Raise them – Non- Fiction

Writer: Koruptdsoul

Subject: Raise them

Link: Tumblr / 13.05.2021 / Reposted by Koruptdsoul

Raise them 

Show the world who we are and what we stand for. This grand gesture not only defines our personal philosophy and way of life, but it symbolizes our deep physical and spiritual connection to our majestic Father. Regardless of how you raise the horns lest it be in; worship, support, pride, celebration or in defiance or rebellion against all things holy, just raise them high for all to see and demonstrate your love and commitment to our glorious Lord and Master.

8 thoughts on “Raise them – Non- Fiction”

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    1. HI Ray, well said, Christ did say, send the children to me, for they are the keys to the kingdom of heaven, or hell, to lust perversion and depraved desires. May we teach them the pathway to Satan, and the joys of lust depraverty and perversions.

  2. Such blasphemy.

    It so turns me on.
    May we teach them young the paths and ways of Satan.
    Hail Blasphemy Hail Satan Hail Lilith

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