I Don’t Believe – Non-Fiction

Writer: soulinthemists

Subject: I Don’t Believe

Link: Tumblr / 28.04.2022

I Don’t Believe

Anonymous asked (Via Tumblr)

Wendy, you are so beautiful, but I don’t believe in the power of your Lord. I am a Christian man who doesn’t believe your magic can actually manifest a woman like you to tempty me. I honor your beauty, but not your power. I even dare you to try (with respect). Maybe I’m invincible to your Lord’s power? Anyway your a deep thinker.

soulinthemists answered (Via Tumblr)

Thank you for your the compliment at the end. However, why would I want to change your mind? Every person travels in their own, “Road of life.” What you want me to do is take up your challenge. Sorry, I don’t have anything to prove because I, like you, believe in who I believe in and why I believe as I do I have shared in my articles. Take care.

Comment by my-den-of-depravity (Via Tumblr)

What a kind response @soulinthemists has given to this Anonymous imposter. Clearly, he was wanting her to try and, “Seduce” him from his God … however instead of calling him out for this embarrassing effort, she chose to use it as a teaching moment. You don’t follow this preacher’s wife that follows the Dark Lord of you were not already looking down the path and wondering if you are strong enough to begin the journey down your own.

Laudate dominum tenebrarum. Cor meum cum coenobium — [Praise the Lord of Darkness. My heart His Abbey].

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  1. My-den-of-depravity–very well said–thank you for speaking the truth

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