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Published: Copyright (c) 2015, Polaris. All rights Reserved

Story Codes: Sadism, Abuse, Young Ones, Scat, WS

Synopsis: Child Services isn’t a very safe place.

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Muscles and Minors Part 1: Maxine’s Awakening


Thirty two year old Maxine’s thighs squeezed together forcefully while her cunt throbbed as she sat behind her desk. A junior high school gym teacher of five years, she had the pleasure of viewing all of the young female students who piled into her locker-room on a daily basis.

As a teenager, she was a tall and hearty girl who had spent her afternoons, weekends, and summers bullying other female children without remorse. She absolutely loved it. While other girls were skipping rope and playing with dolls, Maxine was ambushing said children with slugs to the stomach and fists pounded to their backs and shoulders, as well as building up her muscles. Smartly, she never risked doing it at school, or around any other authority figures. She also rarely did it alone. One on one, she knew that she could likely handle any girl in a fight, but fearing reprisal and wanting to evade this same abuse herself, she made the decision to form a posse. Seeking out the strongest girls in her area, she made clandestine agreements with them that she would leave them alone, and even protect them, if they aided her in her violent excursions. Though not really having the urge to bully prior, these girls usually accepted.

With three or four other females at her side, Maxine would rove around town, searching for tweens walking home from school alone or little girls solitary playing in their backyards, and ambush them. In the case of the latter, one of Maxine’s favorite pranks was to strip off the child’s clothes. Two of her cohorts would then climb up into a tree in the yard, where the remainder down below would lift the little girl up to them. They would then grab onto her hands and – using the girl’s shirt – tie them together so that her arms formed a loop over a sturdy branch. Hanging there, the little girl would kick and thrash futilely; naked from the neck down, as her socks would be stuffed into her mouth and her panties pulled down over her face and head. From here, the teens would smack her ass hard or lightly punch her in the stomach, all while making embarrassing comments and frightening threats. As much as she would have loved to have caused serious physical damage, Maxine always stopped herself short of doing so, and even redressed her victims after they’d had their fun. This was only due to having (what she felt) was almost a sixth sense for just how far she could take something without getting caught or inciting panic-sparked interference from the authorities.

To her own dismay, Maxine had waited far too late in her life before realizing the potential of combining sex with her violent behavior. So many delicious young girls in her classes, and she couldn’t lay a finger on any of them… And the alternatives presented to her as an adult were few and not to her satisfaction. The, “Submissive,” component to S&M activities in particular was worthless to her. She didn’t want an individual to orgasm from her abuse, she wanted them to be terrified by it. But she could dream, and dream she did. Day after day, nonchalantly watching the female students undressing, and sneaking peaks at the slick naked bodies of those who opted to take a shower at school.

As to be expected from her occupation, Maxine had a very athletic body, but to her relief, it had not yet come at the price of her feminine features. She always wanted to become stronger, but was in constant conflict with how it might affect her image. She had an attractive face and didn’t want it to turn manly for many reasons, not the least of which being that if she were to ever lure a young girl into her clutches, she knew that it would be to her advantage to appear womanly and motherly and safe. On the other hand, she desired having the strength that would allow her to overpower a possible victim to the very utmost.

There was one teen in particular that she a special fixation on; a seventh grade girl named Kayla. The twelve year old had a girlish build – not incredibly thin, but certainly not muscular – and was very unskilled in sporting events. She was very shy, a state that was only worsened from the fact that she was a major target for bullying by her peers. If the physical education teacher couldn’t lay a hand on the child, she was at least grateful to indulge in the sight of others doing so.

Maxine had daydreams about bribing the entire female class, getting them all naked, and then locking them, along with Kayla and herself, in the showers. Wearing her favorite twelve inch strap-on, the other girls would hold the sweet girl down, each spewing out vulgar and hurtful insults amongst cruel giggles and laughter, as she fucked the girl’s ass. Maxine creamed at the thought of Kayla’s screams reverberating against the shower walls as the girls punched her chest and kicked her in the face, filled with the type of gleeful, sadistic meanness that could only come from teenage girls, all while the twelve-year-old’s butt-hole would be forever irreparably damaged from the woman’s brutal rape stick.

‘Would they go for it? One hundred pounds each to keep their mouths shut about it being my idea? That could be big money for a seventh grader.’ Maxine sighed, knowing that it would remain only a pipe dream.

Maxine was startled out of her lustful fantasy by the sound of the final period bell ringing. The kids immediately began piling out when suddenly there was a very loud BANG! A dodge-ball had whipped across the locker room and blasted Kayla right in the side of the head, slamming her left side hard into a nearby locker. A relatively physically fit fifteen year old named Jennifer stepped forth to take credit via a mean spirited chuckle.

“Guess you’re not used to taking too many balls to the face, are you faggot?” the girl taunted. A delighted Maxine quickly pretended not to notice, so that she wouldn’t have to adhere to her authoritative position and reprimand the girl for her actions. Kayla tried quickly to get away, but Jennifer was too quick for her.

“What the fuck are these things?” Jennifer asked as she spun the girl around, swiftly unbuttoned her fly and pulled her jeans down. Like a bull to a fluttering cape, Jennifer had a hatred for panties and all that they stood for. Not waiting for an answer to her question, the bully girl slammed her palm into Kayla’s left shoulder blade, pinning her against a locker. With her free hand she then bunched as much of the panty cloth in her tight clutch as she could and fiercely yanked it up, giving her victim an immensely painful wedgie.

“Say it. Say: I’m a worthless prude …” Jennifer growled.

“I-I’m a worthless prude,” Kayla stammered, fearing for her well being.

“I deserve to have my vagina ripped off because I won’t allow any cocks inside of it.”

“I d-deserve to … h-have …”

Not appreciating her reluctance one bit, Jennifer gave another sharp yank to the panties.




Having got her point across for the day, Jennifer pulled on the panties until a large hole ripped into the material, and then released her grip. Whimpering with tears streaming down her face, her hair a mess and a giant red mark on her cheek, Kayla rebuttoned her jeans, quickly gathered her belongings and escaped back up into the school.

“May I see you for a moment, Jen?” asked the teacher.

The girl came over and the two waited for the last remaining girls to exit the locker room.

“Great shot!” Maxine said with a smile, “You really nailed her with that one.”

Jennifer simply raised her right eyebrow, tilted her head slightly and slyly grinned — a typical, “Ah, it was nothing” response.

“I’ll try to leave a couple basketballs lying around in here from now on, for next time,” the teacher added.

Though an eighth grader, Jennifer Woodsley had been held back twice due to her one-track mind and sexual exploits. She was the most promiscuous girl in the entire school and damn fucking proud of it. Naturally, this made her very popular with the male students, and she was not tact in the least about her goal of wanting to fuck every guy there before graduation. She wasn’t threatened by the competition she faced either, and actually had a mutual respect for other girls who were easy. No, it was not they who were her enemy. It was shy, dateless type girls such as Kayla who concealed their sexuality rather than celebrate it that she truly despised.

Despite being openly bisexual herself, Jennifer constantly referred to Kayla as “Faggot” and “Dyke.” The origin of this took place near the start of the school year where she and two friends had ambushed the meek girl in the restrooms. Moving quickly, Jennifer ripped down her own shorts while one of the friends forced Kayla’s face into her ass crack. The second friend swiftly took a closeup photo of the girl’s mouth wedged between the two fleshy globes. Jennifer then whipped around, put both hands on the back of her classmate victim’s head and jammed it into her bare and bushy crotch, where a second closeup snapshot was quickly taken.

