Feature Writer: De Sade / Revised by Hamachi and Gog aka. Oholibah / Edited by XP 

Feature Title: HOLY FATHER

Published: 29.10.2020

Story Codes: Satanism, Devil Worship, Incest, Young Ones, Blasphemy, Religious Themes, Clergy

Synopsis: Thanks to Satan, a Father’s dreams come true


Holy Father

Cindy stared in shock at the scene in her mother’s bedroom. Her Father, the Rev Johnson, lay between the legs of her best friend Chelsea. His ass moved up and down in long quick strokes. Cindy could see her Father’s large cock slide in and out of Chelsea’s wet little cunt. In her innocence, it took Cindy a few moments to realize the terrible truth.
He was fucking her. Her father, the man of God, and the person she looked up to for spiritual guidance was fucking her best friend.
Cindy’s hand covered her mouth to stop herself from screaming. The tiny blonde’s face turned white with shock as she watched her father’s long thick cock slide in and out of her best friend’s young cunt. Her Father grunted like an animal as he shoved his cock deep into Chelsea’s tight wet opening.
Under him, the little thirteen-year-old girl grunted with lust as his powerful strokes shook her whole body. Her dark hair spilled out across the pillow as she locked her lips to the churchman’s hungry mouth. She wrapped her legs around his back and locked her ankles there, giving him more of her pussy to pound.
At the door, Cindy stood shaking. Filled with shock and anger, she contemplated leaving and running to the church to tell her Mother. But Cindy didn’t move.
She just stood there with a hand over her mouth, watching and trembling at the debauched scene before her. Her own father, a man of God, was furiously fucking her thirteen-year-old school friend in her mother’s bed. Over and over the large man pumped his rock hard penis into the frothing hairless mound of the slim teenager. Their savage grunts and cries, mixed with the slurping of their mouths and wet genitals echoed off the walls, filling Cindy’s ears with the most animalistic sounds of lust she had ever heard.
Cindy thought of going into the room and screaming at them to stop, but she did nothing. She merely stood there watching them, and before she knew it, her eyes locked onto her father’s massive penis. And it mesmerized her.
Cindy was only twelve-years-old and had never seen a man’s cock before and though she would never admit it to herself, the thickness and length of the monstrous weapon, thrilled her. It looked huge and powerful, like a giant snake, slimy and dangerous. It also looked incredibly exciting to the innocent Cindy, as she saw the pleasure it was giving to her little friend.
Once, a young boy at school had tried to seduce her after school and had whipped out his cock and asked her to suck it. Cindy was a good and Godly girl, brought up to love Christ the way her mother did. She was the daughter of a pastor and she understood her duty to God, her family and the community. She didn’t even look at the boy’s cock. She just ran all the way home, disgusted.
She was proud she resisted the temptation to do what only bad girls did and stayed pure. But in heart, she was also a little ashamed because secretly she knew she had wanted to look at the boy’s cock and maybe even touch it.
Now as she watched her father’s big cock pound into her girlfriend’s bald cunt, Cindy again felt the sinful urge to touch a cock. Her father’s huge hard penis held her in a trance as its enormous length disappeared into the depths of her friend’s stimulated pussy.
As she watched the shameful spectacle, her tongue slid across her upper lip and her breathing became more labored as she felt her body heat rise. Within seconds, Cindy’s shame and disgust at the sinful fornication before her was almost eclipsed by a deep ache inside her own cunt. The smell of their sweating bodies and sex juices reached her nostrils and they flared uncontrollably in arousal. The sound of their shameless grunts and cries of pleasure filled her ears. She felt a heat between her legs the likes of which she had never experienced before. This was soon followed by another new experience as she felt hot juices seep from her twelve-year-old cunt, saturating her pink panties. The young girl was wringing wet within seconds.
Inside the room, the bed groaned and creaked with the pounding it took from the rutting couple. Chelsea’s small breasts shook with each powerful thrust, and her face was a mask of animal lust as she urged the pastor to keep fucking her and never stop. Her legs clenched higher on the large man’s back, and a frothy syrup covered their clashing loins. Cindy watched as Chelsea suddenly lifted her head and with a look of utter lust, whispered something into the Reverend’s ear.
Cindy almost jumped as her father groaned loudly like a wild beast and began to thrust his swelling cock into little Chelsea with even more vigor. Cindy could clearly see the thick and slippery pole of her beloved father shudder and expand, as her sweating father began to shake and convulse uncontrollably.
“Oh Jesus fucking Christ, I’m cumming,” he roared. His head wrenched back as his screams filled the room. His arms tightened even more around the beautiful young child as their bodies began to convulse with the pure pleasure of the sinful act. “Oh Fuck!!, I’m cumming, you beautiful fucking bitch. It feels so fucking good!”
“Fuck me you wicked beast, fuck me!” little Chelsea answered with breathy moans as her own huge orgasm began to wrench through her small body.
Her arms clenched tightly around the huge torso of the big man who thrashed above her in the throes of a powerful spasm.
Cindy gasped. She had never heard such blasphemous language from her father, and the fact that he was a holy man of God made it all the more shocking. But Cindy’s body began to react to the debauched sight before her, and distraught though the young twelve-year-old girl was, she began to answer the call of her young body. Perhaps it was the horrible corruption she was witnessing in her mother’s bedroom that made her slide her hand up beneath her skirt and between her hot trembling thighs.
Cindy had touched herself before but the idea of committing such a terrible sin against God had usually made her refrain. The few times she had dared to try it, she had felt a mild pleasant tickling sensation, but the degradation she felt at abusing herself soon quenched any brief pleasure she might have felt. To be honest, Cindy was uncomfortable with her body, and with the whole subject of sex. She rarely thought of it, and when she did she found herself ashamed at the naughty thoughts. By loving Jesus and obeying her loving parents, she had avoided most sexual feelings.
But now young Cindy was being assaulted with the most depraved and wicked acts she had ever imagined and she found herself unconsciously pulling her saturated panties to one side and sliding a finger across her slick hairless mons and inside her hot juicy little cunt. It was like striking a tinderbox. Little Cindy immediately shook with pleasure as the first orgasm of her life engulfed her whole body from head to toe. She leaned against the wall and cried out her pleasure.
“Oh my God!” she rasped,.
Nothing in her life had ever felt this good. Her swollen nipples burned inside her blouse, and her toes curled from the sheer sensation of her overwhelming orgasm. The feelings were wonderful and they washed over her.
Lucky for her, the screams and grunts coming from the bedroom were much louder than her own. Inside, her father gave one final violent thrust of his hips as he tried with all his might to get his bloated sperm filled testicles inside Chelsea’s cunt, along with his throbbing cock meat.
The Reverend Johnson felt a tremendous surge of boiling cum shoot up his quivering, roasting cock and spew like a geyser into the orgasming young pussy of the girl squirming ecstatically beneath him. Cindy trembled and cringed as she heard her father yell out with lust as his cum gushed into the young girl’s convulsing womb. In the next room, Chelsea shook with delight and her legs tightened on the back of the screaming minister.
“Oh Fuck, I’m cumming on your huge prick and it feels so fucking good! Shoot your seed  deep into my tight little cunt. I want to feel your nasty seed shooting and shooting into my cunt.”
The thrashing couple were seized by a delirious orgasm that tore through their bodies. Chelsea’s skin flushed red with her tumultuous cum, and her pretty face was transformed into a mask of lust as every cell of her body was overcome by the pleasure that engulfed her.
After a few minutes the room fell silent.
“Oh Jesus,” Cindy whimpered, tears running down her cheeks. She was so horrified and disgusted. Not only at what she had seen, but by her own sickening reaction to it. “Oh Jesus,” she wept piteously.
After she dried her tears, she dared to look into her dear mother’s room again. She saw her father’s sperm gush out from Chelsea’s hairless cunt around his cock and balls, forming a large puddle on the bed. For some time the couple lay panting and heaving, wrapped in each other’s arms. Chelsea’s small body was almost completely covered by the minister’s much larger one, and between them, still engorged from its reaming of the little girl was her father’s massive cock, red with passion and dripping with the lewd juices of their sinful coupling. They gazed into each other’s eyes, lust and deep satisfaction passing between them.
Cindy stood trembling with her back to the wall trying to control her breathing. Once again, she felt a surge of heat and she could not help herself. Her fingers once again crept up her damp inner thighs and finally reached her sopping little cunt. She began to play mindlessly with her scalding hot pussy as images of her father’s big cock plowing into the tight, wet spasming cunt of her little friend filled her mind.
