Feature Writer: makoma

Feature Title: Little Girl in the Red Hood

Published: 09.04.2021

Story Codes: Erotic Horror, Bestiality, Bondage, Coercion, Domination/submission, First Time, Monster, NC, Rape, Reluctance, Virginity, Written by women

Synopsis: A innocent girl goes to the woods to visit her grandmother and is greeted by the big bad wolf. A retelling of the classic fairy tale.

Little Girl in the Red Hood

Once upon a time, in a far away land, there was a village surrounded by woods, and in it lived a little a girl called Myrna, but her name is not really important since everyone in the village knew her only by Red, due to the red velvet hood she always wore. Her grandmother made her first hood as a present when she turned seven, and through out the years the gift tended to repeat itself as soon as the piece got too small for Red to wear. It was the end of the summer, the nights started to grow chill in the village and the garment was ready to be put to use again.

Red lived in a small house with her parents near the center of the village, and at that particular day her mother had baked some apple pies. The sweet smell of the pies greeted her when she entered the kitchen. “I’m so glad you’re here Red, I need you to take this to your grandmother before it gets dark. I don’t want you walking through the woods at night”. The girl rolled her eyes at her mother’s repetitive speech about walking in the woods at night, and taking her basket and her hood, went out without so much as a word. Red rarely fought with her parents, being known throughout the village as a good beautiful girl, with her straight blond hair always tied in a knot on the back of her neck, startling blue eyes, and full lips that seemed to be in a constant pout. Walking through the village, Red end up meeting a friend and both of them started to trade the newest gossips of the village with such enthusiasm that neither of them saw the time pass. The sun was going down when Red finally realized it was growing late, and saying good bye to her friend started to run towards the end of the village, in the direction of the woods where years prior, her father and his friend, the woodcutter, build a small cottage for Red’s grandmother.

The woods were dense but being a full moon’s night some of the light filtered through the tree branches illuminating the trail so she wouldn’t get lost, which was the last thing she wanted. Red was immersed in her thoughts, thinking of what she could say to her grandmother so she wouldn’t tell her mother she was crossing the woods at night, if she should tell the truth to her about running into a friend or lie and tell she was delayed because she got distracted and didn’t realized she got off the trail in the woods. The girl was so lost in her own thoughts that she didn’t realized that six feet behind her, there was a large black wolf quietly following her. Now this wasn’t a regular wolf, it was too big, with a broad torso and long legs, with a fur so black that it blended with the dark forest surrounding it, and big green eyes fixed hungrily on the distracted girl in front of it.

‘I’m going to have a feast tonight,’ thought the wolf following the red hooded girl smiling inward. ‘I’m going to make her scream so loud that the whole forest is going to hear,’ it thought, licking it’s lips in anticipation and leaving the trail to run in the direction of the cottage that belonged to the girl’s grandmother.

Red finally reached her grandmother’s cottage after a long walk and gathering all the courage she had, opened the door, ready to face the scold she would receive from the old woman. Of course, not all the courage she had would be enough to face the big bad wolf that waited for her inside the house.

‘Grandmother, is me, Red. I brought you a pie,’ said the girl entering and depositing her basket on the kitchen table and her red hood on a chair.

The cottage was building without walls in the center, having an open space in the shape an L with a small kitchen with a table and two chairs on the left of the door, on the right a big fireplace and a comfortable sofa facing it and further back, it was the bedroom, with a large four poster bed surrounded by white cotton curtains. The fire burned in the big fireplace throwing a red light on the otherwise dark cottage. The candles weren’t lit and the moon had probably been covered by clouds since there wasn’t much light coming from the windows.

‘Leave it on the table my dear and come join me,’ said a croak voice coming from the bed. Red started to walk towards the bedroom, not knowing that laying on the bed was the wolf not her grandmother. Earlier that day, her grandmother had decided to visit her daughter in the village, and got to Red’s house a little before the sunset, when her granddaughter was still in town gossiping with her friend.

The wolf didn’t want to alert the girl of its presence until she was laying on the bed, so it covered its whole body with the bed covers leaving nothing for the girl to see. Red stopped beside the bed and opened the curtains looking at the form on the bed, wondering why her grandmother was acting strange.

