Feature Writer: The Greek

Feature Title: Hitching a Ride to Murder

Published: 05.07.2009

Story Codes: Lesbian, Snuff, Virginity

Synopsis: A hitchhiker gets more than he bargained for when he gets picked up by a beautiful woman

Hitching a Ride to Murder

Hitching a ride is a lost art these days. Almost nobody tries, mainly because almost nobody will take a chance on picking up a hitchhiker any more. Too many lurid stories about what can happen to the unsuspecting motorist. Or the unsuspecting hitcher. I certainly had no idea of what the consequences were going to be when I decided to try thumbing a ride back from Des Moines to California.

I was thirty-five at the time, and had been working some construction jobs in the Midwest. It was Fall now, about time for the snow to start to fall and the construction season to grind to a halt, so I was ready to head home to California. My pickup was pretty much on its last legs, so I decided to sell it and take alternative transportation home. The hitchhiking idea was pretty much a lark. I had plenty of money from the jobs I’d been doing, so if I didn’t get a ride I could pay for a plane, or bus, or whatever.

I didn’t know exactly what to expect when I planted myself on the on-ramp to Interstate 80 that September day. I’m 6’2″, about 200 pounds, and look like what I am, a manual laborer who can take care of himself. I wasn’t sure if that would be reassuring to drivers who might see me or not. About the last thing I expected was to see a Mercedes pull over. Not just any Mercedes, either, but a shiny new one that I knew set the owner back at least a hundred grand. I walked over, opened the door, and looked inside.

“Where are you headed?” It was a woman behind the wheel, black hair just short of shoulder-length, olive complexion, absolutely gorgeous, at least at first glance.


She raised her eyebrows and smiled. “Where abouts? It’s a big state, you know.”

I chuckled. “It is. Modesto is home, but I’ll settle for any place close.”

“Hop in. I’m headed for Marin County. I can at least get you all the way out 80 to Sacramento. I’m Maria, by the way.”

“Nick. And thanks for the ride. I wasn’t sure if anybody’d stop.”

“I like to live dangerously.” She said that with a grin that was almost a smirk. I probably should have paid more attention to that.

I got a better look at her as she drove. Late twenties, maybe thirty. Long straight nose, sensuous mouth with full lips. Dark eyes to match the dark hair, so dark they were almost black instead of brown. Her eyes and complexion hinted at a background that wasn’t entirely Anglo, Chicano maybe, or even something like Iranian, I couldn’t be sure. I was definitely right about the gorgeous part. And every bit as elegant and expensive as the car she was driving. She was wearing a black dress, scooped low in the front, mid-thigh as she sat in the car. It showed off just enough to let me know that her body was every bit as hot as her face. I was afraid this could get uncomfortable if I had to look at that all the way to California.

“So, I thought I’d make it a three-day run. Stop in Cheyenne and Salt Lake City. That sound okay to you?” She had the kind of low, smoky, Peggy Lee/Lauren Bacall voice that I can’t resist. She also seemed to be completely relaxed, even though she was sharing the car with somebody who might have been an ax murderer for all she knew.

“Fine by me. Besides, it’s your car, I’m not in any position to complain.” She grinned and chuckled a little at that.

“You’re right, but I always try to be polite.”

Maria fired up a CD. Frank Sinatra, which surprised me a little from someone her age. But she did seem like the type who would like the classics, in just about any field. We spent the next couple of hours talking lightly about ourselves. I told her about the wonders of traveling the country in search of construction work. She was a magazine editor, did a little writing on the side. I figured that must be some magazine if she could afford a car like this on the salary. I must have looked a little skeptical.

“My parents made a fortune in real estate in California, and then invested it all in the stock market. I was the only child. I really don’t have to work if I don’t want to, but I’d go nuts if I just sat around all day.”

“So, what kind of writing do you do?” She didn’t seem nervous at all about telling me where her money came from, but it made me a little uncomfortable, so I decided to change the subject.

