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Feature Title: My Doctor’s Love

Published: 15.10.2021 / LS666

Story Codes: Young, Gay, Grooming. Masturbation.

Synopsis: A semi-autobiographical story about a boy discovering his love of ass play.

My Doctor’s Love

Looking back on my experience with my wonderful gentle doctor it all makes sense. Yes he was a predator for boys but for a while I never understood “why me”.

It was only in adulthood as I explored my sexuality I realized I could be best described as beta submissive. For instance my best friend was someone for whom I would do anything, even if I didn’t really want to, but I always felt subservient to him, partly because of the very different sizes of our cocks, mine I was embarrassed about, whereas his was very happy to show off. But it wasn’t just about cock size, it was just my true nature to want to please others, and to need guidance and molding or perhaps a better expression “grooming”. Perhaps that’s why I went back to the doctor countless times for what would be considered “abuse”, something I never considered.

For me it was gentle and loving.

I was excited about visiting Dr Shine again. I had been to visit him every month since I was nine years old, Except when he went away for the summers, seventy-two times I counted as I was approaching my fifteenth birthday. Every time the same routine, the same wonderful gentle routine. He will ask me about my family, my education and after perhaps ten minutes of chat he would suggest I go behind the curtain, take off my clothes and lie on the examination table. I had noticed the last two times that unlike the prior seventy times I had visited there was no gown  behind the curtain for me to  cover myself with.

The first time I kept my underpants on, and when he had come around the curtain he simply said, “Underpants off as well.”

The second time I had stripped off  fully and climbed up on the examination table and when I heard him coming had raised my knees to my chest. When he came around and saw me a big smile broke out on his face.

“Good boy, good boy you are ready for me.”

After that the examination went like all of the seventy-one examinations before it, he had put on a glove on his right hand and squeezed some gel onto his fingers.

“This might be a bit cold,” he always said as he pushed two fingers past the sphincter.

I had winced a little like I always did only for him to reassure me.

“This won’t take long.”

The thing is,  why I could not be sure, but I always felt that the examination took somewhat longer than it had taken the time before, not that I minded, because perhaps to take my mind of the mild discomfort he had always checked my testicles and foreskin with his left hand (no glove). If I hadn’t known better it felt very much like he was wanking me.

Anyway my monthly visits to my doctor had me puzzled for some time. Perhaps that tells you a lot about my own naïveté, but please remember this was in the days before the Internet and an ability to explore one’s sexuality from a very very young age. As I got into my teens, I believe I had a sense that what was taking place was something sexual, certainly I had feelings as he smiled at me and pushed his finger deeper and deeper in my ass, feelings of sexual pleasure. More recently as he had fingered me and then played with my cock and balls I invariably became erect (my cock is tiny but back then it worked). Initially I was mortified, extremely embarrassed by my reaction and confused.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry my little boy,” he would reassure me, “It’s very natural as I massage your prostate for you to get an erection, it means you’re a natural healthy young boy.”

Other than that, the routine remained the same, he would finish fingering me and then tell me to get dressed and wait for him. Then he would disappear and come back fifteen or twenty minutes later. Again my naive I did not realize he was going to wank himself.

What really changed the dynamic between us was that I had been thinking deeply about what had happened (my getting which erections) and reflecting on how much I liked the doctor and enjoy my visit,  so much so that after my past four visits I could not wait to get home to wank myself thinking about my doctor. One of the great gifts he did give me was from a very early age I always sought to have something in my ass  as I wanked myself. It’s a habit I have kept since those wonderful wonderful days. Anyway, before my latest visit all I could think about was sexual pleasure, especially that given by my doctor.

When I called on him that day I was quite nervous, and I think it transmitted to him as well. However I was greatly reassured that again there was no gown when I went behind the curtain. Again I stripped and got on the table pulling my legs to my chest. However to my embarrassment I already had an erection and was truly mortified when  the doctor came around and saw me in all my glory.

He chuckled gently and as ever reassured me.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry, it’s completely natural.”

This time instead of gloving up immediately he sat on the end of the bed taking in the sight of a nervous fifteen year old boy with his legs pulled to his chest in a state of sexual excitement. He must have been extremely proud to know that his grooming had been so effective with me. He reached out and placed his hand inside my thigh and rubbed it gently.

“Have they taught you the facts of life in school yet?”

Perhaps he already knew but going to a Catholic school, the sex education in the seventies was not significant.

I blushed and replied, “Not really.”

