Praise for The Nun

Praise for The Nun

Thanks to everyone for your words of encouragement – this was a challenging story as I wanted to combine some of the dialogue from the original movie, but as the key premise of the 2018 movie was rather tame – spice it up and get into the heads of the evil nuns.  


Quodos to the author of a wonderfully written and really dark story. Along with other readers, I am eagerly waiting for the conclusion.

Hail XP, thank you. You write so well, and produce work that is Dark, Evil, and sexually satisfying. My enthusiasm is certain to be shared by all your readers.

What a delightfully blasphemous way to enjoy a story from XP!

XP goes from strength to strenth, The Nun is a veritable tour de force of Dark writing, and warmest thanks in offering it to us!


Mmmmmmmm the nun 😋 Excellent! The first three chapters are excellent! The story follows closely the storyline and I love the added touched so far. Do you watch the movie several limes while you write or do you obtain the script? And you included Lilith too. 

XP (RESPONSE VIA MEWE) – Hail Hoku —Yes I watch the movie many times — I even stop-start the movie and write down ALL the dialogue — it takes a lot of time. 


Wow! I truly love it and hope you eventually do the entire movie. How far did that get you through the movie?


There are three chapters to go — I will post these in a few days. I have completed it.


Great story. I’ve long been fascinated by the Black Mass. Growing up Catholic, Halloween was followed by All Saints Day, a Holy Day, so we had to go to Mass.  Once in fourth grade, a Nun caught me with my hand in my pocket rubbing my balls. She just yelled to stop. At puberty, I began conjuring fantasies of naked nuns in church and cumming on the Holy Eucharist. I loved wrapping the rosary around my cock. Every time I see a Mary statue, I imagine her face covered in semen. So yeah. Let desecration continue.


Thanks XP!  I love corrupt nun stories!  Still reading “Lovers” and still thinking about your looking glass story lol!


Thank You Xpanther. Loved the Story. Can’t wait for more.


Waiting disparately for tomorrow link.


Powerful, powerful!


Great story when I was 14 I fucked a nun. It was the best fuck ever. It was a Catholic school. She caught me wanking. Next thing my cock was in her mouth. She was a dirty little bitch. I took her cunt and her little tight arse. What sex.


I look forward to it as always!

This story fascinates me, thank you very much for this treasure. Please give us more of your noble power. Hail xpanther, Yes —The nun— This story fascinates me, thank you very much for this treasure.
Thank you, @xpanther 2008 for the story. I will need to dig out my grandmother’s rosary out to enjoy this one. Just need to decide which of my two pockets shall hold them while I read these chapters
Hi XP, Sorry to be so tardy with my feedback; at least others have been writing in, I see. I’ve enjoyed your recent stories – Lovers, this was so hot! Nancy wallowing in her pedo depravity and feeding her sin in the sex shop. And the latest chapters of Pleasure Has No Boundaries – you’ve really hit a rich vein with this story; I think it’s one of your most erotic stories to date. The plotting to kill Maggie’s husband was so fucking nasty and evil. And I also loved the Nun. Will be interested to see if Sister Irene becomes corrupted.


I enjoyed reading your story. I liked the part where the demon girl almost raped the priest.


A very mysterious story dear XP.  And of course great!  I liked Mother Superior and her room the most.  A place of sin and sodomy.  When she stripped naked and peed on her shaved pussy from her sister Oana!  Then I ejaculated sperm !!  I eagerly await the further development of the story.  Satan and Lilith bless you dear XP.  P.S.Thanks for following up on BDSLMR.  I hope for a successful cooperation. Mastur666Boy




Thank you my love.


As always, a great read. Speaking of nuns, XP:

It was a cold, bitter wind, and it blew and it blew. It blew through the trees, and the little town, too. It blew past the houses, where the families were sleeping. It blew through the keyholes, where the faggots were peeping. It blew down the streets, that were shrouded in slumber. It rattled the roofs, right down to the lumber. It blew up her skirt, where her girlfriends would suck. It blew in her pussy, where hung bulls would then fuck. It blew up her asshole, which she fingered a lot. Then she blew cocks at church, until she got caught. She is a wild wicked witch, who fucks like a whore. She fucks on the altar and fucks on the floor. She fucks all the altar boys, all one by one. She even fucks the gay priest, and the slutty old nun.