“Oh, just some romance fiction. You know, girlie stuff.” It was the first time she’d seem hesitant to talk about anything. I figured she was embarrassed about her writing – either thought it wasn’t good enough, or that the kind of writing she did wasn’t serious enough. I let it drop, and we went on to another subject.

We pulled into a rest stop after a couple of hours to stretch and get something to drink. That gave me the first chance to see Maria out of the car. She looked just as good on her feet as she did sitting behind the wheel. About 5’8″, long, slim legs. In fact, slim was a good description of her body in general. Definitely a woman, with curves where they should be, but with the long Super-Model look. I was likely to be a real mess by the time I got home.

Around Noon we stopped again, to grab something to eat. When we headed back to the car after lunch, Maria said, “You want to drive for a while? I get kind of stiff sitting there that long.”

“Sure, if you want to trust me with that beast. Remember, I’m used to a beat-up old pickup.”

“Oh, I think you can handle it.” She gave me a wicked grin that made my think she was talking about more than the car. Yeah, right, man, more money than God and she goes around picking up construction workers for fun. Sure.

Not long after we started back up Maria reclined the back of her seat and fell asleep. Guess she really was worn out from the driving. I made good time while she was sleeping; the Mercedes liked cruising at eighty or ninety miles an hour, and in that part of the country there’s not much traffic to worry about. Every so often I’d look over at Maria, in that slinky black dress, and then have to think about something disgusting for a while to calm my dick down. I didn’t want her waking up and seeing me with a raging hard-on. Not to mention the fact that driving that way isn’t exactly comfortable.

We were almost to Cheyenne by the time Maria woke up. She stretched before she put her seat back up, and I had to worry about the condition of my dick again. She put on another CD, I think this one was Tony Bennett, and we didn’t say much until we got close enough to Cheyenne to start looking for some place to stay for the night.

“Should we save some money and just get one room?”

“Sure.” I glanced over at her and she was wearing a Cheshire Cat grin. Well, I hadn’t been hallucinating when I thought she was giving me hints. I was pretty sure she wasn’t really worried about how much she spent on a hotel room.

We found a place that looked fairly high-class – Cheyenne’s not exactly fancy-hotel heaven – got checked in and headed for the room. Like I said, Maria had dropped a couple of hints in the car, so I wasn’t completely surprised that something would happen. But no way was I prepared for this.

I’d barely gotten my backpack tossed on a chair when Maria was on her knees in front of me. She hit my cock like a wild animal devouring its prey. Her mouth was on me almost before she’d managed to get my dick out of my pants. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d had a blowjob like that. Her lips and tongue were devouring the head of my cock, while her fingers stroked the shaft. Her other hand was on my balls, squeezing them, rolling them around each other, pulling them. It was just short of being painful and absolutely incredible. She took about half my dick into her mouth and started to really suck. I watched her cheeks hollow as she made me feel like my balls were going to shoot through my cock.

Then, just as I was sure I couldn’t last much longer, she released my dick, popped up to her feet, and swept her dress off, over her head in one motion. She had on absolutely nothing underneath. I took in her breasts, nice C-cup standing out firm by themselves, and her pussy, shaved clean. She was breathing heavily and had an expression on her face that almost defied description. Partly the wild animal she’d seemed before, and partly, well, somebody who was a little bit unhinged.

“Eat me!” It was a command as much as anything, and was followed by her dropping onto her back on the bed. Well, who was I to disobey? I dove into her pussy face-first, spreading her lips with my fingers, lashing her with my tongue. She smelled and tasted every bit as good as she looked. I slipped my tongue inside her, pulled back and licked up and down her slit several times. She was whimpering, her body was beginning to jerk. On one stroke, my tongue flicked up against her clit and she gasped, grabbed my head and forced my face tighter against her. I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked it into my mouth.

“Oh fuck yes!” Her body went rigid, then her back arched up off the bed. “Huhn, huhn, huhn!” She shook, stiffened again, then slumped back on the bed. I stood up, looked down at her on the bed, smiling up at me, and made record time in getting my clothes off. I stepped over, guided the head of my cock to her pussy, and drove in; reached up and began playing with her tits as I fucked her. I had big plans about making her cum again before filling her up with mine, but that was a lost cause. The blowjob she’d given me had my cock ready to explode, and the smell and taste of her pussy hadn’t calmed it down any. Within a few strokes, I felt my balls start to twitch.

