Jesus in the Wilderness By Hoku Lani – Non-Fiction

Writer: Hoku Lani

Subject: Jesus in the Wilderness

Link: MEWE / 24.06.2022

Jesus in the Wilderness

At once the Spirit sent him out into the wilderness and he was in the wilderness forty days, being tempted [1] by Satan. He was with the wild animals, and angels attended him. Mark, Chapter 1, verses 12 & 13*

Like so many things in the book of Mark, this passage seems highly abbreviated when compared to the other books of Matthew and Luke who added many details of the temptation. There is a reason why the book of Mark left the details out, and I hope to feel in the blanks. There once was a man called Jesus. As all of humanity he ate food, drank water, got his dick hard and yes even breathed air.

It began shortly after baptism, when the first woman saw her opportunity to be victorious once agin. The first time was when she was victorious over the evil entity that plotted to enslave her to Adam. She was decisive in her triumph by proclaiming the secret name of him and sprouting wings to escape her prison.

She sent the Spirit of Lust to the man who lead him into the wilderness. There he was treated to all the wickedness and perversions that one could ever desire. This Spirit of Lust took him to a Temple and for forty days he was permitted to enjoy the fruits of sodomy, demonic ecstasy, bestial pleasures and non stop consumption of wine.

Repeatedly, every night he impregnated the young girl from Nazareth. Yes she was betrothed to Joseph, but it mattered not as she had no rights according to the Laws of Moses. The Spirit would whisper in his ear, “Fuck her in her ass, she likes that,” or, “Cum on her face and grasp it in your fist, so you impregnate her with you hand full of your seed.”

Lilith was with him the entire forty days, ensuring that each of the wild animals had their way with him. All the spirits of Lust took turns using him repeatedly until he was no longer conscious. Then it would begin over once again. The same scenario for each of the remaining thirty-nine days.

On the last day of his stay in the wilderness, he acknowledged her and her Divinity and devised a plan to lead humanity away from the gawd of Moses and embrace his Father Lucifer and above all the Blessed Mother Lilith.

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  1. I just have a few words for the Angel of Darkness and the Goddess of Sin, Queen Lani of the Western Woods…You must write a book on the ethereal pleasures of corruption and lust. Hail Satan. Worship Lilith. Another short-story that touches all the carnal senses to the core. XP has gifted us with the foresight of knowledge by posting Your beautiful writing of truth, if only in our mind’s eye!

  2. Your version of these event is by far the BEST I’ve ever seen and makes much more sense than the bullshit book of lies they would try to have us believe. Hail Lust and Hail Lilith… we all know that Sin Wins in the End.

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