Feature Writer: kngelol

Feature Title: Princess Succubus Quest

Published: 14.10.2018

Story Codes: Succubus, Magic

Synopsis: Cursed necklace transforms the Princess into succubi.


Princess Succubus Quest

In a distant fantasy realm, there was a princess in the Kingdom of Elsia. Her name was Lucia Elsworth and she was one of the most recognized beauties in all the known lands. The Princess was turning twenty years of age soon but no matter how many suitors she had rejected her father had always adored her. Always accepting her decisions. But now all of her past resistance was burning away inside her mind.

The King of Elsia, Reinar Elsworth was presenting a necklace to a crowd of nobles in his throne room. The nobles and the King were praising it as the most beautiful necklace they had ever seen but to the eyes of the Princess, it was something else. Lucia had not seen many black and rusted slave collars in her sheltered life but what her father was now holding definitely was one.

“Let me put it on and show everybody how pretty you are,” King Reinar told to her daughter while approaching her.

Lucia did not know how to resist. Her father had even gotten the nobles to play this game. They gave the most polite compliments to her and the necklace that was placed around Lucia’s neck. Especially her bright red hair was told to work well with the necklace. It barely felt like anything was on her but Lucia could feel the metal ring around her neck.

“Excuse me I feel tired and must take my leave,” Lucia whimpered barely able to get the words out. Nobody tried to prevent her so the Princess quickly left the hall. Lucia wanted to fall to her knees and beg her father for forgiveness but if he had been willing to do something like this she just wanted to leave not wanting to anger the King more.

Walking along the corridor servants bowed to the Princess, as usual, none showed signs of seeing the humiliating collar on the Princess. As hard as Lucia tried she could not take off the collar and it had begun to burn against her royal skin. When the Princess came to her chambers the royal was greeted by her adoring maidservants.

“It’s so pretty.”

“Your father must really love you.”

“I wish I had one.”

The maids smiled wearing their plain servant gowns. For his father to even make Lucia’s maids play his game made the Princess really mad.

“Go find one from the kennels,” Lucia yelled in anger and pushed all the servants out and locked herself in her room.

The Princess struggled with the collar for hours. Her room did not contain any tools of note but her father had locked the collar without one so Lucia hoped it had some kind of mechanism to it. The only thing she managed to do was make herself feel hot and her tender body unaccustomed to any struggles soon became tired. It did not help that the collar began to burn against her soft fingers.

Laying on the large bed Lucia’s warm feelings began focusing on her lady parts. The Princess had experienced something similar to this before but never this strong. Lucia’s hands wandered down her slender body and started to rub the knob through her dress that seemed to radiate the most but was interrupted by a knock on the door and it getting pushed open after a key clicked.

The head maid came into the room and bowed her head before rising it up again.

“Princess Lucia. Your father was worried that you might not have liked the gift.”

“It’s fine. Perfect, I could not possibly ask for more.” Lucia’s tone was borderline scared and a worried look came on the maid’s brow.

“Is something wrong? Let me see your temperature.” The maid walked over.

“You are burning, Maids. Get Her Highness her sleeping gown and fetch the Royal Magician.”

Several maids rushed to the room to do their tasks.

Lucia was tugged deep below many blankets before the magician come. He looked hurried and just poured something into a cup and told the maids to give it to the Princess. He left way too fast and was deemed suspicious by the princess. Since everybody else was playing for her father’s team so he too must know what really is going on concluded the Princess.

In the evening a male servant came carrying a bowl of hot water. He was only a year younger than the Princess. Lesser noble’s children were often used as male servants to carry heavier objects in areas where commoner men would not be allowed to enter. Princess had never paid much attention to him but as their eyes met she felt pulse go through her. The male left the room quickly his eyes turned down as was proper for servants.