‘Take off your clothes and lay with me my dear,’ said the wolf, almost shaking with excitement.

‘Your voice sounds so strange grandmother, are you feeling well?’ asked the girl starting to worry.

‘Is just a dry throat, nothing more.’ With that, the girl nodded and started to untied her long blond hair, letting it fall on her back, at the same time the full moon’s light started to pour through the windows again helping the firelight illuminate the girl’s body while she removed her dress, keeping on her thin cotton shift, a garment that more accentuated her curvaceous young body by hugging her breasts and hips, than hid it.

She climbed into bed, laying down and covered herself and turned to her grandmother, finally being able to see the eyes peeking out from under the night cap.

‘Grandmother what big eyes you have!’ exclaimed the girl.

‘Is so I can see you better my dear,’ replied the wolf drooping the bed covers and uncovering its mouth.

‘Grandmother what big moth you have!’ Red exclaimed surprised again, seeing a dark and long jaw in front of her.

‘Is so I can eat you better!’ said the wolf, and before the girl had any reaction, the big bad wolf jumped on top of her, pinning her against the bed. In panic, Red screamed and tried to break free trashing her body under the creature, but the wolf had her wrists clasped in its tight grip on top of her head and was sitting on her legs, imprisoning her completely. She kept screaming with terror until the wolf leaned, getting close to her face and growled at her, making her stop moving and scream and start crying silently.

With the wolf’s right hand he removed the nightcap from its head and took a red satin ribbon from under its pillow so it could tie Red’s wrists to the bed, making it hard for her to escape. Finished with her wrists, the wolf turned to her shift and ripped the thin garment in the center, exposing the girl’s luscious naked body underneath. The creature groaned with the sight and bending over her again, licked the tears streaming down her face while taking the girl’s breasts in its large palms, fondling them, running its thumbs over her rose nipples, until they stood out.

Red had her eyes closed tight, too terrified to pay close attention to the creature’s actions. She had just turned sixteen the week before, she didn’t want to die, she didn’t want to be eaten by the wolf, she wanted to live to see her family and friends again. The wolf dropped her breasts and moved away from her. She heard the bed curtains being opened and Red risked opening her eyes a little hoping the wolf had left her, giving her a chance, of escape, but it hadn’t.

She could clearly see the huge black wolf’s body perched at the end of the bed looking down at her. Red didn’t understand why it wasn’t attacking her, why the creature was looking at her without moving towards her and that’s when she looked down and saw the wolf’s hand moving slowly up and down the length of its big member. Finally, understatement of the wolf’s intentions dawned on her, making her instinctively close her legs and bend her knees, trying to prevent the wolf from accessing her virgin sex with that monstrous thing. The wolf seeing the girl’s actions got more aroused, and dropped his member to move towards her again.

‘Please don’t,’ Red pleaded but the big bad wolf didn’t care, spreading the girl’s bend knees open and looking straight at the center of her legs, where her tiny sex was being exposed under her blond curls.

The creature looked at the girl’s face, licked its lips and dove down. Red started to trash in bed again, panic taking over her small body, but it was useless, the wolf was way bigger and stronger than she was. As soon as Red felt it’s tongue on her sex she let out a gasp of shock, closed her eyes tight and let more tears ran down her face. The girl’s sex was almost dry when the wolf touched it with its tongue, but the creature was determined to lick her sex until she was flooding its mouth with her juices. Red opened her eyes and looked horrified at the huge black wolf’s head moving teeth her legs.

‘Please don’t,’ she pleaded again but it still ignored her and kept licking her sex. After a couple of minutes licking her, the wolf started to taste a little of her juices wetting its tongue, and released a groan of satisfaction finally being able to get the feast it wanted. She was sweeter than the wolf had imagined, making the greedy creature slid its big tongue inside the girl’s virgin sex, so it could gather more of her sweet juices. The wolf got so lost in its hunger that it didn’t even noticed little pleasure moans coming from Red’s mouth.

