Feature Writer: ptpl_guy

Feature Title: QUEEN OF PARADISE 4

Published: 28.08.2018

Story Codes: Shemale

Synopsis: Couple checks in seashore resort and get lots of surprises / Maria and Michelle’s adventure continue


Queen of Paradise 4

Michelle knocked on Miss Stephanie’s door. “Its open” was the response and Michelle walked in. Miss Stephanie walked out of the bathroom dressed only in a hotel robe which was open in the front. Michelle was still amazed by how beautiful this woman was and how out of place the cock between her legs seemed.

“Oh, my poor baby, what have they done to you?” She exclaimed.

Michelle stood there with her piss and cum soaked wig in one hand and the soaking wet lingerie in the other. The makeup was gone as were the eyelashes and lipstick. The beautiful crossdresser she had created such a short time ago was no more. She took the wig and clothes from him and led him into the bathroom.

“Oh, my dear Michelle this is all my fault. I’m so sorry.” Miss Stephanie said with the best fake compassionate voice she could muster. “What have they done to my beautiful new girlfriend?” she cried.

Michelle explained to Miss Stephanie the cocksucking, pussy eating, male and female ejaculations in his mouth, and finally the piss mop he was turned into. He said these things with such childish lack of understanding of what had and is happening to him that Miss Stephanie had a hard time not laughing out loud.

“So wait a minute, your wife saw you sucking my cock and got so excited that she had to go fuck Mark?” Miss Stephanie questioned.

“Its worse than that,” Michelle started “Not only did she see me sucking your cock; she saw your tremendous orgasm, saw my face being splattered with your cum, and finally your pumping cum down my throat.”

“Oh, honey that’s ok,” Miss Stephanie added comfortingly.

“No No it’s not, they both heard me begging for your cock and every cock on the Jersey Shore,” Michelle cried in desperation.

“But you were just acting, playing a part for the contest tonight,” she reminded.

“They didn’t see it that way, they think of me as some kind of cum crazed sissy faggot,” Michelle quipped.

“No No No my sweet Michelle, I told you women get just as excited seeing homosexual acts as men do seeing lesbian sex.” Miss Stephanie said with some authority. “You should be very happy that you have such an understanding wife. Not many men in your position would,” she added.

“What do you mean?” Michelle asked.

“Well, when you first walked into your room and saw your wife fucking another man what did you feel?” she asked.

Michelle replied, “well, at first I was shocked, then I was angry, and then I was embarrassed,” was Michelle’s reply.

“Embarrassed? Why on earth would you have been embarrassed?” Miss Stephanie demanded.

“Because they both saw me sucking your cock and eating your cum,” was the reply.

“So let me get this straight, you get your wife turned on so much that she has to immediately satisfy her sexual need,” Miss Stephanie asked with incredulity. “And you’re embarrassed about this? “Most men take pride in turning their wife on,” she added.

“But it was how I turned her on that I’m embarrassed about,” Michelle added to try and strengthen his position.

“For Christ’s sake Michelle you didn’t even know she was there,” she added with a bit of forcefulness now. “Let me ask you this; at any point in time did you get turned on by seeing your wife fucking another man?” Miss Stephanie asked in a rather clinical manner.

Michelle hesitated for a bit. His face turned a little flush as he meekly answered “yes.”

“Ok, good, that’s a normal human response to seeing sexual activity. When did you first get excited?” she asked.

Michelle again hesitated, his face a little more flush, “almost as soon as I walked in the door,” he said almost with embarrassment.

Miss Stephanie smiled. “Oh, honey see how normal you are!” she stated compassionately. “Did you get to cum?” was the followup.

“Afterwards in the shower,” Michelle replied.

“Oh, honey I’m sorry, that’s too bad.” Miss Stephanie comforted with.

“Oh, no, no, it wasn’t like that. My wife and I showered together,” he replied.

“How sweet, that must have been very romantic, the two of you together and naked after your threesome,” she said with envy.

“It was very romantic,” he replied.

“Tell me. Tell me.” Miss Stephanie squealed.

Michelle explained how his wife stood behind him and lathered his whole body with this incredible soap and how every part of his body tingled. When she massaged his cock and balls the tingle just drove him crazy. As she did this she began whispering in his ear how incredibly turned on she got seeing me for the first time as Michelle.

“Oh God Michelle I can just imagine,” Miss Stephanie panted.

Michelle continued to explain how his wife was absolutely mesmerized by the sight of her crossdressed husband on his knees sucking the cock of such a beautiful transsexual. She really did not see her husband. It was some beautiful female creature sucking the cock of another beautiful female creature.

“We do make a nice couple,” Miss Stephanie quipped with a smile. “Tell me more. Tell me more,” she demanded.