After the maidservants left to their side room Lucia removed the layers of fabric that were piled on her burning body. Her normally borderline pale skin was now reddish in the candlelight. Lucia’s breasts shook with her every breath. They were not the biggest in the castle by far but that’s not the part Lucia’s legendary beauty was usually praised. Her tender frame and feminine facial features were her most valuable assets according to the nobles and other less reputable rumors. The regal body was the result of never being allowed to train physically or strain it in other tasks that the servants did to her. Lucia’s diet was also sparse as it was not proper for an unmarried Lady to ruin her body with gluttony. This meant that Lucia’s body was not as plump as the maids but definitely had more feminine shape than most.

Lucia tried to lessen her mind-numbing heat by applying pressure with her hand to her lady parts. The knob she had was now harder than it had ever been. Lucia’s hands were frantically trying to pull from it but it only burned harder. The Princess pushed her nethers against a stone wall but she only felt it heat up the wall and her mind started to become more blank. Moving along it a wet line was drawn to the wall.

Looking around Lucia tried to find anything to lessen her heat in the room. The stone wall was the coldest thing but it had not helped.

Not knowing what else to do the Princess wanted to summon her servants. Just when she was about to ring the bell images of them pointing fingers at naked Lucia and mocking her came to the royal mind.

“Princess in heat,” came a female voice.

“Moist and wet looking for release,” came a male voice.

“I’m not,” Lucia moaned.

“A Cock she needs.”

The voices came sounding like different people, none Lucia recognized.

“Seed from a cock indeed.”

“Seed makes heat go away.”

Image of Lucia bending down to a male servant came to her mind. He was touching her behind, pushing a cock into her hole. A sensation of touching came vividly into Lucia’s mind.

“What is this? This never happened. Why do I know this?” Lucia was confused, her own hands did not feel the same as the cock pushing into her in her mind.

“A cock she needs. One nearby is. Go and take it and no longer she needs.”

“This stops if I do what this image shows?” The princess asked. Her mind was hot and numb. She had never felt this exhausted. It was not pain but it definitely was something Lucia wanted to stop happening by any means. Nothing never happened if she did not want it and she did not want this feeling.

Lucia knew that the male servant stationed on her floor used a storage room to sleep as other servants here were females. There were guards stationed in the corridor so she could not leave through that but there was an escape tunnel that connected her chamber to her destination. The King had taught the Princess how the mechanisms worked in the tunnel network around her floor so using them was an easy task to Lucia. She only needed to remove the stones beneath the panel that prevented anybody from entering her room from the tunnel.


Looking from the peaking hole to the storage room Lucia could see that the servant was reading a book in candlelight. Lucia’s body started to burn hotter and the words in her mind told her that she needed seed from his cock. She could not resist the voices and she just wanted the vulgar images to stop.

“Princess,” was the only word that came out of the servant as Lucia blocked his mouth with her hand. She did not want to alert the guards stationed in the corridor. Lucia pushed the struggling servant on his back with surprising ease and proceeded to remove his pants with her free hand. Lucia wanted to say some words to calm him down but as she saw his male member grow in response to the Princess’s naked body the voiced words lost any sense of calm.

“Cock, give me it.”

Lucia’s lustful gaze made the servant stop moving.

“Just give me it for a moment and I will give it back.”

The royal lady parts rubbed against the servant’s cock, coating it with juice. Lucia could feel the rod twitching beneath her, pressing against her.

“Take it. So close,” rang as a chant in Lucia’s head.

The servant might no longer struggle but he started to sob under Lucia’s slender but forceful body. The Princess’s body was burning hotter than before and sweat was visible on her regal face. The only thing Lucia could see was the cock, other things starting to blur in the candlelight. Then that too disappeared from her sight as her nethers swallowed it.

Something hotter than the collar entered Lucia. It sent waves through her as it pushed deeper. The royal frame was swaying on top of the servant. Tingling pulses forced the Princess to half close her eyes and open her mouth to breath better as Lucia felt like suffocating from the heat. Barely couple of seconds later Lucia could feel the thing twitch and release something. The princess was visibly convulsing and the purest form of happiness waved through her sending her mind far away.

The hand from the servant’s mouth had left and he was trying to lift the princess but she was too heavy to him. The man’s sobbing face became visibly shocked that he could not lift the slender princess even when she made no moves to resist him. He might have been one year younger but for an eighteen-year-old man not being able to lift an unmoving nineteen-year-old girl felt like a defeat.

