Master Your Mind by DeathWorshipper – Non-Fiction

Writer: DeathWorshipper

Subject: Master Your Mind

Link: MEWE / 23.07.2022 / Demonic Temple Of The Black Flame

Master Your Mind

Master your mind and let your energy soar in development of your inner core you’ll see the upper and lower parts of your being getting stronger. Diving in the deep end can help buy most stay away from that. Demons can show you how to empower your core with stronger energy. Lifting your soul can strengthen the mind. Negative energy you can let go of; but can use that energy as a offering.

Darker paths take on the primordial aspects of life. In showing yourself the quest of survival can also lead to a better development. Study the energy centers of your body can increase your stamina and you’ll not fall away, so inside each person’s heart cam anchor to these ways of infernal energy don’t let your mind grow weak but instead fight your way to absorb more meaning energy.

2 thoughts on “Master Your Mind by DeathWorshipper – Non-Fiction”

  1. I need for the demons to come to me and assist me in forging a new life. I desire to feel their energy.

    1. Ask them sincerely and they will cum to you.
      I didn’t have to do that tho.
      Years before I became a Devil Worshipper, I was masturbating to porn for something like the fifth time in one day.
      I just couldn’t get off because I had already cum four times.
      But I keep stroking really fucking hard til my cock was raw and bloody and I finally managed to cum that fifth time, draining my sack as well as my soul.
      As I did, I caught my reflection in a mirror and my face had a very Demonic look on it that freaked me out a bit.
      I now know that that was my first Demon – a Lust Demon – entering my body and getting me off that fifth time.
      I was then set on the path that would eventually lead me to Lord Satan
      Ave Satanas,

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