His cock was so huge, so hard, so thick and slimy. Oh God! Another tremendous orgasm washed over her. Her pussy gushed again and her juices began dripping down her thighs. Covering her mouth to stifle her screams Cindy slid down to the floor, her body shaking with the power of her orgasm.
As she came down from the sexual high, she felt disgusted with herself for performing such a debauched act and she quickly pulled her panties back over her juicy pussy. After a while she heard voices in the room. They were talking. Cindy thought about leaving but she was eager to hear what they would say after their sinful debauchery. She heard them stir but she didn’t dare look into the room.
“Oh Chelsea, what a great fuck you are!! Who taught you to fuck like that?” asked the Reverend without any sign of remorse.
Cindy was stunned. All these years she had looked up to her father as an authority on morality. All those long sermons on obeying God’s laws and refraining from fornication were lies. It was all a fake. Cindy’s eyes had been opened and a large piece of her innocence had been destroyed forever.
“An ex boyfriend,” giggled Chelsea. “But I like the way you fuck even better,” she said seriously, as if she were complimenting his sermon. “And I really like your big cock and the way it fills my pussy,” she purred as she reverently stroked his slippery cock, which was only slightly deflated from his glorious cum.
“My God, you’re only thirteen. How many boys have you been with?” he asked, shaking his head.
He was trying to come to terms with the fact that he had fucked her, as he felt a sense of guilt return. He raised himself up to a sitting position and looked down at her. She had a child’s body, a beautiful child’s body with tiny little tits jutting up proudly from her slim little frame, nipples still hard and swollen from her sexual climax. Her pussy was still completely hairless, adding to her child-like appearance, and her flawlessly smooth skin was flushed pink with excitement. The smell of her young sex still filled his nostrils and the taste of her remained in his mouth. What had he done? He had fucked a small child. Chelsea’s response to his question brought him back to the present.
“Men more than boys!” she said, sitting up on her elbows and spreading her thighs wide.
He gasped as he gazed on the lovely tits sitting high and firm on her chest, small but with large and puffy pink nipples. He looked down at her shamelessly spread hairless pussy and his cock began to stir again. She watched his reaction and smiled.
“You love my bald little pussy, don’t you?” she giggled girlishly. “You want to put your big cock back inside it and shoot more of your nasty seed deep inside me, don’t you?”
Cindy gasped. She heard her father moan with lust as he looked openly at her tiny little child’s cunt still dripping with their combined juices. He saw the wet, pink inner lips twitching and calling to him, and his penis once again began to fill with blood as his mind helplessly filled with thoughts of fucking her again.
“What’s the matter Reverend?” laughed Chelsea, seeing the torment in his eyes.
The Reverend Johnson looked at her sternly.
“Yes, that’s right. I’m a Reverend and I’ve just fucked a girl,” he said sighing.
Cindy felt a dull ache return between her legs, which she instinctively spread. Despite her disgust, all the filthy language was actually making her hot again.
“I think it’s great that a holy man fucked me,” said Chelsea purring. “It really turns me on. You liked fucking my cunt didn’t you?” she asked in an innocent child-like voice, which made his cock throb with lust. “You know what I think? I think you want to feel my tight little pussy squeezing that big fat cock of yours again. You want to shoot your cum deep inside me and make me cum again, don’t you?”
Chelsea softly breathed out her lurid enticement, rotating her pelvis lewdly in invitation.
“Oh Reverend Father, I am going to make you feel so good …” she paused, lifting her hips off the bed and thrusting her pelvis at him, “By being very very bad. We’re going to do it again, Reverend,” Chelsea said teasingly as her hips sank back to the mattress. She reached out and stroked his hardening cock. “And while we’re fucking think about that proper, frigid wife of yours and her dry ugly cunt. She doesn’t know you like I do. And imagine what your pure little Cindy would think if she knew how much you loved fucking her best friend.”
Chelsea brought her hand to her lips and she licked the Reverend’s cock slime from her wet fingers. “Think of them while your cock is fucking me …  and fucking me … and fucking me,”
Chelsea breathed raggedly in his ear. Reverend Johnson’s huge cock was now rock hard again and it twitched uncontrollably each time the little girl slowly hissed the words “fucking me.”
Chelsea giggled at the effect her nasty words had had on him. She pulled her knees up to her chest lewdly exposing her glistening pink inner lips to the mesmerized stare of debauched minister.
She slowly intoned, “Think how hot and wet and tight my little cunt is, and it’s aching for your big thick cock to fuck me again.”
The Reverend Johnson’s now fully enlarged cock twitched powerfully again at her words, pointing up at the ceiling and releasing another river of warm precum that ran down its full eight inch length and onto his massive testicles.
“Oh fuck, you gorgeous little bitch,” the older man groaned, “I’ve got to fuck you again now.”
Cindy heard her father moan in wanton desire, and then she heard the bed-springs. Chelsea was pulling the Reverend over her body, her slim arms wrapping around his big body. Cindy could hear them kissing. She could hear the muffled cries of desire as their mouths desperately mashed together and their bodies joined again in carnal lust and debasement,
“Say it!” Chelsea yelled.,”Tell me how much you like fucking me!”
“Oh fuck yes,” he moaned. “I love fucking you! God damn, it was so fucking good!! I have to fuck you again. God I can’t help myself, you are so fucking sexy.”
“Mmmm,” Chelsea moaned as the naked man writhing above her shouted out his lust for her tiny body. “You want to fuck me so bad, don’t you Reverend? Tell me how much. More than your proper little wife?”
“Oh God, yes.” The minister was clutching tiny body to his own and grinding his inflamed cock against her soft little tummy.
“Mmmm,” Chelsea licked his ears and ran her hands up and down his back. “Tell me!” She hissed wickedly.
“Oh Jesus!! I want you much more than my stupid fucking wife. I just want to fuck your beautiful little body forever.”
Cindy heard her Father’s evil words and could not stop herself. She peeked into the room just as her father grunted and bent his head down to suck hard on one of Chelsea’s puffy swollen nipples. He seemed to be worshiping her tiny little body, mad with lust for her. Cindy could see her father’s long tongue laving the young girl’s large rigid nipples, and she could hear Chelsea groan as she clasped the older man’s head tightly to her breast. Her head was thrown back and her mouth was open in an evil grin of pure pleasure and triumph as the minister lewdly sucked on her engorged and excited buds.
Panting with pleasure, Chelsea rolled out from under the older man’s big body and reached for his throbbing cock.
“You have such a wonderful cock, Reverend. It’s the biggest I’ve had. It’s so hard and thick. It just fills me right up. I love to feel it thrusting deep inside me, pulsing with your need for my little body. You are so nasty.” She giggled playfully. I think you are one of the chosen few.”
Cindy turned quickly away, afraid of being caught. She couldn’t understand Chelsea’s words. This was not the girl who befriended her when her family had first moved into the neighborhood.
Chelsea was an honor student, decent and upright and very popular at school. She was a devout Christian. At least that’s what Cindy had believed.
Now she knew the truth. Chelsea was wicked. Cindy heard her father cry out with pleasure and evil lust, and without hesitation she peeked into the room again.
Her Father was now lying on his back, his hands roaming over Chelsea’s delicious child-like body as she held his throbbing cock in her small hands, gently rubbing it and teasing it until the helpless man was shaking with need. Cindy felt her own cunt ache with lust when she saw her father’s bloated testicles and his very large and violently throbbing blood-filled organ sticking up from his hairy loins. She could see her friend’s tiny hands teasingly slide over the enormous surface of her daddy’s engorged cock, spreading around the slippery juices that flowed freely from its tip.
“Ahhhhhh, that’s so good. Chelsea. Your little hands feel so fucking good on my cock. Oh fuck little girl, you are driving me crazy. What did you mean … oh fuck that feels good … when you said I was … Oh I love this honey, oh fuck … one of the chosen few?” groaned the Reverend.
Cindy could see precum flowing out of the purple bloated head of her father’s cock and running down the underside of the monstrous organ as her friend lightly and teasingly brought the man to the brink of madness. Her hands flew to her soaking panty covered mound and cupped it as she watched that stream of paternal sperm trickle onto her father’s large balls.
Cindy gasped as Chelsea suddenly dove down, moaning like a bitch in heat. The little child began lapping up the trickling cum, starting at the large testicles and sliding her greedy tongue up the entire length of his throbbing cock before sucking the entire bloated, lust-bulging head into her wet little mouth. Her pink lips gently suckled his cock head, finding every pulsing nerve ending and driving him mad with pleasure and need. Her father lurched up off the bed with the pleasure of her friend’s warm little mouth engulfing the sensitive head of his straining purple cock head.
