Feature Writer: WednesdaysCoffin


Published: 18.08.2020

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: Ruby was a witch, but soon she will be much more

Author’s Note: This story contains a virgin witch, human to beast transformation, breeding, and more. There is a slight Non-Consent aspect to the beginning of the story, but this is not a rape fantasy. All characters are 18+, and none were harmed in the writing of this piece. This story was written recently and is indicative of my current writing mood, so I hope you enjoy.


Now She Speaks in Wolfsheim

How had a simple morning jog turned into this? Her nails were full of dirt and detritus, her short auburn locks decorated with a bouquet of dead leaves. Dirt was smudged across her tanned skin, particularly on the tip of her button nose. She was wearing the signs that every single, agonizing step of the journey she had screamed for assistance as she clawed the ground and tried to staunch their ability to drag her across the invisible boundary. She had even attempted to call upon her magic and the coven’s reserves, but one of the wolves had immediately uttered an ancient dialect that rendered her helpless. Now she was forced to accept her inevitable fate, as there was an unspoken understanding among her coven: one sister-witch was not worth risking the entire congregation. If she was brought across the line into the werewolves’ territory, no one would come for her.

And so she had fought tooth and nail against the two towering wolves as they dragged her slowly toward their pack’s lands and away from her freedom. The first of the males, the one who claimed to be the elder brother, was nearly seven feet of stocky muscle and sun-kissed flesh. A brunette with scruffy, wild hair that hit just below his ears, he possessed a long, bearded face with slight flecks of gray amidst the coarse facial bristles—just enough to make him appear distinguished rather than old. He was the one that was currently holding her over his monstrous shoulder, carrying her like a flimsy doll through the dying, autumn landscape as she uselessly tried to fight her way out of his vile clutches.

Walking behind them, the younger wolf was smirking cruelly. Also quite tall at over six feet, this male was toned but lean and pale. His long, angular face was highlighted by a jaw that was chiseled from the finest marble and a pair of hauntingly brilliant chocolate irises, all framed by straight raven locks that flowed down to his wide shoulders. Freckles dotted the bridge of his nose and scattered softly down toward his pale lips, which formed a perfect cupid’s bow. Full of a perverse playfulness, he had been the first one to grab her, making certain to fondle her breasts as he carried her through the woods towards the boundary between the sisterhood’s lands and those of their mortal enemies.

No one who crossed the border ever returned, and so the legend that a sister-witch could feel the geographic line in her bones was just that—a legend. But Ruby was certain that the frozen shiver that traveled up her spine in that moment was just this, and that she had just been forced beyond the point of no return. Covered in earthen dust and copious scratches, several of her nails already broken and bleeding, she sobbed as the elder wolf approached a small clearing and carelessly dropped her without warning.

Her petite body hit the ground with an impactful thud and she cringed as her back and buttocks absorbed the bulk of her fall. Terrified, she watched as the two wolves towering above her began to hastily remove their clothing without offering a word. But before she could think to speak, the raven-haired male squatted down beside her. Without a word, he reached out and waved his hand through the air as though a magician displaying his talents. Her eyes widened in horror as his pointer finger shifted fluidly into a gigantic claw and a cruel smile painted across his handsome face. Heat danced in his chocolate irises as he used his new talon to slice through her black shorts and blue sports bra before he quickly tore the scraps of fabric from her body then violently tugged her sneakers off her feet.

At this, the now very exposed, bearded wolf cleared his throat and his deep bass ebbed across her flesh like a comforting summer breeze. “I’m sorry that you appear to be so terrified, little human. However, please know that we mean you no harm. We are simply here to welcome you into the pack and your new life. You will be treated like a goddess among our people,” he offered as his voice trailed off.

Kneeling at her feet, the second wolf was sniffing the air above the apex of her thighs and practically drooling. In a soothing baritone, he observed, “She smells of homemade desserts and something else—something magical. Perhaps Alyssum? Underneath it all, I can smell her fertility is at its peak.” His hand floated above her abdomen and the mysterious claw melted back into his flesh. “She is ready to be mated.”

“She must survive the transformation first,” the graying male demanded in a stern tone. “Do not forget that until she is a wolf, she cannot carry your litter. As you very well know, impregnating a human witch will only lead to a horrifically tragic death. You must control yourself until she is one of us, little brother—only then can she survive the mating and birth a litter. ”

This seemed to sadden the other wolf, and he bowed his head as thunderous storms passed through his passionate eyes. “I do not forget her.” His voice had grown soft with a sorrowful reminiscence. “Nor do I forget the younglings that were lost along with her. You do not have to remind me of the tragedy, brother. My heart still breaks for the loss of the fine she as well as the litter. She would have been a fine mate.”