Finally, Jennifer made a parting threat that if Kayla ever tattled on her for anything that she did, she would mail these photos to every one of her family members, so that they would know, “What a little dyke they had raised.” She followed up the next day by revealing the developed photos to her, which had turned out crystal clear thanks to the high quality camera that was used. And the plan worked brilliantly. Kayla was subjected to daily humiliation and occasionally, physical pain courtesy of Jennifer, yet remained intimidated enough to the point where she dared not seek help.

Jennifer’s promiscuity stemmed mainly from her, “Ethically,” sheltered home life via her overprotective, goody-two-shoes mother, whom the teen daughter believed, had only had sex once in her entire life and that was in order to conceive her. But the more that she was restricted and reprimanded, the more she craved sex. Shaming and oppressing girls like Kayla, she found, was a outlet to fight back against the moral idealism that had been imposed upon her. She had never fucked a student that had any STDs, but did have some workarounds planned out in her mind should the situation arise. She secretly wished that she could find someone with AIDS and draw their blood with a syringe. She would love to then take that syringe and inject the whole thing straight into her mother’s lazy, unused clit. The image of her chaste mother dying from an STD on her deathbed while she continued to live and fuck freely was a delicious irony Jennifer could not help but be entertained by.

As for Maxine, one of her first social interactions with the girl was after class in the locker room one day when she said, “You’ve got a nice body there, Jen.”

Believing said compliment to be innocent, Jennifer smirked and, with full expectations of shocking the teacher.

“Yeah? You want to see more of it?” she replied.

She then immediately undid her towel and let it drop to the floor, exposing her full frontal nakedness to the woman before defiantly lifting her left foot up onto the bench to further highlight her bare, bushy pussy. What the near-fifteen year old flasher did not expect was for the teacher to then grab onto her face and jam her tongue into her mouth. Jennifer’s first reaction was to resist, but as she felt the teacher’s hands slide down and her fingers begin to invade the crack of her ass, she quickly felt a tingle. Not one of attraction, but approval. The thought of being molested by an adult, and one of her own gender at that, made her brain command the rest of her body to embrace the sickness of it all, and within minutes, Jennifer had her gym teacher’s head buried between her legs.

Soon after, Maxine quickly made friends with Jennifer and guaranteed her a solid A+ in the class if she promised to continue her abuse towards her schoolmate throughout the year. A lesbian herself, the teacher could have cared less whether Kayla was hetero or not, but did agree that the girl’s pureness and lack of overt sexuality did make her a delicious target. Jennifer, naturally, couldn’t have been happier to oblige, as it is what she had planned to do so all along.

“God, I hate that little shit!” the teenager said as she lobbed the dodge-ball into the air once more and then punched it away with her fist, “I’d be able to fuck wherever I please if wasn’t for society trying to prioritize prissy little cunts like her …”

Maxine moved behind Jennifer and began rubbing her hands along her breasts with predatory lust.

“I know it … You’ve still got a few more weeks in the school year left to make her pay for it however you’re able, but you’ve gotta keep threatening her so that she won’t tell anyone, alright? I can only do so much to defend you if her parents would come barging in here.”

“Jesus, I need to be fucked,” the teenager grumbled.

“Come on, let’s head into the showers …” Maxine suggested.

The two females stripped naked, with the elder one retrieving the strap-on that she kept hidden within a crawl space of the locker room. Sliding into the harness, she approached Jennifer, who had her hands pressed against the wall as if she were about to be frisked, and began fucking her in the ass.

“I meant what I said,” the fifteen year old seethed, as the warm water rained down on their bodies, “I’ve seen guys come up to her over and over, trying to get her into their jeans, and all that meek little ostrich does is stammer, turn red, and walk away …”

“Look at it this way. If everyone was the same, we wouldn’t get to experience the fun of harassing them,” Maxine stated, with the intention of improving the girl’s mood.

“It’s not just that, though! I wish I could cut the tits and twats off of every girl who isn’t putting them to use! All she does is waste guys’ time! Guys who could be fucking me or some other slut instea-AAGH! GOD, that feels good!” Jennifer yelled, as Maxine’s powerful hips pounded the plastic cock into her ass.

The gym teacher increased her intensity further, roughly mauling the girl’s cupped breasts with her fingers, until she reached orgasm. The two then toweled off and put their clothes back on. Unfortunately, the experience — while not unwanted — had failed to curb neither Jennifer’s frustration nor her horniness. She quickly grabbed her things and headed up into the school to seek out some boy-tail for the weekend.

Alone to herself, Maxine picked up the dodge-ball, yanked down her shorts and panties, and returned to the seat of her desk. She then pressed the ball hard against her cunt, imagining that it was Kayla’s head trapped between her thighs. She licked her lips and moaned as she continued to grind her pussy on the rubber.

“Yeah … Eat me, you frigid little virgin bitch! That face of yours isn’t gonna look so pretty after I’ve cracked your skull!”

Maxine had nearly reached climax when BOOM!, the ball exploded between her legs, nearly giving her a heart attack. Shocked and unsatisfied, the teacher slumped back into her chair and stared up at the ceiling. ‘Shit… I’m probably the only working woman who’s not shouting TGIF right now,’ she thought to herself.

Feeling pathetic, she collected the busted pieces of rubber and tossed them into a random locker. She then began gathering up her own belongings, and exited the locker room, with hopes that the coming weekend would fly on by.


Maxine headed to the fitness center at about 5:30 PM, as she routinely did after school. Making her way over to the thigh abductor machine, she dropped her duffel bag and spent a few moments warming up before hopping onto the equipment. As she flexed, she could not keep her mind off of Kayla. Thoughts of all the things she wanted to do to the girl swam around in her head. Each time that she brought her thighs together she again pictured the meek teen’s head trapped between them, forced to eat her cunt for all it was worth. It was not rare for Maxine, while having these visions, to moderately ejaculate through her shorts, but with all the sweat normally left behind, no one was ever the wiser.

Finished with that workout, the teacher got up to move to the next, but bumped into a familiar face along the way. It was a woman with short, shoulder-length brown hair, feathered out a bit, wearing a type of navy blue uniform, the style of which Maxine could not place her finger on.

“Maxine? Is that you?!” the thirty-one year old woman asked.

“Erika …?”

It was one of Maxine’s classmates from childhood, one whom she had not seen in nearly fifteen years.

“How have you been?” Maxine asked.

“Wonderful. And yourself?”

“Eh, I can’t complain …”

“Do you have a few minutes to catch up? I just got off work, but have a little time to spare.”

“Sure, why not.”

Erika followed the woman over to a stack weight-lifting machine that was not in use, and sat down as Maxine got into position.

“How long have you been back in town?” the gym teacher asked as she gripped tightly onto the bar and pulled down, “I haven’t seen you since sophomore year!”

“Oh, I’ve been back about fourteen months now. I actually came in here to see Shelley,” Erika explained, as she glanced over to another woman talking with a man.

“Ah, yeah, she’s in here about as often as I am.”

The two women continued to converse while Maxine flexed, each one learning that the other was still single. Whereas the gym teacher had been a loud, fearless firecracker as a kid, Erika was a quiet and reserved nerd, always having her nose in a book. Likewise, Erika’s intuition had picked up that Maxine probably was not much into guys by the time they both reached high-school, and so, their marital status, or lack thereof, ultimately came as a surprise to neither of them.

As youths with completely opposite personalities, the two had spent very little time together. Much like with Jennifer, Maxine had more interest in goofing off and having fun than academics, while Erika would constantly speak of her desire to be a teacher when she grew up; her heart set on math, the subject that she excelled the most in. She was highly intelligent, and despite being one year younger, had been skipped ahead a grade. The brainy child would continually tell her friend the benefits that would come from applying oneself, but Maxine would hear nothing of it.

