Lilith, Dark Goddess – Non-Fiction

Writer: D James

Subject: Lilith, Dark Goddess

Link: MEWE / 07.03.2021 / D James

Lilith, Dark Goddess

Oh Great Mother Liltih, Blessed and Revered art Thou, who gave form to the Cosmos and first laid warmth upon the face of the Earth; we sing to Thee our fulsome praise. She will give us full of lust to feed her all family. Praise Lady Lilith, for Her will is strong and Her power is great! In Her hands rests this world: She has promised it for Her children, and for Her children alone.

Praise Lady Lilith for She is Will, and Her will is our law!
Praise Lady Lilith for She is Love, and Her love is our blood!
Praise Lady Lilith for She is Power, and Her power is our life!
Praise Lady Lilith for She is our Pride, and Her pride is our inspiration!
Praise Lady Lilith for She is our desire, and Her desire is our being!

We are Her Lilim, Her chosen ones, the off-spring of Her desires, the children of Her power and the willing devotees of Her path. We open our souls to our Great Mother, Blessed and Revered is She, for She speaks to us from the nexus of power to the core of our being. 

9 thoughts on “Lilith, Dark Goddess – Non-Fiction”

  1. I love the information and stories on Lillith. Im from a Christian background. I’m new to the whole thing. Something is drawing me to Lillith. I can”t seem to read and learn enough about her. My being wants to worship her. Any suvgestiins for me.

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