“Shit, I’m going to cum!” It was a low grunt. Maria leaned her head back and closed her eyes as I pumped her full of my semen. When I finished, I backed away and gave her a sheepish grin

“Sorry about that. Guess you just had me too riled up.”

“That’s okay. You got me off.” Yeah, I had. I was sure that she’d cum, hadn’t been faking it. But in spite of that, and the wild ferocity I’d seen in her, I was certain that it hadn’t been completely satisfying for her. There’d been something missing, and I couldn’t figure out what it was.

I thought I knew the next morning. We hadn’t really done anything more that night. Relaxed a bit, ordered room service, then crashed early. What the ten hours in the car hadn’t taken out of us, the sex had. In the morning, we grabbed some coffee and doughnuts and hit the road. I was taking the first shift driving and as I pulled onto the ramp to Interstate 80 I saw a girl standing with her thumb out. Couldn’t tell how old, but she looked fairly young. I glanced over at Maria, and she nodded. I pulled over next to the hitchhiker.

As we’d gotten closer and I had a better look I could see the girl was one of those who could have been anywhere between twelve and eighteen. Not too tall, maybe 5’2″ or 5’3″, thin, with narrow hips, but definitely defined tits, a good B-cup. She had the look that I still call “Goth,” but usually gets referred to as “Emo” these days. Pale skin, straight black hair framing her face, a black choker around her throat. She was dressed in black, too, a T-shirt and a pretty short skirt that showed off most of her thighs. Small ring through her right nostril And her eyes were circled by just about enough eyeliner, mascara, and shadow to make her resemble a very pale raccoon. Nonetheless, she was very pretty.

It was pretty obvious that Maria thought so, too. In fact, it was pretty obvious Maria thought this girl had something that I didn’t. I’ve known plenty of bi-sexual women. Most of them can cum with a man or a woman, but just about all of them have one gender that they prefer. At that point it looked like Maria’s preference was for women.

Maria rolled down her window and the girl leaned in. “Where are you headed, honey?”

“Anyplace the fuck away from here!” I could understand that. Cheyenne, Wyoming, was probably not the ideal place for a girl who looked like her.

“We’re going to California, you interested?” I could almost see Maria’s mind working over the possibilities. I swear she actually licked her lips in anticipation.

“Shit, yeah, I’m down for that.” She opened the back door and climbed in, dragging her backpack with her.

Maria introduced us, and the girl told us her name was Becky. When Maria asked her why she was leaving home, Becky went on something of a rant.

“My parents are lame, the school is lame, the other kids are lame, the whole fucking town is lame. God, the whole fucking state is lame. I don’t know how they expect anybody to live here. I’ve just got to get someplace where you can find something to do besides watch a bunch of fucking hicks ride horses.” There was actually more, she went on for some time. I tuned her out after a while, just concentrated on my driving. Maria had a sardonic smile on her face the whole time. She was probably thinking about what she could do with this little thing when we got a hotel for the night.

The rest of the ride for the day alternated between Becky rambling about either how much her life so far sucked or what she was going to do when she got to California, and dead silence. Neither Maria nor I could come up with much to say to Becky and Maria apparently decided, wisely in my opinion, not to tempt fate by putting on a Sinatra or Bennett CD to see what Becky’s reaction would be. I suffered in silence. I was still getting a free ride back home, after all. I guessed Maria just kept thinking about what Becky would look like with her clothes off. During one rest stop break in the middle of the day, Maria and I looked at each other and just started laughing.

We got into Salt Lake City about 4:00. That was the shortest leg of the trip, only about 450 miles. The other two were over 600 each. Thing’s aren’t quite the way they used to be, but Utah, with its ties to the Mormon Church, is still the closest thing to a theocracy that exists in the United States. And the Church was unlikely to take kindly to people like us. So we found a hotel and settled in for the night, with an unspoken understanding that we weren’t going anywhere else.