The clock on the gym wall ticked on as the women talked and talked.

“Whew, you’re really putting that machine through the paces!” Erika exclaimed as she watched the intense workout.

“Hey, I never <exhales deeply> miss a chance <uugghh> to get stronger,” Maxine replied as she stared forward, with sweat running down her face.

“Yeah, I remember that you had a little tomboy in you. I guess it’s still there, eh?” Erika asked, trying not to sound too offensive.

“Heh, that’s me. I’m actually working as one of the gym teachers over at Wisniewski High School. Did you ever get the teaching job that you were after?”

“No … That is what I wanted, but it just didn’t pan out, so I changed careers. I’m a member of Child Protective Services now.”

A loud CRASH boomed throughout the room as the bar immediately slipped out of Maxine’s fingers, causing the weights to drop.

“Woah, what’s wrong! Are you alright?” Erika asked quickly.

Maxine quickly pulled herself up. The eyes of the entire gym were now on her, including those of Erika, in pure silence. ‘Had Jennifer’s parents sent this woman after her because they found out she had been molesting their daughter?’ was the first panic-fueled thought that entered her head. ‘Or was it Kayla’s, after they learned that woman had been allowing her to be abused at school?’

Maxine froze up for a moment or two before responding. “Um, u-uh, yeah! It just slipped, the thing … i-it, uh, does that, haha,” she answered nervously as she glanced back over her shoulder at the weights.

‘Damn it, why did I say that?’ she wondered, both upset and embarrassed from the shady manner in which she had responded.

“Well, I uh, think that’s probably … enough for me today. No reason to use these things when they can’t even work right,” Maxine said, with a good deal of apparent anxiety in her body language.

She then quickly stood up, still unsure if she should rush out of the building or simply move towards the next piece of equipment.

“Well, I have to get going anyways … but hey, we should have dinner somewhere tomorrow night! It would give us a chance to catch up further in a more relaxed atmosphere.”

Flustered, Maxine quickly turned to say “no”, but then caught herself. If she were to refuse, on top of the odd behavior she had just displayed, then Erika would certainly think something was up. Feeling that there was no other way, she promptly changed her answer.

“Ye-yeah, that sounds great,” she said — a chill running through her as she gave the response.

“Excellent. Give me a call later tonight. I’ll leave the restaurant and time up to you. I can do anything after seven,” Erika said as she scribbled her phone number onto a piece of paper.

“All right, will do.”


Maxine pondered the decision for another hour more upon returning home. She and Erika had never had any past friendship to speak of, which made her persistence slightly suspicious. At the same time, if Erika was trying to nail her, she wouldn’t have done so at a public gym, nor without any authorities standing by. Eventually, she was able to convince herself that the whole thing had been just a coincidence. Her knee-jerk reaction was due to the fantasies she’d indulged in earlier, nothing more.

‘The sooner we have the dinner, the sooner I can get this incident behind me and out of my mind,’ she concluded, and then picked up the phone.


Meanwhile, in an a home several counties over …

The fully naked woman followed the equally-naked five year old girl into the shower and closed the glass door behind them, tightly. The woman then turned on the warm water, letting it rain down on her body for a few moments, before handing the child the bar of soap.

“You know the drill,” the woman said, smiling, as she kneeled down, placed her hands behind her head, and puffed out her chest.

Filled with shame, the young girl started lathering up the soap, and then began washing the woman’s tits.

“Knead them really good, you piece of shit,” the woman said with a giggle.

The girl rubbed and scrubbed the fleshy pendulums thoroughly. ‘Please let me go home. Please, somebody, help me!’ she pleaded, over and over, in her mind.

“Look at those tits,” the woman commanded, proudly, “These are the tits of a true woman. A real woman. Not like those little nubs you have.”

The woman smiled as she saw the small girl’s brow furrow and her bottom lip begin to quiver. “And your pitiful cunt,” she continued, as she stood up and thrust her crotch forward. Her thick, intimidating forest of coarse, damp pubic hair stared the girl directly in the eye, “See? Real women have hair on their cunts. Where the hell is yours? What, were you born some kind of freak? You should be ashamed for having such a worthless body.”

The woman felt giddy as she saw how much those words had hurt her. Of course, she didn’t really feel that her new daughter was worthless; a freak; a disappointment. She was too useful for that to be true. But, oh how she loved watching the pain that was caused upon hearing those words.

“Okay, time for the ass cheeks,” the woman said as she turned around. “And don’t forget about my shit-hole, either. It means more to me than you ever will.”

Reluctantly, the girl pressed her face into the woman’s ass and began licking. She then started moving her soapy hands in a circular motion, both rubbing and washing the woman’s ass cheeks. The female adult’s anus tasted horrible, which impaired the small child’s ability to do an efficient job. Naturally, this all fell into the woman’s plan. She had eaten select foods to make sure that her shit turned as rank and vile as possible, and at the time of her last bowel movement, she had clenched her ass cheeks together tightly as she pushed the turds out, ensuring that they smeared her opening thoroughly. And the icing on the cake, she now got to have the pleasure of punishing the girl for failing her task.

“I told you before. It’s either your tongue or you face.”

The woman used her foot to slide a pail of soapy water towards the girl’s feet. The child simply looked down at it, sniffling, which prodded the woman to seize her nipples and twist them violently until she screamed. The girl, filled with fear, quickly dropped to her knees and dunked her face into the pail. The woman smirked as she gazed down at the girl, and then turned around, placed her palms on each of her knees, and stuck her ass outward once again. With her young mug now covered in foamy suds, the girl thrust her face back between her abuser’s ass cheeks.

The woman closed her eyes, tilted her head upwards, and exhaled a sensual moan as she felt the vertical movements of the little girl’s face scrubbing her anus. After a few more minutes of, “Washing,” the woman quickly pushed her butt back against the little one’s face, slamming the girl’s head into the glass shower door with a loud ‘thud.’ The young girl immediately began thrashing her tiny arms and screaming into her captor’s ass, as the deleterious woman stretched her own arms out and firmly secured her hands against the wet tile wall.

With her soapy cheeks flattened against the glass, the woman began to rub her ass back and forth against the door, carrying the child’s trapped head along with it.

“Ahhhhh, fuck yeahhhh …” The woman moaned as she slowly moved her slick, fleshy ass from side to side, listening to the squeaking and smudging sounds, as well as the muffled screams from her helpless daughter, which were vibrating all throughout her bowels.

“How ya doin’ back there, kiddo?” the woman laughed to herself.

Over and over, she clenched her ass muscles, trying valiantly to pinch as much of the little girl’s face between them as she could.

She was a tad concerned that the glass might crack, but no more than a tad. She had money, and basking in this moment far outweighed the price that a new shower door would fetch.

“Ahhhhh, hahaha …” the woman moaned as she felt the first burst of terror-induced child vomit blast her asshole, run down her taint, and dribble off of her pussy lips.

Finally, the fleshy, womanly hips moved forward, and the wet, naked five year old fell on all fours, where she continued vomiting copiously onto the shower floor. The woman turned away from the spout and rinsed the remaining puke and soap from her backside. She’d always enjoyed the feeling of semi-hot water raining on her cheeks and asshole; to think, that before the arrival of her new plaything, it used to be one of the highlights of her day.

