Only For Christians That Are Exploring 2 by GarySix – Non-Fiction

Writer: GarySix

Subject: Only For Christians That Are Exploring

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For Christians Only Addendum: Please note as my post stated. I now have one student and there is a waiting list. If you can be patient I will  do my best to work with you. The response from Christians has been overwhelming. If you contact me I will respond but cannot take on another now. I have to give my all to this person and bony Satan in it.

Only For Christians That Are Exploring 2

Filth. Filth. And More Filth for Exploring Christians.

As a Christian I get to enjoy Satan’s blasphemy filth at a level that most humans will never experience. The intensity of masturbation with Satan and invoking Lilith as well, is simply sexually overwhelming as I view Christian blasphemy filth, speak it out and saturate in it.


Satan loves to own slave Christians like me because we are in a way, trophies for him to boast about. Men and women who believe in Christ yet indulge in Satanic filth and praise his name, find orgasms of pure ecstasy so profound it cannot be described in words.

The Mix

The blend of loving Christ and adoring Satan in tandem is experiential at the deepest levels of human senses. I often look at a large full color  image of the crucifix with Satan’s logo next to it and masturbate while praising Satan’s powerful name out loud and the cum load I sacrifice to him is extraordinary. I realize some people here hold a hatred for Christ. But as Christians we can enjoy loving Christ and yet loving/adoring and sinning with Satan.

Sexual Blasphemy

I believe that only a Christian can experience the truly unique sensory  thrill and excitement of blasphemy because its foundation is anchored in being lured away to sin in un-holiness while holding the holiness of the cross in view, in mind–the ultimate filth sex. I say only a Christian can enjoy this because it is simply a fact. This may help clarify: It is one thing to masturbate, but an entirely different experience masturbating with someone else. You are sharing the filth, the sex, the joy of blending it.

The Luxury of Filth

Satan helps me (and any willing Christian), to create and enjoy his filth at the lowest level—in his sewer. The special deep place of dark filth (something like the dark web), that embraces every sexual deviant, depraved, defiling, raw satanic filth act/thought. There is a real luxury in masturbation when inviting Satan to help and guide it while you praise his name and you have your fucking Bible open so you can enjoy the cum flow out of your cock (or cunt lips) and watch it cover the pages so beautifully and elegantly. Sexual filth is a luxury that Satan shares with us Christians who explore with him. Satan and is filth, blasphemy and evil are absolutely luxurious. Satan has shown me that his evil is sensual and can create  sexual desires in me. Amazing!!!

Something New

For the most part, XP’s website has not had any offerings specifically and overtly to reach exploring Christians or as I call them, “Enlightened Christians.” XP has been very gracious to me in allowing my posts to tempt and attract Christians to Satan’s filth and I cannot thank him enough. But keep in mind that we want to draw more people to Satan so we can show them the intense enjoyment of filthy blasphemy and depravity, and all that goes with it.


XP has given me (and therefore other Christians), an opportunity to have a place where they can do something about their inner desires to enjoy porn and satanic sex and blasphemy and connect with other Christians of like mind. Many are frustrated because they think they are alone in these deep feelings. With my For Christians Only post, I am offering to work with Exploring Enlightened Christians for satanic filth blasphemy training and for companionship in like-mindedness. On that post I had quite a response from Christians who want to be trained. I usually would take only one student at a time. I will talk with XP because with quite a few Christians responding I think I will take on more. There really is a need and an interest. We desire and pray to Satan for  more and more of his glorious filth. I appreciate you reading this.

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  1. Hello and I really want you to help me and I never been to the Dark Web and can you help me to see what you see on the Dark Web and not get into trouble and stay in there and have fun together and I am very Serious about Asking You to Help Me Please?

  2. Pastor, it’s been a while. I’ve enjoyed your new posts, writings and hoped that we might reconnect. You have a wide audience, I know. I guess I’ll be one who ‘remembers when’.
    Best of luck in all your endeavours and I’ll hope that you will reach out one day. I still have the same contact info; haunt the same old places and all that.
    Cheers, friend!

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