Face stony, the brunette man gestured with his chin toward Ruby, and her heartbeat began to race in fear. “Bite her then. Let us see if the witch’s perfect human physique is strong enough to survive its first change.”

Ruby tried to inch backward away from the long-haired male, but he pounced atop her and buried his face into her neck with a bestial snuffling. First inhaling her skin, he began licking hungrily across her throat with the flat surface of his rough tongue, an animalistic purr resonating deep inside his diaphragm as he tasted the earth and sweat off her skin. “Sweet sister-witch,” he cooed as he nibbled passionately on her chin and roughly molested her exposed breasts. “Are you ready to embrace the beast?”

The agony was instantaneous as he sunk a set of lethal fangs into the flesh of her shoulder, painfully scraping against bone. As the sweet coppery taste of her blood flowed across his tongue, he fed from her energy and she writhed beneath him in agony. He tasted her aura shifting wildly as he feasted on her humanity, and Ruby screamed and shoved with all her might at his pale chest but it was no use. After several minutes of a searing suffering that bled deep into her bones, he backed off and kneeled beside her.

With one careful lick across her incinerated flesh, he smiled comfortingly, kissed her forehead tenderly, and then pressed her hand to the wound. She was amazed to find that there was no blood: the puncture marks had already healed themselves as she lay glaring up at her horrid kidnappers. Utterly shocked and disbelieving, she continued to stare at her fingertips as the bearded wolf offered her a sympathetic smile. “It will begin soon. Pray to your goddess all you like, you will be a wolf by the end of the hour.”

“And then we will fill you with our seed until it leaks from between your porcelain thighs,” the raven-haired male snarled. Pressing his soft lips against the delicate shell of her ear, he allowed his warm breath to tickle her soul. “I will make certain to seed you so that your belly begins to grow, witch. After tonight, you shall become heavy with my litter so that all of the wolves in the pack know that you belong to me. I promise you, you will be mine, little human.”

Ruby might have slapped him—there were many things that she would have loved to do to the obnoxious wolf—but the sharp, stabbing pain that ignited down her spine caused her to cry out and nearly faint. When her body began to adjust to the feeling of unfathomable agony, it spread like a flowing mass beneath the surface of her skin and caused her bones to quiver. Willing to do anything to staunch its progress, she began rubbing her back violently through the dirt beneath her, anything to make the feeling abate. Mewling in fright and coating her backside in a thick veil of brown earth, she protected her small breasts with her hands as she flailed and fought to rub whatever it was off her body.

Seated in the dirt beside her prone body, unabashedly displaying his nudity, the younger male looked rather amused at her fumbling. “You cannot possibly hope to rid yourself of your fur, little witch. Don’t you feel each individual hair pressing up through the layers of your human skin? Your wolf wants to be born, she. She wants the kiss of sunshine on her pelt, it’s natural for our species. She has been awakened and now she desires full control. As cliché as it may sound, the less you fight her the easier it will be for you.”

Ruby whimpered as she felt pins and needles forcing their way out of her spine, her frantic rubbing causing a bump to develop on her lower back. Unable to cease her feverish activity, she continued to roll and writhe in an attempt to combat the horrible feeling of dread that was consuming her human soul. Something had inch-wormed its way inside her skull, and it began to whisper a mantra of the most tempting promises. This distraction, however, did nothing to slow her transformation as individual strands of fur jackhammered their way out of her flesh, elongating as a continuous stream penetrated her backside; and she began to grow a mat of midnight fur.

Clueless as to what was happening and unable to see the changes that had already begun, she focused on the pain that was centralized in the bulge atop her tailbone. What had been a small lump just moments before now appeared to possess a mind all its own, wiggling atop her skeleton and pulling her flesh taut as it too appeared to be lengthening. The pressure she felt when she rolled onto the mass was a horrible thing and she yelped, twisting and flailing from side to side as the searing agony continued to attack her lower back.

Frantically trying to understand what was happening, she flipped onto her hands and knees to try and get a better view of her backside. As she craned her neck to glance over her shoulder, the devilish young wolf reached out and sunk a pair of lengthy fingers into her sex. “She’s already warm,” he observed with a lusty lupine growl. His voice shifted to something feral as he removed his fingers from inside her walls and sniffed. “Your heat is coming, witch. Soon you will have no choice but to embrace your animal. A she-wolf in her first ever heat is rabid with need and mindless for a male. All coherent thought will be consumed by wanton flames.”