Trembling from horror, the girl looked up at the frighteningly sadistic grin that graced the woman’s face, and began hyperventilating. The woman responded to this by grabbing on to the back of the girl’s head with both hands, and pissing into her face. She went for the eyes first, stinging them terribly, at which point she quickly and intuitively aimed for the mouth just as the girl attempted to scream. She repeated this process until the last droplet of piss fell from her urethra. Tightly grabbing the girl’s wet hair, the woman then turned around, squatted down onto her face, and pushed out a massive amount of shit.

After shitting, the woman straightened her plaything’s long, wet hair and pinched it between her ass cheeks, vertically. She then moaned sensually as she slowly and gently flossed her ass-crack with the hair; not stopping, until the remaining shit had been cleaned from her puckered hole for the second time.

Finished, the woman shut off the water, opened the glass door and stepped out of the shower onto the floor mat. Then, with her legs spread and her cheeks and palms casually resting back against the bathroom sink.

“You’ve got five minutes to clean yourself up and dry me off,” she declared.

The naked five year old, covered in shit, piss and vomit, was devastated, but she knew that things would continue to get far worse if she couldn’t find the strength to get through it. Weakly, she slowly began to stand, but then slipped on her vomit and fell back to the ground, violently banging her head against the edge of the door on the way down.

“Mommy!” the girl cried, “I want to go home! I WANT MY MOMMY! I WANT MY MOMMEE~HEEE!!”

“Your mommy isn’t here. She’s in jail now. Do you know why she’s there? Because everyone thinks that your mommy did the same things to you that I do! Isn’t that funny?” the woman said, giggling heartlessly, “Jail is a very scary place, and there are lots of dangerous ladies inside there with your mommy. When they find out about all the ‘bad things she did to you’, you may as well consider her as good as dead! You’re never going to get to see her again.”

“Noooo! sniff Noo~ho~hoooooo …” The heartbroken child wailed loudly as she hunched over on the bathroom floor.

‘God fucking damn, I love having a daughter!’ the woman thought to herself as she watched the child continue to sob. ‘Better conserve some of those tears for later, honey. We’ve got some long years ahead of us, you and I…’



The following evening …

Maxine dined with her former schoolmate at one of the most prestigious restaurants in the city. The gym teacher ordered alcohol at the very start of the meal, in hopes of calming her nerves. It worked, and it didn’t take long for her to start feeling the same comfort that she’d had the day prior, before the incident. One thing that was different, of course, was that Erika was no longer in her uniform, but in an elegant gown. It was from the cleavage presented by this gown that Maxine finally saw just how large her associate’s breasts were.

“Heh, so how many blowjobs did you have to give to afford those puppies?” she inquired.

Though her tipsiness had reduced her tact somewhat, it was not beyond Maxine to present a question so crudely in casual conversation.

Erika chuckled lightly.

“They’re real. It was pretty weird though. I was flat as a board all that time, and then towards the end of my junior year, I just kinda ballooned out.”

Had she ever, Maxine felt. It was bizarre to see that petite kid look so womanly, and more-so than herself. Losing her breasts while building her body was another concern of Maxine, as she had already gone down from a respectable D to a C, but Erika looked to be a DD at the very least. Though always proud that she had hit puberty at such a young age, had Maxine known that a delay could still produce results like that, she would have gladly swapped places.

Though now at ease, the drinks kept coming one after the other, and before she had realized it, the gym teacher was hammered. Though not completely adverse to alcohol herself, Erika made the responsible decision to avoid it for the sake of her companion. Seeing that Maxine was in no state to drive, Erika offered to take her back to her residence.

Maxine’s inebriated ramblings consumed the entire length of the car ride. Stumbling into her apartment, with Erika’s arm around her shoulder, it is then that Maxine made a drunken confession.

“I tell ya Erie … I think I’m gonna go crazy! … There’s this kid in one of my periods … Fuck, I want to …” Maxine cupped the side of her mouth and put it up to the ear of her pal, “I want to rape her so bad!”

Caught off guard, Erika simply chuckled and replied, “You’re joking, right?”

Maxine smiled and ungracefully shook her head, “Uh uh. She’s twelve … real tiny, and meek … and fragile. The other girls bully her… and it turns me on so much!”

“Here, babe,” Erika quickly cut off, “Let’s get you into bed.”

Erika helped Maxine get undressed and laid her onto the mattress, before bidding her goodnight. She began to exit, but then stopped and turned around to stare at the woman, as the illumination from the hall shone through the open doorway, not sure what she should do. She stood there for several minutes, and then moved to exit the apartment.


Maxine had managed to drink enough water throughout the night that her hangover was only mild. She slept in until 10.00 AM, and then resumed her normal weekend chores for a couple hours, until she heard a knock at the door. It was Erika.

“Hey girl, need a lift to your ride?” Erika asked, “I drove past there and saw that it’s still parked outside of the restaurant.”

“Hey, thanks, that’d be perfect,” replied Maxine.

She agreed with a little reluctance, knowing that she would have to once again keep her predatory thoughts at ease. But it was Sunday, after all; just twenty-four hours before she would again get to feast her eyes on Kayla’s body. She could do this.


It was a cloudy day in the city, coupled with a gentle rain, though unlike the night before, this time the ride remained relatively quiet. As Erika finished clearing the span of the city bridge, she drove for several more blocks, and then turned down a dark alleyway, where she then proceeded to park the car and turn off the ignition.

“What are we doing here?” inquired Maxine.

“Max … Do you remember what you said to me last night, when I took you home?”

Nearly everything after the restaurant was a blur to the junior high gym teacher. Only small fragments remained in her memory.

“Heh, I drank so much that I’m lucky to have remembered my name when I woke up this morning,” Maxine joked.

“You mentioned a girl in your class last night. You told me that you wanted to rape her!”

Maxine’s face immediately turned red, and the hair stood up on the back of her neck. ‘Holy shit, what the fuck did I do? … Shit! SHIT!’ she screamed in her mind.

“Oh! That was … uh.. I’m, er … that’s, heh heh … weird… a-are you s-sure about that?” the confronted woman fumfered.

Erika nodded. She then undid her safety belt, threw herself onto Maxine, and then jammed her tongue into her mouth.

To say that the gym teacher was caught off guard was an understatement, but she didn’t fight the kiss. She wasn’t prepared to put up any kind of resistance after what had just been revealed to her.

Erika pulled her mouth away briefly.

“I’m not gonna tell anyone your secret,” she assured, “And I’m not going to get you in trouble … but I need you to keep a secret for me in exchange!”

Maxine didn’t have to deliberate much. She’d have done anything at that moment to alleviate the pickle that she was in, and if that involved this woman forking over some leverage of her own, all the better.

“O-okay, sure,” Maxine answered.

“No, I need you to really promise that you’ll never breathe a word of this.”

“I swear! I’d sooner swallow a bucketful of broken glass than squeal on someone.”

Which was true. Maxine hated snitches.

“Okay, but before I tell you, I want us to fuck each other.”

Maxine went to respond, but stopped as she watched the thirty-one year old next to her slide her panties down to the floor of the car. She then looked into Erika’s eyes, and saw that she was dead serious about this.

‘What the fucking hell’s going on?!’

When every last bit of clothing shed from their bodies, the naked women climbed into the backseat and got into position, with Erika on her back and her partner upright. Pussy to pussy, the two immediately began to grind against each other. Erika’s thighs were beautifully toned, as well as her abs, and her large breasts splayed lewdly from her chest. Aside from her smooth, shaven cunt, Erika indeed looked far more womanly than she once had, and moaned with passion as the older woman forcefully slammed, pounded, smeared, smudged and mashed her hot labia onto hers.