I’d been wondering how Maria was going to approach Becky once we got into the room. I didn’t have to wait long to find out. Maria just walked over, took Becky’s head in her hands, and pressed her lips to the girl’s mouth. I saw Becky jerk a little, probably surprised by what Maria was doing, but then she relaxed and I could tell that the two women’s tongues were dancing. There were soft moans and squeaks coming from them.

Maria definitely had a different touch with Becky than she’d shown with me the night before. She gently brushed Becky’s hair out of the way and began kissing the girl’s throat, licking it, then sucking lightly. Becky tilted her head back and closed her eyes. Maria’s hands went to Becky’s waist, slid up her sides, pushing her T-shirt up as she caressed Becky’s skin. Maria had to back away slightly as she pulled the T-shirt up over Becky’s head, and the two of them looked at each other, Maria with pure lust in her eyes, similar to what she’d shown with me, but different somehow. Becky’s expression was a combination of need, curiosity, and maybe a little fear. I was pretty sure this was the first time she’d been with another woman, and thought she just might be a virgin. Becky wasn’t wearing a bra, and I got a good look at her tits, small but nicely shaped, curving out and up from her thin chest.

Don’t think I was just standing there putting together an intellectual analysis of the two of them. I’d started to undo my pants as soon as their lips touched, and by now I had my cock in my hand and was stroking away happily.

After she dropped Becky’s T-shirt onto the floor, Maria reached behind her, unzipped her dress (oh yeah, she was wearing a flowery-print sun dress today) and let it drop to the floor. Becky took in Maria’s naked body and the need started to overcome the fear and curiosity. Maria stepped back over to Becky, cupped her hands under the girl’s breasts, and dropped her face to them. She nuzzled between Becky’s tits for a few seconds, then moved her mouth to Becky’s right breast, wrapped her lips around the hard brown nipple, and began to suck. Becky’s head leaned back again and she let out a low moan. I stroked harder on my cock. I’d never watched anything so sexy in my life.

While she was sucking on Becky’s nipple, Maria used one hand to unzip the girl’s skirt, letting it fall to the ground. Maria wasn’t the only one who didn’t use underwear. I could see that Becky’s pubic area was covered with a light fuzz of brown hair. I decided her age was probably toward the lower end of my original range. Not that I cared. I was too busy watching her get initiated into lesbian sex to worry about how old she was, or much of anything else. Becky’s body jerked again when she felt Maria’s touch between her legs, then I saw her hips buck forward and heard her give a loud gasp, followed by a moan. I knew Maria’s finger was in her pussy.

Maria finger-fucked Becky for a few seconds, still sucking on her tit, and Becky’s head was just sort of rolling around loose on her neck. Then Maria wrapped her arms around the girl, picked her up, and carried her to the bed, where she dropped her on her back. Becky looked up with a quizzical look on her face, not quite sure what was coming next. She didn’t have to wait long. In a split second, Maria’s face was between Becky’s legs, and the girl was twitching and moaning as she had her pussy licked, probably for the first time.

I was wondering about what to do next. I didn’t know if I wanted to cum watching them or not, didn’t know what might come after. I stopped stroking my dick and slowly peeled off my clothes, deciding there was no reason I should be the only one in the room who was dressed. I couldn’t actually see Maria’s mouth and fingers working on Becky’s pussy, they were positioned so that Maria’s head was in the way, but I didn’t much care. I was seeing plenty.

Becky’s arms were stretched out across the bed, and she was clawing at the covers with her fingers. Here head was thrashing from side to side, her eyes sometimes closed, sometimes half open. She was moaning, gasping, mewling like a kitten.

“Fuck, what – OH GOD!” Becky’s body arched up off the bed, the whole length of her, so that only her heels and the back of her head were still touching the bed. Maria had to hold onto her to keep from being thrown off. She collapsed back down to the bed, Maria’s mouth still fastened on her pussy, and gave several jerks, letting out a little squeal with each one. Then she went limp as Maria lifted her head away from the girl’s crotch.

