Is this a demon I tired to summon an incubus? – non- Fiction

Writer: Melanie Schlaginhaufen

Subject: Is this a demon I tired to summon an incubus?

Link: Quora / 19.06.2021

Is this a demon I tired to summon an incubus?

AMEN! You will end up hating the day you ever did that…trust ME! I pray you will give your heart and life to Jesus!
Going thru the same thing met a Guy and actually the thing comes out of my body to attack me. Has major conversations with me. Just to have me distracted. Can see and helps people out do me out wit me. I’m from the United States and I have toughest time with people who need friendship. It’s just been the worst when it cones to black people. That they are so childish when it comes to love and adoration. It’s like Wow. Then they become obsessed. Like they can’t leave you alone. Then they enter your body to just harrass you. So that how I got my incubus. My Aunt actually needs attention so a group of other attention seekers Helped her by putting that thing in me.

2 thoughts on “Is this a demon I tired to summon an incubus? – non- Fiction”

  1. Reading, on this site, of the positive experiences of summoning demons, makes me ponder whether those who receive negative effects are either psychologically weak or just unworthy.

  2. Hail Melanie!

    I’m fucking surprised by your experience; my Satanic wife and I have completely opened our minds, hearts bodies and souls to our GREAT GOD SATAN ♥, without any negative results.

    We’ll pray for your confused soul and mind, and that you’ll cast off the chains of the fucking christian God, His bastard Son, the lying holy spirit and the whore Mary


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