The man did not dare to touch the princess more. Almost desperate words came from his lips.

“I’m so sorry father. I will do right by you. I won’t let you die too because of my weakness”.

The Princess did not hear the servant’s words. It took some time for Lucia to be able to think straight again after taking seed the first time. She did not have previous experience but even in her numbed mind, she thought something unnatural had happened. Her slit was squeezing everything out not letting anything spill. Lucia could feel the substance move deeper into her body along her walls. The sheltered Princess could not call it anything but pure happiness. The heat was lessening and her vision began to return normal making her feel even better.

“I’m sorry,” was repeated by the sobbing servant.

“I,” was the only thing Lucia was able to say. She quickly removed the limp cock from her pussy that was still clenching it and left through the secret passage.

In her room, Lucia froze as she started to think more clearly what had happened.

“Women who take men inside them before marriage become loose and leak cum,” was commonly repeated by Lucia’s maids and the priest. Lucia started to examine her ladyparts in panic. They felt as firm as before and nothing was leaking out. Lucia sighed with relief and she spent rest of the night convincing herself that she had just taken medicine she needed for her condition and this did not count as giving herself to a man as no symptoms of a “loose woman” could be found.


The next day Lucia had back her normally sharp mind that the princess had used to make those suitors leave she could not reject for political reasons. Lucia came to a conclusion that someone was playing her and her father. Her father would never give something so vulgar to her since he adored Lucia so much. This clearly was no ordinary collar and only one person in the castle knew anything about magic so she decided to visit the court magician for a checkup now that she had recovered with the right medicine. Lucia could not exactly tell anybody what had happened to not get her purity questioned but she had a plan of at least grabbing some books from the magician. His room was filled with them and learning even a little bit how magic worked could help her, Lucia thought.


Lucia sat alone with the magician telling all kinds of mild symptoms while trying to figure out what to do. This was one of the rare situations where she was allowed to be alone with a male that was not related so she was somewhat out of her element. Still, the way the magician acted had started to trouble Lucia. He seemed nervous and his hand that was supposed to take notes seemed to do odd patterns. Lucia felt annoyed and impulsively grabbed the notebook from him and it was full of scribbles a child would do.

The magician immediately fell to his knees.

“I give up. I’m a hoax. I can’t even read. Some years ago I used some tricks to earn food and the King saw them and thought they were magic. I thought I could just invent new tricks to impress the king but I can’t. I can’t take it anymore. Just tell, tell the King and behead me.”

“This guy could not possibly help me with anything that was above basic hoax,” the Princess thought as she made a deal with him. The magician would let Lucia access to the library he had and could not even read and Lucia would not tell his secret and let him “heal” her regularly to boost his standing. He seemed surprised by this and Lucia even had to convince him that this was way better for him than beheading.

Only thing Lucia was more disappointed in than him was his books. Most were just history books or poorly written fake magic books he had bought from the market. Lucia hoped she could find him useful later as he was at her mercy at this point. Not to mention Lucia did not have many people she could trust at this point without some leverage.


When the next night came Lucia felt slight heat fill her again but nothing like the previous night. She had decided to visit the servant to make sure he would not talk or do anything else stupid. He had not acted too much out of his role so Lucia had decided this could wait until nighttime when she could be alone with him.

The moment Lucia opened the passage door to the storage room she was greeted with many words.

“Princess you can’t be in here. Not again. This isn’t right. Only your husband should do that to you. You are too pretty for me. I’m too useless.”

Lucia had to stuff her hand to the servant’s mouth to make him stop. Luckily the guards were not barging into the room.

“I only took what I needed from you. No need to be so worried. I chose you.” Lucia tried to smile but it looked more like a grin.

It was just that the man was the medicine the Princess needed so she tried to say words to calm him down and he visibly had. The moment Lucia moved his hand from his mouth it was pushed to hers and their tongues touched.