Maria knelt on the end of the bed for a minute or two, letting Becky recuperate from what was almost certainly her first orgasm. Then she leaned over, shook Becky’s shoulder, and said, “Okay, now you get to do me.”

Becky opened her eyes with a look of horror. “I can’t do that to another girl!”

“Sure you can. Just do what I did to you. You don’t think you’re the only one that’s going to get off tonight, do you? And while you do it, I’m going to suck Nick’s cock. He needs it after all that jerking off watching us.” With that, she flipped Becky around on the bed so her head was toward the foot, crouched over the girl’s face, and motioned me to come over to where she could reach my dick.

I stepped over and watched half my cock disappear into Maria’s mouth, while she used her hand on the bottom of the shaft. It was the same technique as the night before, but much less frenetic this time. Maria purred around my cock, sending a shiver through me. Becky must have put her mouth against Maria’s pussy. As Maria sucked me, I watched her humping her pelvis against Becky’s face, and I could see Becky’s hands running up and down her own body. Maria’s lips and tongue were doing wonderful things to my cock, while one hand stroked the base and the other played with my balls. She was also moaning while Becky ate her, which made her mouth vibrate and did that much more for my dick.

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold out much longer. I’d had too much stimulation, manual and visual, already. But then I got an extra treat. Maria started to shake, ready to cum herself. When she did, she let go of my cock and balls, and grabbed my hips to try to steady herself. And the next time I humped forward into her mouth with my hips, my cock drove all the way back into her throat. She gagged, and the feel of her throat closing over the head of my cock started my orgasm. My semen blasted out of my balls though my cock and straight down Maria’s throat into her stomach. Not that she cared, since she was busy with her own orgasm at the time, holding onto my hips for all she was worth so she didn’t fall off the bed. I was grunting, but poor Maria couldn’t make much noise with my cock down her throat. Finally, we both finished, and I took Maria’s shoulders to help her get up off of Becky’s face. Maria gave Becky a big smile.

“Thought you said you couldn’t do that?”

“I did okay, then?”

“Yeah, honey, you were great.” But again, when I looked at Maria, I got the feeling that there was still something lacking for her. It wasn’t having a woman, I’d been wrong about that. But there was definitely something else that Maria needed to make her sexual experience complete.

The rest of the night was pretty tame, dinner (room service again), then basically collapsing into bed. The trip the next day would be the longest of the three days, and we all wanted to get an early start. I was looking forward to getting home, and I was also looking forward to what Maria was hinting might be a treat when we go to her house – we’d decided we were going there first when we got to California. I could get home from there, and Becky would have to decide where she was going.

The next morning we got started early. I got the first shift driving, and there was something different. Instead of Maria riding in the front with me, she was in the back with Becky. I could see them in the mirror while I drove and they were whispering and giggling like a couple of teenage girls. I was a little surprised about that, at least from Maria, who certainly hadn’t struck me as the type. A couple of times I saw them glancing up at me with conspiratorial looks on their faces. I tried to ignore them. I was honestly feeling a little pissed off about the night before. I’d been hoping to get a piece of Becky, and Maria had kept her for herself. Not that I hadn’t enjoyed watching the two of them, of course, and getting blown by Maria was spectacular, but I was really in the mood for a little something extra. Oh, well, anything was really a bonus compared to what I’d had to look forward to when I planted myself on the on-ramp to hitch home.

After a while I glanced in the mirror and saw Maria and Becky playing tonsil-hockey, their hands running all over each other. I felt my cock twitch – and immediately put my eyes back on the road. As much as I would have liked to spend some time watching those two, I really wasn’t in the mood to wreck somebody else’s very expensive vehicle. Keep your mind on your business and your dick in your pants.

The next time I looked back, they were done with making out. The two of them were sitting primly, holding hands, with shit-eating grins on their faces. Looked liked they’d had fun.

“Hey, Nick, why don’t we pull off at the next rest stop so we can take a break.”