Cindy watched from the doorway, mesmerized. Her friend was playing with her father, controlling him. She felt a chill run up her spine despite the increasing heat emanating from her own pussy. She felt the presence of evil and was shocked by the realization that it excited her. Her tongue slid wetly over her lips and her little breasts throbbed with excitement beneath her blouse. Her breath came out in ragged gasps. Though still a child, her innocence or what remained of it, was under siege from the lust rising up inside her. It began to consume her and very quickly Cindy actually began to feel jealous of Chelsea. She wanted to take Chelsea’s place between her father’s legs. She wanted to get on her knees and lick that delicious cock. She wanted to feel its slippery hardness on her own lips, and to make him groan with pleasure from her own lascivious sucking. Yes, she wanted to lick her own father’s cock.
“Oh Fuck! That feels so fucking good. I love that sweet sweet mouth of yours”
The Holy Father groaned out in a deep guttural voice like a wild beast as he thrust the head of his cock to the back of her throat. He saw the child’s cheeks bulge and the wickedness of the sight made him gasp with awe. His daughter’s little friend was sending the most delicious sensations through every inch of his tortured cock. He writhed in pleasure on the bed, grunting and thrusting his hips to get more of the depraved pleasure this little girl was giving him. Chelsea sucked hard on his cock and gently caressed his heavy balls. She had almost half of the pastor’s cock in her mouth when she suddenly slid her mouth off him.
The angry look he gave her would have frightened other girls, but not Chelsea. She had seen it many times before and she loved it. In his fierce anger she saw his powerful need for her and the pleasure she could give him. She could see her master in that grotesque look of lust.
Cindy also saw that look and she whimpered as she yanked her soaking panties to one side of her reeking pussy and buried three fingers inside herself. Her father’s look of malice and lust strangely excited her. She felt his powerful urge to cum violently in her wicked friend’s warm little mouth, and she somehow understood the fearsome look of evil that contorted his features.
The Reverend grunted like a wounded animal and was about to grab Chelsea’s head to force her mouth back down over his greedy cock, when she spoke.
“You’re no Shepherd,” she hissed like a snake, squeezing his aching balls tightly.
“Get your fucking mouth back on my fucking cock,” he yelled out in that deep guttural voice.
Cindy gasped at the torrent of profanity bursting forth from a man from whom she had never heard even the mildest curse. But Chelsea clearly didn’t mind. She merely grinned at him playfully. She had been right all along. He was one of them. She slid her hand off his testicles and squeezed his cock.
“You’re a wolf!! You’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing!! Aren’t you?” she hissed at him.
“Christ!” he yelled.
“Well, there are plenty of lambs to be had in this town,” she giggled, looking with triumphant pleasure at his straining face, red with need and frustration.
He vainly thrust up his hips at her, desperate to get his demonic cock back into her sweet mouth, but she dove down again and slid her tongue over his bulging testicles as her hand massaged his throbbing cock.
He grunted and gasped out, “Why … uhhhh … why do you say I’m a wolf?”
Chelsea didn’t answer. She was in charge. She wanted his mind and body. This was a very special form of prayer, and she knew her prayer would be answered. She slid her tongue back up the underside of his quivering cock and sucked the huge head back into her mouth. She bathed it in her warm saliva as her tongue swirled just below the rim. Her delicate little lips sucked it like a baby.
“Jesus fucking Christ,” he yelled. “Oh Jesus Christ, that’s ahhhhhhh … fuck,” he yelled as he grabbed her dark hair and impaled her mouth on his monstrous cock, lodging it deeply in her throat. Cindy looked on in horror as she saw her father brutally force his thick cock into Chelsea’s tiny throat. She could see the little girl’s head wrenched backward at an unnatural angle, her throat bulging visibly from the oversized cock inside it.
The Reverend was inflamed with evil lust. He felt his balls tighten. The hot sperm inside them boiled with demonic fury. Never before had he felt such lust and power well up inside him. He managed to get half his bulbous cock into the bitch’s hot little mouth and began fucking it violently. God he loved the feeling of her tight little throat clutching his prick while her sweet pink tongue swabbed its under side and her cheeks hollowed to create that marvelous suction. As he pulled out, he felt her tongue swirling over his piss slit and the luscious suction as her cheeks hollowed again created a delicious vacuum that made him ache with the desire to explode inside her mouth.
Suddenly, just as the good Reverend was about to drive his massive fuck-pole down her throat, she broke from his grasp and he cursed.
“For the love of Christ,” he yelled.
“You want to know why you’re a wolf?” she panted, excited at how desperately the Reverend wanted her.
He stared at her, a look of brutal demonic lust on his face. Her soft hands played with his aching cock but were a poor substitute for her greedy little mouth.
“I’ll tell you, Reverend. The way you looked at me. The size of your beautiful cock and the way you mounted me,” she said casually. “The look on your face as you fucked me. The same look I see now,” she hissed.
“Jesus yeah,” he groaned as she took his cock back into her mouth and sucked half of it inside.
He was ravenous with greed for her mouth and thrust more of his organ into her and began to fuck her mouth with long brutal strokes. The little girl licked and sucked skillfully to give him more pleasure than he had ever felt before. His body was on fire with lust for that sweetly sucking little mouth.
Cindy witnessed in horror the total depravity of her father as her best friend drove him to delirious pleasure. Oh God, she couldn’t help herself. It was so wrong, but the feelings were just too strong and they welled up inside her yet again. She slid to the floor of the hallway, her body shaking with yet another orgasm. She mauled her throbbing tits through her chaste little blouse, as her fingers plunged rapidly in and out of her tight little cunt and rubbed her swollen clit. She moaned as quietly as she could as her pussy convulsed with pleasure.
And then she heard her father groan out in a loud crazed tone. “Why did you say … why did you say … uhhhhh … that to me … when I was cumming inside you?”
He realized immediately he had made a mistake and was angry with himself for being so stupid.
Though he had his hands on her head as he fucked her mouth, she managed to pull away and sit up.
She grinned at him, licking her lips, tasting his male juices as precum dribbled obscenely down her chin and dripped onto her small chest. A long bead of saliva and sperm hung down from her wanton mouth.
“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law?” she asked.
“Yes,” he grunted, his cock pulsing with need.
“You came very hard when I said that.”
“Your voice seemed different.”
She looked solemnly at him. “He was speaking to you through me.”
There was a long silence and Cindy felt a cold shiver run up her spine.
“And you answered him, by driving your big cock into my little pussy and filling my belly with your delicious cum.” Her expression changed. She giggled at him as it suddenly dawned on him what she meant.
The Reverend groaned — “My God, you’re a Satanist.”
Outside in the hall, Cindy’s heart skipped a beat as she peered into the room just in time to see Chelsea lunge down and swallow her father’s cock to the hilt. She stared as her friend pulled on her father’s clenched ass cheeks to force his huge cock all the way into her throat. She could see her father’s hairy loins mashing against the soft face of the child as her father rammed his huge cock into her. Cindy couldn’t believe her ears, or her eyes. It didn’t seem possible. It was so horrible, so depraved. She watched in stunned fascination as over and over Chelsea took her father’s massive member completely down her tightly stretched throat as the minister’s rough pubic hair mashed against her nose.
“Jesus fucking Christ,” he yelled as he lifted his ass off the bed, ramming his cock to the root in the young girl’s mouth. “Oh shit, suck my cock you devil-worshiping little bitch. Make me cum in your mouth and fill your evil little belly with my sperm.”
Cindy’s cunt was aflame with lust but her mind fought with the horrible idea of her best friend being a follower of Satan. She watched as her father brutally fucked Chelsea’s face, a face she had always known and loved.
Chelsea pulled her mouth all the way off the Vicar’s dripping cock. The veins throbbed visibly and it jerked uncontrollably.
“Fuck me in the ass in the name of Satan,” she yelled at him. “Fill my bowels with your nasty sperm. Fuck me in every hole with your big beautiful cock. Make me cum so hard I pass out.”
Chelsea quickly got on all fours, spreading her knees widely. Putting her head down on the pillow, she reached back with both hands and spread her ass cheeks obscenely, her pink crinkled ass hole pointing up at the Reverend.
“Fuck yeah,” he shouted, “Fuck yeah.”
The Reverend groaned and quickly positioned himself behind Chelsea. He looked down and saw the most beautiful little anal chute he had ever laid eyes on. It throbbed and puckered invitingly.
