you? A husband in a marriage where you are without love and sex. A son who can’t protect himself. Don’t you want more out of life?”

I was still looking at the floor. “Yes.”

She inched closer, her breast rubbing my arm a little. “You’re a sexy woman with a lot of fire in your soul. You deserve to feel pleasure.” Closer still. “Think of all the pleasure you have denied yourself. Do you believe God will give you that? My guess, he wants you to continue to suffer in misery.” Closer.

I looked up at her. Those eyes, that smile. “What are you saying?”

“I’m saying that you, Sam, are a woman who deserves more. Who is entitled to more. Who has suffered enough. Do you think you’ve suffered enough?”

I could only nod yes. Our faces so close. Her smile and eyes blocking out the rest of the world. So close. I nearly jumped off the couch when she placed her hand on my thigh but all I could do was breath more heavily. I tried to lighted the tension and jokingly asked “What are you proposing? That I worship Satan?” I feigned laughter.

This was a dangerous place for me to be. I wasn’t an extremely devout christian, but I wasn’t exactly a passive one. The use of “god damn” or “hell” or even “Jesus-Fucking-Christ” had all blurted from my mouth from time to time. But turning my back on a religion that had been ever present in my life was something that never entered my mind. At the same time, I wasn’t discounting the option.

“Possibly. What would you say if I said I worshiped Satan?” Hear face was close to mine though by now I had been looking down at her hand on my thigh. And that hand was working its way up my leg. I could feel her breath on the side of my face.

“So, what? Am I supposed to start sacrificing baby kittens?” Once again, I sort of chuckled.

“If that makes you happy. Satan doesn’t judge you for doing what comes naturally to you. Do what brings pleasure to your life. For me, nothing brings me more pleasure than making the weak suffer while I plan the utter destruction of their life. This is who I am and Satan does not judge me for who I am…you can have this too.” Her voice was low and husky at this point and my upper arm was snuggly between her breasts. Her fingers only centimeters from my crotch. Her lips millimeters from my ear…her breath, hot. As she finished her sentence, her lips touched my ear. Like I said, I’m not gay. But having this young beautiful woman so close to me, touching me like she was, was beginning to get me wet. I still kept my head down but wasn’t moving away.

“What is it that gives you pleasure, Sam?” Her breath on my ear was intoxicating. I’ll say it again, I’m not gay, but anyone would have a hard time turning away a woman as beautiful as Carla.

“I…I don’t know.” I moaned a little as her finger tip touched my clitoris. “I’ve never thought about it.”

“Open your heart to Satan, Sam. He’s waiting for you to embrace him. Search the deepest, darkest parts of your heart. What is it that brings you pleasure?” She flicked a finger across my clitoris again.

“AAAAHHHHH….I don’t know!” I almost screamed it out.

“You do, Sam. Search your heart. What deviant things brings you unbridle pleasure?” She was beginning to touch my clitoris more now. I hadn’t been touched like this for many years.

“Power?” I only moaned.

“Control?” Another moan.

“Torture?” I moaned very loud.

“Yes. Torturing weak people…” She left the statement hanging and I turned my face toward her finally. She was grinning at me with a sadistic spark in her eye. “Weak people like your son or husband?” My mouth opened wide as a wave of ecstasy washed over me. I was orgasming at the thought of torturing my son and husband. Was I a freak? Was I crazy? I was overwhelmed with emotions at this point as I was basically engaged in a lesbian encounter right now with what I thought was a devout christian. I had to be dreaming.

“You feel it, don’t you? That pleasure you feel is the joy of Satan. The power of my Lord!”

I finally turned my face toward hers. She kissed me ever so gently. Our lips slightly open. The taste of wine as I tentatively began to stick my tongue out. I met Carla’s tongue and it was electric. I placed a hand on her face and began to kiss more deeply. Carla didn’t resist, she simply kissed me back deeply as she began to work her hand in my crotch a little harder. I responded by spreading my legs a little more and leaning back on the couch. Carla let me lay back but sat up a little telling me she liked to watch my face as I came. She was determined to get me off again.

“Do you feel it, Sam? Do you feel Satan entering you?” Her hand was beginning to work its way into my underwear. I didn’t fight it because my vagina was very wet. “I consider myself the hand of the devil.” She was grinning down at me as she said this. “Would you like to feel Satan enter your pussy?” Pussy? I never used that word but given what I was doing, it was appropriate. I could only nod confirmation.

“I want to hear you say it, Sam. I want you to tell me to put Satan’s finger in your wet pussy. Tell me you want Satan in you.” She looked drunk with control, her eyes shining in evil delight.

“I…I want….”

“Want what?”

“I want…SataAAAAAAAHHHHH!” I came again. Carla only grinned at me. This was all crazy but I could tell I wanted more.

“Say it, Sam. Say it and be free of the shackles of christianity and feel this bliss every day.” Carla was loving this.

“I want…I want Satan…in my p…pussy!” At that moment, Carla shoved two fingers in my pussy. I was so wet she could have shoved anything in there. Her hand cupped my clitoris and I was getting wetter.

“Feel that? That is the pleasure of Satan. The pleasure of the devil.” I was looking up at this beautiful woman and she came down and kissed me hard. Our tongues swirled and tangled. I was getting closer and was moaning into Carla’s mouth. She broke the kiss.

“Cum for me? Come for your new Lord? Cum for fuck sake!” I did. Hard. I thought I peed as I gushed all over Carla’s hand. As I slowly came down off the biggest orgasm of my life, I could only laugh.

“My my…a squirter. How wonderful!” Carla pulled her hand out from between my legs and licked some of my discharge off her hand, looking into my eyes with those gorgeous pools of sin that were her eyes. She said nothing and put her fingers in my mouth. I’d never tasted myself before but figured I’d gone this far, why the hell not. I sucked some of my juice off her fingers. After I cleaned her hand a little, she stood up and told me to follow her. I did and we walked into her bedroom. Never having looked at a woman sexually before, I took in the sight of her ass and legs as she strode into her room; very sexy…


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