Feature Writer: Master_Vassago


Published: 17.10.2003

Story Codes: Hermaphrodite

Synopsis: Alvin’s included for a little fun.

Hermaphrodite Obsessions 2

Chris and Terri stood before Alvin with smiles, really smirks on their faces. Alvin had brought them together and now they were about to show him just how unique they both were in all their nude glory. “Come on Alvin,” Terri coaxed, holding her hand out to the big black linebacker.

Alvin couldn’t begin to imagine what they had in mind but he was intrigued so he took each of their hands and let them help him up. He had drank a few too many drinks but was still feeling more than a little excited and alive at this exact moment. “So what is it you want to show me?”

“Just shut up and come on silly,” Terri retorted as she lead the way up to Chris’ bedroom.

Once the door was shut she reached out and rubbed the bulge in his pants. Alvin almost protested but that was when Chris leaned over and kissed his friend, Alvin’s eyes grew wide but he went with it. Their tongues teased and dueled with one another as Chris started to pull away lifting Alvin’s shirt off. When they refocused on Terri she was already stripping off and sliding onto the bed with her legs spread and her hands stroking her cock and dipping into the moist just fucked slit between her legs.

“Oh man,” Alvin started, “Terri you’re almost too good to be true, a sexpot with a dick, now just what are you two planning you know I’m gay so what options are here.”

Chris and Terri had briefly talked about welcoming Alvin into their new relationship tonight. They knew they weren’t just going to be fuck buddies with each other, it had taken too long to find one another and now that they had they were both sure that their search for a mate was over. So when Terri had proposed to bring Alvin in for at least tonight and show him the best of both worlds, Chris had loved the idea, he knew that he wasn’t gay but the earlier play with Terri and her extra organ had made him reconsider even being bi-sexual. So tonight he would embrace this fully and enjoy it, he figured he would never know unless he tried.

Chris and Terri informed Alvin of all of this while stripping him and Chris getting them all nude so there was less reluctance on the part of Alvin. Chris stepped behind his teammate and reached around him pressing his cock against the crack of Alvin’s ass while stroking his tool and holding it for Terri, who was sitting up and leaning forward with her pretty little mouth open and waiting. Terri dropped her head low and licked around the base of Alvin’s shaft and then took her time sucking each of his large cum filled balls. Slowly she licked up the shaft as Chris stroked it slowly in front of her. Finally he felt her tongue tease the tips of his fingers as they glided to the head of Alvin’s shaft and as Terri slurped up the pre-cum leaking from Alvin’s rigid tool.

Alvin was feeling the dual sensations of his two friends pleasuring his cock and also Chris’ rock hard shaft pressing against his ass. He wanted to fuck tonight and be fucked but he wasn’t sure how this would all happen. In that moment he felt Chris’ cock pull away and his tongue sliding up and down the crack of his ass. Chris spread Alvin’s cheeks wide and pressed his tongue against the back passage as Terri was moaning and sucking Alvin’s cock inches away.

Terri was in the mood to do some fucking now as well and she pulled away from Alvin’s big black fuckstick and slid behind Chris. Chris felt the intrusion of fingers in his own wet little slit but he was unsure of how or what Terri wanted just that it felt wonderful and he was hers to explore. Terri slid her fingers up and down the slit waiting until it was wet enough to slip her fingers inside, as they did she stroked her cock with her little hands and leaned forward almost pushing it inside Chris with only her fingers keeping it out of his little pussy. Terri quickly stopped fingering him and slid her cock inside the pussy of her lover just enough to give him pressure but not break the hymen there.

Chris decided that it was time to fuck Alvin and was hoping Terri would hold off long enough to let him bury his prick in Alvin’s ass before she took his virgin pussy. He spit on his cock and spread Alvin’s asscheeks wide before sliding the head against the black man’s tiny asshole and letting it slip just inside the opening. Terri took this break as Chris paused to slide her cock all the way in his tight pussy and then grabbed his hips as she had dreamed of doing for so long to another person and rammed her cock in to the hilt.

“Oh god, that hurts baby, but feels so good,” Chris said as Terri started working her cock in and out of her lover’s pussy.

Chris startled by the sudden cock sliding in him pushed his cock deep in Alvin’s ass. Alvin pushed his ass back and was ready for the fucking that these two had promised him. Chris slid in and out with the same pace that Terri was giving his pussy and in seconds he was already on the verge of cumming. He knew Alvin would want longer but he wasn’t sure how much he could hold off.

To everyone’s surprise, Alvin started grunting and groaning as he shot a huge load of cum on the bed and between his fingers as he had been stroking himself since Terri had pulled her lips from his shaft. Chris felt like this was the go ahead and pounded Alvin’s ass for all he was worth until he too shot off his enormous load inside his friends asshole.

Terri not to be left out pulled away from Chris and walked to the front of Alvin who was sitting on the bed with a content smile on his face, “Suck my cock Alvin, I know you have wanted to try that mixture since the first time you saw it.”

Alvin slid his fingers around the shaft and started to pump it as Terri put her cock closer and closer to his face. It didn’t take long for Alvin to lower his lips and start sucking on the cock that stood out in front of his lovely friend. Chris hopped up still hard and washed his cock off and then came back and grabbed Terri’s hips and stood behind her as she leaned farther over the bed.

Alvin got a quick idea and pulled away only long enough to lean his head over the edge of the bed and pull Terri’s cock back into his mouth. As he did this Terri leaned over him in the 69 position and started to suck his long, thick black shaft as Chris grabbed her hips and slid his cock in her pussy. It was still so tight and snug and wet that it felt like the first time all over again. He wet one of his fingers and slipped it up her asshole as the room filled with moans and everyone of them raced to orgasm. Terri came first and it was a whole new sensation. Her cock lurched inside Alvin’s mouth and as he swallowed the cum and his tongue teased the tip of her cock she felt her pussy clench and spasm in orgasm and milk Chris’ cock.

Chris couldn’t hold off another second and as he thrust his cock deep inside Terri he came with her. As he watched her head bob on Alvin he knew his friend was about to explode in her mouth, he wondered how the man had lasted this long. And as Chris backed away from Terri he watched Alvin’s tongue slide up into the girls pink pussy and cum back out coated with his cum.

Alvin’s hips were pumping a mile a minute and he was fucking Terri’s mouth with wild abandon as the girl urged him to cum by rubbing his balls with one hand and fingering his cum soaked asshole with the other. Alvin felt it a second before he exploded in Terri’s mouth and as he came his whole body went rigid.

“Damn, you two,” Alvin said a few minutes later as they were dressing to go back downstairs, “if you ever need another person to keep things spiced up let me know.”

Chris and Terri smiled at each other and then Alvin and in unison agreed that they would.