The moment stood still for a long time. Almost too long as Lucia pulled back and the servant’s unmoving tongue left her mouth. The servant was frozen on spot. Lucia tried touching him and pushed him down on his back. His condition was strange and would require some thinking but other things were troubling the princess. The servant’s cock had already been revealed.

“Take it. Will make you feel good again,” the voice in Lucia’s head was weak and barely audible.

The Princess kept staring at the cock. No words were said to Lucia bit she felt like it was inviting her to come closer, to touch it. The royal knew she could resist the new feeling but part of her wanted to feel the happiness again. No sweets nor parties compared to it. Lucia had not used to having to say no to herself so she hesitantly lifted her skirt to meet the cock.

Lucia quickly inserted him in as it was the only thing she needed to feel good again. Faster this would be done the better Lucia was thinking. The Princess’s walls stretched as the cock slowly moved in, it was harder than the last time. Tingling sensation washed Lucia’s body and she was shaking. Nothing like the waves of happiness that came last time were present now. This felt more real and she was fully in control. Servant’s member was burning Lucia’s insides as she moved. She felt weak and just stopped to lay still on him while thinking. The Princess did not know if she was having fun or utterly disgusted by the male servant’s body she was laying on.

The servant’s large cock was just too much for the Princess’s unexperienced lady parts. Even if it was already fully inserted pulling it away would be even harder. Lucia wished the servant could move his hips. That moment she felt pulsing waves hit and her body went limp, falling on the male body unable to move.

“He’s moving, he’s moving,” went in Lucia’s mind. His hips kept hitting the Princess hard even when the rest of his body was still. Lucia could feel her body hardening around him even if her limbs were almost uncontrollable.

Lucia tried to support herself but the next hit always made her go even more numb. Her breasts were squeezed between their bodies and she became a ragdoll on top of him. Still, the cock found a way to get fully sheathed in at every strike.

A thrust sent seed deep into the royal womb but the servant did not stop. Lucia could feel the happiness in her but it was not as strong as before and no more was coming. The Princess somehow knew this male had today less of what she wanted than yesterday. She hoped that the servant would stop and so he did. Lucia pulled the rod out with her shaking legs and left the room. Servant’s body was left there unmoving.


The next day everything seemed normal to the Princess. It was now sure that the maids never even tried to remove her collar in any situation but they could see it when asked as a necklace. When Lucia asked to remove it they soon seemed to forget the task and do something else. When it came to finding out what had happened last night some actual progress was made. Lucia figured out that it could be her spit that was causing the paralyzing reaction based on the half-assed magic books she had previously read. They might have been poorly written but they had all kinds of weird and borderline perverted stuff written in them.

Lucia secretly spat to some water cups and made her maids drink them to no effect. Lucia thought maybe she needed to kiss them but telling her maids to do that would spread like wildfire around the castle so that was not an option. There still was one person who was indebted to Lucia and if he tried to tell anybody the princess could just reveal that he’s some useless street performer. Still, Lucia wanted to make him drink some of her spit first just to make herself happier to kiss him if nothing else.

The magician sweated with some task the King had told him to do so he accepted the water cup with Lucia’s spit without too much of a fuss. He froze after only a few seconds. Lucia made him do some random things but she did not want to take his seed or anything. He was too old for Lucia anyways and she had someone she preferred at this point.

After ten minutes the magician unfroze.

“Princess what brings you here today,” the magician started with the same words than the first time. Lucia repeated the same thing a couple of times and it seemed it lasted only ten minutes no matter how much spit in the cup was.

Last time the cup contained only spit but the magician saw the clock.

“I need to meet the King please come back later and tell me what you wanted.”

After filling Herself with water Lucia went to ponder this but nothing beyond the basic findings came to her. At least now if the Princess could make someone drink her spit she could take her needed medicine without the risk of being caught. But being the Princess who gave drinks to servants or spits to their mouths would bring unwanted attention so she needed to be clever on how she proceeded to get her medicine.


After the nightfall, Lucia went to the servant’s chamber again. She did not especially need medicine tonight as she had taken it two nights in a row but Lucia wanted to talk to him. Maybe even make him help her if he was as loyal to Lucia as she hoped.

