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Feature Writer: Book of Solomon

Feature Title: Origin of the World

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Origin of the World

“Then Death, being androgynous, mingled with his (own) nature and begot seven androgynous offspring. These are the names of the male ones: Jealousy, Wrath, Tears, Sighing, Suffering, Lamentation, Bitter Weeping. And these are the names of the female ones: Wrath, Pain, Lust, Sighing, Curse, Bitterness, Quarrelsomeness. They had intercourse with one another, and each one begot seven, so that they amount to forty-nine androgynous demons. Their names and their effects you will find in the Book of Solomon.”

Origin of the World  106:20 – 107:10

4 thoughts on “Origin of the World – Non-Fiction”

    1. Hail DangLa — I took it from the video and the Photoshopped the cross on the left-hand-side (as it was too far out of the frame … Glad you liked it — XP

      1. Yes, very attractive and lustful! The nun pees on the former Christian and with her urine transforms him into a Satanist. I would like you to do a similar thing in Photoshop on one of my three pictures with a dick and a cross.

        1. Hail DangLa – hot idea of using sacred piss to corrupt the good and the righteous – to transform them into evil

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