The Holy Father had never fucked an ass before, but he knew he was about to. Breathing heavily from the excitement, he grasped his wet and slimy cock and ran it up and down Chelsea’s smooth little ass cheeks, shuddering with anticipation at the thought of forcing his swollen tool into the child’s welcoming little asshole. He pressed the massive tip of his penis against her pink orifice and began to press against the quivering sphincter of the groaning little Satanist who was begging him to penetrate her.
“Fuck my ass, Reverend Johnson,” she begged, her head mashed down onto the pillow. “Put it in me now. I want to feel your sperm shooting deep into my ass!” she hissed.
The Reverend’s hip jerked forward uncontrollably at her obscene words. “Oh yes!” Chelsea shouted back at him as the enormous head of his cocked pressed against her hole and then popped inside. “Oh shit!” Chelsea screamed in both pain and wicked delight. “You nasty, evil man. How does it feel to be fucking the asshole of a child? Oh fuck I love it. Give it all to me now!!”
The debauched pastor groaned loudly and started to push his thick cock into the impossibly tight rectum of his daughter’s little school friend. Deeper and deeper in he pushed, feeling her slimy colon tighten around his throbbing member. Oh fuck, this was so evil, the man thought to himself. So wicked. But her ass felt so fucking good around his cock as he drove it into the upturned anus of the little girl.
At last he felt his hairy groin pressing against Cindy’s soft white ass cheeks. His thick hard cock was completely planted in the hot juicy bowels of the tiny girl. He threw his head back and bayed like a wild animal, as he withdrew his slimy prick and then drove it once again into her clenching chute.
“Oh fuck! I love your fucking tight asshole you devil-worshiping little whore.”
He reached around and grabbed her small soft breasts, squeezing the puffy nipples that were throbbing with excitement. He breathed in the fragrance of her hair as he plunged again and again into her searing depths. He felt the heat of her bowels envelope his cock, covering it with her warm shit slime. This was the most depraved and exciting thing he had ever done in his life.
Chelsea was now writing back at the holy father clenching at his massive cock as it drove deeper and faster into her hot rectal passage. she could feel one of the rector’s hand massaging her tiny breasts as the other stroked her inflamed clit. She screamed out her passion as she felt the massive penis plunge again and again into her searing bowels.
“Oh Fuck me, Reverend! Stretch my ass with your huge cock and fuck me hard and fast. You’re so big inside me, you evil fucking bastard! Harder! Oh God it feels so fucking nasty. Ram it up my ass,” the little thirteen-year old shouted as the minister plunged every inch of his huge cock deep into her frothing sphincter.
To Cindy, no act she had ever imagined was as base and evil as the one she saw her father and her friend committing. Her own adored father who had delivered the sermon this morning with such piety was on his knees behind her best friend, plunging his thick hard penis into her tiny ass.
It was so vile, so unthinkable. How could they do such a thing? Cindy was on the verge of crying out to stop them, when she heard her father bellow out in totally debauched ecstasy.
“Arrrggggghhhhhh!!!! It feels so fucking good, you sexy little bitch. I’ve got to cum in your ass right now!”
Chelsea was jamming her tiny little white butt back at the minister with all the speed and power she had. She felt the thick base of the Reverend’s cock reaming out her asshole as his fingers thrummed her throbbing clit with brutal force. Their sweating bodies were rutting in total depravity, the large man slamming hard against the tender anal chute of the screaming mindless teen. Both of them were overcome by waves of illicit pleasure. Both were tuned to the wickedness of the act they were committing and the evil of it drove them to higher peaks of fiery pleasure.
Unable to stop herself, Cindy began to scream. “No Daddy. Please don’t.”
She slid into the room, her back hard against the wall. Her father looked at her and Cindy was shocked to see his facial expression change very little from the one she had seen moments earlier. His cock was completely buried in the ass of her best friend. His evil pleasure completely overcame him and despite seeing his pure and virginal daughter staring at him in horror, he could not force himself to stop. For an instant his daughter and Chelsea became one overpowering sexual image and he plunged his massive slimy cock with terminal velocity into the upturned and pulsating anus of his daughter’s best friend. Together they screamed out their massive orgasms as Cindy looked on with shock and helpless fear. the two people shouting and thrashing on the bed looked like animals.
They were wet with sweat and their mouths hung open as they shouted and spit sprayed from their mouths as they lost control over their muscles and their consciousness. Little Chelsea was at the peak of her demonic cum, and she screamed out her joy at the total depravity of her blinding pleasure.
“Oh fuck, I’m cumming so hard, honey. Oh dear Satan it feels so fucking good. Keep fucking me forever you big fucking bastard! Fuck me! Fuck me! Pump your thick hot cum into me!”
Cindy gazed in hypnotic fascination as the huge and slimy cock of her own dear father swelled to enormous proportions and his heavy balls tightened and discharged over and over again as the minister threw his head back and shouted to the heavens as wild pleasure surged through him in endless waves. Never had he felt such total evil and such total pleasure at the same time. His body was on fire as powerful sensations gripped him again and again as he continued to plunge his massive pole into the warm little ass of the child thrusting and screaming beneath him.
Chelsea rasped and cried beneath the wildly pumping man, her tiny body devastated by the power of her orgasm and the punishing thrusts of her corrupted lover as he continued to drive his wet and gleaming cock into her convulsing colon. She could feel the powerful pulses of the Reverend’s hot cum splashing strongly against the pink and clutching walls of her tender colon, and she reveled in each scalding discharge.
In their delirium, both of the fornicators could see little Cindy watching them with tears running down her cheeks. But they were helpless to react, so great was the power of their wrenching and violent orgasms. And the pleasure went on and on, causing them to jerk spasmodically against each other as rich thick sperm welled up from Chelsea’s flooded anal canal and sprayed out from her ass hole, coating their distressed genitals. The Reverend Father held the little satanist tightly as the last pulses of his demon seed surged from his cock and filled the child to overflowing. as the strength ebbed from him, his head dropped down into the damp tangle of hair of the exhausted child and he savored the aftermath of the most shattering sexual experience of his life.
Eventually, the lovers gained consciousness, and the presence of Cindy gradually penetrated their glowing calm. Chelsea looked at her friend with an evil grin on her face.
“What took you so long?” she asked in a muffled voice from the pillow where her father’s sadistic cock strokes had mashed her head.
For a brief moment, no one moved or said anything. Cindy looked from the evil grin on her friend’s face to her Father’s lust-besotted one.
“You’ve been watching us haven’t you?” asked Chelsea, thrusting her ass backward against the huge penis still lodged deep inside her obscenely stretched little ass hole. She wiggled it provocatively and clenched tightly, causing the Reverend to groan and tremble.
Cindy said nothing. Her chest heaved with emotion, her eyes moving quickly from father to friend and back. Her heart pounded in her chest. Somewhere in the back of her brain, she heard a voice telling her to be brave.
“Haven’t you?” yelled Chelsea.”You were watching, but you didn’t do anything, did you?”
Cindy jumped with fright. She swallowed hard. She felt threatened. Silently she began to pray for strength.
Lord Jesus, please help me. Sweet Jesus, please help me.
“Answer me Cindy,” cried Chelsea.
“Yes I have,” yelled Cindy, trying not to show fear. “I saw everything and I heard everything too.”
Though I walk through the valley of darkness, I shall fear no evil.
“Oh my God,” groaned the Reverend, feeling his heart drop to his stomach.
He felt ashamed.
He pulled his still-hard cock from the ass of the small child with a slurping, popping sound like a wet cork being pulled from a wine bottle. It stood out from his hairy loins throbbing — covered in cum and shit slime from Chelsea’s warm soft rectum.
Cindy hesitated as she waited for her father to say something else. She could feel the presence of evil. A voice inside her head told her to look at her father’s manhood. Cindy knew whose voice it was. She fought with all her might against it.
Help me Jesus.
Another voice spoke to her inside her head.
I am with you my child. You must resist temptation. The Devil is in this room. But I am with you also. John 1:9 — If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
“You disgust me,” Cindy yelled at Chelsea in her best self-righteous tone.
Chelsea jumped off the bed and grabbed Cindy before she could react. With one arm around Cindy’s waist holding her tightly against her own body, Chelsea slid her other hand up under Cindy’s skirt and touched her panty-covered womanhood. Chelsea laughed cruelly as Cindy dragged herself away.
Rom 10:9 — That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.
“She’s sopping wet. She enjoyed watching us. She loved seeing us fornicate like animals,” sneered Chelsea to a startled Reverend Johnson.
