How Can I Be One With Satan? – Non-Fiction

Writer: Muscledemon666

Subject: How Can I Be One With Satan?

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How Can I Be One With Satan?

You become one with Him the moment you feel your cock stir, the second you feel your balls filling with lust, perversions and any and all unnatural desires. Once that happens say these words…”Satan I am yours, guide me in all I do!”

Knowing that you have said those words you will walk like you have never walked before. You will walk a true man’s walk! One that is not hindered by guilt or shame. You will step out of the shadows and be reborn in the essence of His power. By the longing of uncontrollable hungers and needs and you will take what you want. A hyper masculinity will envelope you and you shall fear no resistance or consequences … for you were born for this hour. A man was born to hunt his prey. To be served and obeyed. To never know the meaning of defeat or hear the word … No!

This is your destiny now if you be a sixteen year old fuck crazy male in Deleware Ohio or a forty-four year old bodybuilder doctor in Texas or a film editor in Los Angeles … you all belong to Him now. Accept your power from Him and join our warriors in His rise! I am Dar, in Los Angeles, contact me under demondar666 on WICKR and your cocks will change the world. Hail Satan. Nema. Nema. Nema!

4 thoughts on “How Can I Be One With Satan? – Non-Fiction”

  1. This is a very bad website

    YOU WILL END UP IN HELL FOREVER AND EVER. Can you imagine an endless future in the burning fires of manly desires.

    Is that what you really want for you and your sons?

    Wake up this is a trick by satan


      My gut says this is written by a religious zealot. There is no concern for daughters or wives, indicative of radical religious indoctrination. All three of the Abrahamic faiths hate women, however one is more repressive than the others. Is this what you want for your sons? Yes! I want for my girlfriend, her daughter, other people’s sons and myself. I care not for your misconception of fictitious realms of make believe suffering — As you believe in “Satan” — then you advertise yourself as an nonthinking male, who most likely hopes to gain a multitude of virgins in the next life. Why is it that your faith’s leaders don’t send their offspring to collect the reward? Yes, I am wicked and perverse and everyday I ask Lilith and Lucifer to take possession of my body. Sad thing is, Allah, Yahweh, God all had the same chance and opportunity. Guess who delivered! Hail Lilith and Hail Lucifer!

  2. Also make sure to proclaim “Hail Satan!” when you cum during masturbation. That will bring you closer to Him..

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