“Allow the shift to happen, brother.” The elder wolf sounded tired as he sat on a fallen log and studiously watched Ruby. Casually resting his elbows on his enormous knees and his chin cupped in his monstrous hands, he bent forward to closely observe the writhing female. Sniffing the air, he nodded slowly. “She is already progressing rapidly into her change. I too can smell her need and I can hear her inner-monologue, as well. She is trying to fight her wolf, trying to force the beast out of her mind and remain human. She fiercely denies her attraction to your scent and proximity, but your fingers inside her sex flipped a switch. Do you see her stump is trying to wag at the sound of your voice?”

Aware of his words but lost in the mayhem of her own mind, Ruby shrieked at the terrifying realization that the piece of flesh dancing on her spine was a languidly elongating tail. Reaching back with annoyance, she grabbed the thick stump and tugged violently, only to issue a bark of pain. Tears cascaded from her eyes and she fell back into the dirt face first, whining in frustration and fear. The prospect of having a tail was horrifying to her; the thought alone caused a waterfall of emotions to rain down her cheeks into the crumbling leaves and torn grass. Silently praying for a savior, she clutched handfuls of earth and pebbles as she watched the drops of saline tumble to the ground.

The long-haired wolf’s voice was like a feline’s languid lick across her folds and she shivered as he spoke. “Her sex has already begun to darken in color and her labia are spreading wider, the inner lips have nearly completely disappeared. Her she-wolf must be desperate for it, because the witch is progressing faster than any other transformation I have witnessed.” Pausing for emphasis, he raised his voice with pride. “I told you she was strong, that she would survive!”

Their voices sounded far off to Ruby, as though the brothers were located at the opposite end of a tunnel. Crawling through the dirt to escape her captors, she continued to sob as her entire body was enveloped in an inferno of agony. Opening her mouth to issue another terrified scream, she heard nothing but the explosive pop of her jaw as it unhinged and her skull exploded in a nightmarish array of fireworks. Silenced, she could hear the fragile bones in her face cracking as they prepared to draft an elegant muzzle. At the same instant, the tan skin across her cheeks rippled in a wave, lifting off the bones and shifting around as her nose began to flatten and turn black. She lost all sense of smell, and was no longer tormented by the taste of the younger wolf’s virility wafting straight to her core.

Kneeling and clinging to a nearby tree trunk, tears continued to freefall from her eyes as her upper lip split and began to tug upward as it was simultaneously being shoved outward. Pulled so tight that her upper frenulum tore and her septum snapped, the suffering was only made worse by the sensation of a series of pin pricks dancing across the surface of what had been her top lip. As sharp fibers began to demand their exit from inside her flesh, Ruby’s eyes opened long enough to see her nose travelling slowly away from her frightened gaze as hideously long fibers sprouted to the surface. ‘Whiskers,’ the voice of her wolf tried to comfort her. ‘You are gaining a regal muzzle with plush whiskers. A face befitting of a beautiful she-wolf,’ it purred.

Attempting to offer comfort, the elder of the two wolves dipped his tone into something compassionate as he observed her fast-moving progress. “It’s okay, little witch,” he informed her calmly in a silky smooth tone that caressed and cooled the internal fire. “We know that it hurts, but it gets easier with time. The first shift is always the worst. Each successive transformation gets easier until you learn to manage the pain, and then it will be second nature and you will forget all of this.”

His voice was a balm against the torment, her spine bowing at his honey-soaked words. ‘Alpha,’ her wolf whispered and it was like a calm breeze. ‘He is our Alpha and he will protect us.’

Roughly sinking his long fingers back inside the walls of her sex, the black-haired beast growled. “Think about the reward for a successful shift. Your heat is growing, sweet she; I can smell it in the air that surrounds us. Your wolf is issuing the call to any males in the vicinity that she is strong and she is ready to be bred. She is begging for a male of our species to seed her, and my wolf is very ready to satisfy her needs.”

His words literally fell on deaf ears as Ruby’s hearing was abruptly muted. With her bones continuing to rearrange themselves as her snout took shape, she allowed her fingers to nervously palpate its surface as she rolled onto her back. Her ability to hear continued to be cut off as her once very human ears were transformed into something lupine, migrating to the top of her head where they peeked out from her auburn locks. Twitching side to side in an effort to assess her surroundings, they stood proud atop a skull that was still amid its monstrous alteration.

Fingers pressed to the spongy black tip of her leathery new nose, she whimpered and sniffled loudly as the agony continued to rule every inch of her being. She was absolutely certain that she could feel the individual strands of fur pressing out of the top of her head, her once beautiful, silken locks disappearing in their wake. All too suddenly she was aware that she must be hideous—a ludicrous creation with a wolf’s head seated atop a woman’s body that was adorned with a long black tail.

