Feature Writer: DieselJester / AlexClayton

Feature Title: HEROES FALL 3

Published: 08.02.2021

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: Lady Alexa falls in war and is enslaved by the victor.

Author’s Notes: This story has been Inspired by a combination of Hiblli3D’s Knight Elyane art and stories, Seeds of Chaos, and Viper RSR.

Heroes Fall 3


The next day Ronin found what was left of King Randal’s beleaguered army. They were weary, and haggard, and looked like they’d gotten their collective asses kicked. He didn’t see any women among them, so he stopped someone who looked like he was in charge of the remnants to ask. The man, a minor noble, harrumphed ruefully. “If they’re not dead, then Lord Sephant must have them,” he said in a hollow voice. “None of the Paladines made it out with the rest of us when the retreat was sounded.”

Well, this job never is easy, Ronin mused as he continued on to Sephant’s castle. It wasn’t hard to miss; it was embedded into the only active volcano in the area and from what he’d heard Sephant had the mountain magically erupt on a schedule to control it and prevent an uncontained explosion. That was still a good day’s ride from here even if he could see the smoking top of the mountain off in the distance.

He wished the retreating army luck… especially since Sephant’s armies already controlled their home kingdom. He plucked one of his special gold coins from his pocket and flipped it for luck for them. They’d need it.


Alexa groaned as she slowly woke up. She turned to her side and found that she was laying in the middle of a huge, plush, four poster bed with fluffy pillows and purple silk sheets. She was still naked and she still had her metal collar on but something also felt different. As she slowly managed to sit up she felt… heavier… bigger. Alexa’s eyes shot wide open, and she gasped as she saw the changes. The first thing was the long, heavy chain that was attached to her collar. The other end connected to the headboard of the bed. The other thing was her belly had swelled up as if she were with child by a few months. Her breasts were similarly swollen as if they were already producing milk. She began to panic. Where was she and how long had she been out?

An evil laugh erupted from the doorway. “I see you are finally awake, my dear,” the voice of the demon who’d forced himself upon her in Lord Sephant’s pretender throne room said. Her head snapped around to see him standing there in a tailored lord’s suit. He was smiling in triumph as he walked in, already removing his tunic top. “Allow me to introduce myself; I am Lord Kirgon and you now belong to me as King Sephant has given you to me. You will refer to me at all times as ‘master’ when I allow you to speak, such as when I ask you a direct question. Do you understand?”

Swallowing hard, Alexa slowly nodded even as tears welled up in her eyes. “Yes… Master…” she said slowly in a hollow voice. She was completely at this monster’s mercy as she had no idea where in all of the known realms she was at. The fact that she was chained to his bed in a chain that had either been welded close or magically sealed close told her that she was not going anywhere anytime soon.

“Good. You’re a fast learner. You have that going for you, at least.” Kirgon said as he took his pants off, revealing the same huge, veiny, hard, throbbing cock that has apparently impregnated her. Her eyes went wide at the sight of it again and then she looked down at her belly, rubbing her hands over its bulging roundness, and then back up at him with a questioning look as she whimpered, knowing that she shouldn’t talk unless he asked her a question. Gods and Goddesses knew what he would do to her as a punishment. Kirgon chuckled in a way that sounded like rolling thunder. “Yes, you are already pregnant, my dear,” he confirmed for her. Reaching out for her chain, he pulled it in such a way that she was forced back down onto her back. He ran his hand up her inner thigh, making her shudder involuntarily from the pleasure of his touch, to cup her mound and her sex with his large hand. “Demons mature much faster in the womb than humans do. Takes about half the time. I already sense its presence within your belly. That, and my magical brand that I put on you while you were asleep shows the world that you have been bred. It will only glow on your skin when you have been impregnated.”