Michelle continued to explain how his wife just absolutely lost her mind when Miss Stephanie ejaculated. It was the most extraordinary site to see her lingerie-clad husband getting covered in massive amounts shemale jizz. And to top it off she heard him begging for it like some cheap boardwalk whore.

“Oh God that was so hot Michelle!” Miss Stephaine blurted. “That’s when I would have cum too,” exclaimed Miss Stephanie. “I told you women get off watching men suck cock!”

Michelle lowered his eyes and quietly stated, “no I didn’t cum then.”

“What?” Miss Stephanie demanded. “What’s wrong with you? When did you cum?” she again demanded.

“I came when she told me how good it felt to have Mark pumping cum into her pussy and having my mouth two inches away,” he said softly.

Miss Stephanie smiled. “Well of course. I see. That makes perfect sense.”

“What do you mean,” Michelle asked?

“It’s simple Michelle. Your wife has an orgasm when she sees you giving another person an orgasm and you have an orgasm when you see her orgasming another person. It’s as clear as day,” she explained.

“Whats clear as day? I’m confused,” Michelle replied.

“Oh silly girl, you. Your wife seeing you sucking a man’s cock turned her on to the point of needing an orgasm. As I told you it would. And now, you have an orgasm when she tells you how much she loved another man cumming inside of her.” Miss Stephanie explained with such simplicity.

Michelle sat in silence for a moment. Miss Stephanie could see the wheels turning in his head. He was trying to rationalize recent events. Miss Stephanie recognized this and reacted quickly.

“Don’t you see? The two of you are the perfect couple! You were meant for each other. You compliment each other! You are a very special couple.” Miss Stephanie insisted.

Michelle was still silent. Miss Stephanie was hoping that he was not focusing on the fact that Mark was a hunk of a man with an enormous cock that any woman would instantly spread their legs for. As opposed to him who was quite a sissy of a man dressed in woman’s clothes, sucking cock and begging to do all the cock’s on the Jersey Shore.

Miss Stephanie moved closer to Michelle and put her arm around him. “It’s all ok baby, trust me,” she said.

Michelle looked up at Miss Stephanie not knowing what to do or say. Miss Stephanie leaned in and gave him a gentle kiss on the lips and whispered to him “what’s wrong baby, tell me.” She moved directly in front of him and kissed him again. She was close enough that their cocks briefly touched through their open robes. “Don’t be embarrassed,” she added.

Michelle finally spoke, “It’s not that I am embarrassed.”

“What is it then babydoll, what’s wrong,” she asked again.

Michelle hesitated for a moment and finally said “it’s just when they pissed on me. Well, I kinda felt cheap or they had no respect for me.”

Miss Stephaine drew him close now. He could feel her breasts on his chest and their cocks were now touching. She put his head on her shoulder and gently whispered in his ear “oh baby, I’m so sorry. That is in no way your fault. It’s all mine.” She breathed a silent sigh of relief. If all he was worried about was being a piss mop she could fix that quickly.

“Your fault? What are you saying?” was his instant reply.

“Remember when I said it’s your lover’s complete right to ejaculate anywhere they want? Mouth, Face, Tits, body, essentially anywhere they want,” she asked.

“Yes,” he said, clearly not understanding where she was going with this.

“For girls like us, we are expected to treat piss just as we would treat any other liquid our lovers would care to treat us with,” she said.

“Girls like us?” Michelle questioned.

“Yes, honey, girls like us. Our men expect us to be fuck whores, cum sluts and piss mops,” she stated matter of factly. Miss Stephanie could see that Michelle was not quite ready to accept that kind of description of himself and decided to approach the topic a different way. “Have you and your wife ever dabbled in water sports?” she asked; figuring a gentler term for piss mop might calm him down.

“Well yes, we did,” he answered.

“More than once?” she questioned in an attempt to establish the normalcy of piss pay.

“Yes, lots of times,” he answered thinking that he was establishing the intimate nature of his and Maria’s sex life.

“Oh, how nice. And who would initiate this part of your intimacy,” she questioned.

“Maria did the first time, I can still remember it. I had just finished eating my cum from her pussy and she said she had a surprise for me,” he recalled.

“Oh, that sounds so hot,” Miss Stephanie exclaimed furthering her effort to relax Michelle.

“Yeah, From the position she put herself in I thought she was going to ejaculate in my mouth. Boy, was I wrong,” he stated.

“I can just picture it now.” Miss Stephanie stated with false envy.

“It took a second for me to realize what was happening. I am used to her squirting in my mouth so it wasn’t until I started gulping that I realized that the liquid streaming down my throat was urine.” Michelle stated.

“Oh wow, me too!” Miss Stephanie exclaimed. She was trying to sympathize with him but in fact, was lying through her teeth. Her first time she had been in high school and a group of football players jammed a dental spreader in her mouth and the whole team filled her belly with beer piss.