Still more tears welled in the ducts of her eyes as she realized that she truly would never return to her coven: the sisterhood would never welcome a mangy canid into their midst. As her mind raced, that alluring voice whispered across her pelt, promising that the future was worth forgetting the past. ‘Let it go.’ The words were a velvety spell. ‘You are a wolf now, and you are destined for greatness. Forget what you were and embrace what you have become.’

Pining for her lost humanity, she began to inventory her changes and the sensations that her body was being forced to undergo. The dense fur that coated her still very human body had yet to cover her chest, and the younger wolf was now suckling at her puffy nipples as she lay on her back doing her best impression of sobbing. There was no denying that his tongue flicking languidly across her erect peaks brought a rush of moisture between her legs. Under the spell of pheromones dancing throughout the clearing, she allowed her right hand to snake down her stomach toward her sex as she delicately pressed her fingertips into an enormously dense forest of hair.

Petting her dewy vaginal folds through the thick patch, she allowed the she-wolf to take further hold of her mind. Continuing her mantra, the voice promised Ruby rabid, violent sex with the gorgeous young wolf. Her altered sex wept hungrily at the thought, her fingers travelling closer to her clit at the thought of being stretched painfully wide on a wolf’s enormous length. The she-wolf fed her a steady stream of mental imagery that centered around a monstrously large phallus jutting from a furry sheath. As the vile and perverse visuals ignited a fire in Ruby’s toes, she began to abandon her fight.

Initially pleased at her shift in desire, his body beginning to grow stiffer with her response, the long-haired wolf was shocked when his tiny witch suddenly shrieked in pain. He pulled back from her breasts with a dramatically loud slurp as he watched the petite creature begin to tremble. For the poor she, her torso had simply exploded into flames; the conflagration near instantaneous as she felt her ribs cracking and popping, nearly snapping free of her human shell as her torso began to violently lengthen. The voice inside her mind went utterly silent as she yowled, her entire aura consumed by unfathomable torture.

Within minutes she had grown significantly, her chest now a broad barrel of toned muscle and her small breasts entirely dissolved into her bestial form. As her hips popped free of their sockets, she cried out again, spasming wildly as the bones in her legs began to break apart and then restructure themselves; a searing, blistering nightmare was all she knew as she howled. Her humanity had disappeared completely beneath a cloak of midnight fur as deadly claws began to force their way out her fingertips and toes, gnashing everything in their path and baptizing the dirt with her blood.

Inside her mind, the war raged on. That alluring voice had returned, again whispering of the pleasure and power that awaited her. At the same time, desire was being fed straight into her sex as a need to conjoin bodies with at least one of the males became dire. Her vulva had become swollen, her puffy lips leaking viscous fluids and dampening her fur as she fought to keep her breathing even. The taste of male in her nostrils was overwhelming, the need brewing a desperation that was perpetuating the swelling within her nethers. Her lupine brain focused solely on the idea of mating, forcing her furry genitals to react to the proximity of the pair of virile males.

As Ruby eventually rose up onto her four paws and glanced curiously around the clearing, it was easy to locate those wolves—one was the strong, masculine scent of bergamot and moss after a summer storm, and the other possessed the pristine taste of the first snowfall in winter. Thanks to the thick fog of pheromones veiling the clearing, her lupine sex only grew more feverish with need and her bushy tail wagged excitedly at their proximity and the prospect of being bred. All her bestial brain knew was the desire to be filled. There was no cognizance of her past or memory of her humanity, no understanding of how she came to be in this location; only the desire to raise her tail for one of the two males—or both.

Saliva coated her canines as she eyed the two naked wolves hungrily, her she-wolf demanding that she present herself for mounting. ‘You must be able to take a male,’ the voice warned in a rabid tone. ‘You must be bred to officially become pack. You must do whatever it takes to be mounted.’

Confused but submissive to the inner-beast, Ruby stood in place unabashedly waving her pink sex, observing curiously as one of the powerful creatures approached her. Despite the men being encased in their human skin, her lupine senses understood that they were pack; their aroma was clearly her species and she did not fear their fleshy forms.

Kneeling down onto his enormous knees, the bearded wolf began to pet her muzzle gently. “Welcome to the pack, Ruby,” he smiled warmly and flashed his brilliantly white teeth. His voice was a spider’s silk entwined around her heart, and she was immediately certain that he was her new Alpha. There was an instant loyalty to the beast who was worshipping her pelt with such tenderness, a bone-deep pull to please this handsome creature.

