Feature Writer: StressingAsian

Feature Title: Katy Online

Published: Copyright© 2008 by StressingAsian

Story Codes: Ff, Teenagers, Reluctant, DomSub, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Oriental Female, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism

Synopsis: I actually wrote this piece for an online partner, but she vanished and I figured some other people might get a kick out of it. It’s essentially a peek into an online D/s relationship (totally unrealistic) with a slightly underaged girl (no pedo here), and one passing reference to an incestuous thought. I might add to it later, but I am iffy.

Katy Online

Katy crept into the living room some part of her wincing every time she thought she made a noise. Her parents were sleeping right down the hall, and although she heard her father’s snoring when she crept out of her room they could wake up at any second. They had before forcing her to come up with some stupid lie about a last minute need to check a paper.

The room was dark, except for the weak glow if a digital clock reading 2:03. Her dad had turned down the heat before going to bed, and she was only in her pajamas in the chilly late autumn air. She was pretty, even without makeup and her hair tossed every which way. Plenty of guys had made passes at her, attracted to her “exotic” Chinese features: her delicate frame, her large, soft brown, slanting eyes, her silky dark hair, her golden skin. And of course her gregarious nature. She was involved around school in all sorts of activities, and always had a bright smile and a laugh for everyone who talked to her.

Except now. As she inched across the room to the computer silhouetted by pale moonlight she felt a serpent of fear slither through her gut, hissing with each padded footfall. At last she reached the computer desk and felt along its plastic face for the power button. Finding the round little bump, she pressed it in with one delicate finger.

The snake in her stomach coiled up ready to strike as the computer whirred to life, fans and hard drive buzzing while the monitor gave off a mottled light, announcing to anyone who care to look that the computer was on and she was using it. Fighting down the lump in her stomach she sat down and opened her account, then an instant messenger. As she tapped out her name and password, she wished her keystrokes weren’t so loud.

At last her friends list popped up … and there was Erika. Plain, unpresumptuous looking in the friends box, just the name and a picture of a chess set. But that was enough to make nervousness coil in her gut all over again.

“Ah, there’s my little pet.”

The dialog window popped open and sent a thrill through Katy that had nothing to do with the chilly air. Simple, even terse, and so utterly confident. That was the essence of Erika. That was how she grabbed Katy and held her since day one.


Katy had wandered onto the chat site mostly out of idle curiosity. She’d always been to busy for boys, so it was a fun little diversion going on there to flirt. Even a little cyber sex, although she didn’t find it all that satisfying. It was not a big deal, Katy just popped on sometimes when her parents were out and soon she even had a few friends.

Then Erika had logged on. Superficially her profile looked like any of the wanna be BDSM lifestylers that wandered the site (Katy was proud of her self for picking up that lingo). But when the private messages started, it was clear that Erika was a different breed. Everything word she typed oozed a bemused confidence. And the things she said! How she had seduced her neighbor and then his daughter. How she had fucked a priest right on an altar. All kinds of stories.

Katy wasn’t a total idiot. She knew that tons of the “girls” on the site were probably men, and that most of the crazy kinky stories floating around the site were false. Somehow she knew that wasn’t the case with Erika.

“You’re under 18, are you?”

When the message came through Katy froze in her seat before tapping out a lame reply like “Haha, I guess I act a bit immature.” Erika had been unphased, telling Katy that she didn’t care … in fact she preferred “taking” young, inexperienced girls.

It disgusted Katy, like everything Erika had said. She knew it was wrong, illegal even. But at the same she felt she felt something awaken within in her, stirring in her mons. She’d chatted for a little bit longer and then made some lame excuse to log off, trying to push the dirty thoughts in her head off so the side.

Her parents and younger brother had come home, they’d had a family dinner, followed by some quiet time for homework. Everything had been nice and normal right up until Katy had laid down in bed.

It had been late and Katy needed to get up at 6 tomorrow. She tried to just go to bed. She really did. But whenever she closer her eyes she became so aware of the simmering in her womanhood. Her pussy. She’d typed that word so many times on the chat site but now she was really thinking of her own vagina that way.

It was late. No one would hear. Her hands had snuck under the covers, slipping below the waistband of her pajamas. The things Erika had said … about seducing all those people. All those girls. Katy’s fingers began there first tentative caress of her budding flower, finding a little dew on the petals already.