As the circumstances of the activity crept deeper into her mind, Maxine felt her orgasm start to dwindle. She knew she had to do something to keep it going. Closing her eyes, it was not Erika the adult that she was picturing now, but that same flat-chested eleven year old from her memory. And the mirage of age regression only continued the closer that she got. Erika now looked eight years old, and then … was it five?! Maxine let out a powerful yell as she unabashedly climaxed to the thought of her grinding her pussy down onto a defenseless preschooler; the same unquenchable, magnificent pussy that she wished she could trap and brutalize all little girls beneath. As she came, so did Erika, whose thighs locked onto her female partner’s body like a vice.

Covered in each others juices, with their heads propped against the opposing doors of the back seat, the panting women gazed at each other.

“Wow …” Erika said with a sigh, “After all these years, I finally got a chance to fuck my hero …”

Maxine was becoming more puzzled by the second, but felt that a good moment had come for her to be upfront about her desires.

“You know, those thoughts have been swirling around in my mind since the start of the school year, and it’s only gotten rougher as the weeks go by. But … I’m a wise enough woman not to act on these feelings, so it’s nothing to be concerned of …”

Erika said nothing, and simply smiled back at her.

“What?” Maxine asked, confused.

But Erika continued to smile. It was not like any she had displayed in the past forty-eight hours; it was a focused, piercing, almost creepy smile.

Erika pulled herself up and sat back against the seat for a moment.

“Do you know what happens when a child is removed from a home that has abusive living conditions?”

Maxine again found herself becoming nervous from the question, but decided she’d answer it as honestly as she could.

“They, get put into homes with new families?”

Erika nodded her head.

“But there’s an extra step with our local office, here. Before that happens, we get to have a little fun with them.”

“What kind of fun?” Maxine asked, still a little unsure if she should continue prodding.

“One-sided fun. The kind of fun that’s … not enjoyed by all,” Erika replied, as she casually used her index finger to pry her labia to the side.

Maxine’s eyes grew wide as the implication hit her. That certainly couldn’t be what she meant, right? But then, what else could it be?

“I’ve never uttered a word about this to anyone before,” Erika continued, “But I knew that you used to beat up those little kids when we were younger. In fact, several times, I even watched you do it.”

“You did?” asked Maxine, in disbelief at how continually revealing this reunion had become, “How?”

“I just happened to catch you one day, as it was near my house. From then on, I stalked you after school, from a distance. I inferred that you didn’t want me to know, so I tried to hide myself as best I could when I spied. I guess it worked.”

Maxine chuckled and looked downward.

“Heh, you must think I’m a real piece of wo-”

“Max, it was the hottest fucking thing I’d ever seen in my life!” Erika blurted out, “Kicking your foot hard into those little girls’ bony asses. Smacking those bitches after they’d scream, so that they’d cry even harder! I’d look at those little brats’ faces and could see how scared they were! How desperate they were to get away from you, but you would thwart them at every turn! Then I’d look at your face, that fiery expression in your eyes. It was the most amazing and empowering contrast I’d ever seen! I masturbated to the thought of it every night for the first week after it happened.”

“What? I thought for sure you were cemented in some kind of ‘purity’ mode.”

“Are you kidding? I just didn’t want to bring it up to anyone, for fear you’d get mad that I’d spied on you, but it turned me on, Max! Both my brain and my cunt,” the thirty-one year old continued, her gaze locked, as she gently circled Maxine’s clitoris with her index finger, “And then I caught you doing it again, and again! I thought about it all the time, and it only got worse after I moved away. It finally reached the point where I didn’t want to be a math teacher anymore. I wanted to find a job, I didn’t care which, that would involve meek or unfortunate people being entrusted into my care. From that point on, I doubled up on my studies … and my research.”

Erika continued to divulge details, stating that she was a willfully corrupt employee, as were each of her fellow co-workers, all to the stunned excitement of Maxine. Pleased to have received such a desired reaction, Erika offered to give her good friend a live demonstration later that afternoon.


— Child Services office —

The two women entered the building, the entrance of which was guarded by four security guards; three of them being female.

“I’m back, Gloria,” Erika said to the receptionist standing behind the counter, “This is Maxine. She’s my guest today. Is there someone available for a CTS?”

“Yes, Miss Greenberg,” the receptionist replied. “She’s already in the lower room.”

Maxine followed her friend into the elevator and descended down to B1. They then exited, traveled down a corridor, again, guarded by two security guards, and took a second elevator down to an even lower level.

“So, what’s a CTS?” inquired Maxine.

Erika turned her head and grinned at her.

“Well, the ‘S’ stands for ‘session’. I’ll let you figure out the other two for yourself.”

Upon exiting the elevator, the two walked down a short hall to an electronically locked door. Erika swiped her security card, punched in a six digit number, and then waited as the door unlocked. The two women then entered the room, where a young kid was sitting, alone, in a chair, and had been for quite some time.

The child was a girl, aged six, who was quietly sobbing; her eyes bloodshot from having cried harder the preceding hours, both from fear and uncertainty. Gazing upon her made Maxine chuckle to herself for having let her imagination get carried away.

‘Jeez, Maxine. You let your expectations get the best of you. There’s no way Erika would be mean to a kid in this bad of shape.’

Erika picked up a nearby clipboard and looked it over for a few moments. The sheet told everything she wished to know about the children that came through here. Name, medical history, even a document of their fears, should someone close to the child be willing to divulge them. But of course, the one area of great importance was, “Homelife”. The sheet stated that this girl was a victim of an alcoholic father. Her mother was not abusive and had stood up to the husband for the child’s sake in the past. The second sheet showed a thorough analysis of the girl’s health, courtesy of the in-house physician who had given the girl a physical. Paper-clipped to the sheets were photographs showing the areas of physical abuse and damage on her body from various angles. The woman approached the child.

“Hi there. My name is Erika. So yours is Abigail, huh?”

The girl softly nodded her head, staring down at the floor.

“This says that your father has been mean to you, and that he hurts you when he drinks. Is that true?”

Abigail again nodded, opening her mouth and wincing a bit this time, still staring at the floor. Erika then pushed the girl’s chin upwards with her fingers.

“Why are you so upset, stupid? You realize that your daddy did this to you because you’re a terrible girl, don’t you? Your whole family is ruined now and it’s all your fault.”

Erika pulled a few photos from her pocket, displaying various beautiful preteen females.

“But who are you going to live with? People love normal girls who look pretty, like these ones. Now look at your pictures,” she said as she took Abigail’s photos from the clipboard, “Look at all these bruises and marks! Who would ever love a girl as ugly as you are?”

The girl immediately began bawling and flailing her arms upon hearing Erika’s words. Maxine was both amazed and delighted. Perhaps she had been wrong to cast doubt after all.Such blatant coldness from her friend, and the child’s reaction was making her clit so hard that it felt like sparks would fly if she were to scrape it against a sheet of steel.

“Listen to me very closely, Abigail,” Erika said, smiling widely and giving her an intimidating glare, “I’m different than your daddy. Much different. I love hurting little girls, and you’re about to wish that you still had that cowardly mother of yours to hide behind.”

The girl continued bawling.

“Would you like me to tell you what I’m going to do to you?” questioned Erika, “Or should I just get right to it?”

Abigail tried to avoid the woman’s continuing piercing and sadistic gaze. Erika then gripped the girl’s arms with her hands.

“Ahh, so my words are scaring you, huh? I’m going to fuck the hell out of you, and hurt you like you’ve never been hurt before! And I won’t be the only one! What are you going to do now that there’s no one left to protect you?”

Maxine had never felt such a perfect blend of giddiness and horniness. It was all so deliciously wrong and she was loving every second of it.

