Feature Writer: AmethystMare


Published: 15.08.2020

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: Holly is pregnant but not with her boyfriend’s offspring…

Author’s Notes: This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially. All characters are over eighteen and clearly written to be so, as in all of my stories.

Pregnant with Lust

The skunk groaned, the heavy rise of Holly’s stomach drawing the eye. It would have been impossible to ignore how heavily pregnant the skunk was but it was something that she would have said that she was very proud of if she’d been asked, whimpering and moaning as the cougar between her thighs slurped away. He couldn’t see her muzzle over how large Holly’s stomach was but he worked away, the tentacles that sprouted from between his shoulder blades waving back and forth lightly like the curl of his feline tail.

She was old enough to have sex, of course, with whomever she wanted to. There shouldn’t have been any issue at all as she laid back over her boyfriend’s bed, the handsome cougar who made her heart pound so. So what was it that brought a flutter to her chest so wonderfully, spikes of pleasure lancing through her deliciously.

The problem was that the fur between her legs wasn’t her boyfriend, Hiss. No, it was his father, the fur with whom she’d been cheating on him with, a stud of a cougar with pale, white eyes that glimmered with a demonic glow. Sure, fucking a demon may have been a big step for many but Holly had made the choice for herself and seduced him. Who else could say that they had a demon wrapped well and truly around their little finger?

Well, that was what Holly thought but it was truly more of a mutual endeavour, Ropes smirked as he ate her out, his raspy tongue delving again and again into her pussy. He drew her juices sweetly into his mouth even as he swirled his tongue around her clit, sending her spiralling into a moaning orgasm, her soft, green locks of hair fanning out around her head as she arched up against him. There was nothing there that Holly had to hold back from and he was there to show her that she could let go, experience all the pleasures that there were for her in life.

The cougar groaned, whimpering and yowling, his need rising. She was hotter than ever before, fat and full of his child, though neither of them knew just how the youngster would come out. Whether they looked more like Hiss or him was beside the point as everyone would just think it was Hiss’ and even his son was still coming to terms with the notion that he had a cub, even if Holly and his father knew otherwise what the score was. He wasn’t going to tell his son though, not unless Holly wanted him to, the nuances of being a demon of lust meaning that there were something things that simply weren’t off-limits to him.

Holly cried out, heaving and panting through her climax as Ropes nuzzled up, fingers buried inside her, stretching out her pussy lightly with the premonition of what was to come. He would not hold back when he had such a lovely, fertile female before him and the skunk too knew that she was more than primed for him. Everything was as it was supposed to be, her thighs soaked with her juices as he guided her up and over his hips, facing him as they clasped paws.

“Fill me,” she murmured huskily, softer and more soothing in the later stages of her pregnancy than she had been before. “More… All of it.”

Yet Holly would still take exactly what she wanted from him time after time again, groaning in the back of her throat as Ropes’ tentacles caressed her stomach almost reverently. She was not such a fool as to expect that she was the only one that he was fucking or had ever fucked (on one side, he did still have a wife too) but she did wonder whether he treated everyone that he had impregnated in the same way, with the same tenderness.

It didn’t matter though as he drew her down on his cock, riding him more gently than ever before, for she did indeed have very precious cargo on board in the later stages of her pregnancy. There was no need for anything rough or coarse in the grand scheme of it all when more pleasure was still there to be taken, her pussy velvety and soft around him, closing around his shaft as if even her body wanted him to be deeper inside her than ever before.

Holly moaned, arching her back so that his cock pressed up against the most sensitive parts of her pussy, her tail hole bare and exposed, though he had four tentacles (not like her boyfriend’s two – hah!) to please her with, slithering one up against her rosebud. Although she bit her lip and growled lightly, she relaxed enough to let him in, first one tentacle and then, very slowly and gently, a second stretching her anal ring wide around them.

Pleasure exploded through her and she would have tipped forward if not for Ropes’ other tentacles and his paws too to hold her up. He was there for her, licking his black lips in a lash of a pink tongue, moaning out loud, relishing in every moment of her taking. He wrapped his tentacles around her, the coils and loops snaking around her breasts, more of them to go around than other limbs as he yowled and showed her the pink flesh of the interior of his maw.

His cock sank deep and yet Ropes didn’t have to do very much at all besides enjoying the moment. It was all for him, for the both of them, whimpering and groaning, whispering sweet nothings to one another, their hips working together even though Holly could not move all that much. Her belly weighed her down but the expression of his virility was so carnally visual that it ramped up his need all the more, want rising more and more with every thrust.