“Princess you can’t be in here. Not again. This isn’t right. Only your husband should do that to you. You are too pretty for me. I’m too useless.”

Lucia had to stuff her hand back to the servant’s mouth again as he kept talking louder. He had clearly forgotten the last night and did this rehearsed speech again.

Lucia did her reply almost the same as before but she tried to be less encouraging than before since the princess really wanted to talk this time.

The man tried to go to the royal lips again but this time Lucia blocked with a hand.

“Leave those for my husband if you are so worried,” the princess smirked.

The servant hugged Lucia instead. The royal body felt his burning passion as male hands moved around Lucia body and were pulling down her underpants. The Princess might have come to talk but he clearly was in no state to do so as his every move made Lucia’s words melt as she tried to say them.

The royal had used him twice now and one of the times the servant did not even remember. It would be only right to let him do this the Princess tough as she felt him push into her folds. Lucia was trying to convince herself that this was not what she wanted but had to do.

The male could only move slowly in this awkward position as he still embraced Lucia. He was softly sobbing and something wet was dripping to Lucia’s back.

Lucia could tell that only half of the cock was inside of her at any time. The man was so gentle and warm. Lucia almost wanted to make him change position but this was for him she thought. Lucia’s tight body was squeezing him hard and he kept asking if he’s hurting the princess. At first, it was endearing to her but as it had gone some time Lucia was too heated to hear him.

The male’s moves stimulated Lucia’s lady knob, making it burn without release. The skin around Lucia’s privates moved and responded to the servant’s every move no matter how small. Lucia’s insides were as tight as the first time she had taken him in.

The servant knew the seed would come soon as he’s half covered manhood twitched and he tried to pull it out to not to defile his dear Princess again. Lucia’s body could have none of that and kept his tip in past the final moments. The male’s struggle to pull out was desperate.

The Princess’s thoughts that had drifted to some other things came back to the present when the servant started to cry out loud. Lucia quickly silenced him again with her hand.

“I’m sorry I did this to you again. Please kill me. Let me repent.”

Lucia felt even more sorry for the man after those words. The servant sat down hugged himself.

The Princess went to the man and said, “You did nothing wrong. I chose you.”

The servant stopped crying and Lucia did offer some other comforting words but she really did not understand what was wrong with him and left soon after.

In her room, Lucia once again did his now daily checkup to see if she had become any looser or anything was leaking out since she did not want to become a loose woman who slept with men before marriage. The only thing she could feel was her own sweat. Not even her red pubes had anything on them. She could still only push one finger inside so she had not become any looser. It almost felt it was another way around but that could only be good Lucia thought as she went to sleep.


The next day the male servant was replaced by two maids who were holding a bowl together. According to them, Sir Oliver had returned to his father’s estates without giving a proper reason. Lucia was also told that he was a baron’s son and that the male chamber servants were only taken among nobles as commoner men would not be allowed into the Princess’s chambers. Lucia, of course, knew this already but she had never really thought him to be more than just a servant she had some extra use to.


Two nights later Lucia had figured out a new medicine supply and several at that. She could not rely on just having one but she could not be seen doing what she needed to do. People would not understand her medicine and would just burn her or worse she thought.

Lucia’s recently sharpened hearing could listen her maids talking in their side room. Apparently many men were easy to get to do some nightly activities and the gardener’s assistant was one of those people. He always looked at the Princess when she walked around the gardens with her maids. Tough the mute part was the real reason she chose him. He could communicate with hand sings but his credibility as a witness was more in question as he could not articulate well.


“Big fat muscular cocks,” repeated voices in Lucia’s head. Just not getting her medicine in two days had made the Princess feel way worse.

Lucia opened the secret passage in her room and her feet brushed on something. It was a letter. Lucia looked at it as the passageway closed behind her. The Princess opened it and began reading it. She realized somewhere in the middle of it that she was able to read it in the dark tunnel without any light.