Cindy watched in shame and horror as her friend held her wet fingers under her father’s nose.
“Smell your darling little daughter’s womanhood.”
The Reverend stared dumbly at the fingers glistening with his daughter’s nectar. He inhaled the perfume of her womanhood and his manhood answered, swelling violently as he smelled his precious daughter’s cunt for the first time. The heady scent of her sex inflamed his senses.
His mind raced in a dozen different paths. His cock began to throb with naked lust. He couldn’t deny his shameful need any longer. Oh God! He wanted to fuck his own little daughter, his beautiful little angel. He wanted to fuck her hard and cum deep inside her. He had to have her!
The Reverend could hear voices in his head … voices, which battled with each other. He could hear the familiar voice of Satan. It was a voice he had come to know well and one he feared.
Do what thou wilt.
Over and over again he heard Lucifer tempting him.
You are a God! Do what thou wilt!
Then the Reverend heard another voice. It was a voice he had not heard for a while, because it made him uncomfortable. It was the voice of Jesus.
He froze. For many years he headed a charity to raise funds to feed the hungry in many third world countries. Over recent years he began to divert some of the money into private business deals. He told himself he was merely investing the money for future use by the charity. But as his investments grew he hadn’t diverted the money back. He had profited by misusing funds raised to feed hungry people. Now Jesus was speaking to him…to his conscience.
Every year fifteen million children die of hunger!
The Reverend felt like his head would explode. Beside him, Chelsea smiled and shoved the nectar-covered fingers against his mouth.
You have waited for this chance! Take it!
He knew what Satan meant. He had been having evil thoughts about his daughter for some time.
The Reverend Johnson had become addicted to pornography and it had infected him. Shortly after he began reading it, he began to divert the charity funds. It was also around that time that he began to think of his daughter sexually. After reading or watching porn, he found himself looking at little Cindy like a woman instead of his own child. He couldn’t help himself. She was so beautiful, with her soft blonde hair and flawless complexion. He began to notice her little tits poking out from under her school sweater and he sometimes fantasized what it would be like to feel them, even to suck them. When he would see her smooth, girlish legs in her short child’s nightie he found himself dreaming about what her pussy might look like. He had felt so ashamed.
Those thoughts came back to him now and he found them frightening and arousing.
For the first time in his life he felt afraid and confused. He had felt the presence of Lucifer before but never this close. He was a wayward man but until this afternoon he had never been an evil man. Now look at him. Then it dawned on him that his soul was being fought over.
Chelsea smiled and shoved her fingers against the pastor’s mouth. Her fingers glistened with juices of his daughter’s sopping pussy. Cindy gasped and felt her heart stop as she waited to see what her father would do. He wouldn’t be so vile as to actually lick the juices from her privates.
He couldn’t.
After a brief hesitation, the Reverend opened his mouth and tasted the delicious essence of his daughter. The tangy sweetness of his daughter’s cunt juices sent powerful messages to every part of his brain. All his evil fantasies about her came flooding back into his consciousness. The taste of her baby pussy inflamed him and his cock twitched to a hardness that caused it to slap against his stomach in depraved desire for his innocent little daughter’s virgin cunt.
Cindy put her hand to her own mouth in shock. She hadn’t intended to look at her father’s erect penis, but its sudden twitching caught her eye and she shuddered in horror. His cock was huge and hard. It was hard just for her. Although she was terrified by the wickedness that surrounded her, another realization dawned on her. She now knew for sure that her father was strongly aroused by her body, by its smell and its taste. He wanted her. Wanted her badly.
She saw his cock jerk again and release a small flood of juices that ran obscenely down the huge meaty pole and onto his massive balls. It looked so nasty and frightening.
“Daddy!” she cried out in a little girl voice, “Oh please no!!”
Chelsea looked at the piteous Cindy, an evil grin on her face. Her eyes blazed with a frightening intensity. Cindy averted her eyes and looked again at her father. She froze as she heard a voice speak to her inside her head. She knew it was the devil.
Look upon your father’s manhood. See how he lusts for you, child. His cock is hard for you. He wants to fuck you, child.
Cindy fought the voice in her head. She felt a powerful temptation rise up in her. She wanted to look down again between her father’s legs, but she knew it was wrong.
Look, Cindy. Look how your father lusts for you. See how you drive him wild. You have made his cock so big and hard. He wants to fuck you. See how he loves you. Do it! Look at it. Every daughter wants to see her father’s organ… to see the organ that made her. Look!! Your Daddy has a big beautiful cock and it’s hot and hard because he wants you, Cindy.
Cindy fought the urge. In her head she called out to our savior, Jesus Christ.
Be strong my child. Do not commit sin. Let your mind and body be pure. Resist Satan. Save your father.
Cindy fought with all her heart. She could see Chelsea’s arm move up and down in front of her father in a gentle stroking motion, and in the silence of the room she could hear a slippery sloshing sound and her father’s quiet moaning. A silent scream echoed inside Cindy’s head. She knew what Chelsea was doing. She looked into her father’s face and saw a mask of lust that made her whimper in fear — and excitement. Whether unconsciously or not, her eyes dropped down for a brief moment and once again beheld the angry purple plum of her Daddy’s swollen cock, responding to Chelsea’s gentle stroking with wet pulses or precum that splashed to the carpet in her Mother’s bedroom. This was so evil. She had to get out of here, She turned away quickly and looked for the door.
Corinthians 6:18 — “That is why I say to run from sex sin. No other sin affects the body as this one does. When you sin this sin it is against your own body.”
Before Cindy could move, her avenue of escape was closed as Chelsea ran quickly to the door and locked it. She turned with that same wicked grin on her face, her back against the door, her naked little tits heaving shamelessly.
“Now, how about tasting more of her, Reverend Johnson? How about spreading her firm little legs and worshiping at her womanhood with your evil tongue, drinking from her sweet little fountain?” she said with a taunting smile.
For a moment that seemed to go on forever, the room was filled with a deafening silence. Cindy stared at her father, her eyes pleading with him, but his face told her one thing.
She was in deep trouble.
She felt the enormous sexual atmosphere within the room wearing her down. For a brief moment, she felt a feminine pride that her father was now clearly thinking of her in a sexual manner. He wanted to fuck her, just like he fucked Chelsea. Then the shock of this terrible idea made her blush with shame. What was she thinking?
The “flesh” and the “world” are under Satan’s influence, so when we sin we have yielded to an attack by Satan in an indirect way.
Be Strong my child. I am with you. Corinthians 7:1 — Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.
Before Cindy could react, Chelsea grabbed her and held her tightly. Cindy struggled against her but Chelsea was too strong and as Cindy began to tire the older girl began to yank at her friend’s skirt.
“No,” cried Cindy. “Daddy, make her stop! Make her leave!” she pleaded to her father.
The Reverend merely stared at her with a terrible mask of lust upon his face, his cock jerking and dripping, the taste of her pussy still in his mouth. Chelsea managed to pull off Cindy’s demure skirt and stood aside to brazenly display poor Cindy’s sopping panty-covered womanhood.
The Reverend Johnson stared at his daughter’s nakedness and felt his flesh throb with lust. Her young thighs were so firm and beautiful – made more beautiful by the coating of pussy juice that glistened clearly from across the room. But his eyes soon locked onto the site of her tender child pussy. Her little cunt bulged out from her tight pink panties in a prominent mound like a fist. Her father could clearly see that her panties were completly soaked through with her delicious pussy cream. The slimy wetness of her nearly transparent panties revealed her swollen pussy lips clearly to her horny father’s lustful gaze. The lips flared open slightly and he could see the wet darkness of the slit between them.
Do it! Do it!
You know you want to. You have waited a long time for this. Here is your chance. Feel the power of Satan inside you and you can do whatever you want. He is with you.
Yes. Incest is best!
“Everybody is doing it. Join the club. You’ll love it. Think how good it will feel to plunge that beautiful big cock of yours into this wet and tight little cunt of hers. Think of it, Reverend — fucking this delicate little virgin cunt and spraying your incestuous seed deep into your own little child, making her cum and cum on your powerful tool.”
The Reverend felt his body ache with lust. His field of vision narrowed down to that perfect little mound of pussy – his own daughter’s soft warm cunt. Her dripping pussy lips called out to him.
Yes, everybody was doing it. Why shouldn’t he have some fun too?
“She’s so sweet and sexy, isn’t she?,” said Chelsea to the Reverend. “Her pussy is wet and ready for you. All you have to do is will it and you can have it. Nothing will ever feel this good. Believe me, I know. Raping your own little daughter is the most wonderful feeling in the world. And this is your chance to it. Satan wants you fuck her, rape her and cum deep inside her. Accept Satan and have it all.”