With the skunk’s pussy lightly rippling around him, he squeezed her breasts, sending her into a moaning fit of another orgasm, simply unable to contain herself. Yet what need could she possibly have to hold back when she was there with Ropes, the stud who had seeded her full? The demon inside him snarled, yearning to take what was rightfully his, but the demon was only there to feed, slurping down so much of their shared lust and sexual energy that it was a wonder indeed that he was not fat and gluttonous with over-feeding already.

Holly just did that for him, her juices soaking his cock, flowing down, dripping into the fur of his crotch. She made him want to fuck her over and over again, the idea that he was taking her from his son too something that made him want to take her all the more. Maybe it was wrong but it was right for a demon and that was all that it needed to be, the rise and fall of her sensual hips all that he could focus on. It would have been impossible, even then, for him to drag his gaze away from her, a sensual goddess to come up against a demon, moaning and whimpering, his name flowing ever so sweetly from his lips.


Ropes’ hiss rasped out, cock throbbing inside Holly, a trickle of a shiver tingling down her spine. She couldn’t hold back, wouldn’t hold back, moaning out over and over again as the afterglow of her second orgasm warmed her body, sweat darkening patches in her fur, though it was a clean, fresh sort of smell. Her body was too warm, so very warm, and it took all of her energy to ride him as she was, although she was right where she wanted to be, groaning and murmuring softness, her tail twitching behind her. The cougar just filled her pussy so perfectly and the tentacles stretching out her backdoor entrance put her right on the edge of orgasm constantly, able to tip over at any moment.

He was there for her, holding her paws, seducing her in the moment. Holly smiled faintly, a beam of moonlight cast through the bedroom window, though Hiss usually closed the curtains so that she couldn’t see it. Not that he was trying to take the sight of the moon away from her but more that he liked to sleep without a reflected ray of moonlight on his muzzle, which was fair enough too. It just added to the moment for her, groaning and panting, the pink of her tongue pushing out over her lips even though she could not rasp in her panting breaths quite like a feline.

The lack of pupils in his eyes should have been disconcerting but she was more than used to how Ropes looked by that point in their liaison, finding them comforting in their otherworldly glow. It was where she needed to be and her pussy ached for him even though her heart did not, for that belonged to someone else while she was still not all that sure what was going on with that side of her life. It was not for her to speculate one while there was so much pleasure yet to be had, holding his paw tightly as her orgasm mounted once more, marvelling out simply how many times she seemed to be able to get off while so heavily pregnant. While being pregnant did come with its downside, there sure were upsides to the whole thing too!

Ropes grunted, needing his climax, tail lashing as he yowled. It was coming whether Holly was ready for it or not, his cock unwrapped and spilling pre-cum inside her. It was not, after all, as if he could get her pregnant for a second time, the need already done as he lightly sank his claws into her, affording her a delicious shiver as both of her holes contracted around him. He needed her, moaning and grunting, taking charge as he thrust into her hot passage, lost in the moment as he took her, the virile, lusty female who had gone after him so vehemently. There could never have been any issue at all with Holly’s consent in all of it as she cried out his name, climaxing a third and final time, her pussy gripping and teasing him, though any muscular contractions that were there were most certainly not under her control and she was too lost in her pleasure to care.

Climaxing together, Holly moaned shakily and rolled her hips down to Ropes, helping to coax the last drops of cum from him as his balls ached, spending every last drop they had to give. Of course, he was as virile as ever as a demon of lust and vivaciously potent, able to get off over and over again without worrying one bit about needing to “recover”. Hah! That was for mortals! And that was just one of so very many reasons that he’d been able to seed so many fertile femfurs, so lovely, all of them, during his lifetime, filling them up and watching their bellies swell, hungry for the evidence of his studly nature and virility, only to do it all over again once their wombs were empty.

After all, that was just what a demon of lust and passion as there for as he lay across his son’s bed, holding Holly close in the afterglow, tail flicking back and forth as he purred gently. Hiss would never know, not unless she told him, just what had come to pass between them and he would enjoy her goddess-like body for as long as he was able and allowed to, paws sweeping over and caressing the soft rise of her body repeatedly as she leaned into his touch.

Exhaling a soft sigh, Holly snuggled back to him, murmuring lightly under her breath.

“You’re a better fuck than he is…”

Crude? Yes. True? Well, Ropes chose to believe it. Chuckling in the back of his throat, he kissed the top of his head, eyes dancing with glee, belatedly sliding his tentacles so very gently back out of her backdoor entrance.

There would be more fun when she woke up in the morning, Hiss away for a couple of nights along with Fyr. No one had to know what had taken place while they were gone.

Until then, he would wait until the break of dawn.