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Feature Writer: Sophie Bashford

Feature Title: Knowledge

Link: MEWE /  28.08.2020 / Posted on Left Hand Path Lucifer’s Enlightenment


You need depth – You need connection

Your sexual energy is awakening to it’s sacred power to transform. You are bringing Light into your sexual centers. The truth is, that you cannot have sex anymore in the way that you once did. Your sexual practice has to change. The kind of partner that you choose has to change. There is no compromise here, no sacrifice, no making do.

Your vibration is undergoing intensive shifts, and when Kundalini gets involved, and Lilith gets involved – you will not be going anywhere near any kind of sexual experience that could be described as superficial, perfunctory or dishonoring. To the contrary, what Lilith is bringing in for you is a very new (yet buried deep in your ancient soul memory) journey into soul-ravishing and consciousness-raising sex. Your body and Soul will no longer tolerate sexual intimacy that does not tap into the distinct sacred alchemy that you are capable of creating.

You need depth. You need connection.
You need ravishing, spirit-melting openness.
You need presence and awareness.
You don’t always need ten hours of Tantric ritual, eye-gazing or heart-chakra linking. Fast, intense and unexpected is sometimes perfect.

But what you do need, now, is to go into every sexual connection you have with the knowledge that your erotic centers are now spiritually-charged with higher, healing wisdom. Your body will start to demand more from sensual exchanges. It could even feel toxic and damaging to your energy if you continue to engage in sexual relationships that are not aligned with your evolving Spirit.