Occult Satanism 5 – Non-Fiction

Feature Writer: Brother Luthorius Grand Warlock Of The Devil’s Cabal / High Magister And Demonic Scribe

Feature Title: Occult Satanism 6 – The Planetary Kameas And Sigilizing The Names Of Demons

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Occult Satanism 5

The Planetary Kameas And Sigilizing The Names Of Demons

As already indicated in previous Writings the Sigils utilized within OCCULT SATANISM have been formed from the Names of the Demons upon the Kamea Squares that have long been held as one of the most powerful methods of Sigil Making.

The true power of a Demon lies within its Name, those who Work with them know this and those oppose them (such as the Catholic Exorcist) also know well of this truth, Sigils formed directly from the Names of Demons contain a greater power than those drawn from other methods.

The Kameas formed from the Seven Celestial Spheres of the Ancients are a form of Magick I have delved into for near on four decades and I can testify to their immense power. This natural celestial force merged with the current contained within the Name of the Demon itself is a potent alchemical Magickal combination drawing on energies older than time.

The Planetary influences which contain the same flow as the energy power areas of the Demon determined which Kamea each Demon’s Name was formed upon — for instance the dark current of Saturn immediately stands out as the connecting force to Satan and Demons such as Arioch, Abaddon and Stygal.

The Grimoire MALEDICTION is also concerned with the Demonizing of energies within and without our World and the linking of the power of the Demonic Names with the Planetary Spheres and Kameas holds potential for attaining such objectives, but such things shall be discussed when we move deeper into the darker forms of Black Magick later in this Manuscript.


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