Feature Writer: Polaris


Published: Copyright 2011, Polaris. All rights Reserved

Story Codes: Abuse

Synopsis: Parental advice leads a young mother into perversion

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Malevolent Marriage Counselor Linda 1

Betty Summers, aged thirty, sat quietly, and a bit apprehensively, in the waiting room. She was there for one reason, and one reason only.
Betty and Todd, her husband of five years, had just finished a massive argument the night before; a blowout which had resulted with them shouting at each other until they were each red in the face. It was the fourth one they’d had that week.
As was the source of many married couples’ confrontations, Betty and Todd mainly fought about money. Todd was a self-employed small business owner, selling organic produce, whereas Betty worked as a certified nursing assistant, with the important role of providing their household with health benefits. Though they foresaw having adequate money down the road while they were engaged, after a couple of years, they were finding it difficult to scrape by. Severe, unpredictable weather damaged Todd’s crops for several consecutive seasons, and Betty eventually had her hours cut due to budget constraints. Things only became worse when, just a year prior, despite their diligent attempts at birth control, they were saddled with an unexpected pregnancy.
Of the two of them, the frustration brought from these factors affected Todd more significantly. It eventually prompted him to just up and leave, sometimes for hours, sometimes nearly two days, without telling his wife where he was going, leaving her worried sick. But even during the times when Todd was home with Betty, he was very unaffectionate towards her.
Betty was at her wit’s end. It was clear to her that her husband was no longer the man that she had married. Part of her yearned for a separation, but for her 10 month old daughter, Olivia, she just couldn’t. There was simply no way she could make it as a single mother, not to mention the frightening thought of losing the custody battle.
She decided that it was finally time to seek some professional help. At work, earlier in the day, one of her co-workers referred her to a marriage counselor, and it was at the office of this counselor where Betty now sat, waiting.
Only a few minutes had passed before another woman, about mid 30’s, entered the building and sat on the bench next to Betty. The woman then looked at her with a smile, said, “Are you here to meet with Linda?”
Betty returned with an appeasing smile and nodded back.
“Let me tell you, she is amazing! I can’t even imagine how different my life would be now, had I not met her,” the woman continued. “Oh, sorry, I’m Grace by the way.”
Grace extended her hand to shake, which Betty accepted.
“Betty. Oh, so you’ve been to her before, huh?” Betty responded curiously. Her co-worker had also expressed a notable enthusiasm for this counselor, though neglected to detail exactly why.
“Oh, absolutely!… Nowadays I mostly drop in just to shoot the shit and update her on how things are coming along. It’s really the least I could do. Do you have any kids?”
“Um, yes, one daughter.”
“Oh honey, you have some amazing experiences ahead of you once you put Linda’s suggestions in to practice. I have a 5 year old at home, Lexie. Heh, if I know her, she’s probably huddled on the floor inside her closet right now, sweating and shaking in her little booties waiting for me to come home,” the woman said with a smile as she quickly raised her eyebrows.
“Aw, I’m sorry to hear that,” Betty said with polite concern. “I guess some kids get pretty scared when they have to be home by themselves, huh?”
Betty empathized with the notion that the woman would be unable to afford a babysitter in this economy, though even so, she was surprised that a mother would leave a girl as young as five at home by themselves. She was further surprised to hear the woman chuckle upon hearing her question.
“Oh, not at all! In fact, I imagine the little darling’s praying to Jesus right now for every minute that I’m not home yet!”
Betty was quite confused now. However, before she had time to deconstruct the statement, she heard a door open and a female voice call out.
“Betty Summers?”
“Yes?” answered Betty. She turned her head and saw a sharply dressed African American woman wearing a red skirt suit with heels. The woman was very attractive, aged 42, though she could have easily passed for 30.
“Ah, please follow me. My office is right down the hall on the left here.”
Betty took a deep breath and rose from her chair. She then exited the waiting room and followed the woman before her down the corridor.