“Congratulations, you have survived your first shift and you are now a full-blooded she-wolf. A beautiful she with a lustrous black coat and an elegant muzzle, as well as a very fragrant fertility that is apt to drive all of the unmated males wild.” He laughed at this, and it was a deep, joyously bellowing sound that perked Ruby’s new ears and sent a wave of pleasure shivering across her coat. Her Alpha had referred to her as beautiful.

Behind her, she sensed the second male, the one that smelled of pristine flakes in the December pines. His voice was bordering on lupine as he fought to speak in slow, measured breaths. “Shift back, sister-witch,” he demanded, struggling to keep his words human. “It is better to breed you in your skin, at least for the very first mating. You may not be able to handle our wolves just yet, and I would not want to frighten such a stunning addition to the pack on her very first mating. I wish to break you carefully, pet.”

His teeth were clenched painfully tight as a violent shiver travelled down his spine, his own wolf battling to emerge. Claws raked over his ribs as he began to feel the tell-tale pressure of his beast trying to take back ownership of his body. Having an unmated female so close was testing his resolve, and he was all too aware that his cock was tapping a steady beat atop his abdomen, pleading to be coated in her juices. It had been far too long since he had experienced the depths of a she-wolf, and his beast was starved. “Shift back, little witch,” he growled in a voice that was now entirely bestial. “Shift!”

The Alpha’s enormous hands stroked her soft ears languidly as his tender eyes bore a path into her soul. “Shift, little witch,” he encouraged her in his comforting bass. “That is an order from your Alpha, but a loving one. Take care of your beautiful body and come back to us in your human skin. Do not torture my little brother any longer! Clearly he cannot contain his need to rut with your suffocating scent so close.”

As she had not been raised as a wolf, Ruby knew nothing of their ways and had no knowledge of the fact that she had no choice but to obey a command from her Alpha. Blistering, roiling pain exploded across her entire frame at his soft words, and she howled as her paws lost the ability to support her weight and she collapsed back into the dirt. Returning to the inferno of agonizing suffering, she rolled and accidentally crushed her tail beneath her weight as her claws flexed involuntarily, slashing helplessly at the air. Something inside of her had taken control of her shift, flipping a switch that sent her body into hyperdrive. It was all so fluid, so simple, yet still torturous as triangular ears melted back into her fur, while, simultaneously, the black mat of fibers sunk back into her flesh and disappeared.

Despite her physical changes, the beast’s mind held tight, still clouded by the need to rut. Before she could acknowledge this desperate lust or process the fact that she was lying in the clearing naked and panting for breath, very much back inside her human skin, the raven-haired male was on top of her. Her initial impulse was to scream, but Ruby was shocked to discover that his touch cooled the terrifying flame inside her. Where his flesh pressed against her own, prickles of relief bloomed and allowed her mind to float further toward the surface. Suddenly she was aware that her folds were leaking a trail of moisture between her thighs at his proximity, and she allowed the male to settle his weight atop her and wrap his plush pink lips around a sore nipple.

The feeling was a thousand explosions in her toes, curling her body in ecstasy as he pulled away from her pebbled tip with a loud pop, his ample erection twitching excitedly against her fuzzy sex. The tube of flesh felt large against her mound, hard and thick and so deliciously warm against her thatch of red hair. “I can smell your need,” he informed her with a lascivious lick of those magical lips. “You are experiencing your very first heat as a wolf, little witch. That storm brewing inside your bones is your heat, marking your official transformation into a she-wolf. Once you are seeded, you will forever change at our Alpha’s command or upon the full moon. Eternally, you shall be one of our kind.”

Tentatively, Ruby reached a dainty finger up to those mesmerizing lips. As she caressed his stunning features, she glowed with a ferocious joy and need. “Please,” a whisper emanated from her throat. “I must be mated or I will go mad. She demands it!”

Wasting no time, he inched up between her open thighs and began to rub his fat, purpled glans through the thicket that coated her juicy folds. Mewling with glee at the feel of his erection so very close to her opening, Ruby writhed beneath him and reached out to run her hands over his smooth chest. Whatever she had once thought about this wolf, her thoughts had shifted with her change and she was excited by the prospect of being taken by the flawless male. Her wolf enjoyed his strong, toned body, relished in his power, and felt a sense of pride at the thought of carrying his litter.