“My Lady I knew you could find this. I have left thee now but I shall return when I’m worthy of your affection. I might not have never been fit to be a knight but for you, I shall train more than any man.”

It was a very long letter and it was clear it was from Oliver who had left to become a worthy knight. He had not used any names or anything so he hadn’t completely lost his mind to leave this kind of evidence behind. Also, it was obvious Oliver had figured out how the passage worked.

“It’s not your worth I want,” Lucia muttered to herself while putting the letter among other things in her secret department she had made from bricks to a wall. It was common practice among royals according to her tutors. Lucia had to put stuff there in case castle was being overrun and had to escape using a disguise. The Princess took a maid’s outfit from there and went to the passage that led to the gardener’s house.


The gardener’s assistant slept in a separate cabin as there was a row of them there. Lucia quickly entered the one she had pinpointed to be the target’s a day before. The Princess took off his blanket and mounted his sleeping body according to her plan. Lucia wanted him to consent and not just be used. The Princess did not want to feel indebted to some servant.

The assistant’s body had already been naked beneath his cover and that somewhat shocked Lucia’s supposedly perfect plan but this could make it easier she thought. There was enough moonlight coming from the holes in the walls that he could see Lucia’s shape. The royal had used a scarf to hide most of her face but the darkness would have been enough. The Princess hoped that the assistant would think Lucia was just some maid that fancied him.

The assistant seemed shocked at first but then Lucia lifted her skirt and showed her pale nethers and started to rub against his rod. The man took Lucia’s hint as he stopped moving and grabbed her hips. His dark skin was contrasting against the Princess’s white even in this darkness. Lucia guided him in and pushed it to the end in one go. This time it slid in without resistance as the heat burning in the Princess had been almost more than during her first time.

The Princess might have been more experience than last time she did this but Lucia was afraid she could not take his surprisingly big member if it was not done in one go. The Princess also wanted to stay in control. Lucia did not want to feel the same limp feeling she had experienced when her insides were thrust from this angle the last time.

Lucia might have been able to take the dark rod in one go but it was now almost stuck there. The assistant had opened his mouth almost like in pain and was motioning Lucia’s hips to move with his hands. As the Princess moved up she was pulling the cock with her. Lucia took support from the assistant’s stomach as she pulled herself more up and fell down again. Lucia could feel his shapely muscles twitching beneath her hands.

Lucia’s movements became easier as her moistening royal pussy was able to slide the cock instead of pulling it. Her walls were gripping him harder than before but now they had become more used to his shape and allowed longer movements. The Princess’s hands were now painting the shapes of the man’s muscular body as she was lulled into a trance-like state. His body was trembling from Lucia’s every touch.

The cock tensed up in the royal hole and released seed deep in the royal chamber, a silent moan left the man’s lips. Lucia too moaned to the sky. When the Princess realized how loud she had been the royal ran away as fast she could. The running female also saw other shadows moving in the palace gardens but none of them ran at her so Lucia went to the secret passage as fast she could.


The next day Lucia’s father was hosting a gala. The Princess was mostly staying as a wallflower as her reputation was one of heart-breaker of suitors at this point. Some higher lords did a dance with the princess a couple of times as usual, to both look good in front of her father and to ask things about him. The Princess, of course, had other worries so she did not even need to pretend not to know what the King had been doing. Lucia’s three older brothers were also there but all of them had their wives or companions. The King was mostly greeting guests and of course, there was no queen since she passed away soon after Lucia’s birth.

The most out of place thing of the whole night was that Count Isaac Consworth approached Lucia. Isaac was some lower noble who had never talked to the Princess before. They exchanged some basic courtesy but some of his questions were ringing Lucia’s alarm bells.

“How have you been lately? Noticed anything special? Lovely necklace, how does it feel to wear it?”

Most of the conversation would be normal if they had any previous talks between them but he clearly was aiming the conversation to the cursed necklace. He did not seem like he knew much about it based on Lucia’s counter questions but if he was playing her he was doing a very good job at it. The count soon departed to mingle with other low nobles but he definitely was now on the princess’s list of people to investigate for her collar.


