My last prayer to you – Non-Fiction

Writer: polishpiggay

Subject: My last prayer to you

Link: TUMBLR / 26.03.2021 / Demon Worshiper

My last prayer to you

Jesus, this is my last prayer to you and my last request: leave me, go away from me, forget me and give up on me, just as I leave you, I walk away from you, forget you and give up on you. Don’t love me and save me, because I don’t love you anymore and I don’t need your salvation. You are no longer my god and lord. You are no longer my way, truth and life. You mean nothing to me anymore. Get the fuck off me, Jesus. I declare that my only and true GOD and LORD is SATAN.

Satan is my way, truth and life. My soul and body, my heart and my mind belong to Satan. Belongs entirely to Satan now and forever. I only LOVE SATAN. Out of love for Satan, I reject you and renounce you. Out of love for Satan, I choose to live with Him and for Him.  This is my final and irreversible choice: I choose SATAN out of love for Him, I want to be condemned in Hell to live with Satan forever. I belong to SATAN. I will be with SATAN in HELL. I want to be condemned to HELL.

With love and devotion, I invited Satan into my soul. I allowed Satan to come in and stay in me. Satan found me, chose me, enslaved me, possessed me. Satan filled my soul and spirit with His Holy Spirit and breathed into me the Spirit of Evil and Sin, the Spirit of Purity and Fornication, the Spirit of Hatred and Contempt, the Spirit of Blasphemy and Desecration, the Spirit of Disobedience and Rebellion. Satan’s evil has dominated and filled me.

I am submissive and subject to the Unholy, Damned, Satanic personal Evil … I love it.I felt all the evil of hell, felt its hatred and anger, felt the curse and irretrievable condemnation of all Fallen Angels, felt the eternal fate of damned spirits. And I felt joy and pride in Hell … I love it.

Now I want more and allow more. I belong to Satan and His Demons. Satan has full authority over me. My soul and body belong to Satan. I give myself unreservedly to Satan. I am His property, servant and slave. I want to become one with Satan in eternal damnation .. I love Satan and I want to be with Him in Hell someday forever.

I love Satan and want to be condemned for His glory. I love Satan and give Him power over my soul to be damned and over my body to be fucked by Satan and His Demons … I love Satan and I beg Him to use me to Blaspheme and Curse in the anger and hatred of  father god, his son Jesus and the holy spirit … Jesus, this is my free and final choice.

This is my last prayer to you. I declare: I reject you, Jesus. I love Satan. I want to be condemned forever in Hell, to be with Satan, my God and Lord. Jesus, from now on, I bring anger and blasphemy, hatred and disobedience at you. From now on, I am targeting you with Evil and Sin. Here is my Ultimate, Unforgivable, Mortal SIN that condemned me in Hell in love to Satan and connected me to Satan in hatred of god.

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