“Hello Mrs. Summers. It’s nice to meet you. My name is Linda Roberts,” the counselor said with a warm smile as she closed the door behind them and proceeded to shake Betty’s hand. “Please have a seat,” Linda said as she gestured towards the nearby chair, before proceeding behind her desk to sit at her own.
“So what brings you here today?” Linda asked with genuine concern.
“Todd, my husband… we used to be so happy for the first few years we were married. But now we fight every time we’re in the same room together…”
Betty spent the next twenty minutes filling Linda about her life; her frustrations; her looming fears. She grew so upset and distraught as she went along that eventually the counselor decided to halt her from continuing.
“It’s alright Mrs. Summers. Thank you. You’ve given me more than enough information.”
Deeply concerned for her client, Linda immediately rose to both comfort and console her.
She gave Betty a minute to regain her composure, and then sat back down and continued speaking. “I want you to know that I don’t think either you or your husband are to blame here… Life gets rough, and as people, we feel insecure and let our emotions get the best of us, but that doesn’t mean we’re not good individuals who deserve happiness! The joy that you and your husband shared when you were friends, when you were dating, and when you were newlyweds… that wasn’t some illusion or some kind of false, distorted perception. It’s the way things are supposed to be. You love your husband and deep down, he loves you too. And hey, we’re all human beings. No matter what our gender or where we come from, we’re put on this earth together with a destiny of being pitted against life’s odds.”
Betty nodded attentively several times, feeling a bit better and even slightly encouraged, now.
“Let me ask you something,” Linda began. “Did you find you and your husband growing further apart once your daughter was born?”
Betty hesitated.
“It’s ok,” Linda continued, gently clasping Betty’s hand with her own. “It happens with lots of couples.”
“She actually wasn’t planned… I mean, my husband and I had always wanted kids and talked about having some once our finances were back under control, it’s just… we can’t do it.”
“I know, believe me. You and Todd have created something wonderful together, but you may just not realize yet all of the wonders that she can bring you. Just as easily as you drifted apart, I can show you how your daughter can bring the two of you closer together than ever before. How does that sound?”
Betty’s quickly perked up with optimism. “That’d be great!” she said with both a furrowed brow and a smile.
“The biggest adversary to the union that you two both share is ‘stress’. I give you my promise that if you are able to manage your stress, to dominate it, to eliminate it, then everything else will fall into place, and you’ll find that you and your husband can weather any hardship that comes your way! Are you familiar with those stress balls? The kind that you squeeze in your hand?”
Betty, of course, was. They were a common enough novelty.
“Good. Now, I’m going to be blunt. This may sound a little odd at first, but bear with me. I want you to use your daughter as your stress ball!”
Betty stared blankly for a few seconds, unsure if she had actually even heard what she just did. She then chuckled weakly and said “wh-what?”
Linda wasn’t joking in the least, although she did retain the sincere smile that she’d had through most of the session. “The next time that you’re frustrated, I want you to cause your daughter some kind of discomfort. Physical, or even emotional. Maybe just walk into her room when she’s sleeping in her crib and give her a hard pinch, for example. You can start out small, and then increase the intensity of the discomfort as you feel is necessary.”
“But… but she’s just a… baby! Only ten months old!” the bewildered mother contested.
“Yes, and it makes for a perfect age to start with! Your daughter won’t be able to defend herself from your assaults, and by the time that she is, she’ll be so scared that she’ll be unable to bring herself to impede your efforts, no matter how desperately she’d like to.”
“Scared”. Betty’s mind immediately flashed back to the brief conversation that she had had with Grace out in the lobby. Could that be what the woman meant when she said that her daughter was grateful for every minute that she was away? Mentally linking the two statements together immediately caused Betty’s face to go white and her stomach turn nauseous.
“I… I think I have to go. Th-thank you for your time,” Betty nervously said, while still trying to remain polite. She then reached into her purse to pull out her money clip.
“I’ll go ahead and pay you for our time spent.”