A couple of days later the Princess needed her medicine again. She was barely able to stand during a meeting where she had been presented to some diplomat whose name Lucia was too unfocused to remember. Despite the fact she needed to touch common men Lucia decided she would start taking medicine every day.

“Fill the hole with cocks,” was ringing in Lucia’s normally chaste mind.

Lucia did not want to intrude on the same person every time and she had begun to sense who had what she needed and how much with only a glance. So the Princess needed to find more candidates. Luckily Lucia had still been able to hear what her maids are talking in their side room. They had given the Princess many good targets.

This time Lucia had also made a gag for herself that also kept most of her face covered. The Princess did not want any unwanted screams to get out this time. The thing she had made looked more like a half mask than just a gag. Also based on the stories having horny maids going around was not unusual so her maid outfit should be perfect. Tough they were not letting anyone close to their purity but other holes were free game. That was no issue to Lucia tough as she still was tight and did not leak cum as a sign of her purity.

The places that the Princess was most interested in were so-called glory holes, men were giving medicine to just about anyone there. Most were in bad places for her since Lucia could only move freely during nighttime. Only one hole had guaranteed to be used according to the maids at this hour. It was the one in the lower levels of the castle next to the kitchen. The man serving the late night shift there alone had a huge appetite. Lucia had never been instructed how to get there through the tunnels but she had been taught the principles on how the wall marks guided in the tunnels. After looking from several wrong peepholes she found her way to the right tunnel passage and entered the corridor.

There should be no guard patrols here at this time so this was the perfect place for some midnight snacks according to the maids. Lucia saw a light come from the kitchen through a hole in the wooden sidewall. She did the dual knock one soft and one hard that was used to invite the man. The princess saw nothing come from the hole so she did it again.

“Coming coming, keep your pants on or not,” the cook said with a laugh. Lucia saw his cock fill the hole and the light left the corridor.

Guided by her new night vision the Princess pushed her cock hole into his rod as her mind’s voices had started to call Lucia’s nethers today. It was surprisingly easy as the royal only needed to lean back.

“Man, your ass is tight. Did the Princess get lost in here or what?” He was only right in one of those. Lucia’s pussy was clamping on the cock.

Lucia could now smell alcohol in the air and having something belonging to a drunk person in her made the Princess swallow in disgust. They were the most unrefined things Lucia knew. She wanted to pull away but the part of her body wanting to stay finally won. The Princes had sensed even through the wall this man’s medicine was potent.

“I see you are one of the new ones. That’s fine let me do all the talking and the work. You just support yourself.”

The Princess did as she was told and used her hands to support her shaking knees.

“Here we go.”

At those words, the Princess’s body was struck so hard that she would have fallen if not supporting herself from the knees. Lucia’s entire body twisted around the cock as she was filled, push after push. The Princess felt something leak down her thigh but to her relief, it was only sweat.

The royal hips had started to trace the rod that was drilling her insides with proficiency only experience could bring. Lucia’s gag was effective in dampening her moans but not to silence them.

“Making such cute sounds on your first time. Even pushing yourself to the wall and not backing up. What an ass whore princess you are,” came the cook’s hoarse voice. The Princess could not prevent her body tighten around the cock as she felt anger build in her.

“Oohohoh, my dirty little princess ass, I love you,” came the cook’s words as he slammed his cock in to release his seed. When his cock parted Lucia’s body she fell on her knees. She had gotten the medicine but the taste was sour even if she felt happy with mixed feelings.

“Just wait there, my dirty love. I will come to clean your leaking ass straight up, no need to be ashamed. I will even marry just from that. I can’t imagine how tight your cunt it.”

The Princess ran as fast as she could with her shaking legs. Despite her blurring vision she managed to open the secret passage and close it behind her before falling on the cold stone floor.

“I did not like that,” repeated The Princess. Frustration was building in Lucia as she knew more and more she was lying to herself with every repeat.

“Fine I need it and it’s not that bad but I will cure this. I swear,” Lucia muttered while rising up to walk back to her room.


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