Her body was betraying her, showing her pleasurable sensations she never felt before in her life. Now the image of the black wolf’s large body between her legs stopped being horrifying and turned into something highly arousing, making her feel dirty and wonderful at the same time, wanting to feel more of its tongue, more of its furry body on her.

The wolf only realized Red’s reaction when her hips started to move, trying to meet its thrusting tongue, trying to get it deeper into her. Curious, the wolf started to flick its tongue hard against her clit and looked up at her, being greeted with a scene out of its most erotic dreams. Red tied to the bed, her eyes closed tight, her body writhing in ecstasy, her breasts bouncing under the moonlight, her skin glistening with sweat, her mouth opening and closing releasing loud moanings of pleasure.

The wolf’s member seemed to get even harder, and the creature knew at that moment that its control was almost slipping, so inserting one finger inside Red’s soaked sex, the wolf started to redouble its efforts to make the girl come. It didn’t take long, and soon Red was screaming with the intensity of her orgasm. It was the first orgasm the girl ever had and for a moment she thought she was going to pass out from the force of it. Her whole body shook, being hit by wave after wave of intense pleasure that seemed endless. The greedy creature kept licking and licking, savoring every single drop, until if felt satisfied. The wolf moved away from Red’s juice sex, dropping her legs to the bed.

The girl was panting hard, her chest moving up and down, her hands gripping the bed rails, her whole body wet with sweat. She was completely clueless about what was going to happen now. The wolf approached her and positioned its thick large member on the entrance of her sex. Feeling something hard pressing on it, Red opened her eyes and stared down at the monstrous member the wolf was rubbing up and down on her, starting to feel a mix of dread and anticipation.

‘I’m not going to lie to you and say it’s not going to hurt, because it is, but you’ll like it,’ the wolf said looking in her glazed eyes still rubbing it’s head on the girl’s wet sex slowly, enjoying the feeling almost as much as her. Red nodded imperceptibly at the same time the wolf started to penetrate her, going slow, but even though she was dripping wet, the wolf had difficulties pushing forward. Her sex was too small for its huge member. Red screamed with the pain of being stretched making the wolf lean over her and lick her right breast still pushing its member slowly into her.

The feeling of her sex gripping its member was almost too much for the creature to take, so it stopped, not wanting it to ended too soon. Red was grateful, the member was too big and it hurt her. After calming down, the wolf pulled its member out a little and then pushed forward feeling her virginity break, and making her scream again in pain. Soon half of its member was already lodged inside of her, being so tightly gripped, it felt like heaven. Red was crying, the pain was too strong for her, even with the wolf standing still, with its eyes fixed on her with what resembled a smile on its face.

‘You look so beautiful with your tiny pussy spread wide around my cock,’ the wolf said to her, looking down at their joined bodies. With its left hand it started to play with her clit and reaching out with its right it fondled her left breast, lifting its eyes to the small girl’s face, waiting for any indication that it could start moving.

‘You have such a tight wet pussy, I’m going to fuck you so good little Red.’

She stared back at the huge wolf’s face in silence, feeling its hands manipulate her body and its member lodged deep inside her sex. The pain started to subside, and Red started to want the wolf to move. With a growl, the wolf withdrew its member and pushed forward, making Red feel pain mixed with pleasure, not sure if she wanted it to stop or more of it. The wolf did it again and again, until the girl’s doubts turned into want and need, putting a pleasurable expression on her face. She started to moan, wrapping her legs on the wolf’s hips, wanting to feel more of him inside of her, which the creature was happy to oblige, finally thrusting its member all the way inside of Red’s sex, making her gasp with the surprise of the movement.

The wolf leaned over her body and stared into her eyes. Red stared back, noticing the wolf’s green eyes for the first time, while she felt all its big furry body pressed hard against hers.

‘Please, don’t stop,’ Red said in a husk whisper, moving her hips and rubbing her breasts on the big bad wolf’s fur, which made her feel even more aroused. The wolf let out a moan of pleasure and started to move again going in and out, again and again, getting faster and faster, encouraged by Red’s pleasure loud moans, until the bed started to shake so violently that it seemed it would break.