Purring in lupine pleasure as he eyed her body hungrily, her sounds slowly shifted to a feral growl as the male sunk his length inside her walls, spreading her moist lips and stretching her virgin walls around his intrusion. At first the sensation was simply awkward, something rigid spreading her sex open slowly and creating a bizarre friction. But the further he delved into her womanhood, the more overwhelming the fullness became. As she began to feel that he might tear her open, Ruby scratched his neck and shoulders, her wolf issuing a series of ecstatic yips at the agony and the ecstasy of being split on the beast’s cock. An inferno engulfed her lower back as the thick piece of animal flesh spread her even wider with each of his movements.

Though he was careful to issue only the tiniest thrusts into her velvety depths, Ruby’s expression showed that she was still having trouble adjusting to his size. Tears brewed in her eyes and he kissed them away, ceasing his movements and adjusting himself so that he was only halfway seated inside the young she. “It’s okay, little one,” he promised her with a loving smile and a tender kiss to the tip of her nose. “Just breathe. It will get better as your body adjusts. Just breathe.”

The Alpha sniffed the air and winced. “She was a virgin, little brother. Go slow so that you do not harm the poor thing. To lose both virginity and humanity in the same night, it is much for a newly transformed creature to bear.”

“Those witches have no males,” the gorgeous wolf grunted as he developed a torturously slow rhythm inside the she-wolf’s constrictive walls. Barely moving at all, he created a delicate friction between their two bodies in hopes of delivering the she some pleasure. “The only time one of them breeds is when they bring in a male for one of their fertilization rites. Most of their coven are virgins.”

Ruby heard their exchange, but the words felt foreign as she clung to the massive male and tried to understand what a fertilization rite, or a coven, might be. As he spoke to the Alpha, the wolf touched a finger to her swollen clitoris and a fireworks display ignited behind her eyelids. Instantly, he felt another explosion of need spurring her onward, forcing her legs to spread wider as her hips began to gyrate in synchronization with his intruding length. A warmth spread across her skin at the thought of a litter growing inside her belly, and she instantly knew that her wolf desperately wanted to be a mother.

Reaching her petite hands up into the silky raven locks of the fertile and powerful creature atop her, she began to beg. “Please,” she cooed softly, her voice raw and barely above a whisper. “She wants a child. The wolf, she wants to carry your pups.”

Her words caused a momentary lapse of control, and the wolf’s body began to quiver and expand. Blackness bled into his honey-coated irises as his breath grew ragged, and his enormous hands gripped her hips in such a way that he bruised her fragile flesh. Growling, he felt his erection swell, forcing her body open wider as the she-wolf whimpered with a renewed urgency. His wolf was ready to knot her, demanding that they allow their body to expand further and plug her battered sex while they exploded inside her.

Losing the battle with his beast, he sat up and lifted her dainty body into his strong arms, plunging his entire cock into her velvety depths and beginning a pounding rhythm. When her breasts became crushed against his smooth chest and their pubic bones crashed violently together, Ruby issued an animalistic howl. Tossing her head back and rubbing her nipples feverishly against his cool skin, she began to issue a stream of gibberish that oddly sounded like Wolfsheim, the ancient dialect of their people.

Laughing, the Alpha ran his hand over his shaggy beard. “Her she-wolf is calling on Mother Luna to bless her with a fertile womb. Apparently, she has kept some of her spelling abilities intact in the transformation, and her witch has fused with the wolf. That smart little beast is trying to use her connection to the goddess to increase her chances of being impregnated by your wolf.”

“I cannot fucking last like this,” his younger brother confessed with a pained grunt. “Her scent is mind-blowing and all my wolf wants to do is fill her with our litter. I tried to resist the knotting urge, but I simply do not believe it will be possible.” Bouncing Ruby roughly atop his swollen and aching length, he locked eyes with the writhing female. “I’m already so close, little one. I’m sorry, my witch,” he rasped as sweat rained down his forehead. “I can’t make this last much longer for you.”

Her hands gripping his shoulders tight enough to cause bleeding, Ruby cried out as the wolf’s penis expanded in width for the third time, and he buried himself so deep inside her walls that she saw stars. Her pelvis suddenly felt too small to contain his erection, her puffy labia stretched uncomfortably around his enormously fat root. “Please,” she begged, pressing her lips to his neck and inhaling the aroma of his masculinity. “She wants you to knot her. She doesn’t want you to hold back.”

As another animalistic noise escaped his perfect lips, she felt a tingling warmth spreading throughout her spongy womb. The male collapsed atop her, crushing her into the dirt and flattening her breasts against his chest. As they lay atop the earth, panting for breath, she felt his body expanding even further, forcing her ravaged walls to expand for his still growing length and her labia to stretch further around his monstrous root. The sensation was awkward, the feeling of being plugged too tight; something not entirely pain-filled but also not all pleasure. Her vagina throbbed as his enormous girth pressed into her pelvic bones and kept her body sealed shut around his intrusion.

