Incestual feeding – Non-Fiction


Feature Writer: Lucy Az

Feature Title: Incestual feeding

Link: MEWE /  15.05.2020 / Posted on The Dark Hand of Lilith

Incestual feeding

In this Ritual, I will be serving our Dark Mother Lilith and Father Lucifer.  Letting them use me for incestual sex.

Mother summons me to Her chamber. Intuitively I feel my Mother desires to feed and be worshiped.

And by the aroma of Mother’s Cunt, I know Mother is burning with fucklust.

As Her High Priestess it is my joyful duty to satisfy and serve the Queen of whores. And as Her daughter, it is my incestual obligation to feed and nurture from Her divine nectar.
Upon entering Lilith’s throne room, She pierces me with that gaze. Immediately I kneel in honor, then begin my crawl on all fours to approach my Master and Goddess.

I do not look, but can feel Her stare.

Arriving at Mother’s feet, She extends them out to be kissed in my fetish reverence.

After worship-fully attending to Her gorgeous feet, Mother places Her foot atop my head and presses my face to the floor. Dominating me appropriately and I render full submission and wait until I am told otherwise.

Her foot now lifts my chin to gaze upon me, Her loyal servant, then smears Her foot all over my face.

I treasure Her attention and dampen severely as Lilith does this.

With a wave of Her hand, I am on my back with my ankles in Her strong hands.

She looks down into my crotch then pulls me into Her until my crotch is at Her mouth.

My back now lay on Mother’s lap.

Let’s see how you taste these days daughter Mother declares.

Now satisfy your Queen.

My head hanging upside down, my legs spread open at Mothsrs sides, and my ass on Her tummy.

She begins feasting in my cunt.

Slowly at 1st.  Licking my labian mounds, flicking my swollen clit, then as I anticipated,

Mother pushes Her Demonic forked tongue deep into me.

My eyes close as my heart opens fully to my Mother.

Knowing I was born to serve and please my Mother.

Her warm moist tongue, fucking my whore hole. Gathering my plentiful juices.

I writhe as Mother feeds from me. Wave after wave, I cum, grabbing Mother’s calves as my body tenses.

Clenching my teeth as I bear one orgasm after another fo satisfy Lilith’s insatiable sexual appetite.

I think if only…

And as soon as I think it, Father Lucifer stands with His mighty ball bag at my head.

Grabbing my arms, Father slides His huge shaft down my throat.

Leaning in to kiss His love on Her cum smeared face, tonguing her face clean, Lucifer then begins throat  fucking His daughter.

Much time passes as my Demonic parents sexually abuse me. Rightfully so.

Making my cum to be fed from, and making me feed on Demon semen by the gallons.

I wake later from a climactic overload coma.

Depleted and exhausted and with a full belly of Fathers seed.

My joy is complete, having served and pleased my Masters and my parents like a good dutiful daughter.

A great high honor.


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