The lust-incited pastor licked his lips at Chelsea’s totally wicked words. His cock throbbed uncontrollably as he gazed at the sight or his daughter’s dripping cunt. He continued to stare transfixed between his daughter’s young thighs at her panty-covered womanhood. Her pussy was so beautiful. He ached for it more than anything else he had ever wanted. Oh God help him he wanted to fuck his own little daughter. He licked his lips, still tasting her delicious juices, and swallowed hard.
“You do want to fuck her, don’t you Reverend Father?”
The Minister stood silently, his huge cock jutting obscenely out from his lean abdomen. He seemed hypnotized by the beauty and pure sexuality of his pre-teen daughter, who hunched back trying vainly to cover herself as her friend held her tightly in her grasp.
“Admit it. Tell satan what you really want! You want to fuck your own child, don’t you?” Chelsea bored in on the helpless Reverend.
“Yes! God help me. Her cunt is so beautiful. I need to fuck her so much. I have to fuck her!”
His daughter watched his face and heard his depraved words with a mixture of shock and, to her shame, excitement. Her eyes dropped down involuntarily and caught sight of his huge cock twitching obscenely against his stomach. Throbbing with unbridled lust and need for her — his own child. Wild thoughts raced through her brain as she saw her daddy’s cock jerk again and send another small stream of cum flowing down the thick tube toward his large testicles.
Her own father wanted to fuck her. He wanted to put his enormous hard penis into her tiny virgin pussy and spray his hot seed deep inside her. Oh God! What would it feel like to have her father’s massive penis deep inside her own little cunt? Suddenly she realized that she longed to feel the total ecstasy she saw on the wicked face of her little friend. She remembered Chelsea’s expression of pure feral pleasure while her father brought her to a screaming orgasm and his cock unleashed a torrent of hot sperm into her convulsing womb.
Oh God, she could not let herself think these awful thoughts again. She had to save him and herself from powerful influence of Lucifer. As much a reaction to her own shame as to her father’s obvious lust, she cried out.
“Daddy, don’t listen to her. She worships Satan!”
Chelsea laughed. “You’re no angel Cindy. You wanted this to happen,” she said as Cindy stared back with her mouth open in shock. “Ever since I told you about my father seducing me, you’ve kept asking me questions about what it’s like.”
Cindy was stunned. She looked at her father.
“Don’t listen to her daddy, she’s lying,” Cindy cried.
The Reverend Johnson stared hard at both girls. He tried to digest what Chelsea had said, his mind registering moral shock, but his body registering excitement at the thought of the forbidden relationship.
You have sinned against my children. Your greed has taken food from their mouths and sent them to me before their time. Now you wish to feed on your own flesh and blood. Repent your sins. Save this child.
“My God, Bill seduced you?” he heard himself ask.
His cock throbbed violently in the air, and Cindy turned her head away in shame and caught sight of the crucifix on the wall.
“Oh Daddy, she’s lying. Please … She’s lying,” cried Cindy tearing her eyes from the crucifix and staring pleadingly into her father’s face. She tried to keep her eyes off his erect cock blatantly exposed to her view.
John 14:30 – The ruler of this world is coming, and he has nothing in me.
“You know me! You know my father! You know I’m telling the truth!” said Chelsea coldly.
Both young girls watched the Reverend Johnson’s face intently. He was at the last crossroads, the last door that would close behind him forever if he walked through it. Deep in the recesses of his mind he heard a voice pleading with him to stop. Begging him to send Chelsea away and reconcile with his child. Despite the fact that he had always had demons inside him, social and religious conditioning was still at play inside his head trying to make him turn back toward righteousness.
Then the Reverend looked again at his daughter’s wet pussy. He was lost. He ached for her body, even as he fought against it. He saw her beautiful tear-stained face contorted with fear and lost innocence, and he realized he wanted to shove his rampant cock into that face. He saw her breasts heaving with emotion beneath her pure white church blouse and he knew he longed to suck on her tender young nipples. He saw her gorgeous wet pussy barely concealed by her sopping wet panties, and he knew he needed to penetrate it and feel her warm silky pussy walls urging the cum from his swollen testicles. So help him God he wanted her badly.
Every fiber of his body wanted to fuck her, and fuck her, and fuck her.
Somewhere in the deepest recesses of his mind, he could hear a voice pleading with him to stop. As he looked into his daughter’s tearful face, the voice grew louder.
Wash me thoroughly from mine iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin.
Chelsea watched the Reverend’s face intently. She saw hesitation. Was she going to lose him? She was not going to give up without a fight. He was so close now.
“If you don’t take her, she will tell your wife and your whole career will be destroyed,” Chelsea said in an excited tone.
“You will go to jail for fucking me too. Do you want that?” asked the evil girl, seeing how her words affected him.
Chelsea continued her attack much to Cindy’s horror, for she too could see that a battle was taking place inside her father’s head…a battle for his soul.
“You can have power and wealth, if you want it,” said Chelsea still holding on to Cindy who was tiring of the struggle.
“You’re asking me to rape my own daughter?” he asked, almost to himself. The statement brought renewed hope to Cindy that her father would recoil from the depravity of Chelsea’s urging and let morality and decency win out. That he would see how horrible and sinful was the deed he contemplated.
“Open your Goddamn eyes. Everyone in this town is doing it,” said Chelsea. “You want to do it. 
Do it then! Take your daughter right now and do what you will.
Cindy watched her father in shock. He was listening to Chelsea. Cindy was loosing the battle.
“Oh Daddy, I won’t tell anyone. Please send her away,” cried the helpless Cindy.
“If she doesn’t tell, I will!” said Chelsea, her face a mask of fierce determination.
He looked at her, trying to read her face to see if she was in earnest.
“I’ll do it. I’ll tell them you raped me,” said Chelsea calmly, with a wicked smile as she let go of the helpless Cindy who dissolved in tears. Chelsea stood facing the helpless reverend, feet apart, her hands on her naked hips, his sperm running down her slim legs.
“My God, she will, too,” he groaned as his hand went to touch his manhood.
Chelsea smiled.
“Not if you rape her in the name of Satan and do exactly as I say. You will be one of us and so will she. She’s dying for it, and your dumpy little wife won’t be home for three hours. She is being occupied by our brothers and sisters on church business. Don’t be afraid, this house is being guarded. No one will come near. Not even the police,” said Chelsea in a commanding voice.
He stared at Chelsea with a perplexed look on his face.
“Don’t you Goddamn understand? This was all planned. This is your test. Are you going to pass or fail?” cried Chelsea angrily, her firm little tits jiggling from the vehemence of her fierce emotions.
The Reverend looked once again at his sobbing daughter. His manhood ached for her. Chelsea was right. For years he had wanted to have sex with his daughter. He simply couldn’t admit it to himself. He had to have her. She was everything he dreamed about. There was no other way. He had to protect himself from scandal, and the old saying, if you can’t beat them, join them, echoed in his head.
“What the hell!” he grunted and advanced quickly on his daughter.
“Noooo daddy. Please don’t rape me. I’m your daughter. I’m a child!” Cindy backed against the wall, her eyes filling with piteous tears.
Take her! Yes, incest is best!
Before Cindy could do anything, her father was holding her face tightly in his hands, covering it with kisses and trying to get his tongue into her mouth. He succeeded. He felt the sweetness of her mouth as his lips crushed against hers. He saw her beautiful blue eyes well up with tears as he pressed his large and powerful body against her tiny little frame. Satan was his master now. He needed this and he would have it.
Do you renounce the evil powers of this world, which corrupt and destroy God’s creation? Luke 23:34 — Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing.
Cindy groaned as she felt his body press against hers, his hot and throbbing naked manhood standing up straight under her blouse, his precum flowing freely down her flat little belly.
While his tongue drove into her mouth his hands tore at her prim cotton blouse ripping the buttons off and displaying her bra-covered breasts. Goddamn she was so beautiful. Her tiny breasts so perfect, softly swelling beneath her pure white preteen training bra. His cock ground hard against her smooth warm tummy as she struggled against him, only increasing the wonderful friction.
Oh yes, this was good.
He had never wanted to fuck anyone in his life so much as his precious little daughter. He could smell her excited pussy juices now, feel how tiny and slim her body was as he thrust his tortured loins against her soft warm skin. Yes, this was right. She was so small, so young so pure. And he wanted to fuck her with every fiber of his being. He was past the point of no return now. He ached for his little child’s tiny pussy and the shivers of sexual longing rolled over his body as he felt his rock hard penis only inches away from what he wanted most in this world. Oh God he wanted to fuck his child so badly!