Alexa’s eyes widened and she gasped. Looking down her body, she watched as Kirgon pressed her belly in a bit so that she could crane her neck to see her own mound. Right above it, approximately where her womb was at, was a glowing purple and red heart with some kind of rune in the center. The heart had two spiral filigrees coming out on either side of it, symbolizing her eggs, she figured. Tears misted in her eyes. She didn’t want to give birth to a demon, much less raise it and be a slave to its father. But she also had to accept the reality of her situation in that Kirgon owned her now by decree of the usurper king and there was absolutely nothing that she could do about it. She let out a choked sob even as Kirgon crawled up onto the bed with her and rolled her over to her stomach. “Come now,” Kirgon told her, grabbing her hips and lifting her up so that she had to go to all fours like a dog. “Time to pump more seed into that belly of yours.”

“But…” she started to protest, one that was cut off immediately by him slapping her ass so hard that it stung. She yelped in pain and then hung her head in resignation. She couldn’t even talk on her own. Alexa cried even more, her tears now falling freely from her face to splash onto the silk sheets under her.

“Quiet, slave,” Kirgon chastised her. “Even if the child didn’t need my essence to grow inside of you I would still fuck you because it brings me pleasure to do so. You will soon learn to appreciate me and maybe even one day come to love me,” he explained as he positioned his cock and drove it into her, rocking her body forward hard as she was impaled and making her cry out again in both pleasure and pain. His long fingers and nails dug into her hips as he started pounding her hard from behind. Her swollen breasts now bounced painfully beneath her as Kirgon took her hard and fast, showing her who truly owned her. When he came inside of her, she came as well, screaming her head off in a fit of ecstasy as her body was forced to orgasm yet again.

And as her master’s cock pumped its seed inside of her, her belly grew a little bit more.


Alexa found out the very next morning that he could magically detach her chain from the headboard to attach to his belt, making her walk behind him like a whipped puppy wherever he went. He directed her to keep her head downcast, her eyes lowered so that she could only see his feet when they walked, and to walk with her hands folded behind her back so that all of his demon soldiers and human servants and lackeys could see her swelling breasts and bulging belly with her fertility sigil growing brightly over her mound. Her face burned with shame and humiliation as she was frequently led around his castle as he did his business of running his own lands that Lord… no… King Sephant had given him. She’d slipped once in giving Sephant the wrong title… the one she was used to… and Kirgon spanked her so hard that it was hard for her to walk.

Whenever Kirgon sat somewhere was the only time Alexa was allowed to kneel to get some rest. Again, she was directed to maintain her proper slave posture by keeping her eyes and head downcast but was allowed to put her hands on her knees as all she did was sit and wait for Kirgon to give her an order. Most times he just idly stroked her hair, patted her head as if petting a dog, or just fondled her while he conducted his affairs. The first time he did anything outright sexual to her was late in the first afternoon she was in his keep when he was working on missives and correspondence in his office. “Under the desk, slave,” he ordered her, reaching down to give her chain a tug. He spread his knees apart for her to kneel between as he sat in his chair. His other hand undid his trousers so that he could fish out his massive cock. “Start sucking on it,” he then said tersely. “And I suggest that you learn quickly to be able to take me all the way down your throat. You will look up at me in submission at all times whether I am looking down at you or not. When I cum, make sure that you swallow it all or else I will severely punish you for spilling and wasting it. Understand?”

“Yes, Master,” Alexa whimpered as she rose up on her knees to service him with her mouth. It wasn’t the first time she’d ever done such a thing. Hells, she’d been forced to do it back in her prison cell in King Sephant’s mountain castle. She did, however, wonder if she’d be able to fit it all down her gullet. Alexa swallowed hard, licked her lips, and took the head of his large member into her mouth.

“Look at me when you do that,” Kirgon reminded her, gently smacking her on her cheek. Her cheeks burned more from the embarrassment of being chastised in such a way than it did from the blow. She took a deep breath to steady her nerves, looked up at her master, opened her mouth wide, and took him back into her mouth again. Kirgon smiled and stroked the side of her face now with the back of his hands. “There you go, very good. Let me look into that beautiful face of yours and let me see how sorry you are that you opposed us and how much you want to be a good little slave to me,” he said in almost a purr. “You do want to be a good little slave, don’t you?”