As always great Words …. go ahead … Satan Will guide you. Hail Satán!


Great story I wanked my hard cock till I exploded over the the Bible it was sticky fuck the Bible fuck the church and all the dirty nuns who can have my cock and balls.

Лиза Серпухова (VIA MEWE)

AVE SATANA! Thank you for the new pleasures of lust, perversion and cruelty! Blood Lilith! witches, their desires are admirable newfound freedom, desires become reality .How i want it! Rachel! her perversity and cruelty make me want to be with her and be like her — Nun. Intriguing start . i like everything, the scene, the events taking place in this monastery the feeling of growing evil excites and i begin to whisper … “Come, come, do your beautiful evil” … Please finish this story … AVE SATANAS!


Thank you satanic brother for this wonderful reading pleasure, I enjoyed reading your view of the film (the Nun) in words. I was delightfully entertained by your story for a “thank you” to you. hail Satan, hail Lilith.


Was very happy with the new email from XP.  My long dick immediately stiffened.  I stripped naked, started reading new chapters of the story “The Nun” and masturbated lightly.  I fell in love with Sister Irena, although I also liked Oana. The final scenes when the evil nun appeared brought me to the climax, I spilled a huge amount of sperm on the carpet and shouted, “Hail XP!”


Hail LP — it filled my black heart with much evil joy — and to know that my name is a “CUM” word — that is a great honor — HAIL LVST

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    1. Hail Sotar – thank you – it was one of my most challenging stories to date – I will be posting the remaining 3 chapters very soon

  1. Great story when I was 14 I fucked a nun it was the best fuck ever it was a Catholic school she caught me wanking next thing my cock was in her mouth she was a dirty little bitch I took her cunt and her little tight arse what sex

  2. Whenever XP sends me an email I rejoice. I immediately go to bed and undress naked. In one hand I hold a cross with which I tap my balls. I tie a rosary around my balls. I slowly start masturbating and reading an evil story.

      1. Yes, I really enjoy it! My big dick goes crazy with a cross and a rosary. Sperm ejaculation is far better. I put the pictures on the BDSLMR site.

        1. Found your pics. Brilliant blasphemy. I can believe that your sperm ejaculations are far better. I am going to try that as well.

          1. Hail Ranulf

            Praying and masturbating always generate powerful orgasms for me — HAIL LVST

        2. Hail Mastur666Boy

          Well I wish I had a big dick — but I don’t — so I have to use my imagination instead — would have loved to be flexible and “long enough” to self-suck – but alas, Satan didn’t bless me with this ability — only the aptitude to dispense his evil lvstings

      2. Hail Ranulf

        Appreciate your comments and I have posted them up on my post “Praise for The Nun” — so that it will encourage others to explore the darker and more perverse recesses of their minds — drawing them willingly into the depths of depravity and evil lvst — let’s spread the word of Satan together

    1. Hail Mastur666Boy

      It is an honor to know that my stories can illicit this response — hail LVST

  3. Great story I wanked my hard cock till I exploded over the the Bible it was sticky fuck the Bible fuck the church and all the dirty nuns who can have my cock and balls

  4. I love your stories they get hard makes me want to go out and rape nuns getting my fingers inside their cunts and arses and cumming all over them then pissing all over them

    1. Hail Brother Anthony – anoint thy self – drink deeply from the piss goblet and cum in thy mouth

  5. Xpanther..your my Hemmingway…of the left hand path…your story makes me want to go to a nunnery…and make a sizable donation…in xchangefor a USED WORN..habit and veil…take it home..kneel in front of a sigil of Lilith…read a treatise of Lucy Az…and masturbate…it would be..somehing i long to perform…your brilliant..MORE..on the NUN!

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