Wet noises, moans, animalistic groans, the bed hitting the wall, all these sounds mingled together inside the cottage, making any person who heard them know without a doubt about the activities happening inside its walls. A feminine scream pierced the night once again when Red’s orgasm hit her, making her sex grip the wolf’s member so hard that it exploded right after her with a loud animalistic roar, filling her pussy with warm cum. When the wolf finished, it pulled its member out and dropped back in bed beside the girl, panting just as hard as she was.

Red had just lost her virginity to a creature that resembled a wolf but that she knew had to be something else, after all, wolfs don’t speak, don’t have hands instead of paws, and are not that big. It had to be a werewolf.

When their breathing started to become regular, she turned towards it wondering what it would do to her now that it was sexually satisfied, was it going to kill her now? Realizing the girl was staring, the wolf turned to her and started to untie her wrists, knowing she was too tired to try to escape. She sat down and rubbed her red wrists while staring at the big wolf’s body spread on the bed being illuminated by the moonlight. She paid attention to its big furry torso, its strong arms, lowering her gaze and stopping at its glistening member, that even now looked gigantic. Red couldn’t believe that thing, that cock, like the wolf had called, had been inside of her, and worse, that she had loved. Red felt dirty for enjoying a monster’s cock, but instead of making her ashamed of her actions, it made her aroused. She could feel their mixed juices dripping out of her sex while she stared at the wolf’s member, almost like hypnotized by it’s size.

‘I see you like my cock,’ the wolf said, making her turn her head and look at its face.

‘I never saw one before,’ she said blushing and turning her eyes back towards its member, seeing the wolf’s palm holding it and moving up and down its length, like it did earlier that night while looked at her naked body tied to the bed. Getting extremely aroused with the wolf’s actions, Red boldly extended her hand and grabbed the creature’s member, making it groan with the pleasure of having her small delicate hand touching it.

‘Grip it harder,’ the wolf said, and doing that, her hand mimicked it’s movements, feeling it getting hard under her ministrations.

When the wolf couldn’t take anymore, it took Red by her waist and made her straddle it, holding her and rubbing her wet sex on it, making both groan with the pleasurable sensation.

‘I want to feel your cock inside of me again,’ Red said, and lifting her hips got into the right position to impale herself on its member. The wolf couldn’t believe what it was seeing, little innocent Red, impaling her juice sex on a monster’s member like an enthusiastic whore. Her body glistening in the light, her head thrown back in pleasure, her breasts bouncing with her movements, her sex sliding more and more along its member… Then to the wolf’s shock, she looked at its eyes sliding all the way down its member letting out a long pleasure moan.

‘This feels so good! Oh my God! I love having your cock inside my pussy!’ Red said with a smile without breaking eye contact. The wolf held her hips and started to move her up and down on its length, watching fascinated as the girl started to pinch her nipples, her long blond hair moving behind her while she looked at him with half eyes full of pleasure and desire. They both exploded together, finally satiated and tired, falling into a deep slumber without exchanging more words.

Red woke up the next morning with sunlight hitting her face. At first, she was confused and didn’t know where she was, but then it all came back to her, the wolf, the sex and all the pleasure she felt riding the animal’s member like a bitch in heat. She sat down on her grandmother’s bed with a start feeling her whole-body sore. She turned her head to the side, blinked and looked again. Laying beside her on the bed wasn’t the werewolf, but her father’s childhood friend, the woodcutter, the man she had known her whole life, who was practically family to her. She stared at him horrified, remembering the things he said to her, the things she said to him, the way his tongue licked her sex, the delicious feeling she had when his furry chest pressed against her nipples, the way she rode his member without caring that it belonged to an animal… Remembering it, she looked to its member. It didn’t look as hard as it did the previous night, and definitely not as big. Red stared at his sleeping face again, and started to feel her sex getting wet. He was her father’s childhood friend, he was family to her, almost like an uncle. She didn’t know which was worse, sleeping with a big wolf or with her father’s best friend but it didn’t really matter, they were both one and the same. Red made a decision and moved down in bed, careful to not wake him up, her eyes fixed on its member and with a wicked smile, took the woodcutter’s member in her hand and guided to her mouth and licked.


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