“Now, now, you put that away,” Linda said in a friendly tone. “This is your first visit, and I don’t want to take one dime from you. I do just ask, please at least give some thought to the advice that I’ve given.”
Betty gave a pacifying nod and then quickly exited the office.
Betty picked Olivia up from the babysitter’s and arrived back home to find that her husband had returned. Still a bit unnerved by the way the meeting with Linda had ended, the mother decided that she would at least keep the counselor’s more positive words in mind.
The conversation started out calmly enough. The two once again discussed their financial matters in a rational tone, and Todd even agreed to his wife’s suggestion that they go out to eat, maybe catch a movie, like they had used to, to help rekindle what had been lost. However, it didn’t take long before tensions escalated, and the encounter took the same path that it always did. Faces turned red, obscenities shouted, and Todd storming out in a huff.
Betty immediately walked into Olivia’s room to see if the fight had woken her up, but the baby had fortuitously remained sound asleep.
Betty felt like crap. Her plan to” dominate” her stress had failed, and in fact, felt at a level that was even greater than usual. And while her nausea from earlier had vanished, it had since been replaced by a bad case of indigestion.
At the end of her rope, Betty impulsively marched over to a drawer in her kitchen and retrieved a large rubber band. Without missing a beat, she then returned to Oliva’s crib, stretched the rubber band back far, and let it *snap* against the baby’s soft cheek.
Oliva awoke and immediately began howling – worse than Betty had heard in a while. Realizing what she had just done, the mother took a couple steps back; expecting a wave of remorse to wash over her at any second.
But that remorse never came.
Much to Betty’s amazement, she actually did feel some satisfying relief. But it was what happened next that truly took the woman by surprise. As she as she continued to stand, doing nothing for her daughter except listen, Betty noticed that her pussy was becoming moist. She had never once thought of her daughter, or any other child, sexually before. ‘So why is my pussy reacting like this now?’ she wondered.
Betty turned on the ceiling light and slowly approached the crib. “Olivia… Olivia, shhshhh… Shhhh,” the mother said consolingly as she gently rubbed her hand back and forth over her daughter’s body. “Shhhh… it’s okay… shhhh…” Betty continued until Olivia’s cries receded into soft whimpers. At the moment that the infant finally became calm, the mother quickly pulled the rubber band back and snapped it against her baby’s face once more. An even louder, more alarming chain of screams escaped from Olivia’s lips as the woman raced around the room, drawing all of the shades and curtains. She then switched off the light and headed out of the room, shutting the door tightly behind her.
Standing just outside the door, Betty squeezed her spasming pussy tightly between her thighs, as she listened to her baby daughter screaming, all alone, in the darkness. She was not sure what had just come over her in those last few moments, but the important thing, she concluded, was that she had alleviated some of her tension.
‘I think I’ll go lay down and take a nap,’ she decided, feeling that it would do her further good, at this point. The mother made her way to her own bedroom, stripped down to her lingerie, and slipped into bed. As she lay there, she tried to put what had just transpired out of her mind, but the thoughts kept creeping back in. And each time that they did, a small tingle went through her vagina. Further impeding her efforts to slip off into dreamland, was the heartbeat that was pounding heavily within her chest, coupled with the flatulence that was slowly building up within her stomach. Tens of minutes went on, and the culmination of these factors eventually twisted Betty’s thoughts into a new, increasingly appealing idea.
Mentally stimulated, Betty threw the covers to the side, got up and made her way to Olivia’s room once more, opening the door very quietly as she entered. Just as the woman had hoped, the infant had managed to fall back asleep. Betty pulled her panties down to the ground, and stood there for just a few moments; the hands at her sides fidgeting with anticipation. Then, without making a sound, she removed the detachable partition of bars from the right side of the crib, and set it carefully on the floor. She next lifted a nearby chair up and brought it over to where her daughter lay.