Rape her! Rape your daughter! In the name of Satan, rape her!
He tore her bra off too, and with no hesitation dropped to his knees to gaze at her naked breasts.
Oh fuck they were so perfect. Though his daughter’s tits were small and firm, her deep pink aureoles were swollen and stuck out obscenely from her tender swellings. Her nipples were large and pointed, erect and throbbing with stimulation. The minister reached out and caressed the softest, most desirable breasts he had ever seen.
“Oh God, Cindy,” her father almost cried with passion, “You tits are so beautiful, Honey. So fucking beautiful, my baby.”
The naked man then leaned forward reverently and sucked one hard pink nipple into his mouth. He felt it twitch inside his mouth as his precious baby shivered in involuntary pleasure. Damn she tasted sweet on his tongue. His child’s nipple was so firm, so sweet. He ran his tongue over and around it, sucking it and savoring the pulsing bud. The smell of her smooth fresh skin mixed with the gentle odor of her excited pussy and it filled his nostrils.
He groaned like an animal in heat. Yes! This was right. He could spend the rest of his life right here committing this heinous act over and over. God he wanted to fuck her so badly. No lust had ever felt so strong, so overpowering.
Do you believe in the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth?
You’re so close. You’re a God. Do as thou wilt. Join us, for we are millions!
Cindy was too tired to fight and she let out another loud gasp of pleasure as her father licked and sucked on her hard blood-filled nipples, which filled her with shame. She could feel his dripping cock against her legs as he feasted on one tender breast and then the other. She was horrified how good it felt to have her own father, the man she felt stood for all the good things in this world, nursing on his own daughter’s undeveloped breasts, sending the most delicious shivers to her leaking little cunt. She tried to bring herself back to reality. This was so wrong. She had to fight these wonderful evil feelings that coursed through her body.
Do you believe in Jesus Christ, the Eternal Word?
Cindy felt her father begin to shift his body as if to lift her off her feet. She knew he was trying to get her to the bed … where she knew he would penetrate her naked pussy and rape her in Satan’s name.
Get her on the bed and take her! “Exploit and consume” shall be thy motto.
Cindy felt herself being pulled towards the bed. She reached behind her and grabbed at the dressing table. Her hand closed on the handle of her father’s open brief case and she pulled it off the dresser as her father dragged her toward the bed.
He then lifted her tiny body into his arms and carried her to the bed where he laid her out. The brief case now lay open on the bed with its contents scattered all over.
Forget the hungry! Your hunger for your daughter’s body is far more important. Get those panties off her. Look at what your manhood created.
Proverbs 14:31 — Anyone who oppresses the poor is insulting God who made them. To help the poor is to honor God.
Cindy felt her father’s fingers pulling at her sopping pink cotton panties and she tried half-heatedly to stop him. He slapped her hand away, cursing, and proceeded to drag her panties down her slim thighs and over her young girlish legs. He brought them to his face and inhaled deeply, drinking in the heady scent of her gushing pussy. His cock jerked with primitive animal need. He turned and tossed the panties behind him where they landed on a portrait of his wife.
The moment had arrived. He was going to rape his own helpless child on her mother’s bed. He was going to drench her womb with his incestuous seed.
Reverend Johnson grunted like an animal as he spread his daughter’s legs wide and stared between her thighs. He stared down and was shocked by what he saw. Chelsea saw him hesitate and she too looked down between Cindy’s legs.
As her Father had pulled her panties down over her legs and turned to throw them away behind him, Cindy had swept her hand over the bed until it came to rest on some papers.
Desperately wanting to cover herself she had clutched a small piece of paper and used it to try and cover her womanhood. Now she saw her father staring at the paper and she noticed his hesitation.
Amos 5:12 — For many and great are your sins. I know them all so well. You are the enemies of everything good; you take bribes; you refuse justice to the poor.
Cindy looked up at her father. His face was still contorted with lust. His hairy chest still heaved with passion. She avoided looking between her father’s legs, but she knew his large penis was rampant with lust for her. However, she saw something in his eyes…some piece of his soul, which still remained alive inside him.
The Reverend Johnson stared down between his daughter’s legs. He felt strong sexual and evil powers run through his body especially his manhood, which continued to throb with lust and drip hot sperm onto his daughters trembling thighs.
By all accounts he should have been on her, raping her, rutting into her as he desperately needed to. He certainly wanted to force his daughter’s legs apart and commit incestuous sin with her. He could feel pleasure wash over him as he heard the devil goading him on.
But he hesitated.
The newspaper picture his daughter used to cover herself made him hesitate. The picture was of a small child from Ethiopia. The child was starving to death. All around Cindy’s body, pictures of starving children lay all over the bed. Their eyes looked up at him pleadingly. He looked back between his daughter’s legs. Satan began to work hard on his mind.
Fuck the poor. They die all the time. You can’t save them. Are you going to allow this chance to pass? Here lies your daughter, ready to rape in my name. Her cunt is naked and dripping with juice for your cock to enjoy. Take her. Rip that picture of the weak from her juicy cunt and bury yourself inside her. Give yourself the pleasure you have always wanted. Her pussy is wet for you.
Now is the time.
Chelsea looked at the Reverend Johnson. She began to laugh. Her laughter filled the room. Then she suddenly stopped and glared at him.
“What are you waiting for? Rape her!! Are you afraid of a picture? I know how little you care for the poor and hungry. Don’t let these weaklings take away from your pleasure…the greatest pleasure you’ll have in your life. Listen to me! Listen to Satan!”
Cindy saw her father’s hesitation and she realized what had happened. She knew that Jesus had helped her … that he had answered her prayers. She looked up at her father, her chest heaving with emotion. Tears welled up in her eyes. She began to open her trembling lips to speak to him.
“I love you daddy. Please don’t hurt me … don’t be evil. Send her away,” she said in the pleading voice of a small child.
He looked down at her and he felt the power of Christ come over him. Unlike his daughter, he knew the full meaning of Chelsea’s words. But instead of persuading him to commit more sin, Chelsea’s words had the opposite effect. He was filled with shame. He had sinned enough and the powerful lust that had threatened to consume his mind and body began to subside.
“My God,” he whispered. “My God, what have I done?” he gasped as tears filled his eyes.
Beside them, Chelsea stood consumed with rage. All her hard work was coming to naught. She had him. He was so close to committing incest with his daughter. Now she could feel the presence of her enemy…the room was filled with Christ’s love and it enraged her.
In a desperate effort, she lunged at Cindy trying to snatch the picture away from the young child’s womanhood. Cindy screamed for her father.
The Reverend Johnson hesitated for just a second. He felt anger build up in him and he leapt at Chelsea, pushing her away from his daughter and hard against the wall.
“Leave her alone you evil girl,” he roared.
His anger was directed as much at himself as to the thirteen-year-old girl.
“You’re evil, Chelsea. You’re evil personified. How does a thirteen-year-old girl get to be so evil?” he asked … his voice trembling with anger.
James 4:7 — Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.
Chelsea shook with rage. She shook herself free from his grasp. She was losing, but she was not beaten yet. Before, she had used Satan’s greatest weapon… lust. Now she would use another of his weapons … fear.
Chelsea glared at the Reverend and Cindy, who had gotten off the bed and was now standing, behind her father. The young girl reached out to her father and held his hand.
“Get her back on that bed and worship Satan, damn you!” yelled Chelsea.
“You’re a sick girl, Chelsea. You ought to get help,” said the Reverend sternly.
He was now aware of his nakedness and he moved to a chair where he grabbed his pants and began to pull them on. Cindy stayed close to her father, basking in the shadow of his moral strength. She knew Jesus was with him now and armed with the grace of God, her father would protect the sanctity of her body and her innocence.
“If you don’t have sex with your daughter, I’ll tell the police you raped me. I told you before. I’ll destroy you. We own this town. If you don’t join us…we’ll destroy you. It’s simple. Now get her back on that bed,” yelled Chelsea.
Cindy felt her heart fall into her stomach. She could see her father’s shoulders slump. She squeezed his hand. Chelsea could see him weaken. She smelled blood and she moved in for the kill.
“There’s also the charity. I’m sure people would be shocked to hear about that,” she smirked at
Cindy glared at Chelsea. “Everything you say is all lies,” she said, defending her father.
