I Crave Your Evil Touch – Non-Fiction

Writer: Death Worshipper

Subject: I Crave Your Evil Touch

Date: 30.05.2022

I Crave Your Evil Touch

Draining the balls as I suck your cock, I take off my pants. Hard cock. Wants to be inside the ass. Calls my name, like a moth to the flames, my soul burns with lust, in cock I trust. Visions in my head of you giving me head. I start to cum deeply within your mouth. As you swallow, I lift my head to kiss rest out your mouth. My cock hard waiting upon thine touch. I summon the king of lust. No remorse for thine touch. Craving your touch. I stroke my cock, saying, “Yes … ohhh damn.” You cum. So much I moan your name and at night my soul in the flames waking up riding your cock deep within what a rush, how I crave your evil touch.

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