Finally, Betty climbed onto the chair – squatting, with her back towards the child – pulled her asscheeks apart, and pushed an incredibly rank fart right onto Olivia’s face. Within seconds, her ears were again treated to the same frightened and uncomfortable sounds from her daughter that she had longed to hear. She did not expel all of her flatus right away, but instead remained strategic; releasing a little bit more each time that her nose detected the scent growing weaker. The sound of Olivia’s cries blending with both the sound and feel of her flatulence made her very excited, even moreso when she acknowledged that she was making no effort to bring herself to stop it.
The irony was not lost on her. What she was attempting is something that she could have very well visualized herself scolding a hypothetical older brother of Olivia’s or a neighbor boy for doing as a humorous prank. She had even thought of the act of passing gas as somewhat disgusting, and had always struggled to see the entertainment value in it, comedic or otherwise. And yet, here she was, a grown woman, with her naked ass pulled open, farting mere centimeters away from her infant daughter’s face. Only it wasn’t being done for laughs, but something much more… Having always viewed herself as Olivia’s caregiver, Betty had never thought of the power she held over the child… until that moment.
Unable to hold out further, Betty immediately jammed her hand down into her panties and masturbated upon returning to bed that night. It was not until the orgasm had subsided that the shame for her actions that she had expected earlier finally arrived. It was not a deep shame, but a sobering one all the same. She tried telling herself that it was just a one-time thing; that it was motivated by what had been an abnormally stressful day. Even still, Betty could not deny the quick results Linda’s advice had produced. After thinking it over a bit more, she decided that she would visit the counselor again.
Betty returned to Linda’s place of business the following day after work. Upon entering the building, she noticed Grace, the woman from the prior day, sitting in the lobby, and sat down next to her.
“Oh, hello again!” the woman greeted. “Since you’re back, I take it you must have put Linda’s advice into practice, eh?”
“Um… a little bit, yeah…” Betty replied with a hint of awkwardness.
“You’ll be surprised how quickly ‘a little bit’ turns into a lot!” Grace replied with a wide-eyed grin.
“Uh, heh, I just don’t really know if I could to that to my kid. Be a bu–” Betty caught herself.
“A bully?”
“, I-I didn’t mean it like–” Betty replied in embarrassment.
“Hey, don’t fret, I’m not offended. I like to think of myself as ‘Bully Mom’ and I’m actually quite content in being one! I’ve never been married though. I used to sleep with a different guy each night, and even today, I do my best try to pack 2 or 3 new faces in a week. I figured that getting hitched would put too much of a cramp in my lifestyle, you know? I always made sure I was on the pill the whole time through, but somehow, I ended up getting pregnant with Lexie. I feel so stupid whenever I think back on it now, but I was actually very scared at the time, and kept telling myself that my life was over. For the first year she was born, Lexie was quite a handful. It was exhausting trying to keep her safe and healthy and still do all of the other things that I needed to do for me. I finally sought help from Linda. Even though she’s a marriage counselor, she helps out single mothers as well. She told me that the best way to relieve my frustrations from Lexie were to transfer them right back to her. I couldn’t believe how well it worked.”
Betty’s eyes grew wide; shocked that such a nigh-unthinkable conversation was actually happening again so soon and so casually with a total stranger. The woman then leaned in close and spoke with a softer but more gratified tone.
“After that, it didn’t take very long for me to start tormenting her by whim. At any time of day, I’d spontaneously walk into whichever room she was in and inflict some pain, just to listen to her cry. God, it was so freeing! I administer any twisted torture that pops into my head and Lexie has to sit there and take it. I mean, what other choice does she have?”
“But… do you really believe that’s right?”
“Look, I had two wonderful parents who each gave me a lot of love and a good life. But that doesn’t mean that I should be obligated to do the same for my own kids. I’m an adult woman of 36. I have lived long enough to the point now where I have the freedom to choose my own destiny and it’s important for me to think of what’s in my best interests. Lexie most likely does not understand why this has to be, but I’m comfortable with that. Whatever trauma she experiences is for her to cope with and work out alone within her mind, which I do recognize is still fragile and undeveloped. It’s ultimately something she has to deal with on her own. All the best of luck to her, but she can be assured that I’m going to be there every step of the way, doing my very best to deter and reverse any and all potential relief that she attempts to grasp on to.”
