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Subject: His World Awaits You

Link: MEWE / 10.04.2022

His World Awaits You

And what a beautiful world it is. Every imaginable perversion awaits you. Wallow in your perversion, blasphemy, desecration and sin you mind desires. Nothing is off limits. It is all there for you to enjoy. But first you need to go to Hell after you die. Are you sure you will go to Hell when you die?

I can say without a shadow of a doubt I am going to Hell after I die. How do I know this you ask. Through blasphemy, desecration and most importantly through performing satanic rituals. These rituals have made me become totally owned by Satan and I have become totally one with Satan and I have committed the final sin in the eyes of God. My place in Hell is guaranteed for me after I die and I can make the same thing happen for you also. Do you want to guarantee yourself all that pleasure that awaits all Satan’s followers after they die.

Don’t take the chance that you just might not go to Hell when you die. Just leave me a message saying I want to guarantee my place in Hell and I will get back to you and guide you down the dark path to eternal damnation in Hell where you will and can wallow in whatever perversion you desire. 

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  1. Luv UR blog,
    I am a 52 year old male, whose been resistant intermittently to Satan’s call. I recently discovered that the more I struggle to resist the powers of principalities, the more I feel that the minions who serve Satan, vigorously, relentlessly, & overwhelmingly fill my thoughts of temptations of sins of the flesh that will not cease until I succumb to these temptations; sexual sins outside of marriage, e.g., perversion, lust, nastiness, filth, lewdness, crossdressing, porn, using crystal metal & “poppers”[which aids on lowering my inhibitions & intensifies my libido to the stage of inviting & allowing Satan’s minions to take control of my flesh & brain to comply without hesitation to have them do whatever they want. I am hapless to resist because I LOVE indulging in these vices & I know that meth & porn are evil. But I LOVE it & always desiring & craving more & more until I cum all over the holybuble [ which recently O also discovered & NOW I look forward to unloading my sperm all over the pages of the Bible now, I am addicted to this. Why do I feel this way & why? I have been wearing provocative feminine attire & accouterments like whore, slut, street walker, escort, to lure any man or woman to engage in sexual sin with me & the demons who oppress & possess my body & mind at that time This overpowering and self gratifying sensation to partake the role of a a female, either in private, publicly or freely. & willingly exploit myself on the internet, which has recently been my latest edition to my fetishistic lifestyle, which has been kept in the closet or in self denial most of my adult life.. Since adolescents, I am androgynous [fantasizing to become a woman], which has led me to view shemale porn, therefore,in reality, frequenting the adult video store, nite clubs, renting motel rooms & practicing in promiscuous activities, e.g., street walking prostitution for drugs, alcohol or money, which lately has been a hardship to resist doing it again, due to the rigorous oppression these demons have been reminding me of my past & how much I enjoyed doing them. When I attempt to live a Christian life, these demons effectively, boldly & actively with a powerful combative, fervernt & coercively, zealous manner, which I now know that I am powerless to resist. These demons are using my body as a temple for unholiness & my mind as a reservoir to fill my mind with perverted, sick, twisted & uncleanness & blasphemous thoughts which I allowed me to renounce my false religion & god [Christianity] & worship my ONE TRUE GOD WORTHY of eternal damnation & spend eternity in Hell with My LOVER SATAN & HIS DEMONIC HOARDES AS A DEMON MONSTER QUEEN. MY DESTINY TO BECOME DEMONICALLY FEMININE & TRANSFORMED INTO HAVING A VAGIN, UTERUS & WOMB to be impregnated by large demon cocks to fulfill MY LORD’S AND SAVIORS kingdom with demon babies & breast-feed from my cum filled “boobs” [which I desperately desire to attain just like breasts of a biological female. Is it true that you do not choose Satan, but Satan chooses you?

    1. Hail Robert — ” Is it true that you do not choose Satan, but Satan chooses you? ” — interesting notion … sounds like there is a story in between those divine words … welcome to the flock of the chosen ones … XP

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