“I was so startled that I jumped and Maria’s urine stream soaked my body and the rest of the bed,” Michelle continued.

Michelle went on to explain that Maria felt so embarrassed and ashamed of what she had done that she started to cry. He comforted his wife and explained that it was just the unexpectedness of what had happened that made him jump.

“So you were ok with what I did? It was just the unexpected nature that made you jump?” he remembered her asking at the time.

“Yes, baby.” was his reply to her. He recalled that he had taken her into his piss soaked arms and comforted his wife.

“I won’t do it again.” his wife whispered in his ear.

“No, No baby. I love you and everything we do together. I know we had talked about doing this and now that I look back it was actually a bit of a turn on,” he stated to her that first time in an effort to console his wife. He lied, it didn’t really turn him on, but it didn’t turn him off either.

“I promise baby I will warn you in the future,” he remembered her saying with a devilish little smile on her face. Michelle praised himself silently for his quick thinking and diffusing the situation at the time. Maria hugged her husband and thought to her self “I’ve got you now!”

After Miss Stephanie heard that recollection it was perfectly clear to her where she needed to lead the conversation with Michelle. “So it wasn’t cheap or a sign of disrespect with your wife, just unexpected that first time right?” she asked.

“Yes, I love my wife and we had talked about it in bed. I knew we would experiment with it in the future. I just expected it to be a mutual decision when it happened,” Michelle explained.

“And I guess you made this part of your regular sex life?” was her next question.

“Yes, very infrequent at first but became more frequent as time went on,” was his answer.

“And you both pissed on each other, took turns or something like that?” she continued.

“Well, Maria pissed on me more than I pissed on her,” he stated.

“Oh, any reason for that?”

“Well, Maria only like me to piss on her pussy after I had filled it with my cum.” was his reply. “And after a while, she would piss on me almost as much as she would ejaculate on me,” he added.

“That’s great Michelle! You’re a very lucky couple. So much in tune with each other’s needs,” Miss Stephanie praised. “And there was no feeling of disrespect or cheapness between the two of you right? I mean how could there be? It became a regular part of your sex life right?” she finished with.

Michelle thought to himself, pondering the logic of what Miss Stephanie just said. The way she had laid it out there was only one answer possible. “No,” was his soft reply.

“So let me ask you this baby, why did you feel cheap and disrespected back in your room?” she posed.

Michelle fell silent. She was trying to come up with an answer that wouldn’t contradict what she felt in her heart and had admitted to Miss Stephanie. Sensing this Miss Stephanie offered “was it because of a man pissing in your mouth?”

Michelle thought Miss Stephanie had just given him a way out. A rationalization for his prior statement. “Ye…” he started.

Before he could get the word “yes” out Miss Stephanie cut him off. “Because that would not make sense. You have already drunk male piss, namely, your own. You have already lapped up cum and piss out your wife’s pussy, namely your own,” she stated firmly.

“Well.” Michelle started.

Again Miss Stephanie interrupted, “you better not say the difference was that it was Mark’s piss and not your own.”

“Well, it was!” Michelle cried.

“Oh, my dear, sweet, silly girl. I understand now,” Miss Stephanie said as she pulled Michelle close to her. As Miss Stephanie sat the two of them down on the edge of the tub she made sure her robe accidentally fell to the floor. “Do you remember our conversation earlier about water being water no matter what fountain or faucet you drink it from?” she asked softly.

Michelle thought for a moment. Recalling the conversation comparing drinking water to swallowing cum. “Yes,” he said softly, beginning to realize where this conversation was going.

“Good girl,” she said with a smile. Michelle somewhat smiled back as Miss Stephanie continued, “for girls like us we should look at it as a faucet can deliver milk or lemonade. Understand?”

There it was again, “girls like us” for some reason Michelle was getting stuck on this term. When he and his wife enjoyed watersports he was never referred to as a girl. It was just part of their intimacy that they included. Miss Stephanie sensed this.

“Listen to me, Michelle. I live my life now, 24×7, as a transsexual woman. When I am with a man they are in charge and I happily submit to them. You, on the other hand, are spending this weekend, or at least tonight as a transvestite. To the men around us, it makes no difference what a particular girl’s situation is. They expect all of us to act the same. So get passed the term “girl” when I refer to us. Got it?” Miss Stephanie demanded as she put her hand on Michelle’s exposed thigh.

Michelle lowered her eyes, leaned his head into Miss Stephanie’s shoulder and softly said, “yes.”

“That’s my girl,” she said as she lifted his head with one hand and gently and softly kissed him on the lips while gently moving her hand to his inner thigh. “Michelle can I propose something to you that might help with how you felt earlier in your room,” she asked?

“Please do,” Michelle said softly.

“Ok, now bear with me. You drink your own piss and cum, you drink your wife’s piss and ejaculate, so therefore by the faucet analogy, there is no difference between that piss and cum and Mark’s piss and cum. Follow so far?” she asked. “Except that Mark is a fire hydrant,” she added trying to be funny but serious.