Betty had never felt such a conflict of emotions in all her life. The ways that her mind and pussy were feeling from listening to Grace’s words could not have been more opposite. She struggled to think of how to respond, but was once again saved by the now-familiar voice of a third party.
“Mrs. Summers! I’m so happy to see that you came back,” Linda said as she approached the two women. “Grace, I know that you were scheduled to be next, but would it be all right if I visited with Mrs. Summers first?”
“No problem at all. I understand completely!”
“Thank you.”
“Hey, no need to thank me! If anything, my daughter should be thanking you! You just bought her a little more time!”
The two women exchanged a hearty laugh from those words.
“Please, follow me back to my office, Mrs. Summers. Would it be alright if I called
you Betty?”
“Um, sure,” Betty responded, a bit nervously as she followed behind the woman.
Inside of Linda’s office, Betty felt compelled to open up about everything that she had done the prior evening, as if she was speaking to a priest at confessional, still stunned that the words coming out of her mouth were true. She was further surprised at how quickly, and moreso, positively the counselor responded upon hearing it.
“Oh Betty, I’m so happy to hear you say that! You’ve already taken the hardest step. The rest will come easily now,” Linda said, without a drop of insincerity. “And those sexual feelings that you experienced are a good sign! Your sexuality is in its prime, and this shows me that you’ll be able to take full advantage of that.”
“But, if I keep doing this… What if Todd finds out about it?”
“Yes, it’s true that this can be a speedbump that occurs whenever only one member of a union comes to me alone, and I want that to be part of your ‘homework’. I would start out by dropping very subtle hints to your husband, in order to read his reactions. I’m proud to tell you that the majority of my clients have been able to bring their spouses over to these solutions quite successfully. But in the unfortunate circumstance that your husband would be unable to be persuaded, I could teach you ways that you could interact with your daughter without his knowledge. That way, you would still reap the benefits of letting off steam, allowing yourself a cooler head when arguments spring up between the two of you, which would still go remarkably far in repairing your relationship.”
“You… really think that I would be able to hide it?” Betty asked, seeking reassurance.
“There are many ways to harm a child without leaving permanent physical damage, and the permanent mental damage that you leave will only make things easier for you to continue in the future. Also, this is a bit advanced, but if you would find yourself yearning for it down the road, I do know of a few dependable ways to cause irreversible disfigurements, and even disabilities, and have them easily appear as accidents.”
Betty’s face again turned white.
“It’s something that usually does not come up until they are months or years into the routine, but some parents love to see what they have done each time that they look at their child, as it provides a visual reminder that never fades away. It becomes a fun secret kept hidden in the back of her mind when a mother thinks about how the true reason for why her child came to that life-altering misfortune is known to her and her alone.”
Betty’s body was burning up and she could feel herself becoming queasy again, but her panties were absolutely flooded with juices by this point. She did not know exactly what kind of world that she had stepped into, but only knew that in that moment, the thought of leaving it terrified her.
“I just, I feel as if I need more guidance.”
“That’s perfectly normal,” empathized Lina. “Many husbands and wives are unsure of how to start out in the beginning. Do you have any plans for Saturday evening?”
“Tomorrow? Well, Todd and I had talked about going dancing, but I think that might be out now…”
“Well, if you wouldn’t mind, I would like for you to drop by my home then, let’s say, around eight o’clock? I think that if you saw some of these exercises in action, it would help to ease many of the anxieties you have.”
It did sound like a good suggestion, Betty thought. “Alright, that sounds fine.”
“Perfect. In the meantime, don’t feel that you have to twiddle your thumbs waiting until then. If you feel the need to take out some of your frustrations out on Olivia, even if they’re just ones that have arisen by your uncertainty of how to handle the situations we’ve been discussing, I want you to act on them. Promise?”
Betty chuckled nervously, but with an optimistic smile, answered “O-o-ok!”