“Let’s get this off,” Erika said as she swiftly pulled Abigail’s shirt off over her head.

The girl wanted to resist, but had become too fear stricken by the assaulting woman.

“Beautiful! Simply beautiful!” Erika said as she looked over the child’s bare chest and back, which was littered with deep, dark bruises, “If these marks could talk!”

The false champion of child justice admired the wounds a bit further, before walking over to Maxine and whispering into her ear; something little Abigail could not make out.

“I want you to hold her still for me. Can you handle her?” Erika asked, quietly.

Maxine’s body started making it’s way towards the child before her mind had time to fully process the question. She was so excited; chomping at the bit knowing not what her friend had in mind, but anticipating it to be wonderfully cruel!

Maxine moved behind the girl and firmly grabbed Abigail’s wrists, while Erika stepped out of her clothes. The young girl’s eyes grew wide and she immediately began struggling, with much futility. Once fully nude, Erika re-approached the child and pulled down her shorts and panties, uncovering even more delightful bruises. She then moved over to the nearby desk and grabbed the clipboard, as well as a pair of small, kid-sized handcuffs, and placed both items on a nearby bench.

“Help me cuff her, would you?” Erika asked politely.

Erika grabbed the girl and roughly bent her over the end of the bench, lengthwise, and pushed her arms down. Maxine then grabbed the cuffs, got on all fours and cuffed her hands together, so that the leg of the bench located between the child’s hands and legs prevented her from escaping.

Trapped on her stomach, Abigail immediately began screaming. “AHHHHH! HELP ME! HEELP MEEHEE!”

Erika giggled and leaned over.

“That’s it. Hey, how ’bout we play a game to see how many minutes it takes for someone to rush in here and help you, mm?” she delightfully mocked.

As she listened, Maxine was immediately compelled to move her hands down into her panties and begin masturbating; her mind completely bypassing the appropriateness in regard to her surroundings. Her friend had hardly even laid a finger on the child, and already she was causing her such misery.

“Mmmmm, you’ve got some gorgeous bruises on you, you disgusting bitch. That’s all you are, you know. If you weren’t, then your daddy would have treated you nicer,” Erika said, smugly flashing quick a wink towards Maxine, “It’s all your fault. Every bit of it.”

The girl began sobbing brokenheartedly. Erika lifted her foot above and over the child and stepped down on the opposite side of the bench. She then causally let her entire body drop down, hard, onto Abigail’s back, which knocked the wind out of her and quieted her cries momentarily. Having enjoyed that feeling considerably, she raised herself back up and did it again.

“Gravity’s such a wonderful thing!” Erika said as she grabbed onto the girl’s shoulders and began grinding her pussy all over her lower back and ass, while using her sharp fingernails to torture the upper bruises, “About as wonderful as tender, vulnerable young bodies that take forever to grow into strong adult ones like mine! Mmmmm, that lovely, twisted bitch, Mother Nature sure knew what she was doing when she established it like that!”

Erika picked up the clipboard once again and looked it over.

“So your daddy was a smoker too, huh? Maxine, could you get the lighter and one of the cigars in my bag for me?”

“I didn’t know you smoked,” chimed Maxine as she pilfered through the bag.

Inside were several cigars, the darkest and oiliest that she had ever seen that looked strikingly different than any she had seen before.

“I don’t,” smirked Erika as she took the items, “Disgusting habit, and terrible for your health, you know. Not to mention these babies here are highly illegal. We were able to obtain them when they came through customs.”

And with that she leaned down, yanked the trembling girl’s head back by the hair, violently twisted her thumbnail into one of the bruises.

“I want you to inhale this cigar each and every time that I say, understand?”

The frightened girl whimpered and weakly nodded her head. Erika then turned and smiled evilly at her partner.

“It’s always so much better when you force them to do it.”

Erika lit the cigar and then placed the other end between Abigail’s lips. The girl took the first puff, and then began coughing and sputtering. Maxine’s eyes bulged as she saw how incredibly black the smoke was.

“Moorrre,” Erika said icily into the girl’s ear.

The girl took a second drag, again coughing and crying harder, as the smoke burned through both her throat and nostrils. Fortunately, the strong ventilation in the room ensured that only she was burdened by it. Erika then removed the cigar from her mouth.

“Yeahh, that’s a nice burn,” Erika said with a chortle.

The wicked woman then pulled back Abigail’s inner thigh and burned the child’s flesh with the tip. The girl began shrieking and struggling, from which a joyous laugh couldn’t help but escape from Erika’s lips.

“Puff it again! Listen you little freak. If you want me to stop hurting you, then you’d better do what I say,” Erika lied, shamelessly.

Tears streamed down Abigail’s cheeks as she reluctantly inhaled the cigar further.

“Yeahhhh, darken those precious, developing little lungs of yours,” Erika said.

Once more, a deep black smoke escaped from the girl’s lips and nostrils as she choked.

“Oh, God yes, Erika! Please don’t stop! Fuck! Hurt her harder! Keep hurting her!” Maxine encouraged lustfully, unable to keep quiet one second longer, as she continued rapidly smear her own cunt with her palm and fingers.

Erika moved to attack the soft, sensitive skin once more. She then stopped herself, and slowly turned her head towards her friend.

“Say, do you know what it feels like to have a little girl shrieking into your cunt?”

“No!” Maxine, quickly answered, the thought of which sending a chill of excitement through her thrity-two year old body.

Erika gave Maxine a sinister look and replied, “Get those panties off now and get over here!”

Maxine was, in fact, so eager to oblige that she didn’t even bother taking them down, but instead darted both of her hands between her legs and ripped a giant hole in her panties. She then raced over to sit on the bench and impetuously mashed her steaming cunt forward, right into the child’s face.

“This kid’s six, so she should have some pretty good pipes in her,” Erika said as she grabbed the girl’s wrist and slowly pressed the fiery tip of the cigar into her inner arm.

Maxine nearly lost her balance and fell off of the bench as she felt the powerful vibrations that accompanied the muffled scream. She raised both feet up off the ground and harshly dropped her heels onto the child’s bruised back while grabbing the back of her head with both hands and pulling the child’s face into her as hard as she could.

Erika spread the child’s ass cheeks apart and touched the cigar down in a circular fashion around the tight pucker before thrusting it directly down on to the anus.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHH!AAAGGH-AAAAAGGGHHHHH!” the little girl shrieked in agony.

“I bet that’ll make squeezing those turds out pretty painful for the next few days, eh?” Erika laughed.

Her friend didn’t catch the remark, however, as those last screams had driven her over the edge.

“I’m cumming! Oh fuck YES!” Maxine screamed.

bam-bam-bam-bam-bam-bam The woman’s feet were like a blur as she rapidly and brutally kicked her heels down onto Abigail’s devastated back, over and over and over. She barely had enough stamina to keep her grip on the child’s skull as her cunt juice forcefully invaded the helpless child’s orifice.

After finally catching her breath, Maxine scooted her naked ass a couple inches back along the bench, and, feeling very prideful in her handiwork, saw that she had completely drenched the child’s face.

The six year old heaved a couple of times and then puked onto the bench in front of her, with the cigar having turned the vomit a sickly black color.

“Uh oh! That wasn’t very smart, considering that you’re not going to be getting any more food tonight.” Erika said teasingly.

Without warning, Maxine quickly jabbed her two fingers into the child’s ears. There was something that she just had to say.

“Erika … I can’t believe this! You’re saying all these things and doing all this stuff to her as if it were nothing!” she stated with complete awe.

