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Feature Title: Holy Night

Published: 19.05.2022 / ReligiousFetish.com

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Holy Night 1

Chapter One

It was the quiet evening in Bethlehem. Outlines of the old stable reflected on the moonlight. It was the evening like any other, but yet there was something special in it. Holy night was about to come when Son of God will be born, the Savior of the whole world. Only few people on the world knew that.

One of them was Mary, Blessed Virgin and Mother of God. She was sitting on the hay in the stable in her blue gown, her big belly protruding. Her husband Joseph was out looking for some food for them. Even he was her husband, he has never known her in sexual way. He accepted the fact the Mary was chosen to have Immaculate conception when Archangel Gabriel paid her a visit one night and to be a Mother of God, our Savior Jesus Christ.

The fact that they ended up in this stable with sheep, cows and one male donkey which belonged to them was not their fault. Having the fact that the Census was in progress all the inns and rooms were full, so this was the only available accommodation for the Holy Family. Mary didn’t care about that. She understood all the events in her life as a will of God and accepted them without a question. In situations when her girlfriends talked about boys, marriage and love she was not jealous. She accepted her task and role in life as an honor that was given to her by God and she was fulfilling her role with dignity, innocence and holiness that was required for Mother of God and Blessed Virgin.

And God really knew how to choose. Mary was the most beautiful women of her time. Her pale beautiful face glowed even more with holiness and virginity, her deep blue eyes were deep wells for all the men to question and drown their souls, her voice was quiet and calming and her sweet lips were soft like silk, never tasted before but the most delicious in the world.

Her belly was huge, it seemed even larger than it was because she never gained weight in her pregnancy, so it just protruded from her body like a big firm sack that carried precious cargo. Her beautiful breasts swelled and became bigger so now they were firm, large, silky white globes, full of holy milk that was meant to feed Son of God. Her nipples grew larger, too, but they were delicate like two firm buttons that seemed to be always hard. Her butt was firm and beautiful, like she was not pregnant, her legs long and slim totally hairless and bald, like her blessed pussy that was so beautiful, puffy and tight in it’s holiness and virginity, because all of her body hair except her head hair simply fell off after Immaculate Concepcion.

And beside her breathtaking physical look that amazed anyone who saw her, her inner self was the reason why she is chosen for such an important task. She was innocent and virginal, full of faith in God. She was sinless, without any thoughts about sin, sex, men or women in that way.

She was never tempted by anything and she never even thought of doing something sinful and never did anything that corrupted her soul. Her soul was intact and she became holy after Immaculate Conception that finished the carving of her as a Blessed Virgin and Holy Mother of God. She was calm and relaxed, waiting for Jesus to be born, when her life as a Mother of God will begin that was supposed to be hard, dangerous and tragic, but fulfilling and helpful for the whole humanity. She was warned about all the evil in this world that was ruled by impure Satan and that was the biggest fright in her young mind and soul.

The other man that knew what was about to happen that night was Longinus Maximus, Roman centurion that led the strongest, cruelest and bravest Centuria in Judaea. His one hundred men were the basis of Roman rule in this remote Roman province and all the hardest tasks were appointed to him and his men. At that evening he and his men were running through Bethlehem finding pregnant Jewish women and killing them and their babies as well. They did that by the command of Roman governor that was persuaded by King Herod. Dark Lord, Satan himself whispered to Herod through three prophet kings from the East that King of the Jews will be born,

Savior of all mankind and Son of God, so he was afraid that Jesus would take his throne and he ordered that all pregnant women with their babies must be killed so he can be sure that he killed Jesus, too. Longinus was not sentimental about his task. He fulfilled it with his men like any other task. He, like all the Romans, looked at Jewish people as slaves and objects of lower value, so they killed more and more women that day and evening, like previous days. But he was, like his men as well, annoyed with the fact that he couldn’t find Mother of God with her unborn Son of God., so he didn’t accomplish the task he was given yet, and his men were starting to be very agitated by the fact that they were hungry as hell and horny because they couldn’t rape women like they usually did.

They didn’t have time for pleasure, but just for death because time was running up. Longinus was educated men and beside he was soldier, brave, disciplined and strict, he was also noblemen that came from very old Roman family in Rome. He couldn’t find love in his soldier life full of wars and different cities where he served. He hoped that this day will be over soon and that he will find and kill the objects of Herod’s fear so he can go home to sleep, eat and fuck.