Michelle knew the answer was, according to the analogy he had agreed to earlier that the answer was there was no difference. He shook his head in agreement and whispered, “yes.”

“Oh good babydoll,” she exclaimed as she moved her hand casually up his inner thigh. Miss Stephanie knew full well that Michelle was now being distracted by her hand moving closer to his cock and his focus was shifting away from the intellectual argument being presented and more toward an expectation of the physical.

“So stick with me now Michelle. You didn’t feel cheap or disrespected when you first walked in on Mark and your wife fucking right?” she clarified as she cupped his balls.

“No” was his response.

“Right because you showed off the girl I had turned you into and joined them in their sexual romp. And you didn’t feel cheap or disrespected when Mark came in your wife’s pussy because you had lapped your own cum out of her pussy. So, by the faucet rule, there was…” she asked him.

Michelle knew the answer, knew he had to say it, and matter of factly stated: “there is no difference between Mark’s cum and my own.”

Miss Michelle pulled his head to her lips, kissed him and as she proudly stated “exactly!” squeezed as hard as she could. Michelle let out a shriek and jumped as his balls were painfully squeezed.

He turned to face Miss Michelle and started to say “What the …” but Miss Michelle had her hand at the back of his neck and pulled him to her and kissed him square on the lips. Michelle resisted the tongue at first but as Miss Stephanie eased her grip on his balls he quickly relented and felt his cock stiffen.

“No. No. No. Stick with me Michelle this is important. Just as the first time you were pissed on by your wife you were surprised and unprepared. And just as you were surprised and unprepared as I just squeezed your balls. I propose what happened to you with Mark and your wife as far as the piss goes is that you were shocked and unprepared,” she stated emphatically!

Michelle was thinking about it. It was difficult to focus though as Miss Stephanie was lightly but deliberately stroking his cock. “Would you participate in a threesome with them again now knowing the watersports could be involved?” she posed.

It never ceased to amaze Miss Stephanie how easily weak minded men can so easily be led to ignore logic and the obvious when all a girl had to do was start playing with their cock. This one was no different, his stiff cock was doing the thinking and talking now. “Yes I think I would,” he said.

“Think you would?” Miss Stephanie screamed as her grip began to tighten on his erect cock.

“Yes, Yes definitely I would!” he exclaimed.

Miss Stephanie pulled Michelle to her again and french kissed him. No hesitation on Michelle’s part this time. Miss Stephanie thought to herself as the saying of an old tv sports show “the joy of victory and the agony of defeat” played in her mind only Michelle did not know just how defeated he was.

Miss Stephanie broke off the kiss and stated matter of factly that it was her fault and that she had not piss trained Michelle properly. Since Michelle had said definitely she would be a piss mop for his wife and Mark Miss Stephanie would now train her. Michelle’s cock now had precum on it when Miss Stephanie offered, “I’ll demonstrate to you what to expect from piss encounters, OK?”

“What do you mean?” Michelle asked.

“You are going to drink some water, we will get in the tub, you will piss on me and I will show you how girls like us handle piss.” Miss Stephanie said with the biggest smile as she got up and left Michelle’s cock alone.

Miss Stephanie led both of them into the shower and Miss Stephanie dropped to her knees. “Now there are only a handful of ways to deal with piss. One, drink it all down trying to spill none. Two, let your mouth fill up and swallow. Although you will miss all the nectar while your mouth is closed. So, if you are using this method try and swallow as quickly as possible. Are you with me Michelle?” she asked.

“Yes I’m with you,” Michelle answered immediately. Not necessarily because she was but Miss Stephanie was stroking his cock just enough to keep it hard.

“Third, if you are allowed to not have to drink the piss you can just let your mouth fill up and overflow and expunge as you see fit to fill up again. Lastly, if you are allowed to keep your mouth shut then just think of the piss stream as a showerhead. Use your hands and rub the piss all over the front of you like its some kind of miracle water. Got it?” she asked as she gave a quick hard stroke to his penis and a wink that Michelle, in his own mind, understood to mean his cock would get more attention later.

“Got it!” Michelle chimed.

“Good and when you are running out of piss I will show you my signature move,” she said with a sly smile.

While Michelle was drinking cups of water, Miss Stephanie asked him, “What watersport technique did you use when your wife pissed on you?”

“I didn’t really have a choice,” was his response.

“What do you mean you didn’t have a choice?” was the followup.

Michelle replied, “Well Maria would usually straddle my face and while I was eating my cum from her pussy she would start peeing. So I needed to drink it as fast as possible otherwise she would aim for my nose.”

“Oh, I see, so you should be an expert at method one,” she stated.

“Yes I guess so since that’s all I get to do,” he said with a half laugh.