“Oh, I’ve put well over seventy children through this by now,” Erika replied with brutal honesty and then impulsively ran her tongue across her upper lip, “But does this taste like ‘nothing’ to you? …” She then proceeded to extract a thick glob of cum from her pussy with two fingers and shoved it into Maxine’s mouth, “All the time I’ve spent honing my art just makes it look that way.”

“Seventy?! Seventy kids?! Sweet cock-sucking Jesus!” the thirty-two year old blurted out, caught up in the surreal moment.

Maxine excitedly clenched her fist and pounded with a hard bang! onto what she had determined was the most tender spot on the child’s back, and then grabbed onto both of her feet. Without a bit of grace, the woman flipped the little girl’s body forward so that she fell, hard, off of the bench, with her cuffed hands still pulled back around the metal leg. Erika once more shoved the cigar into the mouth of Abigail, who frantically tried to push it back out with her lips and tongue. Using her sharp nails, the CPS officer reached down and began twisting the nipples on her flat, undeveloped chest so hard that she thought she was going to rip them off. Maxine then quickly knelt down beside Erika, wrapping her lips around the woman’s throbbing clit while thrusting her fingers into her wet gash.

As the gym teacher worked her magic on her friend’s g-spot, Erika yanked the thick tobacco-stick from Abigail’s mouth, carefully handed it over to her friend, and then moved to ride the child’s face. Maxine stared at the glow of the cigar, almost memorized, and then forcefully pulled the six year old’s legs apart. Clasping tightly onto her tiny knee, Maxine scanned for the most optimally delicate looking part of the child’s inner thigh, and then jammed the burn right onto it. Abigail began thrashing and writhing, much to the delight of both adults.

“Uuuuggghhh!” Erika groaned pleasurably as a huge blast of female ejaculation shot out of her whore-hole and joined Abigail’s tears in wetting her face.

She then smeared pussy lips all over the glazed skull, reaffirming that it was indeed her cunt that was in charge here, and not her conscience.

Reaching for her bag, Erika retrieved a small key and undid the handcuffs. To cap off a wonderful afternoon, the woman next cupped her hands under Abigail’s armpits, lifted her up, and then kneed the little girl hard in the stomach. The fully nude woman then pounced on her, wrapped her hands around the child’s neck and slowly began to strangle her. More tears escaped the child’s eyes as her face gradually changed from red to blue until she finally lost consciousness. Erika simply loved choking children until they blacked out once she was finished playing with them, and did so quite often. It was so much more fun than simply letting them fall asleep on their own.

Erika stood up, wiped the sweat from her brow, and breathed a sigh of self-satisfaction. She then grabbed a bottled water and plopped her sweaty, naked ass down onto a chair, as if she had just completed a tough fitness workout of her own.

“Erika … How how in the hell are you able to do this?!” Maxine asked, having finally drifted back towards reality after getting caught up the amazing activity, “You’re doing now what I’ve dreamed of doing for years!

“I told you that you should have applied yourself,” Erika answered with a smile, “Seriously, though, it wasn’t just academics. I aced every class in high school, as I’m sure you remember, and college was no different. I recall several teachers being so impressed with me, saying that they had never seen such a student’s ambition in all their years of teaching. I’d have loved to see the look on their faces if they discovered what was driving me! giggle I was confident that I could get a job in any field I wished to pursue, but to enjoy the ‘perks’ that I do now, I knew, would require more than that.”

Erika paused to take a swig of water as droplets of perspiration rolled down her breasts and leaped off of her nipples, which had again hardened as the memories of what she was about to detail returned to her cerebrum.

“I dedicated myself to getting close to people in as many areas of government as I could. Obviously, I was only successful with low level areas in the beginning. I’ve had so many affairs and multi-night stands that if you held a gun to my head I couldn’t recount them all. Even then, however, my body and looks could only contribute so much. Amidst my liaisons, during my spare time, I trained myself to become intuitively good at reading people, and therefore, knowing exactly what to say and when to say it, in order finally make my way into these higher levels. Once there, what I had secretly hoped for was proven true: I was privy to all kinds of beautiful atrocities being committed away from public knowledge. I formed powerful friendships from these experiences, and when the comfort level was right, I finally divulged my own dreams and ambitions to them. And just as I had helped them, they agreed to provide me with a little slice of my own. I did my part by putting my persuasive skills to work, while they set a chain of events into motion to make sure that others were … replaced. My operation here may be local, but it is entirely funded and protected thanks to the connections I’ve made, including a legal team which I have at my ready, which would be able to cover up any unforeseen problems should they arise.”

“You mean you’re really free to do all of this behind closed doors, and nobody else suspects it?”

“With modern advancements coupled with a more distracted society, we’ve found ways to keep things a bit more tightly knit.”

“But aren’t you worried that you might accidentally kill one of the kids?” questioned Maxine.

Erika smiled and shook her head.

“We’re all very careful and experienced by this point. We know how to go just far enough without evoking death. And we never administer any types of abuse that could not easily be linked back to the parents. Cigarette burns are especially handy to utilize for this reason.”

Just then, a naked, twenty-eight year old man entered the room and asked, “Afternoon, ladies. Would you two happen to be done with this one?”

The man was very well built, thought Maxine, as her eyes ran down his chest all the way to his thick hard cock, which shot up steeply.

“Sure Jake. She’s all yours,” Erika answered pleasantly as she began slipping her pantyhose back on, “She’s out cold now, but she’ll be coming around again in no time. If you want a clean cock, I’d stay away from her mouth right now, though!” she added with a laugh.

Jake walked up behind the still-insensible 6 year old and, devoid of any hesitation, pushed his cock into her tiny pussy. He then began pumping his hips, fucking the girl with the most brutal of force. Maxine’s lust wasted no time in returning and she, again, began furiously frigging her cunt. All of this beautiful indulgence of cruel child abuse was overloading her mind.

Erika’s eyes had secured their gaze on the action as well. Proudly bisexual, she loved watching her male co-workers rape the shit out of these kids; conscious or unconscious, male or female. She was still so horny that she almost wished Jake had been fucking her like that instead. However, at the same time, she certainly did not want this vile assault upon this innocent child to cease in the least.

“Every now and then we film this and sell the videos and photos to kiddie porn distributors,” Erika further informed her companion, “Of course, we’re not bold enough to show faces, either theirs or ours, but we do leave the audio intact.”

Maxine continued rubbing her cunt, watching Jake’s muscular ass pound the girl, and had since brought the middle finger of her free hand to her own asshole. Approaching climax, Jake quickly pulled out, his cock completely drenched in blood. White essence spurted out from the crimson shaft and landed all over the child’s bruise-covered back. Erika raced over and began lapping up all of the semen, and then brought her mouth to the still-hard cock and sucked the blood off.

“We can’t leave too much of our DNA on this kid,” Erika joked as she turned to her friend, after Jake had released one final glob of sperm into her mouth, which she gladly pardoned.

Giving a stretch, Erika made her way over to the counter. She then opened up a small briefcase and pulled out a syringe.

“This drug attacks the hippocampus, causing the children to forget everything that’s happened to them during the six to eight hours prior to injection. It can take months for the effect to wear off, or even years if the dose is strong enough!”

The social worker then turned towards the child.

“Don’t worry, honey. You’ll remember everything that I’ve done to you eventually. But when that day finally comes, there’ll be nothing left you can do about it,” Erika condescendingly said, with a big, toothy grin, as she injected the girl with the drug.

“What happens now?” Maxine inquired as she sucked the remainder of her friend’s cunt juice from her fingers.

