My body is blessed – Non-Fiction

Writer: Mary M Rylee

Subject: My body is blessed

Link: LS666 / 27.02.2021 / Response to Article by Guardian-Wolf-666 – Becoming Possessed

My body is blessed

As a female, my body is blessed with many portals to offer the demons of lust, who circulate freely among us. My body (as most females and those males who choose to be curved as well) is curved for reasons well used by Satan to attract all to His side.

From the body of Eve who desired and conquered Adam to our bodies alive today both in the flesh and spirit (Cleopatra for example who had herself wrapped in a rug to gain access to Caesar and later Antony) we seduce and welcome the attention of those who seek to satiate themselves in our presence as Satan’s warm and inviting living Altars, (not the cold, hard marble of the xtian churches).

Try to watch the great French actress (who was also “born into” the catholic church, but quickly renounced it as she matured very young) in her eye opening, Satanic, magnificent film “And God Created Woman … but The Devil invented Brigitte Bardot” as well as “Love Is My Profession” + See Carter Cruise’ great pornographic performance on Pornhub (and other porn platforms as well) as examples of what we seek and use for our sexual pleasure as well as those who literally “cum” to us.

With our portals spread wide we can accomodate dozens of the Satanically faithful and inspire more and more humans to join us in our Black Masses and Messe Noires. As the xtian feast of Easter approaches let us likewise celebrate our pagan version much more pleasantly as we fuck, suck, sodomize, desecrate, profane and blaspheme in Satan’s name throughout the world.

Let our bodies give and receive the creams of fuck that our tightly squeezing cunts, mouths and assholes produce as our golden streams of cuntpiss and cockpiss and turd + host/wafer sandwiches satiate the hunger and thirsts we desire so completely. Let our cunts and clitorises and cocks throb with lust as we approach those Altars chosen by our One True Father or Mother —> the Prince and/or Princess of Darkness. In His and Her name we pray before, now and after our time is chosen. In nomine nostri dei Santanas Luciferi in excelsis …UIOGS

8 thoughts on “My body is blessed – Non-Fiction”

  1. As a woman without a cunt but instead blessed with a needy asshole and girlcock, I find it hard sometimes to find a home amongst other women. Our Lord Satan has blessed my life in so many ways that I was once blinded to, this blog being one of them. It’s posts like this that remind me why I lie in bed every night and massage my sweaty asshole, why I rub my clit until it’s raw, why I edge, why I love the feeling of a massive clitty orgasm.

    I am here to serve Lord Satan, I am here for lust and filth. Hail Lust, Hail Sex, Hail Filth, Hail Satan! Fuck that idiot xtians call Jesus Christ. May he burn in the deepest fires of the pit for what he has done.

    Hail Satan!

    1. Hail Blue

      It’s it strange that you seek to be accepted among women for what you are? Yet, as I see it, you are beautiful and have been made in the likeness of the Baphomet … your clitty a desirous organ needy of being worshiped … I see many porn videos of woman and transgendered beauties … I know of many women who seek sex with transgendered lovelies … here, there is no judgment … you come to Satan as you are … perfect … sexual … deviant … delicious …. XP

      1. It’s an honour to be spoken of so highly by you, XP. You’ve helped me faithfully continue sinning in the name of Satan for years now and it feels like I’m speaking to a celebrity.

        Hail Satan.

        1. Hail Blue — I’m no celebrity … just a wicked sinner who loves fems, shebois, trans and cds … I just want you to know that whatever your proclivities … all is accepted and cherished by LS666 — Hail Satan XP

  2. This is holy and beautiful, as is all sin, most especially the slaking of lust. I look forward to serving our dark Lord with you across eternity.

  3. You are perfect in every way, having a beautiful satanic clitty and a lovely Satanic asshole. It would be a joy to fuck you as testimony to your Satanic perfection.

    1. Hail Damon Lily,

      Thank you for your kind and lustful responses! It feels weird finally commenting and speaking with this community after years of reading and worshiping sin to XP’s content and blog. However, I’m glad I took the leap!

      Hail Satan!

    2. Hail Damon — “beautiful satanic clitty and a lovely Satanic asshole” …. that’s so fucking hot — XP

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