Erika liked taking young girls. Like Katy. Katy’s fingers crept up her labia, sending a low electric buzz through her body. How would Erika take her? Somehow, Katy knew that woman’s eyes would bore right through her, strip any veneer she put up. Would she come from behind Katy … wrapping her strong arms around Katy’s waist, her warm breath on Katy’s neck right before she kissed it?

Katy gasped as her fingers found her young clit, already peeking out of its hood. As soon as she made contact she had so to stop, the raw sensation making her seize up beneath the sheets, yelping a little.

Shit, had anyone heard her? She lay there, still, her heart thumping as she strained to hear any sound of her parents rustling out of bed.

Silence. Katy swallowed, her fingers starting slowly again, stroking along her labia like a paintbrush, gathering her dampness as the image formed in her brain. There would be a mirror so she could see Erika taking her. Claiming her. She squeezed her jaw shut as she prepared to touch her clit again. She couldn’t make a sound.

The tips of her arousal-slick fingers slid around her clit. She made muffled noises as her body twisted and arched beneath the sheets, pajamas rustling against the soft bedding, as though moving could release the heat built up in her. Built up till it almost hurt, until it needed to be released.

Her fingers worked faster under the sheets as she tossed and turned, her silky main spreading out behind her like a raven halo, her eyes squeezed shut to focus on the building locus of pleasure inside her. Oh God … if her parents woke up … she wasn’t sure she could stop. She was so close. She had written about coming time and time again as some guy talked about how he was pumping his dick into her. But now she felt it coming, and Erika had brought her to it without even being there.

Somehow Katy knew Erika’s hands would be like her words as they roamed over Katy’s body. Firm, confident, totally unapologetic as they took what they wanted from her. Katy felt like she had to go to the bathroom, something ready to burst in her if it did not get let out. Maybe she did have to go. But she had to finish first. Had to. Her fingers worked faster as her other hand gripped the sheets for dear life.

Then something exploded in her. Every muscle tensed as she muffled a cry deep in her throat, her throat, feeling her own nectar cover her hand, her heart pounding. Held in bliss for a few moments before she fell back to the bed, her chest rising and falling, feeling hot and sweaty, but totally limp and … liberated. Katy had come for the first time, and it had been Erika’s orgasm.

She lay there in the darkness, listening, sure her parents had heard her. If they had maybe Katy would have been to embarrassed to do what she did next. Maybe her whole life would have been that much more normal, just a girl embarrassingly caught while she experimented with her own body. But they didn’t, and with a slow, winking anticipation Katy slipped out of bed, knowing what she would do.

The computer had whirred too loudly then too, making Katy nervous. Maybe she should just go back to bed. Forget. But that feeling, the way even the THOUGHT of Erika claiming her made her body respond.

She never logged onto the chat when anyone else was home. Too risky. The computer faced to the hall, anyone could see what she was doing. Sure, they probably couldn’t actually read it, but still. It was suspicious. Her parents were home. Her brother was. If any of them came in they would see Katy, wonder what she was up to. It was a stupid risk, not worth taking.

She logged on. She scanned the user list and found Erika. She had no idea what to send her. She wanted to sound as confident, as sexy as that vixen that had infatuated her. All she came up with was “hey there”.

With the same minimalist confidence that had entranced Katy the first time, Erika replied “I knew you would come back.”

Katy felt a blush in her cheeks at how predictable she must have been. How many girls had this woman “taken”? How many had been just like Katy?

Erika coaxed a confession out of Katy that she was only 16, then asked if Katy had instant messenger. Katy did. It was an account she used to chat with friends from school as she did papers, sometimes getting feedback or ideas. It was an account for the real Katy, not the alter ego she used on the chat sight. She’d always been careful not to mix her two lives, to try to avoid any possibility of detection, even using a one of those IP masking services. She gave her IM name to Erika.

And that was when they both knew Erika had claimed her.


They had frequently since then. Even nightly on some stretches. It had been tough for Katy, keeping up her grades even as she staid up well into the night. Time and time again she thought she should tell Erika to back off, but every night Erika sent her an e-mail she found herself creeping out of her room in the dark to the computer.

And every night she did Erika would be waiting for her. With the same cool calmness she would talk about her past conquests, about some new thought for Katy. She was so nonchalant, so self-assured as she coaxed young Katy along, opening her mind, titillating her, making her thighs creep apart, strengthening her hold on the girl.

But this night was special.

“I think you have something for me, my little pet.”