“Sure.” I was ready, we’d been on the road for a couple of hours, and I could stand to stretch and take a leak. It was another twenty miles or so before we hit a rest stop. I parked, got out and did some stretching and bending to loosen up my muscles. I’m not used to sitting that long.

Becky bounced off toward the rest room. Maria said she’d be there in a minute, and walked over to me, ran a finger teasingly down my cheek, over my jaw, and along my throat. That was something new from her, too.

“Did you like the show in the car?” She was almost purring in the low voice of hers.

“I, uh, tried to ignore it. Didn’t want to wrap us around a tree.”

“Too bad. Well, it’s your turn next. I’ll drive this shift. Just don’t fuck her in the car. She’s a virgin, and I want to save that for my house.” She winked at me and walked off to join Becky in the rest room. I wondered what she was up to, and wondered again just what else it was she needed from sex.

I headed for the men’s room to piss, fighting off the urge to jerk off. Too many cameras in those public rest rooms. I was going to be a mess by the time we got to Maria’s house.

We piled back into the car for the next stint. Like Maria had said, she took the wheel, and motioned me into the back seat with Becky. As soon as we were out on the freeway, Becky cuddled up next to me, pressing her shoulder against mine, and lifted her face to me. I was in no mood to let something like that go by. I pulled her face to mine, pressed my mouth against hers. I felt her lips part, and I slid my tongue into her mouth, started exploring it, tasting her, rolling my tongue over hers. She tasted sweet, but acted anything but. She sucked on my tongue like a vampire going after blood. She took my hand in hers, guided it between her legs. I slipped my hand under her skirt (the same one she’d had on the day before, but with a tank top this time), and she spread her legs. I brushed my fingertips over her pussy lips, and she purred. I put the tip of my middle finger against the bottom of her slit and teased her, running it to the top of her slit and back down again, not entering her, not even spreading her lips, just gliding my finger along the outside. Becky let me do that a couple of times before she thrust her hips out, practically sucking my finger into her pussy. She leaned her head back away from me, letting it loll against the seat back, her eyes half closed. I began finger-fucking her.

Her pussy was tight and wet, just the way I’d imagined it. And hot, very hot. I started driving my finger in and out of her fast and hard, and she was humping her hips out against my hand to meet every stroke. She was biting on her lower lip to keep from making too much noise, although I wasn’t quite sure. Maybe she didn’t want to distract Maria from her driving. The two of them hadn’t made much noise when they were making out in the back seat.

I set my mouth against Becky’s throat, licking the top of it, and along the underside of her jaw. She put her hands on my head, guided me lower on her throat. I licked, sucked the skin of her throat in between my lips. I felt her twitch, then she pushed my face down farther, to her chest. I licked, moved to the top of her tits, which were showing above her tank top. While I ran my tongue and lips over the swell of her small tits, Becky reached to her shoulder and pulled down the strap of her top, baring her left breast for me. I sucked it into my mouth, raking my teeth over her soft flesh as I rolled my tongue around the hard little nipple. Then I moved back slightly, taking the nipple in my teeth, chewing it lightly. Becky’s hands were back on my head now, holding me against her.

“Hunh hunh hunh hunh hunh, mmmmmm.” I could feel Becky’s body tensing, ready for an orgasm. I plunged my finger as deep into her pussy as I could, pressed down hard on her clit with my thumb, and bit her nipple. She trembled, and I could feel the muscles of her cunt pulsing around my finger.

“Aaaaahhhhh.” It was a long sigh/gasp as the orgasm rippled through her body. She relaxed back against the seat, pulled my face to her and gave me another big kiss. Then she put her mouth to my ear and whispered.

“Maria said you like to have your cock sucked. But she said I had to swallow it, so I don’t make a mess in the car. Is that okay?”

“Yeah, baby, that’s just fine.” I chuckled a little at the thought of a girl worrying if swallowing was okay.

Becky unfastened my jeans and pulled my cock out of my boxers. Just before she bent over me, she said, “I’ve never done this before, I hope I do it right.”

