Passion, Pups & Phallic Worship – Non-Fiction

Writer: soulinthemists

Subject: Passion, Pups & Phallic Worship

Link: Tumblr / 28.04.2022

Passion, Pups & Phallic Worship

Using a phrase from the past, suddenly I have a mix of messages, like bubbles from my cauldron, asking me to address the topic of cocks and phallic worship. Rather than try to address each query in turn, I am editing an old article I wrote on the topic in the past and share it as my response because I believe it provides the ultimate answer all of the queries have posed.

The conversation included our laughingly sharing about phallic worship and how the Tumblr censors dealt with the topic on the platform. We shared about how inconsistent they were when it came to applying their, “Community standards,” and how, when it came to a woman engaging in intimacy with her pets, everyone tiptoed around the topic having no problem with the posting of photos of women smiling with their pets in, sometimes but not often, what could be considered provocative poses.

We both agreed that what is often missing is where a woman is shown engaged in what I will call, “Those moments of passion,” where there is no doubt she is taking the knot, lost to all that is happening around her because of the sensations however you wish to describe what is occurring.

Why this discussion? Because phallic worship involves cocks and they (cocks) are not all human and toys. Of course, I will venture to say most women would openly deny any interest in other than these but only human cock when it comes to, “Hot and throbbing.”

However, when one travels through Tumblr and the internet in general,  the topic is a, “Hot” one and women are more open to both view and discuss it and seriously consider, “Doing it with a dog.”

I know because I have brought it up even in those moments when we women, “Let our hair down,” to see the reaction. I have been pleasantly surprised. How many indulge? That I can’t say. If the web provides any wisdom, I do believe society as a whole  would be amazed.

One of the benefits of following the Dark Lord is we followers have the freedom to engage mentally such topics complete with guiltless fantasies where we can experience wonderful orgasms and debate with ourselves about whether we want to, “Do it,” in real life.

If the current bestial and zoo porn sites are any indication, along with other porn that is, “Out there,” more and more women and not just more and more people are wanting in on the “Practice,” and do so. More women are willing to indulge and not just when it comes to the porn industry.

Now, except in a few states, getting it on with Fido is illegal and as always I am not and never will advocate someone violating the law. However, we have freedom of thought and are therefore free to and should examine the topic fully, become informed and decide for ourselves how we feel about it and whether or not we might one day indulge and be, “Filled full.”

I am always trying to be truthful on my Tumblr. So, I want the reader to know that I am in favor of what I call an individual’s, “Phallic freedom.” I will speak more to that because I want you to read this article which was on the net talking about this very topic. It can be revealing and can possibly help one to overcome any preconceived perceptions about engaging in intimacy with your pet.

This is the article — “… People having sex with animals is much, much more common than you think! It’s been pervasive ever since the etching of our human story in rocks.”

Some states don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, either. It’s actually legal in places like Washington, D.C. (go figure), West Virginia, Kentucky, New Mexico, and Wyoming. The famed sexual researcher Alfred Kinsey estimated that eight percent of men and 3.6% of women engage in some sort of sexual activity with an animal, and that study was conducted back in the 1940s. The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that about 34% of men in Brazil, mostly from rural homes, had sex with animals quite often.”

Today, a whole subculture of people are engaging in sexual activities with animals and refer to themselves as, “Zoos.” There are internet forums whose purpose is to share their animal stories and exchange advice. One of the largest sites is that boasts over 1.2 million registered members and more than that in unregistered members.

Bestiality events are organized on animal sex farms or bestiality brothels, and like a Nevada prostitute ranch, groups of animals are corralled for viewing and then the cowboy and cowgirls just mosey on down their happy trails.

This is happening and hiding in plain sight, but as you see … having sex with animals happens everywhere, legal or not. If you are a true animal lover, we need to start talking more openly about zoophilia.

The author of the article is opposed to zoophilia and sees it as an ultimate evil. However,  his or her statement within the article is telling.  “… Having sex with animals happens everywhere…” and we should “… Start talking more openly …” about the topic. Again being  honest I don’t believe the author would appreciate the, “Talking about,” I would want to engage in, especially when women enjoying their animals intimately has been happening since … well … forever.

Enjoying animal cocks is not new and is still practiced and it is up to the woman whether or not she wants to indulge in her mind (certainly) and in real life (our choice and it’s our body.) And among these choices that are open to her is with what animal and how often. As for me, I have set my own limits and I admit I am not opposed to anyone, including myself, engaging with, experiencing and enjoying these cocks if they or I wish to do so.

This article didn’t arise just from one conversation. It arose in part because of several comments and questions from followers … “Inquiring minds want to know.” And there seems to be a growing number of guys who want the wife to fuck Fido and, if they haven’t already, are preparing to purchase a large breed dog (those known to have large cocks and knots) for her “Protection.”

It might be that mom might be open to fucking the family pet rather than a family friend because Fido can’t talk. Lol. Take time to look around you and see the number of women who now have large dogs as, “Pets for protection.”

I mentioned phallic freedom. Why? Because phallic worship is part of how I worship the Dark Lord. How I worship in this way is part and parcel of the decisions I have to make in that regard. Like my Tumblr,  the choice of phallus for worship is an, “Acquired taste.”

The depth of one’s desire for the experience and how deep they will engage the subject is a matter of individual choice and not to be criticized. We, “Grow,” into it. It is part of our, “Maturing,” process as worshipers. I am personally aware of one follower who has said more than once that the experience is, “Exquisite.” If you want, “That feeling,” then take a trip to D.C.,  go see the mountains in West Virginia. Ride the range in Wyoming. Or simply do what most do … Moonshine is illegal … I drink it  in private or among like minded friends. Think about it.

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  1. It is more common, I admittedly have had a k9 fuck me, breed me I might say as an appropriate term. I am a sissy transvestite cd, I know if many other sissy bois who love at least the concept of beastiality. There is something so great, so satanic glowing from the screen when a woman gives in to Satan, says fuck you to society, and let’s her dog fuck her til he can’t no more. Fuck yes, hail lord Satan

  2. I find it an acceptable part of my religious freedom.

    To worship the phallus is to please my Mother and Father, as they enjoy watching us enjoying our freedom

  3. I could not agree with the author and ommentors more. Over the years, I hasve noticed more and more viueos of women having sex with dogs, horses and pigs. They all seem to enjoy it a lot To worship phallus means all phallus. and it is indeed part of the religious freedom we get froim Lord Satan

  4. I love being a satanic fukn faggot, I fuck my boipussie with others proverbial borderds.
    No age of consent, no such thing as rape, having worshipers of myself to deliver to lord satan

    And a k9 fucked me no more than 2.5 months ago, anyone have a horse or donkey?

  5. i have to say watching a woman who is experienced is wonderful, seeing her dog kiss her mouth deeply and licking her cunt n ass before breeding her is a joy……….as for watching a guy eat out his bitch before breeding her……….well it blows my mind

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