When he exploded against her cervix, she gasped as the male emitted a sound that was pure wolf. His hands crushed her breasts as he spurted stream after stream of his release into her fertile womb, his eyes turning nearly black as he released a series of triumphant yowls. Feeling the heat of his seed filling her sore sex, Ruby fought for breath as she felt her wolf beginning to paw at the barrier between their physical worlds. To the male, her eyes had shifted to a glowing blue light as her nose began to flatten and turn to black.

Keeping their bodies conjoined but rolling onto his back, the younger wolf placed those massive hands onto her hips as he bestowed a delicate kiss onto her moist lips. Ignoring her body’s attempt to shift, he smiled tenderly. “You are exquisite.” Beautiful brown eyes bored into her soul as he placed a second kiss onto her right cheek. “I want you to be mine, Ruby. Your wolf speaks to my wolf, do you hear it? We were destined to find one another; my wolf has never before been coaxed into knotting a female.”

Ruby said nothing as she began to trace patterns across his toned chest, slowly wiggling her hips to test the knot. Staring up into the sky, she sighed as she cupped her perky breasts. “She wants more,” she confessed. “She demands more.”

“Give it a minute,” his brother observed stoically with a wrinkled brow and a stony expression. “If it doesn’t take, I’ll allow you a second chance with this female. She seems to like you and clearly, little bro, you are crazy about her. I’ve never witnessed you speaking so tenderly to a female before.”

Running her hands over her sweaty abdomen and then up and over her pebbled nipples, Ruby yawned. “I need more,” she smiled at the Alpha. “She is still ready for more.”

“Yes,” her new Alpha broke into a genuine smile at her words. “That fire will burn until one of us manages to impregnate you or the sun rises. That is your heat, little witch. Once a month you will experience twenty-four hours of desperate sexual hunger unless you are gravid with pup. It is Mother Luna’s way of controlling the continuation of our species.”

“Praise be to the goddess,” the two brothers offered in unison.

Reaching a hand out to touch his massive, hairy calf, Ruby ran her fingers over his warm flesh and began to eye his frighteningly large erection. “Please, Alpha,” she pleaded in a soft, breathy voice. “Will you fill me? My wolf, she responds to your voice. She wants you inside her, wants to be welcomed into the pack and knotted by the Alpha.”

His younger brother shook his head slowly and cracked a rueful smile. “Do it. It’s not taking and we both know that the chances of impregnating a newly transformed she-wolf on the first mating are astronomically low.”

At his words, his knot began to shrink and the she-wolf gasped loudly at the shocking loss of sensation. Their bodies no longer conjoined, he helped her to dismount his softening member and she immediately began to crawl towards his brother. He watched as the petite she climbed up and straddled the Alpha’s massive thighs, and the elder wolf bit his bottom lip as he grabbed Ruby’s bony hips. He said nothing as the lusty female wrapped her legs around his waist and began to slither her slippery folds across his growing erection.

Rubbing her breasts across his coarse chest hairs, she cooed and writhed and violently tossed her head back. He caught her before she fell, her breasts perfectly displayed for him as she ground her hairy labia over the purple vein of his shaft. “Please, Alpha,” she begged in the sweetest soprano. “My wolf is begging me to allow you to fill our womb with your strong seed.”

“Usually witches aren’t so lurid when they’re first turned,” he observed with a chuckle as he positioned her over his length and cupped his aching glans. With a hand on his quickly growing erection and a hand steadying the she, he fought for composure. “Most of you witches are very timid at first, as you’re not yet in touch with your sensuality or your beast.”

“I don’t know any witches.” Ruby actually laughed as she began to lower herself onto his towering length. First just the tip, then another inch, and before long she was squatting over him with half his thick flesh inside her soaking wet cunt. He moved his monstrously large hands to her ribs, cupping just beneath her breasts as he helped the petite female to bounce.

The lower she sunk down onto his penis, the more her eyes rolled around in her head and she began to hiccup and whimper with each movement. When he knew that she had to be hurting, he held her in place to prevent her from taking any more. She gyrated and howled something in Wolfsheim as she slapped a hand onto her taut abdomen. “I can feel it, I can feel it in here,” she sobbed with joy. “Does it get bigger? Oh goddess, how big is the knot?”

Maintaining his grip on the female, the Alpha sighed. “She does not remember her old life. I am able to read her mind clearly and she knows nothing of how she came to be here. The goddess of which she speaks is our Mother Luna.”

