How Satan first appeared to me – Non-Fiction

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Published: 25.07.2019
Feature Title: How Satan first appeared to me /

How Satan first appeared to me

This is exactly how Satan first appeared to me. Watching over me until I was ready. Then as my mind expanded and I was able to sort out the Fucking Catholic mind control. Slowly the orb branched into a red horizon which included the Satanic hierarchy.

Then the individuals started showing up .And the acceptance that Satan gives you makes me want to fight for Hell. Life is so much better. I can be The Hardcore Mother Fucker I want to be. Thanks Satan.

Fuck the so called holy trinity. Hail Satan. Be a Bastard or Bitch. Fuck’em if they don’t like it. Satan has my back and I have his.

Hail to the Almighty Satan!

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