“Oh that’s great, so going forward you should have no problem with Mark’s fire hose of a cock and fire hydrant streams of piss,” Miss Stephanie stated as a matter of fact. “Isn’t your bladder full yet? You must have a huge store of piss for me to take,” she added eagerly.

Michelle stood there in the shower, his semi-erect cock in his hands. Miss Stephanie was on her knees, hands were on her thighs and her mouth was wide open.

“Well?” she said to Michelle. Michelle had been hesitating but when he heard this beautiful woman with a cock instruct him to piss on her his bladder just let go.

Miss Stephanie took the piss stream like a champ. She started with the last technique first. The way she sensually caressed her body with piss reminded Michelle of a Calgon bath oil commercial. Michelle thought she was enjoying it so much that if he handed her a bar of soap she would lather her body and use the piss stream to cleanse her.

Michelle was just as impressed with the manner in which Miss Stephanie handled the other watersport scenarios. She was a pro. She drank piss as easily as a person would drink water. It started to turn him on. The way Miss Stephanie knelt there with her mouth open and tongue out reminded him of a Catholic school girl kneeling to receive communion.

Michelle’s piss stream started to weaken. He looked down at Miss Stephanie and she gave him a big smile. As his stream weakened her mouth followed the stream bringing her ever closer to his cock. It was clear to him what was going to happen. He couldn’t run out of piss fast enough. The closer her lips got to his cock the bigger her smile was.

Before his stream turned to a dribble Miss Stephanie engulfed his semi-rigid cock. It amazed him how this woman could start giving him a blowjob and drink his piss at the same time. Michelle was in heaven. The two kept direct eye contact until he exploded down Miss Stephanie’s throat, for the second time that day.

Miss Stephanie kept his cock in her mouth as it quickly went limp. She stood, pulled him to her lips and kissed him, deeply. Her mouth was full of his cum and remnants of his urine. Her transsexual body was wet with his piss. He didn’t care, his mind was elsewhere.

Michelle was snapped back to reality when Miss Stephaine took his hand. Led it to one of her beautifully large hormonal breasts and squeezed and whispered in his ear “isn’t this just wonderful baby?”

“Oh god.” was all he could get out.

“That’s how girls like us need to be,” she again whispered.

Michelle was weak in the knees by this point. The feel of her piss soaked body tightly held against his own, the taste of his own cum and piss coming from Miss Stephanie’s mouth was magical, he was completely consumed in the moment. He could not answer. As the two held the embrace, Michelle could fell Miss Stephanie’s cock grow hard. He looked her in her eyes, smiled, and slowly began to drop to his knees.

“Oh, no no honey,” Miss Stephanie exclaimed as she raised her all to eager cock sucker to his feet. “You can satisfy me later. Right now we have to get you showered and dressed. We are starting to run out of time, baby.” Spoken with such outwardly caring and sweet voice but inwardly she was sneering.

Michelle was lead into the shower and the two began to rinse the piss and cum from their bodies. Miss Stephanie reached for a bottle of liquid soap and Michelle noticed it was the same brand of soap his wife had purchased that same day. He inwardly tingled as she began to lather his body. Miss Stephanie made sure to lather particularly well his chest and cock and balls.

There it was again, that exquisite tingle. It began in his groin and chest area but quickly spread throughout his entire body. He thought to himself when his wife would lather up his cock he would usually get an erection. But not now, how strange, he chalked it up to his having two massive orgasms in short succession. If he only knew the truth.

His tingling trance was broken when he felt Miss Stephanie’s finger circling around his ass hole. “Girls like us must always keep our ass-pussy clean,” she said softly. Michelle’s sphincter was now tingling as intensely as the rest of his body. He thought he might have an orgasm but his dick was as limp as a deflated balloon even though Miss Stephanie had been massaging it.

He watched as Miss Stephanie grabbed a red pouch that had been hanging on a shower hook. She squirted a good bit of the liquid soap into the pouch and lifted it to the shower head and added warm water until it was filled. Next, she reached for a thin hose and what looked like a six-inch penis but only a half-inch in diameter. “We must keep our ass-pussies clean inside and out,” she said with a devilish grin.

Michelle was instructed to bend forward and grab onto the handicap rail inside the shower. Next, he felt the head of the enema penis begin to work its way into him. Once all of the penis was inside of him Miss Stephanie began to gently squeeze the bag. Instantly, he felt the warm water but, just a second later, he began to feel that unmistakable tingle of the soap.

He was in heaven. He had never felt anything like this before. Miss Stephanie began to slowly rotate the penis nozzle around the inside of his ass. She immediately knew by Michelle’s slight squirm she had found her target. His Prostate. She took great care to make sure the gland was bathed in the wonderful soapy fluid while gently applying increasing pressure.

