Occult Satanism 3 – Non-Fiction

Feature Writer: Brother Luthorius Grand Warlock Of The Devil’s Cabal / High Magister And Demonic Scribe

Feature Title: Occult Satanism 3 – The Aeon Of Shadow And The Aeon Of Fire

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Occult Satanism 3

The Aeon Of Shadow And The Aeon Of Fire

At times throughout the Manuscript of OCCULT SATANISM and within the Workings of the Grimoire MALEDICTION detailed throughout it the terms The Aeon Of Shadow and The Aeon Of Fire will be used. These are ages which are relevant to the Occult Satanist, The Aeon Of Shadow being the present Age in which we live and the one preceding The Aeon Of Fire which is the Age in which the Grand Kingdom of Our Lord Satan shall rise throughout the realms including that of our own World.

The Aeon of Shadow is marked by times of unrest, transition, conflict, war, destruction and uncertainty — that which has been held as the norm shall fall to that which has not, family and friends, allies and unions will collapse under conflicts and contradictions which divide opinion on all levels.

Violence will grow and this shall come from the uncertainty, unrest and a sense of needing to break free of the oppressing forces of Orthodoxy Religion and Conformist Social Structures which will squeeze even tighter at the scent of their own demise. The Aeon Of Fire shall arise from the debris, the blood soaked carnage and chaos that The Aeon Of Shadow has left in its wake.

To the Satanist (the true Dark Theistic Satanist) destruction is a positive act, a form of creation through the banishment of the old and futile in favor of a new and more creative libertine form of existence. Sometimes destruction is necessary to vanquish the poisonous tendrils of oppressive regimes which have become monstrous in their own quest for power and dictation — those who understand the Tarot Card ‘The Tower’ within the Major Arcana will grasp the meaning of this.

A poison to drive out a poison lies at the core of this thinking. Satan is the Lord of Creative Chaos, from the depths of His subconscious (which is the dark infinite of our extended realms and mind) Satan can create and destroy with equal power for He is bound by no moral or ethical power, no linear concept of right and wrong — He is the Lord of Illusion and the Weaver of Reality and is the merging of all Worlds with a power which transcends the force of the Angels and their God bound as they are by the pedantic laws of their Creed!

This is the foundation of the belief of The Aeon Of Shadow and The Aeon of Fire, concepts which mirror the writings of The Book Of Revelation within the Bible but decode those writings to reveal a much different picture of the times to come — these Infernal Writings are held within the Text THE END TIMES which is the main philosophical Text of THE DEVIL’S CABAL.