Chelsea smiled wickedly. She stood defiantly erect and shamelessly naked in front of them both, legs apart, hands on hips. She was in control again. Her eyes bored into those of her friend.
“I am telling the truth Cindy. Ask your daddy about all the money he has stolen from these sub-humans,” she said, bending down to pick up a picture and slowly crumpling it in her hand. She threw it at the Reverend who stared down at the floor.
Cindy looked at her father. He seemed ashamed and totally lost. For what seemed like ages there was silence in the room. The Reverend stood staring at the floor.
He was at the crossroads now. He could sell his soul to Satan or go to jail. Inside his head, he heard a voice getting louder and louder until it was blaring in his skull. He felt his daughter’s warm arms around him as she clung to him for moral support. He felt those soft breasts against his skin and the gentle tickle of her fine blonde hair against his chest. He looked down and saw her perfect ass and the gentle sway of her back as she held him and begged him to do the right thing. She felt so good against his body. She smelled so sweet and fresh.
Fuck her! In the Name of Satan Fuck Her!
Reverend Johnson felt the lust for his young child begin to overpower his feelings of guilt. He could have it all. He could live out his wildest dream right now. Chelsea smiled wickedly and ran her hands sensuously over her own body, giving the holy father all the suggestion he needed.
Then she saw his prick throb back to life and jut out in front of him.
She gave thanks to her master. She had won.
“Rape her, Reverend. Rape her so good she likes it,” said Chelsea.
“Noooooooooo,” cried Cindy as her father pulled her to him.
“No Daddy, please don’t. Let Jesus save you. Please don’t rape your only child. Don’t rape me Daddy. God no.”
The Reverend Johnson quickly picked up his daughter’s small naked body, stimulated by her piteous cries. He carried her to her mother’s bed where he once again laid her out. He grunted like an animal as he spread her legs wide and finally gazed directly at her wet, warm and very juicy pussy. It was the most beautiful and lewd sight he had ever seen. His own child’s hairless pussy lips beckoned to him with a power no religion in the world could stop.
Her mound pushed out in a sexy pout and her dark pink inner lips peeked out from within, seeming to call out to lust-bloated cock. Her clit was barely visible, throbbing with need.
“Oh Jesus! Cindy Your pussy is so fucking beautiful. I need you so much, honey. I just have to fuck you.”
With another groan of animal need, he lowered his head and kissed his way over her baby-soft tummy which was shaking with fear and excitement. His lips traveled down until they kissed her smooth hairless mound and then between her spread thighs, inhaling the intoxicating fragrance of her still-gushing pussy. The smooth bald lips puffed out obscenely and he covered them with little kisses, making Cindy shudder and moan out unconsciously as little jolts of pleasure coursed through her loins.
Her baby pussy entranced him; it was so fresh and young and perfect. Finally, he touched his tongue to her gaping little pussy slit. Immediately Cindy’s body convulsed with powerful feelings of pleasure that shot through her small body. Without thinking, she opened her legs wider to her father’s probing tongue.
Somewhere in the back of her mind Cindy new this was so evil. she was lying in the bed of her dear Mom and her father was kissing and licking at her private parts as her best friend looked on.
But she was also thrilled that her father found her so desirable. She had never thought for a minute about her own pussy, but her father was worshiping it, almost in tears with need for it.
He loved her baby pussy. He was crying out that it was beautiful. He needed it. It was all so wrong, so bad, and yet Cindy’s breath became ragged and she moaned with the pleasure of her father’s tongue as he worshiped her most sacred place.
The delirious father began to lick madly at her juicy young cunt, drinking in the delicious juices that started to flow from it. Cindy, despite her shame and horror at what her father was doing, felt her body begin to react with pleasure. Her young hips began to twitch and move in little circles.
Unconsciously, she hunched her hips up toward him in a lewd fucking motion to give him easier access to her throbbing vaginal depths. When she felt his warm tongue plunge deeply into her, she screamed out.
“Daddy, Oh God my Daddy!”
Nothing in her experience had ever felt this good. Hot shivers streaked up and down her body as her own father’s thick tongue squirmed inside her clenching vagina and sought out her flood of juice.
Cindy instinctively raised her perfect little ass off the bed as her pussy went in search of more of her father’s tongue. She wanted it deeper. Oh God this felt so good to the young girl. She never knew her own body could give her such pleasure. Her own tentative experiments had never hinted at this kind of joyous sensation. Her hips soon began to churn wantonly, heaving off the mattress in search of even more stimulation. Her small breasts burned with excitement, her sensitive nipples almost glowing with need. As her father feasted on her cunt, she felt a mouth close around the nipple of her right breast. She opened her eyes to see Chelsea sucking on it greedily. Her eyes met those of the wicked girl and something passed between them. Chelsea had made this evil pleasure possible. She loved Chelsea.
Cindy grunted as her Father’s tongue fucked her. She felt Chelsea shift her body and before she knew it, she was receiving the wicked girl’s tongue into her mouth. Cindy felt herself give way to the sea of pleasure that now engulfed her. Within seconds her own tongue began to play with Chelsea’s as her friend’s fingers pulled hard on her erect nipples. Cindy now felt sensation racing all over her body as every inch shuddered in unbridled delight.
“What’s it like to have your daddy eat your cunt?” Chelsea whispered as she swirled her tongue inside the beautiful little girl’s ear.
“Oh God! I feel so good. So good everywhere. I don’t want it to ever stop,” the child cried out, not even thinking of her words – just reacting to the overpowering feelings her Daddy was giving to her spasming cunt.
The room filled with the sound of slurping and moaning and grunting. Cindy gave herself up to the swirling tides of pleasure that coursed through her small body. She knew it was hell, but it felt like heaven. Little orgasms erupted all over body: her immature breasts swelled with excitement as Chelsea sucked and bit down gently on her puffy nipples. Her cunt flooded her father’s mouth, the luscious taste of her juices raising his lust to an unbearable need.
Chelsea kissed her friend on the mouth, then on her neck and then down to her swollen nipples again.
“Now you are one of us. Now you know how good Satan can make you feel.
Cindy moaned as she felt her body ache with lust. The sensations were building deep inside her body again. Her father moved up her slit and found her swollen clit and sucked it into his mouth.
Her hips suddenly shot off the bed and her hands pulled her father’s face tightly against her slick juicy pussy. Her father sucked and sucked on her tender little clit and swirled it around in his mouth. As her father bit down gently on his daughter’s inflamed clit, a huge orgasm shook her little body from head to toe.
“Jesus,” she screamed at the top of her lungs, not caring if the whole world heard her. “Daddy Eat Me! Eat my cunt, eat it! Oh God I’m cumming!” she cried out remembering Chelsea’s obscene description of this vulgar act that now thrilled her to her core.
She was caught up with the sheer evil of it. Her own righteous father, a respected minister was kneeling between her legs and madly licking at her private parts, and instead of being repelled by it, she thrilled by the powerful feelings that crashed over her. Until today, she had never imagined something like this. Now she was in ecstasy, knowing that her own handsome father was giving her these wonderful feelings. It was so bad. So terribly sinful and wicked. And yet it felt so good she could not stop. Juices flowed from her hot cunt onto her father’s lips and face, as he greedily lapped up every drop he could.
He too was insane with fuck lust. Her pussy was so sweet and hot and juicy. He had to take her now. He had to fuck her. The taste of her was making him crazy with need. He loved her tiny child pussy more than anything in the world. It was so smooth and tiny. It smelled and tasted so good. And it gripped his long tongue with a hot clenching that made him mad to fuck her. He needed to feel his own huge cock inside this gorgeous pussy. His own daughter’s tiny pussy.
Never in all the times he had thought about her sexually did he ever imagine that her pussy would be so sexy, so beautiful, so desirable. Oh Satan, you have given me more pleasure than I ever imagined.
Chelsea watched intently, her own pussy burning with desire around three of her own fingers.
Cindy’s body shook a few more times as smaller orgasms floated through her nervous system and then she lay still and content as her father continued his greedy lapping. When he had licked her clean of pussy juice, he stared up at his daughter’s heaving chest and caught Chelsea’s eye. She smiled her evil seductive grin for a moment. Then she leaned forward slightly and hissed at him.
“Fuck her! Fuck her! Fuck her in the name of Lucifer!”
“Fuck yeah … Oh Jesus yeah,” he groaned.
Without hesitation he crawled up over his beautiful daughter and he groaned again with animal lust as he felt a demonic power surge within him. He looked down at the body of his daughter and saw her beautiful blue eyes — looking hungrily up at him as though he were a God.

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