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This whole website thing is new to me. I hope you enjoy the content that has been put together in a bit of a rush, since the difficulties of ASSTR.

I am always interested in hearing praise to boost my delicate ego. Say something nice to inspire me to do more… thanks XP

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    1. Thanks Dave for the support. I will be periodically adding more materials … it’s just taken a little time to build this from scratch! XP

    2. I just finished Krampus since it’s the Christmas season and I loved it. I love evil and sexual perversion. Thank you.

  1. Wow, that woman was right. Very hot sexy stories. Stories that are so hard to find on the net. If they were cleaned up a bit (spelling, etc) you could make money since your type of erotica is so unique. I am a retired lawyer and read a few of the stories and loved them. I had to write briefs in my profession, so I understand it’s not too easy.

    Thoughts: Can you explain more about yourself? Perhaps a history? Are you a true follower of Satan, etc? As an attorney, I understand your reason for the “warning” at the beginning, but if people really felt you followed Satan and/or you were raised in an incestual family, it would add a lot of heat to the stories. Hope you continue with your passion. It is very erotic and detailed. Good luck to you, Phil (P.S. If you ever want someone to check for spelling or punctuation, let me know.)

    1. Thanks Phil … to address your questions… Am I a true follower of Satan? Ever since I can remember, I have been sexually excited by darker things… I don’t know if that qualifies as a ‘true follower’… as a child of about 10 years (after the discovery of masturbation and an solo fetish involving urolagnia… I dedicated all my orgasms to an evil deity that I called ‘PISS GOD’ … this deity was transgender and demanded human sacrifices that accumulated into same sex orgies between young boys (and gallons of piss)… FAST FORWARD a few years, I realized that this deity was a proxy for the Baphomet and of course, I attained the most powerful orgasms whilst praying to Satan… Not sure if this affords me the status of a ‘true follower’… all I know is that it gives me a hell of buzz (excuse the pun)…

  2. You could definitely see your skills in the work you write. The world hopes for even more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. Always follow your heart.

    1. Thanks TuttykaB … appreciate your comments … for me its all about passion; hopefully that makes up for the lack of talent, though some things I do surprise myself. XP

      1. you have a hell of a lot of telant a hellllll of a lot you are gamewith your stories and defantly driven by satan keep it up haillordsatan

        1. Hail Sally – thank you … I am always empowered by encouragement …. and a little help from preternatural inspiration … Hail Lust XP

  3. I’ve been a fan of your stories since the good old days on but I can understand the need for the move and I’m really enjoying your new site. While I’ve read most of the stories here, it is nice to have them in one collection that I can refer others to check out your great works. I also look for ward to new stories soon. Keep up the good work and thank you for such wonderful stories and inspirations over the years.

    1. Hi Mick … thanks for the comments and I am glad that you found the new site to your liking. I have been having problems at ASSTR for almost half a year with their site down at one point and then the problems with uploading and the author resources being complete non-functional. It was totally frustrating. I am no developer and this is my first attempt at putting a website together. OMG… but it’s been an interesting journey. XP

  4. Admiring the commitment you put into your blog and detailed information you present. It’s nice to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same outdated rehashed information. Excellent read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.

    1. Thanks TuttykaB … I need all the support I can get… blogging is tough and though I have a lot of folks who log in, few make comments, making it hard to build… appreciate your help XP

  5. I loved ‘The Incubub 4’ – another deliciously wicked and imaginative instalment of the story. I came twice stroking and reading it.

    1. Thanks Harry… for leaving a comment and for your email too… appreciate the encouragement…

      1. No problem – I know how difficult it is to produce erotic fiction of this quality and I’m grateful for your efforts.

    1. I love your site. I would request more newborn and infant rape and killing. I so think its what they are borne for. I would love to fuck a newborn and see her die while I shoot my load into the pussy I just tore and ruined. I would then fuck the corpes all night long. I have no feelings for babies except for my hard infant loving cock. And I praise satan for giving me my lust.

  6. there is no quetion you are chosen and are now and always have been gifted for a reason so gifted hail satan thanks soo much

  7. Still playing catch up here, have just read your childhood story from back in December 2017, thank you for sharing, though I did have to look up the meaning of Urolagnia,.
    This site is my go to place, the stories are amazing, and deliciously graphic, all my senses and desires are catered for. I have no doubt that I have been guided here, by my lord Satan, as part of my ongoing journey.
    It is a great comfort to know there are so many like minded people out there, happy to share experiences.
    Please keep up the good work, what you do is much appreciated.

    1. It’s always the FALL for me… when the good turn bad… when the priest begins to have sexual yearning for his altar boys… when the nun discovers the thrill of fucking a young acolyte with her crucifix and cumming into her mouth

  8. You are a great writer but not only that you are a insperation. With your stories of raping and brutalizing babies and children. And your stories of guys with guys sucking and sodomizing you are a master of that subject. You give us depraved souls a place to be who we are. I know My lord Satan blessed me with your words and praise to him for it. Oh the girl fucking the cross turned me on. I went out and found a nice sized cross put on my slutiest black bra and these thong panties with a upside down cross fish net stockings and 6 inch fuck me heels. I didnt tuck my 7inch infant raping cock back so it peeked out. I grabbed the cross threw my legs out and with a hail Satan and fuck jesus I shoved that holy fuckstick all the way up my cock hungry ass. It was hot and I fucked it pulling it out almost all the way and shoving it in hard. Then just before my balls were feady I pulled it out kneeled over it and shot ropes of my sizzling cum all over that fucktoy. I ground on it untill my cock calmed down. I grapped my cock aimed it a pissed all over that nasty fuck toy and Thank Satan for letting me have fun with his fuckhole.

    1. Shame you didn’t point your fuck stick upwards… and baptized yourself in your delicious amber offering to Satan

    1. Thank you… Writing is a lonely occupation and it’s great to get enthusiastic feedback… Don’t forget we have a number of writers who have also added their work (some exclusively) to LITTLESALLY666.COM … see ‘friends of XP’ … just want to acknowledge their time and efforts that go into their work … XP

  9. I have just finished reading Incubub 1-5. This is an excellent example of erotic writing to a very high standard. Please keep it up. Reading your writing kept me ‘up’ too!!

    1. Hail Commodore … Thank you for the encouragement … if you like the INCUBUB series … try the FIVE DEMONS … let me know what you think … Hail Lust… XP

  10. Really great site. Most of all I love stories about blasphemy, nuns, pastors and the like.

  11. It’s so hotttxxx to read all these comments, I stroke my perverted filthy cock to each comment about baby rape and nuns and priests especially the unholy ones, it’s great to hear others into the dark master lord God satan that truly love sick perverted taboo experiences, I bet fornicating all the time to the sickest of all crimes the most unholy of all sins, I’m stroking now watching the most taboo of all porn hail to the dark master lord God satan the serpent of satan lilith the mother of me, hail Mary the whore of God and the beasts

    1. Isn’t it truly wonderful feeling … edging to taboo things … allowing one self to stray from the path of righteousness and explore the depths of depravity … isn’t it strange, but I don’t always feel that it needs to be obviously pornographic … sometimes the most blasphemous of images are found among antiquity … ancient forms of demonic worship and the atrocities they performed in their rituals… it moves me, more than the flesh parade of pornhub…

  12. I am turned on by your unashamed use of the word “nigger.” It would be nice if you called nigger females “nigger cunt” as that is their only useful feature.

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