And sure enough, Katy did. She reached into the desk and pulled out the box, opening it. It was a plain grayish cylinder with a small stand. A webcam. She had made sure it worked alright earlier, and now all she had to do was plug it in. She took a deep breath, and did. Then she clicked the button to start a web cam session. A little box popped up asking if she was sure. Katy hesitated just a second before clicking “Okay”.

“Perfect … just as pretty as I knew you would be.”

Katy’s eyes flicked off to the side as she felt herself blushing.

“No need to be embarrassed pet, I know you have been thinking about this as much as I have. You want to be seen. Deep down you need to be seen. To be used.”

Katy knew Erika was right. Maybe she hadn’t before she met her, but Erika had planted a seed in her and nursed it. Now that need was part of who Katy was. Katy nodded for the cam.

“Fondle your breasts.”

Katy obeyed, her hands cupping her firm tits and squeezing them gently, letting her palms rub her pert nipples through the cloth, making small circular motions.

“Now rub yourself through your bottoms. You may not directly touch yourself.”

Katy rested one hand on her crotch, her pointer and mid fingers tracing along her lower lips, already pouty with arousal, as the thick part at the top of her palm pressed against her clit, rubbing it gently with every moment of her fingers. All the while her other hand kept working her tit.

She felt her essence seeping out as she brought her arousal higher and higher. A flush warmed her cheeks and her lips parted just a little to accommodate her faster, heavier breathing. Erika had taught her how to work herself, transforming the timid girl who had been taken aback by her own pleasure into someone who craved each new depravity.

“Slip your hands into you bottoms. You may touch yourself.”

Katy slipped her hand under the loose waistband, feeling herself directly. She closed her eyes, letting the feeling wash her away. After a few seconds of indulgence she opened her eyes and saw a single word on the screen that froze her cold.


“I can’t. My parents might wake up!”

“Well, you know what you have to do. It’s your choice.”

Katy knew she should leave. It was a fun little game but it wasn’t worth the risk. If she heard anyone coming she could never get dressed in time. She should stand up to Erika. Or just sign off. Block her.

Her hands gripped the bottom of her pajama top and pulled it up, revealing her slender form and dark aureola.

“Perfect my little pet. Now the bottoms.”

Katy steeled herself and stood up, hooking her thumbs in the pajama pants and pushing down hesitantly, a few wispy dark hairs peeking into view.

“All the way down pet.”

The pants slid down Katy’s long, toned dancer’s legs. Her unkempt but sparse dark bush surrounded her labia, glistening with her arousal. And above them, her clit peeked out from beneath its hood, lured out by the anticipation of pleasure.

“Good girl … now lay your top on the chair. We wouldn’t want to ruin it, now would we?”

Katy nodded and did as she was told before sitting back down.

“Now pleasure yourself, my little slut.”

Nervously, Katy’s hands found her breast and pussy and began working again, easing back into the haze of carnal pleasure as she watched the screen.

“Mmm … You’re a good little slut Katy.

“What would your parents say if they saw you? Their little girl stripping for strange women online. Maybe your mother would spank you. But you’d like that wouldn’t you Katy?”

Katy closed her eyes as she imagined it. She’d never had such thoughts before Erika, and had been grossed out whenever anyone hinted at “family play”. But Erika knew Katy better than she knew herself, and had asked her little questions about her relationship with her mother.

Katy’s mother was a strong woman who had come to America from China with high expectations for her daughter. Slowly, with Erika’s coaxing, Katy had seen the hold her mother had on her. Realized it how powerful it was. How sexy it was. A few times Katy had caught her eyes wandering to her mom, wondering. She’d always been ashamed, but that shame just made her curiosity that much stronger. She nodded at the cam.

“I’m touching myself right now Katy. Thinking about you … thinking about what I will do to you.”

The thought of this confident, sexy older woman touching herself pushed Katy a little farther. Imagining what she would do to Katy.

“What I will do it when I am in town.”

The fantasy of a real meeting flooded Katy’s mind. She’d never do it in real life, but the thought of Erika’s fingers caressing her made her shiver. She was going over … OH! It was building in her!

“Come for me Katy.”

Katy did, barely able to suppress her ecstatic cries into a low his, then melting into the table.

“Mmm … I came twice watching you Katy. You’re positively delectable.”

Still breathing hard, Katy raised her head to smile at the camera. Erika had seen her. Made her strip in her parents house. It was another little Rubicon crossed.

Another link in the chain that bound her to Erika.


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