“Oh I suppose you learned it mainly from magazines and your friends, is that correct?”

“From my friends, I have not seen any magazines.”

I was aware that his hand was gently caressing inside my thigh and for a couple of minutes neither of us spoke.

“I assume you masturbate?” he asked and I nodded in embarrassment, “This is the first time that your cock has been erect at the start of my examination … have you been masturbating thinking about our time together?”

I was stunned, how could he know that, how could he realize that immediately after my examination I was going to rush home and wank with my mother’s hairbrush handle in my ass. He stood up and instead of putting a glove on his hand he squeezed some gel on his fingers and started sliding first one and then a second finger into my teen ass.  I gasped.

With his right hand exploring my ass he came to the side of the table and took my hand and then placed it on my cock.

“It’s very important to learn how to masturbate properly, would you like me to show you?”

I nodded but he wasn’t happy with that.

“It’s important that you ask me to teach you how to masturbate.”

I was mortified, but I felt tingling all over as his bare fingers explored my ass.

“Please Dr Shine, will you teach me how to masturbate?”

He smiled and presumably reflected that all of his hard work, all this gentle encouragement was coming to fruition.

“It’s always good to have some saliva or baby oil on your cock and balls when you are masturbating, it makes it so much more pleasurable.”

With that he leaned forward and dribbled a long line of saliva all over my cock and balls.

“Now take your thumb and finger and gently start to move them up and down, if it’s okay I will massage your beautiful little balls.”

I didn’t really need this instruction in how to masturbate as I had been doing it for a couple of years now but I really really wanted to impress him. Clearly he was listening to my elevated breathing and presumably saw my chest and neck flush red because after two minutes he jammed his fingers into my ass and pushed hard on what I now realize was my prostate. To my great pleasure I ejaculate over my belly. As I was coming down from my orgasm I became extremely self-conscious and embarrassed, but as ever Dr Shine was wonderfully reassuring and soothing. However I was not ready for what happened next.

“Do you play with your ass when you masturbate?” he asked. I flushed red, giving him his answer, “Good boy. Good boy. You are more advanced than most boys your age. I assume you have tasted your gorgeous ass slime whilst you masturbate?” he asked.

I know I looked puzzled, because that had never occurred to me. I shook my head

“Oh believe me, it will add an awful lot to your pleasure and desire as you masturbate yourself to take your toy out of your ass and lick it clean, here let me show you.”

With that he brought his glistening fingers to my mouth and encouraged me to smell. It was a mixture of sweet and slightly rancid.

“It’s an acquired taste, but believe me when you will enjoy it for the rest of your life.”

With that he pushed his fingers into my mouth. I figured that the best way to get this over and done with was to suck and lick my slime as quickly as possible.

“Good boy. Good boy.”

After I had finished he paused, obviously thinking, and in retrospect presumably weighing up the risks. But he had read me correctly. I was totally submissive and to be honest smitten by him, he could trust me totally.

“Would you like to see me masturbate, it seems only fair that I have watched you?”

I was shocked, but very very thrilled. All of my wank fantasies had ended up with me dreaming about pleasuring Dr Shine’s cock so I absolutely wanted to see him and see it.

With that he pushed his fingers into my ass again and started rubbing my spunk into my skin on my belly.

“Will you do me a favor and open my fly, as you can see I’m quite busy here,” he chuckled. I reached down and unzipped him.

I could feel his large cock against my hand and when he gently urged me to take it out I reached inside and took it in my hand. I immediately reflected on its size and weight, while it would not be the biggest cock I ever pleasured it was certainly starting with something well above average.

His left hand was now coated in my teen spunk.

“Remember, I said to use split or baby oil when you wank.” I nodded, “Well to be honest spunk is by far the best.”

I felt a surge of lust shooting through my body as I saw the man I loved take my spunk in his hand to wank himself with it. He moved higher up the bed so that I could get a closer look. I rolled onto my side so that I could give him access to my ass and I clearly saw him wank his gorgeous big cock.

I’m not sure how long he lasted but I do know that I felt totally safe and loved in his company, I was full of desire and for the first time in my life I believed I understood my sexuality. Soon he was wanking himself extremely fast and then pointed his cock up my chest and spunk ropes of glorious spunk all over me. My first, but thankfully not my last. His aim was not very good, or perhaps it was because some landed on my face and in my open mouth I licked my lips and tasted what my lovers spoke for the first time.

I knew my destiny was.


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