Michelle knew from earlier in the day what pressure felt like on his prostate but everything was different now. His whole body tingled both inside and out. It wasn’t necessarily a sexual tingle he thought. Well, except when Miss Stephanie pinched his nipples. That had a very definite sexual pleasure to it.

“Oh, my Michelle your boy G-spot has filled again. This will never due,” Miss Stephanie exclaimed. Michelle thought back to a short while ago when he was milked. But, my cock was hard then. My cock must be hard for me to cum he thought. It’s completely limp. Nothing is going to happen. He soon felt reality.

Miss Stephanie applied maximum downward pressure on the sissy’s prostate. Michelle was amazed. He could not stop the seminal fluid from being forced out of his body. It wasn’t an ejaculation like before. The fluid just poured out in dribs and drabs in unison with Miss Stephanie’s pushes of the enema penis against his gland.

With one final downward push, as hard as she could, pressed the last of his boy fluid out of his body. At the same time, she yanked the enema cock out of him and squeezed as hard as she could on his ever so sensitive nipple. He screamed in ecstasy. The soapy fluid streaming from his ass was like nothing he had ever felt before.

When he calmed down, Miss Stephanie took him in her arms kissed him deeply and said “now that’s a good clean girl both inside and out,” with the biggest smile she could muster. “Now, let’s get you out, dried and dressed. You have a beauty pageant to win honey!” she finished.

In no time Miss Stephanie had recreated the slut that had walked out of her suite just a short time ago. The same slut red lipstick. The same “come fuck me” shoes. The same silky lingerie that had made him feel so feminine earlier. Miss Stephanie paraded him around the room for a bit. Circling him every now and then. Feining to be making ever so slight adjustments to make her the perfect boardwalk whore.

“All done Michelle, come look at yourself,” she directed. Michelle complied and again was amazed at the reflection in the mirror. He was a beautiful woman. Any man would lust after her. He posed in several positions in the mirror. Pursed his slut red lips. Touched his hair as if he knew how to adjust it. The feel of the silk and nylon against his skin. The newness of having a bra on. “Are we in character Michelle?” Miss Stephanie asked.

Michelle just smiled and nodded his head. “Go get em baby girl, knock them dead,” Miss Stephanie said with encouragement. She led the crossdresser to the door and was about to send him out when she said: “wait, I have something for you.” She disappeared for a moment and came back with a box.

“Whats this,” Michelle asked.

“Its for you to use. It’s called a Brava. If you have time between now and the contest put it on and the vacuum pump will temporarily make it look like you have tits. Judges will love it,” Miss Stephanie said as she handed him the box. There is gel inside the box to help with the vacuum seal she pointed out. Use lots of it.

Michelle looked intrigued, took the box said thank you and left the suite. As the budding sissy walked back to his suite, as before, he could not help but stop at every hallway mirror and marvel at what Miss Stephanie had turned him into.

In between mirrors he was trying to do some cock calculus. How much and who’s cum had he had in his mouth so far today? He sucked his own cum out of his wife’s pussy. He had his own cum in his mouth when Miss Stephanie blew him and then snowballed the cum. So that was two of his own. But, then he gave Miss Stephanie a blowjob so that was two of his own and one of hers.

The elevators had full-length mirrors in them and Michelle could not help but stare at himself for a distracting moment. Now, where was the count he thought? Three? But then he ate Mark, a complete stranger’s cum out of his wife’s pussy. So, he had cum in his mouth four times so far? He stepped off the elevator and headed for the couple’s suite.

No, wait he thought, Miss Stephanie had milked him too. so that should be the fifth load in his mouth, right? Comming up to his room he stopped at a big circular mirror. He did a full 360 and really admired himself. He cupped his flat but sore chest and attempted to reposition his bra. He had seen his wife do this many times.

Shit! Five loads of cum in his mouth. Was it possible? What was going on here? Damnit, just as he reached his suite he remembered Miss Stephanie had sucked his cock twice. The second time was during the piss drinking lesson. He came in her mouth and she again snowballed his cum back into his own mouth. Six! Six loads of cum in his mouth in probably as many hours! Was it possible?

His attention turned from his cum counting to the housekeeping cart still being outside their suite. We didn’t make that big of a mess he thought to himself. His mind was too confounded about the amount of cum he had had in his mouth so far to begin even counting his wife’s squirting ejaculations and the amount of Mark and his wife’s piss he had guzzled.

Inside the suite, the first thing he noticed was the maid’s uniform on the floor. It was the first item in a trail of stockings, panties, and bra leading to the bedroom. He heard his wife, Maria, before he saw her. He put his Brava breast bra on the table and headed toward the bedroom. From the moans, grunts, and screams he knew what was going on.

What he wasn’t prepared for but wasn’t shocked by, given all that had gone on already today, was the sight of his wife on her knees straddling the poor teen girl’s mouth. Maria’s pussy was like a machine writhing back and forth over the poor girl’s lips. The teen was pinned and he could not figure out how she was able to breathe.