I chuckled again. “You’ll do just fine. And it probably won’t take long for me to cum. I about ready now.” No shit. I’d felt like I was going to shoot in my pants without ever touching myself while I finger-fucking Becky.

She dropped her face into my lap and licked up and down the shaft of my cock a couple of times. I had feeling that Maria had given her some pointers on what do with a dick. Then she opened wide and took as much of my cock into her mouth as she could, which was about half of it. She bobbed her head up and down, running her tongue along the shaft as it moved in and out. I shifted a little so her tongue was moving along the underside where is was most sensitive. For somebody who’d never given head before, she was doing great. A couple of times her teeth raked across my skin, making me twitch a little.

I was right about not taking long. After just a couple of minutes I could feel my balls starting to give the familiar signals. I held Becky’s head with my hands so she didn’t pull away when she felt my cum in her mouth, and said softly, “I’m ready to cum now, baby.”

Seconds later the first shot of cum poured out of my cock into Becky’s mouth. She jerked a little when she felt that first blast, but then started gulping it down like little trooper. I pumped a lot of semen into the little girl’s mouth, and she swallowed every bit of it. I slumped back against the seat, worn out. Becky helped get my cock back into my boxers, and I fastened my pants. Then Becky curled back up against me again and whispered into ear.

“I can’t wait til I can have that in me instead of your finger.” So, Maria must have been telling Becky about her big plans for the night, too.

The rest of the ride back to Marin was pretty uneventful. Partly we were tired and just wanted to be off the road, partly it was just the anticipation of what was going to happen when we got back. We ate on the way so we wouldn’t have anything extra to do when we got back.

It was almost 9:00 by the time we pulled into Maria’s driveway. She’d been driving that last segment, so she wouldn’t have to give directions once we were off the freeway. I gave a low whistle as we pulled in. The house definitely went along with the car. That size, in that neighborhood, I was guessing it was in the seven-figure range. I decided I’d better enjoy whatever happened tonight, because this woman was definitely out of my league for anything more.

Maria pulled into the garage, which looked as big as some houses I’d lived in, although there were no other cars. We piled out of the car, collected our stuff from the trunk of the car, and Maria led us into the kitchen. I’d kill for a kitchen like that, it had everything, and the best of all of it. Maria marched us out of the kitchen into a living room the size of a small country, and then took us up the stairs, which looked like they belonged on the set of a movie about Louis XIV. Then we walked into her bedroom.

Maria said, “Just throw your things in the corner,” then showed us where by tossing her suitcase onto the floor. I had a look around. King-sized bed. Flat-screen TV on the wall, big one. Full stereo set-up. I glimpsed a bathroom with what looked like a full-size hot tub in it. I stopped looking, I was afraid I was going to start drooling.

Besides, I had plenty to drool over without looking at inanimate objects. Maria and Becky were standing by the bed, their tongues playing together while their hands ran up and down each other’s bodies. After a few seconds, Maria pulled back and said, “Hey, we’ve got to get Nick involved in this, too.”

I walked over behind Becky, curled my arms around her waist. I rubbed her belly with one hand and slid the other up under her tank top and started squeezing her breasts with a milking motion. Becky leaned back against me, purring, while Maria circled both of us, touching us, rubbing.

“I think it’s time for a little girl to get her cherry popped. Then we can really get on with the festivities.” Maria sounded positively giddy. I still hadn’t figured out exactly what she needed for a full sexual experience. Maybe watching a virgin getting deflowered would do it. Whatever, I was more than ready to have my dick inside Becky’s tight little pussy.

The next few minutes were a blur of hands stripping off clothes. I’m not even sure who took what off of who, just that before long all of our clothes were on the floor, and the three of us were on the bed. Maria was sitting, her legs out to the side in front of her, her back propped up against the headboard. Becky was reclining against Maria, her head resting between Maria’s breasts, her back along the older woman’s belly. The small of her back was pressing against Maria’s crotch. Maria was stroking Becky, her throat, shoulders, chest, breasts, belly, moving her hands all over the little girl’s body. Becky was moaning, purring, obviously enjoying the attention.