“Mmmm-hmmmm…” Alexa managed to hum in the affirmative around his cock as she worked her mouth up and down his long, thick, veiny shaft. Little by little she forced herself to go a little bit further down his cock, getting more of it down her throat each time. Kirgon went back to his work but then moments later looked back down at her in irritation. Then he grabbed the back of her head with both hands and forced his cock all the way into her mouth until her lips were wrapped around the base of it. “MMMMEEEEEEEIIIII!” Alexa let out a muffled squeal of alarm as she struggled for a moment to breathe through her nose while her throat got used to the sudden intrusion. She started making small gluk, gluk, gluk, sounds as she fought her gag reflex down. She was sure that had her collar not been made of iron, it would’ve snapped clean off of her neck with it bulging out in all directions now with his cock shoved all the way in. Her hands flailed for a moment and she briefly pounded on his thighs in a panicked moment to get air into her lungs. Then she just clutched onto him as tears welled up in her eyes and then started to fall down her hot, burning cheeks from the sheer stress of her throat having something so big jammed down into it. The entire time, she kept her eyes locked up on him, silently pleading for him to let her go.

“Relax and breathe through your nose, slave,” Kirgon said coldly as he glared down at her. Risking his wrath, Alexa closed her eyes long enough to fight down her panic, relax her body, and start taking slower, deeper breaths through her nose. All the while she was constantly swallowing, her neck muscles squeezing and releasing his cock while it was embedded down her throat. “That’s it…” Kirgon then crooned and she could feel him stroking her hair again in affection. “I’ll even forgive you for breaking eye contact with me just this once as you are learning. Relax, adjust, breathe, and suck.” She did as she was instructed to do, feeling sick to her stomach that she was being trained to be the perfect little sex slave for him. But what choice did she have? She then felt his hands moving her head up and down his cock, forcing her to suck him off at the speed that he apparently liked. He was basically fucking her face. She sucked in air through her nose, dug her fingers into the tops of his thighs, and braced herself for what was about to come. “Look at me while I cum down your throat, slave,” he commanded her.

Forcing herself to do his bidding, Alexa looked up at him with tear-stained eyes, whimpering as he pumped his cock in and out of her mouth. She sucked on him as much as she could, trying to keep up with his pace while trying to relax enough to let it happen without too much discomfort. Gluk, guk, gluk, guk, was the sound her mouth made around his member as it pistoned past her lips. Then he threw back his head and let out a long, languorous sigh of relief. She felt his balls tighten against her chin and his cock start to throb inside of her mouth as he slammed her head down all the way so that her lips were around the base again as his hot lava cum began spurting down her gullet. Gulkp… gulkp… gulkp… Alexa started swallowing his hot seed as fast as she could, not even wanting to fathom what might happen to her if she failed in this directive.

Once his cock was done pumping his cum down her throat, he held her head in place for a couple of moments. “Close your mouth when I pull out of it, sucking my cock clean with your lips and tongue,” he told her, giving her a stern look. Then swallow one last time and then open your mouth to me to show that you got it all. Understand? Just nod and whimper,” he ordered. Alexa nodded and whimpered an affirmative while keeping her eyes locked on his red glowing gaze. He then slowly lifted her head up as he pulled his cock out of her mouth. Alexa kept her lips tight around his shaft, sucking and licking it as it withdrew. Once he was finally out, he kept hold of the top of her head with one hand and clamped a hand under her chin to force her to keep her mouth shut. Alexa let out a big, audible glup as she swallowed one last time and submissively waited for him to let her go. When he did, she opened her mouth to him to show him that she did as she was told. He smiled and patted her head. “Good girl. But you need more practice,” he said as he took his cock, which was still hard, in his hand and lifted it up to her lips. “Now, start again and suck me off the correct way this time.”

Alexa let out a soft sob as she did what she was told, doing it how she’d just been instructed on how to do it. How did my life come to this? she wondered as she cried while sucking him off again.