“Oh, hi honey,” was Maria’s response upon seeing her crossdressed husband returned all prettied and girly again. “I told you I would get you a threesome with two girls, come join us.” she continued.

“I’m not going up to Miss Stephanie’s for a third time today!” Her husband immediately replied.

“Suit yourself, baby,” Maria replied with a certain amount of nonchalance. She continued grinding on the nearly suffocated maid’s face.

As he turned away from the bedroom, he saw his wife slightly elevate herself over the girl’s face. The poor maid gasped for air and as she did Maria began to ejaculate in the poor girl’s mouth. The maid now went from suffocating to drowning. Maria filled her mouth. “Swallow bitch!” was heard as her husband walked away from the bedroom and into the kitchen area.

He knew that it would now take at least an hour and a half for his wife to prepare and dress for the evening. Timing was perfect for the start of the Queen of Paradise Contest. He decided he would try out the Brava device. He carefully stepped out of his dress and removed his bra.

He noticed the gel was the same brand as the soap. He was glad to feel the same tingle from the gel when he spread it over his chest. It was quite simple actually. It fit like a bra and was battery powered so he could walk about with it on. He could immediately feel the machine working. We’ll see he thought to himself.

Michelle fixed himself a drink, sat in a lounge chair, and turned on the news. A couple of minutes later the naked maid came scurrying out of the bedroom. He thought to himself this girl can’t possibly be older than fifteen, sixteen at the absolute most. The two smiled at each other as the one quickly put her uniform back on and as quickly as she appeared the maid with the nametag “Phyllis” disappeared.

A few moments later his wife emerged from the bedroom. She was disheveled as she was when he returned to Miss Stephanie’s room the second time. “What’s that you have on my pretty girl?” Maria asked.

Ignoring the “pretty girl” remarks he answered “it’s supposed to make it look like I have boobs,” her husband answered. “Miss Stephanie gave it to me for the competition tonight,” he added.

“Ok baby, you grow yourself some tits while I get ready, ok?”

“Sure babe,” he answered. “but, don’t you think that girl, the maid was a little young?” he followed with.

“She drives so she has to be at least eighteen,” Maria answered.

“Not a day over fifteen if you ask me,” he snorted.

“Please, I know you have dated fifteen-year-olds before,” she quipped.

“That’s different,” he protested.

“How so?”

“Well I was only sixteen at the time,” he reasoned.

“Stop being a hypocrite sweetheart, I’m going to shower and dress. Please have a cocktail waiting for me when I get out,” Maria said as she disappeared into the bathroom.

Michelle could hear the shower running and his thoughts went back to his cock cum calculus. He had, one way or another, had six loads of cum in his mouth so far. He took some solace that four of those six loads were his own. How many did his wife know about? At least three he reasoned. The one from this morning which was his own. The one from Mark that was left in her pussy and the one from blowing Miss Stephanie. That was three, right?

He heard the shower turn off so now was not the time to count his wife’s ejaculations nor count the piss he drank. He mixed his wife a cocktail and handed it to her as she came out of the bathroom. “Oh, my doesn’t that look nice on you,” his wife said referring to the Brava. She noticed the gel on the counter and asked: “what’s this?”

“It’s gel to make a nice seal between the cups and my chest, Miss Stephanie gave it to me,” Michelle answered.

“Miss Stephanie huh? Well, that was so nice of her. I will have to thank her,” Maria replied.

There was more going on here than she knew about. Why would Miss Stephanie, a complete stranger before today, be instructing her husband to coat his breasts with estrogena gel? She was a transsexual, she would have to know how this would affect her husband’s chest.

Was there some secret agenda here. She had bathed her husband’s body in the estrogena soap. But, she had her own reasons. It was her husband and she could do as she pleased with him. No, there are intrigues afoot here she was convinced. She was going to let them play out a little more but, she vowed to get to the bottom of this affair.

Maria continued with her dressing for the night. Her husband brought her several more cocktails over the hour and a half it took. Just before they were about to leave Maria said to her crossdressed husband: “So let’s see what Miss Stephanie’s boob machine was able to do in this short time.”

Michelle removed the Brava. Both he and his wife were amazed at what they saw. Michelle had the beginnings of A cup tits. They were not big. But, they were identifiable as tits. The nipples had a nice bit of puffiness to them. There was a small handful of tit meat that could be grabbed.

“Quick, put on your bra baby,” Maria said excitedly. Michelle complied not sure what the cause for commotion was. To him, it fit the same as before. Although, he was excited about the fact that he now had some semblance of tits, even if they were only temporary. “Come here,” she instructed as she pulled her husband by the hand.