The younger wolf laughed. “Do you think her memory will kick into gear when she sees Vanessa?”

With his gargantuan hands wrapped around the she-wolf’s ribs, the Alpha was bouncing her like a ragdoll, languidly moving her up and down on his cock as she emitted a series of whines and hiccups of pleasure. As he felt his breathing begin to speed and his balls tightening, he fought to answer his brother’s question. “Vanessa is so heavy with her litter that I’m not sure Ruby would recognize her before she made her shift. Now with her she-wolf running the show and her pheromones surging out of control,” he allowed his thought to trail off as she began mewling aggressively.

Sucking the Alpha’s thick bottom lip between her teeth and giggling, Ruby fought to take his entire length inside her walls. When her vaginal lips finally kissed the ticklish hairs on his root, she wrapped her toned legs around him and pressed herself tight against his enormous body. Cocooning the gargantuan wolf in her embrace, she stared up into his warm eyes, flexed her Kegels, and smirked. “Who’s Vanessa?”

“A former witch from your coven,” the other wolf responded as he began stroking his slime-covered erection back to life. Lovingly cradling his dark glans, he shut his eyes and sighed. “She’s due any day now with her first litter and she has grown enormous. She’s been on bed rest for months. The doctor believes that she might successfully birth the very first septuplets in our pack’s history.”

Seated on the Alpha’s immensely wide barrel of flesh, Ruby’s eyes danced with pleasure and pain as she gyrated her hips and cried louder. “Do I want septuplets, Alpha?”

“No, baby girl,” the strong male assured her, grasping her hips and helping her to move. “Your little body cannot handle such a large litter until you’ve birthed your first pup. Vanessa, she is a very special female, but she has struggled greatly to this point, and I fear that her battle has barely begun. Her body has gone from a petite shape like your own to something unrecognizable. It is much to ask of one not born a wolf.”

The raven-haired male crawled towards the copulating couple and smirked. “What he’s trying to say, sweet little witch, is that Vanessa has swollen beyond measure. The imprints of the pups’ feet show through her horribly stretched skin, and movement is visible at all hours of the day and night. The she is in pain and struggling to—”

With Ruby seated fully on his cock and continuing to rub her breasts across his warm skin, the Alpha growled. “Stop. Say no more, little brother. You will frighten the new she-wolf.”

Stroking his cock slowly and rubbing himself and his pre-cum across her soft backside, the beautiful wolf pressed his lips down onto Ruby’s shoulder and grinned. “Do not fear, my precious Ruby. We shall have many pups together, but one birth at a time. I shall pray to Mother Luna that your body is never forced to expand to such proportions.”

“It is a once in a lifetime occurrence,” the Alpha promised the she with a kiss to the tip of her nose. Holding her in place as he climbed steadily toward his climax, he spoke a garbled sentiment. “In my lifetime, no other she has birthed more than three pups in a litter.”

“Fear not, sweet witch,” the younger wolf whispered into her ear as he wrapped his large hands around her middle and then began to twirl her swollen clit. “You will be my mate, the mother of my pups, and I will keep the ravenous hounds at bay. There is a bonding when we find our mates and we lose interest in all others. You will be safe in my arms.”

Ruby gasped as fireworks began to ignite in her toes and then, suddenly, the Alpha howled and it was the sound of a braying beast. Heat exploded in her womb for the second time, a whirlwind that spiraled outward and turned her flesh to flame. Had the younger brother not been behind her, she would have collapsed backwards as the massive Alpha exploded inside her walls and painted her womb with his incendiary seed. Held aloft, her eyes widened in fear as she watched the powerful wolf begin to shift, his face starting to rearrange itself into something animal—and yet he succeeded in staving off the knot.

“It’s okay,” his brother assured her, holding her in place on the other man’s cock. “Sometimes he’s so overwhelmed that he loses control of his beast, but he fought the knot to spare you the added pain.”

Only faintly aware of the younger male’s words, Ruby began to tremble uncontrollably as she reverted back to spewing nonsensical words in Wolfsheim before going entirely silent. When the shaking subsided enough to allow her to rub her hands in a slow circle over her abdomen, her soprano finally managed to break through again as she fought to formulate English. Gasping as she stared up into the stars, she managed to choke out an exhausted sigh. “I am so tired, but my wolf, she wants more.”

A look of empathy laced with lust washed over the black-haired wolf’s face as he pressed a tender kiss into the curve of her neck. Still bearing her weight as Ruby was pressed down onto his brother’s length, fighting to keep her eyes open, he spoke in a gentle whisper. “Let me take you again, sweet Ruby. Let me try to sate your wolf.”


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