“She’s off to the foster home,” Erika replied. “I personally make sure every one of these kids get sent to sadistic pedophile guardians and couples. This girl here’s gonna get it far worse than she ever did in her old home. Hahaha,” Erika laughed as she playfully rubbed the hair atop the unconscious child’s skull with her palm.

Just then, a woman wearing a white coat, high heels and glasses walked in. She appeared to be of Indian descent.

“Ah, impeccable timing, Fulmala. I think we’re done with this one for today. I left her breathing for you, like always, though we gave her a pretty good workout in a short time. Hopefully the damage won’t keep you working too late tonight.”

“Why so? It gives me an excuse to extend my fun with her,” the doctor countered happily as she went over to assess the child’s present condition.

‘Erika wasn’t kidding. They really are all in on it,’ Maxine thought to herself.

“Tell me about the other kids! Are all of them really being abused as we speak?” Maxine asked, her eyes still fixed on the naked, brutally ravished body of the unconscious six year old girl.

“I’d have to imagine that most are,” Erika answered as she finished buttoning up her uniform, “Though I can certainly think of four who definitely are not!”

“Why? What happened with them?”

Erika did not reply, but instead gave her friend the beckoning finger as she walked over to a nearby computer terminal. After several seconds of typing through various windows and security checks, the woman brought up grey-scale colored image on the screen. Upon closer inspection, Maxine saw that they were four separate articles taken from local newspapers, each revealing that a teenage girl, complete with accompanying photo, had committed suicide.

Maxine turned her head around and gave the same stare that she had already given umpteen times that day.

“Are you telling me that these kids … ?”

Erika nodded her head with an admitting smile.

“I guess for some kids, when their memories finally come flooding back to them, it just becomes too much to handle. These two here really took me by surprise, though! They were both so mentally well-adjusted when we first took them from their parents,” she added as she pointed her splayed index and middle finger at two of the girls on the screen.

With a few mouse clicks, she then proceeded to open a set of animated GIFs. Each and every one had just two frames; the first one displaying a naked photo of the victim taken at the time that she was being raped and abused by the social worker, and the second was the victim’s autopsy photo, which Erika had managed to obtain through various channels.

“I whipped these up a while back. They work wonders for doing a little late-night diddling,” Erika said with a grin as she cycled through the pictures.

Maxine’s hard clit pushed through its hood once more as her eyes were treated to the sight of a naked nine year old girl with tears running down her cheeks, and then a couple seconds later, a flash of that same girl at age sixteen, with copious blood pooling from the hole that once resembled her mouth from the self-inflicted shotgun wound. The gym teacher quickly turned to her friend.

“I-I know that we swore, but you’re actually trusting me with all this information?”

“Well, to be perfectly honest, had you reacted differently, I would have had to use the memory scrambling drug on you as well! I knew that you wouldn’t let me down, though.”

Maxine tingled as another animated GIF was enlarged on the screen.

“Max,” Erika continued, “None of this could have happened if I hadn’t known you. You lit a spark in me and I feel like I owe my life to you. This is a dream of mine come true … and if it’s alright, I want to help you achieve your dream. What is it?”

Despite the wonders that had just been presented to her, Maxine could not see in what way that Erika would be able to aid her in her own ambitions.

“Well, I appreciate it but, I don’t think you could,” Maxine answered, “Besides, you’ve already given me an experience today that I’ll never forget.”

Erika, however, remained undeterred.

“Please, try me. I’m comfortable where I am and the limits that I have to abide by here. But I’ve also done lots of traveling, both in this country, and abroad, and from the types of people that I resonate with, I’ve learned of many places. Very dark places …”

Feeling there was no harm in humoring her, Maxine decided that it was worth a shot. She divulged everything; about the interactions with Jennifer and Kayla, and most especially, her dream goal: to acquire as much strength as humanly possible, and exploit it upon the weakest of unwilling girls.

Erika simply smiled.


“Done? What do you mean, done?” Maxine asked.

“Spring break’s coming up in a couple weeks, right? Keep your schedule clear that week. Completely clear …”

“Why? What for?”

“The wait would only torture you if I told you ahead of time. Just know that you and I will be going on a little trip.”


5 thoughts on “MUSCLES AND MINORS 1 by Polaris”

  1. Was soll man dazu Sagen. Die zwei Frauen sind die Geilheit pur. Ihre satanischen, herrlichen Fotzen sind ihr A und O. Kleine und sicher auch kleinste Mädchenleiber so grausam zu Quälen und auch noch mit Worten dazu – Qualen der Mädchen bis fast zum Tod, ist genau das, was ihre Fotzen sich wünschen – was ihre Fotzen über alles lieben. und den Frauen herrlichste Orgasmen schenken zum Genießen. Ihre Gehirne denken sich große Qualen und Schmerzen aus für die kleinen Mädchen und ihre Fotzen lassen sie sofort per Geilheit wissen ob sie sich freuen über die Schmerzen der Mädchen oder sich noch Größere wünschen um noch geiler werden zu können. Und da der Genuss ihrer Fotzen ja über alles geht, weil einfach zu herrlich, werden die Qualen und Schmerzen der Mädchen eben solange vergrößert, bis höchst geile Orgasmen nur so aus ihnen heraus Spritzen oder Laufen. Das Herrlichste, dass es geben kann. Und beide haben, ohne es deutlich zu sagen, den größten Fotzenwunsch, beim Würgen der Mädchen nicht Stopp zu machen wenn sie blau anlaufen und Ohnmächtig sind, sondern bis sie tot sind. Der größte Wunsch ihrer Fotzen, dass Spüren sie beide. Genug Mädchen haben sie ja immer dafür. Mal sehen ob sie auch diesen Wünschen ihrer echt herrlichen Fotzen folgen werden. Jedenfalls sind diese beiden Frauen so super und geil, wie die ganze Geschichte. Vermutlich wird sie sogar noch geiler., mal sehen. Einfach super.

    1. Translated …

      “What can I say. The two women are pure lust. Their satanic, wonderful pussies are their be-all and end-all. Torturing small and certainly also the smallest bodies of girls so cruelly and with words too – tormenting girls almost to the point of death is exactly what their pussies want – what their pussies about love everything. and give women the most wonderful orgasms to enjoy. Their brains are imagining great agony and pain for the little girls, and their pussies let them know instantly via horniness whether they’re happy about the girls’ pain or wish they were even bigger to get even hornier. And since the enjoyment of their pussies is more important than anything, because it’s just too wonderful, the torment and pain of the girls are increased until extremely hot orgasms just squirt or run out of them. The most beautiful thing there can be. And both of them, without saying it clearly, have the greatest cunt desire not to stop choking the girls when they turn blue and pass out, but until they are dead. The greatest desire of their pussies is that they both feel it. They always have enough girls for that. Let’s see if they will also follow these wishes of their really gorgeous pussies. Anyway, these two women are as awesome and horny as the whole story. She’ll probably get even hornier, we’ll see. Just great.”

      Thanks Heinz. XP

    1. All I can say, Polaris (not sure if you are a man or cunt) is this: Heil Hitler. He would be so proud of you. Even Trump would be so proud of you. The Don couldn’t even wait until his many wives got home from the hospital during the birth of one of his kids, when he needed to cheat on them by visiting a street whore to blow off his wad.

      So, the dialogue in your story is what sets it apart from so many others. A few hot and informative retorts between characters can add as much as two paragraphs of prose.

      1. Thanks, Phil!

        >>A few hot and informative retorts between characters can add as much as two paragraphs of prose.

        I heartily agree. One of my favorite online stories ever is such because of the numerous specific sentences that are casually dropped by the characters.

        In any case, I tried my best with this story, haha.

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