With a few quick adjustments to the bra straps and the placement, at just the right spots in the bra, of gel pads, her husband now had a noticeable cleavage. Maria dragged him to the large mirror in the living room so he could see for himself. His wife stood behind him as he saw for himself his newfound cleavage. It looked absolutely real. “And I thought there was nothing more that could be done to make you a woman,” Maria said with a laugh.

Michelle stood in front of the mirror. First, just staring at his temporary tits but then putting his hands up around the cups of the bra and feeling them through the material. It was an exquisite feeling he thought to himself. The vacuum had somehow made his breasts and nipples so much more sensitive he reasoned. Whatever the cause he was delighted. “Can you stop admiring your self Missy Michelle so that we can get downstairs,” Maria demanded.

“Let’s do a purse check before we leave,” Maria suggested.


“Room key?”


“Cell phone?”


“Virginia Slims?”

“Got them!”



“Condom baby every girl has to carry one,” Maria explained matter of factly. “Here I have an extra,” Maria said as she handed her husband a condom.

“Questions?” was next from Maria.

“What about a lighter and money?” Michelle asked with such innocence.

“Oh honey, girls never carry money. Girls like us, I guarantee you men will be tripping over themselves to buy us drinks. The same goes for cigarettes, just put one in your mouth and see how many men jump with a light,” Maria explained like an old pro of the bar scene.

“Now let’s go. We don’t want to be the last girls there,” Maria said as she grabbed her husband’s arm and led him out of the suite. Alone in the elevator, Maria turned to her husband and said: “God Michelle, you don’t know how much it turns me on to have you as my girlfriend as well as my husband tonight.”

Michelle smiled. “Whatever happens with the contest tonight I want you to know that we are going out afterward together, I’ll introduce you as my cousin from California,” Maria stated.

“Cousin?” Michelle repeated.

“Cousin, girlfriend, college roommate it doesn’t matter. We are going out as two women who are going to paint the town red,” she said forcefully.

The doors opened into the lobby and to all looking on two beautiful women stepped off the elevator. Heads immediately turned. Men assumed it was two lesbians getting off the elevator. Women looked on in envy. Whatever the sex everyone stared and wanted them. “See how they stare baby doll,” Maria whispered.

They had a few minutes before registration open for the Queen of Paradise competition so Maria led her husband into the bar and the two girls took seats at the bar. A tall short haired blond bartender came to them, introduced himself as Ron and asked: “what can I get you, ladies, this evening?”

Maria smiled and before her husband could say anything she responded: “I’ll have a vodka martini up.”

“Kettle one?” Ron asked.

“Is there any other?” Maria replied.

“And you miss?” Ron asked as he turned toward Michelle.

Maria interrupted the two: “what would you recommend for my husband here.” as she turned toward Michelle.

“Your husband? I see. Well, I would recommend either the ‘red headed slut’ or the ‘blow job’,” the bartender stated.

Michelle was thrown off guard by the bartender’s drink suggestions. But before he could say anything his wife interjected: “well, for now, I think he needs a break from shots of blow jobs; the red-headed slut sounds interesting, she’ll go with that.”

The bartender gave Maria a wink and a nod and disappeared to get the drinks. “Are you ready Michelle,” Maria asked quietly.

“Ready for what?” Michelle responded.

“Slowly open your purse, take out a cigarette, and slowly bring it to your lips,” she instructed.

Her husband did as directed and within a few seconds a man appeared behind him and offered his hand with a lighter in it. Michelle thought to himself, like wow, just like his wife had told him upstairs. Bartender Ron returned with Maria and Michelle’s drinks and the man who lit Michelle’s cigarette motioned to the bartender to put the drinks on his tab.

Michelle was in awe. His wife certainly knew the bar scene. The man introduced himself. Maria introduced herself and then introduced Michelle as her husband Michael. The man looked confused. If they were lesbians Maria would have introduced her as her partner. After a few moments, it dawned on the benefactor that the girl whose cigarette he lit wasn’t a girl at all.

“Come have a seat with me,” Michelle said. He was now playing the game with his wife. Michelle put out her hand and gestured to a seat next to her. She patted the seat bottom. “Come on handsome sit with me.”

“I’d love to but I have to make a phone call,” was his instant reply and the man turned and quickly left the two women at the bar.

Maria and Michelle broke out in laughter after the man left. “Did you see the look on his face when he realized you were a male?” Maria laughed.

“And how about when I wanted him to sit down? Did you notice how I pursed my lips? Gave him that ‘I’ve got a cock for you’ look?” her husband chimed in.

“Oh Michelle, this is so much fun isn’t it?” Maria exclaimed.

“It is and no matter what happens with the pageant we are going to be sisters tonight and have a blast,” Michelle said with enthusiasm.

Maria lifted her drink in a toast: “Fuck e’m all.”

Michelle followed in suit: “Fuck e’m all.”