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Sacred Places of Babalon/Lilith

As the Queen of Hell and the ancient goddess of many paradoxical things, Babalon has several types of places which share parts of her energy. This information can be used for worship and devotion if you wish, it can be used for various rituals to contact her majesty as well. Keep in mind that Babalon can be invoked anywhere, though places such as these will surround you with her presence and help you better understand her.

The Crossroads
In her aspect as a Witch Mother, Babalon can be summoned for works of magic and for workings with demons. She is highly knowledgeable of the craft (especially the Black Arts) and rules over all things frightening and unwanted. Call upon her for curses only when absolutely necessary, for her vengeance is swift and her bite venomous.

Deserts/Sand Dunes
Before she became known as Babalon or Lilith, The Queen was worshiped as Inanna within Mesopotamia. To this day, she continues to protect the lands of the Middle East, which are sacred and beloved to her. Her realm of Hell where she lives alongside her husband, Lucifer is a desert as well. Because of this, deserts are very much connected with Babalon and she can be felt within both their warmth and harshness.

Brothels/Strip Clubs
As a goddess of love, sex, and beauty, Babalon’s intoxicating energy can strongly be felt within places such as these. Not to mention that she is the patroness and protector of sex workers as well.

Babalon reigns over both violent and peaceful deaths, as The Mother is capable of both soothing and destroying. Should you enter a graveyard to work with her or to request her assistance regarding necromancy, be certain that you treat the spirits therein with respect.

As the great Queen of War and Combat, Babalon’s untamed and destructive energy can be felt lingering within these places. Allow her to fill you with the strength you need to take on all your battles; she is an honourable warrior and will not leave you to struggle on your own. Though she is also wrath and fury and can be invoked for vengeance or justice, should you need her.

Flower Gardens
A more gentle and peaceful aspect of Babalon is the side which reigns over love and beauty. The Mother is very fond of all things lovely to the eyes and is known to adore flowers, especially roses. Meet her within gardens to be surrounded with her warm embrace and to seek her comfort.

Allow these places to become your temples for her.

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