I was sitting on my haunches between Becky’s spread legs. My cock was stiff, pointing towards the girl. It hadn’t taken much more than the sight of her slim, naked body to get me ready to go. I moved closer to Becky, lifted her hips up off the bed so her pussy was just in front of the head of my cock. I held her up with one hand, steadied my dick with the other.

“You ready for this, baby?”

“Yes, I want it in me! I want you to fuck me!” The need was obvious on her face. I moved the head of my cock against her crotch, slid it up and down along her slit a couple of times. Becky moaned again, closed her eyes. I slipped the tip of my cock inside her pussy lips, pushed forward just a bit. Becky opened her eyes, fastened them on her own crotch, looking at my cock, ready to open her up. She was chewing on her lower lip the way she had in the car. I glanced up from Becky’s face to Maria’s, saw a look of almost rabid anticipation. Maybe I was right about her getting off on watching virgins getting popped.

I leaned forward a bit until I felt my cock bump against Becky’s cherry. She wiggled, groaned a little, but still had her eyes fixed on her crotch. I gripped the tops of her hips with my hands to steady her, leaned back until just the head of my cock was in her, then slammed forward.

“Oh god! Uuuuhhhh!” I felt Becky’s cherry disintegrate as my cock filled her cunt, spreading it open. Her body jerked with the pain; Maria and I had to hold on to her to keep her in place. Her hands balled into fists, I could see tears on her cheeks. But she kept her eyes open, still staring at her crotch, seeing that my cock was now inside her. I pulled back, then began thrusting into her. I should have been gentle, but I was too horny, I wanted this little girl too badly. The feeling of her tight, hot pussy gripping my cock was too much. I fucked her hard from the beginning.

“Fuck, god, it hurts!” Her body twisted and jerked with the pain. But after a couple of minutes, I noticed a change. Her body was no longer jerking wildly, it was moving in rhythm with my thrusts. And the noises she was making had become moans of pleasure. I held her up with one hand now, using the other to rub her belly, then her clit, then reach up and massage her tits. Her hips were thrusting out against me, and I was driving all the way into to her with each stroke, pulling back until I was almost coming out.

As I fucked Becky, I looked up at Maria a few times. She was still caressing the girl’s body with her hands, and I could tell that she was also rubbing her pussy against the small of Becky’s back where it rested against her. Her face was shining. She definitely liked watching a girl get fucked for the first time. But there was still something missing. And I still had no clue about what it might be.

Becky was writhing on the bed now, moaning and gasping. I was close to my own orgasm, and I wanted to be able to make her cum. I moved my free hand to her clit, started rubbing it with my thumb, pinching it a little.

“Fuck fuck fuck, yes, huhn huhn huhn.” I felt Becky’s body stiffen, then shake. Her pussy clamped around my cock. As her orgasm rolled over her, it triggered mine. My balls twitched, began spurting semen out into Becky’s cunt. At the same time I noticed that Maria’s hands were moving near Becky’s head. I realized that Maria had looped something, looked like a scarf, around Becky’s neck, and was pulling on it as hard as she could.

I should have done something. I should have pulled my cock out of Becky, leaped at Maria and forced her to stop what she was doing. Or called the police. Or simply run screaming from the house refusing to be part of this. But I didn’t. I couldn’t.

I looked at Becky’s face; it was bloating and mottled. Then I looked up at Maria, and saw what had been missing. Her face held an ecstatic, orgasmic glow. Her eyes shone like jewels. And I knew that this was what Maria needed for her full sexual experience. And I understood why, as I continued to grind my pelvis against the dying girl’s crotch, continued to let my semen rush into her cunt. I understood the power that Maria must feel right now.

Becky’s body jerked one last time, and I felt a warm flood of piss pour out of her over my cock. As the last spurt of my semen entered her, I felt her go limp and knew it was over. I looked up at Maria. She looked radiant, finally completely fulfilled. I thought I knew the answer, but I had to ask anyway.

“Why did you do that?”

“Because I knew you wouldn’t. This time.”



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